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Chapter 199: Whitey, You've Become Incredible

"If you're going to cause trouble, you'll have to bear the consequences," Bu Fang serenely said before letting out a burp.

He was leaning his shoulder against the door board while holding a porcelain wine cup with two fingers. His expressionless face was flushed from the alcohol and his eyes half-closed from tipsiness appeared very flirtatious.

Tian Xuzi's face immediately scrunched together when he smelled the burp. He took a few steps backward and coldly glared at Bu Fang.

Then, a cold smile appeared on his lips as his hair and beard started fluttering and sword energy appeared behind him.

"So what if I am going to cause trouble? If I don't get to drink this wine tonight, I'll tear down your store!" Tian Xuzi said. As he formed a sword-finger gesture with his hand, the longsword on his back emitted a melodious trill and shot out of its scabbard. It flew around a few times in the air before stopping above his head.

The blade of the sword was extremely dazzling. In the darkness, it was eye-catching like a sparkling starlight.

This was the Void Sword Pavillion's secret technique, the Sword Manipulation Technique.

Meanwhile, the corners of Xiao Yue's mouth were twitching as he watched Tian Xuzi exhibit the Sword Manipulation Technique. Looking at Tian Xuzi, who was itching to start the fight, Xiao Yue did not know whether to laugh or cry. He immediately realized Tian Xuzi did not gather information before coming to the imperial city and clearly knew very little about Fang Fang's Little Store.

Xiao Meng had received the short end of the stick at this store before, so why would Owner Bu even fear a seventh grade Battle-Saint?

On the other hand, Ni Yan was watching the confrontation with much interest. Her charming eyes were slightly widened with expectation as she gazed at the plump figure of Whitey stepping out from behind Bu Fang.

"This puppet… is very interesting," Ni Yan thought. She had never seen a puppet capable of going against a seventh grade Battle-Saint. "Looks like I'll get to witness something entertaining today."

"Elder sister Ni Yan, aren't we going to help him? That Tian Xuzi is a seventh grade Battle-Saint but Owner Bu seems to be just a fifth grade Battle-King… Wouldn't he get butchered at this rate?" Ye Ziling asked in bewilderment.

Her eyes were wide with confusion as she looked toward Ni Yan who appeared to be looking forward to a good show.

"It's fine, that old man isn't going to die," Ni Yan replied while patting Ye Ziling's head.

"...Elder sister Ni Yan, you've got it wrong. I am saying that store owner might be in danger. A Battle-Saint is still quite powerful," Ye Ziling earnestly said.

Ni Yan glanced at this young girl whose earnestness contained a trace of childlike-adorableness and could not help but let out a chuckle. She said, "It's fine, that old man… really won't die."

Ye Ziling was dumbfounded by her reply.

Xiao Meng appeared unworried as well. He was standing there with his hands behind his back. He thought this was a good chance for him to check out how powerful the grandmaster of the Void Sword Pavillion was. Back then, he went toe to toe against Whitey. If Tian Xuzi could also achieve the same feat, he would have to view him as a serious opponent.

The thirteen bandits of Mozhou were intently watching the confrontation between Tian Xuzhi and Bu Fang with excited smiles filled with intrigue.

The man dressed in red clothing, Mu Lingfeng, was leaning against the walls of the alleyway while playing with his slender fingers as he serenely watched the fight that seemingly could begin at any moment.

Bu Fang smacked his lips as he recalled the captivating flavors of the wine. Then, he straightened his back and tidied his clothes. He turned around and gently patted Whitey's belly. He said, "Just strip the troublemakers and throw them out.

"Everyone, today's opening hours is already over. If anyone wishes to taste the wine, please queue up earlier tomorrow. Our store doesn't provide any services after business hours."

Bu Fang's figure gradually disappeared into the darkness of the store. However, that indifferent voice of his soon drifted out from the store and resounded in the ears of everyone present.

All of their expressions slightly changed. Come earlier… tomorrow?

Some of them even sneered, apparently holding Bu Fang's words in contempt and disdain. Who did he think he was? Letting a bunch of seventh grade Battle-Saints patiently wait until opening hours?

Even the emperor… did not have the capability to do such a thing!

"Hehe, queue up tomorrow? If your storefront is destroyed tonight, there's no need to queue up tomorrow." Standing together with the rest of the thirteen bandits, the seventh master sneered as he watched the imposing Tian Xuzi.

