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That clear cracking sound was so clear that it resounded in everyone's ears.

Where they clashed, a dazzling brilliance enveloped the area and a gust of violent gale started to spread out. The sword energy started to spread out and it slashed at the surroundings.

A huge amount of sword energy ruthlessly sliced down from the sky. Whitey's large body was directly smashed into the ground, and a loud blast could be heard.

However, Whitey was fine. It directly flipped itself up from the ground and in its grayish eyes, there seemed to be a bright light flashing. The wings on its back started to spread out suddenly, and the feathers on them were as sharp as knives. 

Despite the brilliance, no one was focusing on Whitey.

Instead, they focused on the blade energy which was in the distance.

Who would have thought that Bu Fang would actually let out a blow with such terrifying power?

The red light around the Slaughter G.o.d Blade dimmed. After the Overlord Seventh Blade landed on the Slaughter G.o.d Blade, a loud explosion could be heard as it fell from the sky. Everyone's gaze was fixed on the Slaughter G.o.d Blade as they sucked in a breath of cold air.

"The Slaughter G.o.d Blade was actually shattered? That chef actually managed to crack the blade!"

"That is too terrifying! The Slaughter G.o.d Blade of the Supreme Blade Tyrant actually cracked? I must be blind!"

"Not possible… There is no way that the chef managed to do this!"

The Shura Saintess and the rest were all stunned. They were completely unable to believe what they had seen. Their bodies were stiff as they stood in place. The Slaughter G.o.d Blade which was deemed as a divine tool was actually cracked by the seventh blade from Bu Fang.

Although only a trace of a crack appeared, it was already something out of everyone's expectations.

The Supreme Blade Tyrant's eyes were ice cold. His figure seemed to fuse with the entire Soul Sea. His figure became extremely gigantic and covered the entire sky. It was as though he became a G.o.d.

The crack on the Slaughter G.o.d Blade was out of the Supreme Blade Tyrant's expectation. His state of mind seemed to be affected at that instant. The Slaughter G.o.d Blade had followed him across the entire Hidden Dragon Continent. He used it to fight against divine beasts and it was st.u.r.dy beyond compare. It was comparable to a divine tool!

As for the body of the blade, it was made with countless treasures and it was specially crafted by the masters of the Valley of Gluttony. Unless the real divine tools from the Valley of Gluttony appeared, it was impossible to damage his Slaughter G.o.d Blade! Of course, the divine tools from the Hidden Dragon Royal Court would be able to damage the blade as well.

This unknown chef who was wielding a kitchen knife from G.o.d knew where was actually able to crack his Slaughter G.o.d Blade?

How could this not shock him?

Even though he was somewhat shocked, the Supreme Blade Tyrant started to feel a wave of anger surging in his body.

"You dare to crack my Slaughter G.o.d Blade? You must be seeking death!"

Dazzling light shot out of the Supreme Blade Tyrant's eyes and the entire Soul Sea started to tremble violently. Countless rays of blade energy shot out.


The sword energy shot out and swallowed everything in its path. It rushed toward the arc in the sky and converged around the Slaughter G.o.d Blade which was dim and no longer shining.

As the sword energy started to enter the Slaughter G.o.d Blade, a blinding light was emitted from the body of the blade. It became extremely dazzling in a split second.

The Slaughter G.o.d Blade had a soul. After absorbing so much sword energy, the oppressing energy it gave out caused everyone's expression to change. 

They knew that this was the true Slaughter G.o.d Blade. The Slaughter G.o.d Blade was fully recovered! It was a blade that could split mountain and rivers, the Slaughter G.o.d Blade!

"That little chef is definitely going to die now," Wen Renchou shook his head and said.

Facing the recovered Slaughter G.o.d Blade, unless Bu Fang's ability was on par with that of a Divine Soul Realm expert, there was no way for him to resist.

The Slaughter G.o.d Blade stayed silent for quite some time. Its energy had dried up long ago as the Supreme Blade Tyrant had pa.s.sed away a long time ago. No one was able to supply the blade with energy and now that the energy had returned, the Slaughter G.o.d Blade could once again stir up a tempest of blades!


With a shake of the blade, the Slaughter G.o.d Blade directly ripped through the void as it swayed. The Supreme Blade Tyrant stared at the blade as it chopped toward Bu Fang.

