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Ohayou Guardian Index

CH 1

A car running in the wilderness and the shadow chasing after it.

The shadow had pure white wings and a bright halo overhead.

It was the very image of an Angel.

「s.h.i.t! I didn't hear any f.u.c.king Angels come out around here!」

「Save your complain! Runaway first!」

「Have you contacted The【Slaughterers】!? 」

「I'm already on it!」

The drivers desperately kept running away from the Angel.

The Angel laughed at the escaping car.

「Fufufu … Ahahahaha! Unsightly, really unsightly! After all, Humans that we created are nothing but toys for the G.o.ds! Now, run away! Amuse me with your foolish figures!」

The Angel then sneered, his bisque dollish warped face.

When Angel's observed surroundings from the distortion, several bullets of light fired from there and plucked the ground.

As they were being chased around, a single young man suddenly appeared before them.

The young man stood quaintly, dressed in silver armor and a black and white mantle.

「! Hey, that's a human!」

「Huh!? What's he doing here?! And the car!?」

「No, I can't find one nearby…」

The drivers said so at the appearance of the young man.

「Should we help him!?」

「No way! We’re all already in danger!」

「But I can't let him die … !」

They wanted to save the young man somehow, but the Angel who tagged them didn't allow it.

「Oh my? My, oh my? It seems like another insect showed up? It's okay, I'll kill you all altogether!」

Once the angel spread his arm, a big ball of light appeared over him.

「Oi oi, you must be kidding me…」

「An 【Angel】 cla.s.s could do to this extent…」

The pa.s.sengers showed their despair towards Angel's behavior, they believed everything had over … it was at that time.

「I won't allow it!」


Suddenly, Angel's ball of light was shot through.

As the Angel scanned his surrounding in surprise and fury due to his art being nullified, a new car showed up and rushed toward him.

One of the people from the new group hanged his body out of the window while holding a sniper rifle.

Later the cheers soon arose inside the car when the first group saw them.

「Yoshaa! The 【Slaughterers】 have come!」

「Now we're saved ….!」

Once the newly arrived car caught up with the Angel, the man who was holding the sniper rifle climbed up to the car's roof.

With red hairs which ends rose, and golden pupils that radiated strong will.

A youngster with a fearless face and across wound on his cheek, and a copper plate on his breast of something like a school uniform.

Looked over the youngster, the Angel said so in irk.

「Kh … 【Slaughterer】….! 」

「I was contacted and came to help. Well, don't give up if you've ran out of luck.」

The dauntless youngster turned the large sniper rifle he had been holding into particles of light before stored it into his bracelet and readied two handguns in its stead.

The handguns were large guns with a black base and an eagle engraved on their slides.*[1]

「Just a mere human … don’t get carried away…!」

Later the Angel directed numerous light spheres to the youngster, which every one of them shot down precisely.

「f.u.c.k f.u.c.k f.u.c.k f.u.c.k! Why it wouldn't hit….!」

「I'm afraid it's already over. Peck it――【Death Eagle】 !!」

The moment he cried out, the two guns on his hands shined in resonance.

「 『Deathwing』 !」

Storm of bullets rained out from the youngster's guns.

It was well over the rapidity of a handgun.

Each fired bullets resembled feathers, as they pierced the Angel and tore him apart.


The Angel was shot through by all the light spheres around him, and in the end, it vanished into thin air.

After he confirmed the Angel had disappeared, the youngster stopped and ceased his fire.

The moment he stopped shooting, smoke puffed out from both of his guns.

「Good work, I'll count on you again.」

He thanked the handguns, turned them into light particles just like the big sniper rifle was, then stored them into his bracelet.

「Miria! It's over!」

「Hey Onii-chan! Couldn't you finish that faster!? I was desperate on avoiding that Angels attack you know!」

「M, my bad … I'll be careful next time…」

The youngster spoke to the girl who was driving his car and,  she seemed embarra.s.sed and returned to his seat.

In the driver seat, a girl with red hairs reaching her waist and fierce eyes seemed displeased was driving the car.

She was wearing the same school uniform with the youngster and had a blue plate on her breast.

「And? Where is the commoner who contacted us?」

「Aah, they're over there. ….Nn? That's strange… There's an unrelated person there.」


The girl was astonished by the youngster's words for a while, before immediately turned her eyes to the place he pointed.

The people in the escaped car found a weird young man dressed in armor stood alone.

While looking closely, the car they helped was heading toward him.

「… For now, let's we go there as well.」


Following the youngster's instruction, the girls drove the car toward the young man.

Soon after they reached there, the car they helped before arrived as well.

「Oi, what are you doing in a place like this?」

The dauntless youngster stepped out of the car and talked to the young man in armor――.



Then the armored young man collapsed there.

Notes :

[1] Slides : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pistol_slide

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