When Tian Xuzi saw Bu Fang was ignoring him and going back into the store, he immediately flew into a rage. When was he, the world-renowned Tian Xuzi, ever ignored in such a manner? This young man was simply too c.o.c.ky!

"Arrogant brat, do you really think a mere puppet could stop me? How foolish!"

With a roar, Tian Xuzi pointed forward with a sword-finger gesture and the flying sword turned into a stream of light. As Tian Xuzi stepped forward, spectral figures encircled with sword energy appeared everywhere in an instant and charged toward the store. Their target was Bu Fang.

Whitey was standing in their path with its bulging belly and its mechanical eyes were flashing red. As the red beams emitting from its eyes scanned its surroundings, the seventh master hiding within the crowd shivered. He suddenly remembered some unpleasant memories.

The entire area was filled with sword energy and spectral figures. Tian Xuzi was moving extremely fast and attempted to get past Whitey in an instant.

Tian Xuzi's cultivation level was very high. His move caused the crowd to draw in a breath of cold air and their expressions to become serious. A Battle-Saint adept in the way of the sword was definitely fearsome in combat.

Even Xiao Meng would feel some pressure while facing this attack.

Meanwhile, Ni Yan was pursing her lips. This flashy move was so showy that it gave her gooseb.u.mps. However, she had to admit… it was formidable indeed.

"Elder sister Ni Yan..."

Ni Yan..." When Ye Ziling saw Tian Xuzi performing this move, she looked toward Ni Yan once more to enquire whether they should intervene.

Nonetheless, Ni Yan still shook her head. However, the serious expression on her face indicated that she was wavering as well.

Tian Xuzi's figure appeared extremely imperceptible. Surrounded with sword energy, he was attempting to sneak into the store. He was very confident of himself. After all, he was performing the Sword Manipulation Technique. Whether in combat or fleeing, he was so fast that his enemies could not keep up with him. He was confident that a mere puppet would not be able to block him.

"That arrogant brat, I'll definitely teach him a lesson. I'll let him know that the strong must be respected!" Tian Xuzi thought with a sneer.


Suddenly, as a sound rang out, the sword energy filling the entire area completely disappeared in an instant.

A longsword fell onto the ground with a loud clatter.

Tian Xuzi's expression stiffened and his eyes were filled with disbelief. His ghostly figure was swiftly moving as he attempted to get past Whitey. However, his entire body suddenly started trembling. In his eyes, a gigantic metallic palm was swiftly becoming larger.


Tian Xuzi's head slammed right into the Whitey's palm. During the moment of collision, all sorts of complicated feelings suddenly flooded his mind.

"G.o.d d.a.m.n..."

Tian Xuzi's swiftly moving figure suddenly came to a halt and was sent flying by a tremendous force. His body somersaulted in the air before violently smashing into the ground. He was even pushed quite a distance away by the remaining force...

Embarra.s.sment and silence filled the area...

The atmosphere suddenly became rather strange.

The eyes of the crowd were filled with disbelief as they stared at the sorry figure of Tian Xuzi groaning on the ground while clutching his nose. When they looked at the chubby Whitey once more, their faces… looked as if they had just saw a dog biting a lion to death.

Ye Ziling's adorable eyes were wide open and her rosy lips were parted enough that an egg could almost fit in her mouth.

Ni Yan had a smile on her face as she breathed a sigh of relief. As she expected, Owner Bu was not being brainless but instead had the means to back up his words.

Even though she did not know how much of a coincidence was involved in that scene just now, sending a Battle-Saint flying with a single blow… Whitey, you've become incredible!

Ni Yan was elated.

Tian Xuzi got up from the ground while clutching his nose. Just a moment ago, his nose made an intimate contact with Whitey's metallic palm. The feeling of colliding into something with his nose at such a speed made him feel like crying...

He was furious. He was completely enraged. If he was only looking to punish that arrogant brat previously, then his only desire right now was tearing apart this mechanical puppet that humiliated him.

His carelessness nearly caused a humiliating defeat. This was simply… mortifying!


With a humming noise, the longsword that fell onto the ground flew toward Tian Xuzi and hovered in front of him. His expression became grave and tiny swords were seemingly moving about in his eyes. Then, with a gentle flick of the sword-finger gesture, the longsword started duplicating. It turned into two, then two turned into four, four turned into a bunch...

Countless amount of longswords were hovering in front of him.

Attack, my swords!

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