The atmosphere seemed to have turned extremely oppressive at that moment.

Bu Fang's face did not change at all. Holding the dazzling Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife on his shoulder, he stared at the red-colored Slaughter G.o.d Blade which was chopping down toward him with the pressure of the entire sky.

The blade energy stirred, and his hair started to fly about wildly.

From the Slaughter G.o.d Blade, Bu Fang could feel a wave of primitive anger. It was obviously the work of the spirituality within the blade.

The audience didn't even dare to breathe loudly as they watched the Slaughter G.o.d Blade cut down. They were aware that it was extremely probable for Bu Fang to die there. The previous miracle must have been difficult to perform. Some people even revealed looks of sympathy on their faces.

This little chef was asking for death. With his ability, he actually had a huge chance to obtain the inheritance of the Supreme Blade Tyrant. Why did he have to rebel? He obviously could have reaped the benefits, however, he chose to walk through the gates of h.e.l.l instead.

The audience was unable to understand what Bu Fang was thinking.

The Supreme Blade Tyrant's eyes were cold beyond compare. Even though he had fallen, his might was something an ant couldn't fight against.

Bu Fang stared at that Slaughter G.o.d Blade as he sucked in a deep breath. He gripped the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife with both hands and had a determined gaze in his eyes. Just a second ago, Bu Fang's calm heart felt a wave of disdain. He had been slightly confused, but he knew that the foreign feeling was extremely clear in his heart.

He was sure that the feeling came from the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife which he was carrying on his shoulder.

The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife also had spirituality?

Bu Fang was stunned. This was the first time he realized that his kitchen knife was so mysterious.

"System, does the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife possess spirituality?" Bu Fang inquired in his mind.

The system had never told him before that the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife had spirituality. Bu Fang always thought that this kitchen knife was just a convenient tool which was able to change its size as he pleased. He always felt as though the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife was just an incomparably sharp knife. This was the first time he realized that his kitchen knife was so amazing.

The system did not immediately reply to him. Instead, it remained silent for a moment before its solemn voice resounded in Bu Fang's head:

"The G.o.d of Cooking Set has its own spirituality. However, the host's level was too low in the past, and thus he was unable to feel anything. Now, the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife revealed its emotions from the challenge of the red kitchen knife. Under normal circ.u.mstances, the host should still be unable to feel the spirituality of the G.o.d of Cooking Set."

Bu Fang was expressionless. As it turned out, the G.o.d of Cooking Set had spirituality. This meant that the black wok also had its own spirituality?

However, he found out that the G.o.d of Cooking Set felt that Bu Fang was too weak and refused to communicate with him.

Was he scorned by the G.o.d of Cooking Set?


With a cut, the sword energy rumbled.

The Vermillion Robe on Bu Fang's body started to emit a blinding light. The terrifying sharpness of the sword energy started to disappear.

A stream of red light fell from the sky at high speed, directly slicing toward Bu Fang!

Bu Fang sucked in a cold breath as he suddenly swung out the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife. True energy surged into it, and the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife started to emit dazzling golden light.

At this moment, the disdainful feeling coming from the kitchen knife became extremely strong.

Bu Fang could even feel a disdainful dragon harrumph.

Under the surprised eyes of the audience members who were sucking in a cold breath, Bu Fang waved his kitchen knife as if he wasn't afraid of death. He directed it toward the Slaughter G.o.d Blade.

The two kitchen knives finally collided without holding anything back.


A wave of sharp clash resounded.

The Slaughter G.o.d Blade's brilliance was dazzling!

However, Bu Fang still gripped onto the knife with both hands, and his face was expressionless. He was solemn and serious as always.

The terrifying blade energy constantly rumbled and his surroundings shattered into pieces.

Everyone's heart was trembling in fear. The might of the Slaughter G.o.d Blade was too terrifying! Under this type of might, that little chef would be slashed into pieces, right?

However, their eyes widened in disbelief soon enough.

Bu Fang who was about to be swallowed by the red blade energy managed to resist it. A speck of golden brilliance radiated from his body and it was as eye-catching as a spot of golden sand in a desert.

In the next instant, the golden light became denser. It managed to suppress the red light and the audience was shocked for a moment. They faintly heard a dragon's cry in their ears.

With a resounding sound ringing out, the Slaughter G.o.d Blade was completely shattered into two pieces and a loud snap was heard.

Dots of red light drifted out from within it, and the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife absorbed every single speck of it.

The cracking sound filled the skies. The entire sky of sword energy dissipated, and the red light which covered the sky was nowhere to be seen. It was as if everything turned peaceful all of a sudden. The only thing left on the ground was the shattered pieces of the Slaughter G.o.d Blade.

It was quiet without a sound.

Everyone, including the Supreme Blade Tyrant, was silent. They seemed to be unable to take in this scene in front of them.

The Slaughter G.o.d Blade was completely shattered?

This time, it wasn't just a small crack. It was completely destroyed!

Oh my G.o.d!

The people who regained their spirits sucked in a cold breath. Their minds started shivering. What kind of demon was that guy?

The kitchen knife in his hands… What divine plaything was it? It could actually shatter the Slaughter G.o.d Blade!

Wen Renchou was the most shocked… Bu Fang's golden kitchen knife seemed to possess the grandeur of the peak kitchen knives in the Valley of Gluttony.

"I'll be d.a.m.ned!"

Was this little chef an illegitimate child of some big shot in the Valley of Gluttony?

Huff huff huff...

Bu Fang heaved heavily. The golden light on the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife was completely gone and Bu Fang was no longer able to feel a connection to it. As expected, this kitchen knife only looked down on that arrogant Slaughter G.o.d Blade.

The Supreme Blade Tyrant was completely stunned. His energy started to fluctuate non-stop and the entire Soul Sea s.p.a.ce started to shake.

After a long time, the Supreme Blade Tyrant released a roar. It was a furious roar and there was a heartbreaking sorrow hidden behind it. His personal weapon, the Slaughter G.o.d Blade, had actually been shattered! It was the Slaughter G.o.d Blade which didn't even crack when it faced divine beasts! However, it was actually completely broken when he fought with this little chef!

The spirituality within it had completely dissipated…

His Slaughter G.o.d Blade was finished!

"Ah! You… You deserve to die!" The Supreme Blade Tyrant had been angered to the point of insanity. Everyone's expression changed greatly.

The air shook and the blade energy started to converge. The Supreme Blade Tyrant, whose body was covering the sky, shrunk to normal, but the light emitted from his being was extremely blinding. The aura he released was majestic and it was almost as though he compressed all of his energy into one point.

Bu Fang heaved, and Whitey stood in front of him with its round belly showing.

Everyone knew that this time, Bu Fang had completely angered the Supreme Blade Tyrant. The killing intent that the Supreme Blade Tyrant held toward Bu Fang could not be stopped…


The Supreme Blade Tyrant's eyes shrunk and his words were full of killing intent. His entire body seemed to teleport as he instantly appeared in front of Bu Fang.

Whitey's grayish eyes were shining. It raised its huge palm-leaf-shaped hands, swatting toward the Supreme Blade Tyrant.


A huge wave of strength surged, and Whitey was sent flying. Whitey's huge body was like a round ball flying out. The sharp sword energy became a huge blade that descended from the sky, cutting down at Bu Fang.

Bu Fang furrowed his brows. A wave of pressure enveloped his entire being.

With a swoosh...

Shrimpy's figure became a golden light as it flew out into the sky. It pierced holes in the blade energy in the air. 

This little fellow had been sleeping for so long! Every time it slept, it would become much stronger. 

The Supreme Blade Tyrant was cold beyond compare as his glance swept past the shrimp. "There's no use. Within my Soul Sea s.p.a.ce… I am the supreme G.o.d! Those that oppose G.o.d will be killed!"

Bu Fang gently spat out a breath. His gaze was unfathomable.

"Since it's a G.o.d… I, Bu Fang, will ma.s.sacre a G.o.d today!" He said expressionlessly. As his words descended, Shrimpy's figure suddenly became huge. Whitey also spread out its wings in the distance and the metal wings turned into flying blades rumbling loudly. The flying blades covered the entire sky. Whitey climbed onto the golden shrimp and its combat abilities started to soar.

Bu Fang waved his hand and took out bowls of steaming hot Rampaging Ramen and smaller ones of Vigorous Beef Meatb.a.l.l.s. A strand of bright red Crazy Hot Chili Strip flew into the air as well and they all flew into the sky.

Utility dishes deployed.

Gourmet Array, activate!

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