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Chapter 0073 Making for the first time

“Let’s learn the first one first. After I’ve mastered it, then I’ll resume my study.”

Su Hao was looking at the report the whole night. The record of the thirty experiment trials, from those lines of words, he imagined the current scene at that time. He took note of every error until late at night, when he slept.

The next day, early in the morning, Su Hao went to the small pharmacy store.

What made him surprised was that Zhang Zhongtian, who was always seen busy making drugs, was now at the door of his store – sunbathing!

Lying on a rocking chair, he squinted his eyes while enjoying the fan.

“Hey Su Hao, you’re here.” Zhang Zhongtian leisurely said, “Yesterday’s reports, have you finished reading them all?”

Su Hao shook his head, “No.”

“Oh?” Zhang Zhongtian was obviously a little surprised, “I thought you were a bookworm. With your theoretical basis, finishing reading the experimental notes should be an easy task. Don’t tell me you’re slacking off?”

“Not enough time.”

“Not enough time?” Zhang Zhongtian’s face changed slightly. He somehow became unhappy.

A notebook, you can’t finish it in a night? With Su Hao’s theoretical basis, a few hours should do the job.

Although him pa.s.sing the pharmacy knowledge to Su Hao was all because of the deal, in his heart, who didn’t want to have a capable disciple to inherit their skills? Otherwise, how could he have easily brought out his beloved notes? But this kid had already been slacking off on his very first day, this was too unreasonable!

Looking at Zhang Zhongtian’s face, Su Hao smiled, “From the second report onwards, all the stuff left behind weren’t something that I could partic.i.p.ate in yet. Using five herbs is already out of my capability, even if I look at them, it will be useless. As for the first report, though it doesn’t look to be much, but to a.n.a.lyse it, a large amount of time is needed. One night is definitely not enough!”

“En? a.n.a.lysis?” A flash of light could be seen in Zhang Zhongtian’s eyes.

Su Hao had already started a.n.a.lysing the report himself? This was really out of his expectations. After all, reading and a.n.a.lysis are on completely different levels.

The three rules of experiment – Read! a.n.a.lyse! Practice!

Read, read all the relevant information.

a.n.a.lyse, a.n.a.lyse all possibilities based on information and formulas.

Practice, personally carry out experiment.

Last time, he read a week’s worth information before beginning to slowly a.n.a.lysing. Su Hao, in just a night, had already jumped from reading to a.n.a.lysing?

However, thinking of Su Hao’s abnormal theoretical basis of 190 points, Zhang Zhongtian had to reluctantly understand this. Plus, for a person who had read all information about herbs, to skip this stage was pretty normal.

“Then, how is your a.n.a.lysis?” Zhang Zhongtian was looking forward on his answer.

Su Hao laughed, “I still feel alright. Quite a progress there. Your experiment experiences are so rich that almost all possible errors are recorded here.”

“Urgg! Urgg!”

Zhang Zhongtian embarra.s.sedly coughed. Looking at Su Hao who was now br.i.m.m.i.n.g in confidence, “Then, you wanna try it?”

“Can I?”

Su Hao’s eyes brightened.

“Of course, here I have literally every apparatus for experiment.” Zhang Zhongtian leisurely continued, “But…..any apparatus and materials lost in experiment, you will have to take responsibility for them.”

“No problem!”

Su Hao immediately agreed.

His initial plan was to buy own apparatus for experiment, but Zhang Zhongtian agreed to let him carry out his experiment here. This was too exciting!

About this place, in the whole Jianghe City, perhaps the only place comparable to this would be the laboratory of the Pharmacist a.s.sociation.

“Alright, follow me then.”

Said Zhang Zhongtian, with a smile like a cunning fox. Boy, you want to challenge me? 100 years to early!

Doing experiments by oneself, you think it’s that easy?

The first time he had experimented, he needed to prepare for a full month! In a month’s time, he had prepared and memorized every little detail about origin ability recovery drug. After reviewing them non stop and a.n.a.lysing, what was finally the outcome?

Twenty nine consecutive failures! When his fighting spirit was about to wear off, he was lucky that he finally able to succeed once.

And Su Hao?

Although Su Hao had seen the record, he himself did the same thing, reviewing senior’s notes before starting his first experiment. Wasn’t this the same step they were both taking?

He was eager to see Su Hao’s failure.

Well, it would be the best if Su Hao was to fail a few times and then lose his confidence, so he wouldn’t forever won’t bug Zhang Zhongtian anymore. That was playing in Zhang Zhongtian’s mind, albeit his face was smiling as he brought Su Hao into the laboratory downstairs.

Countless of flickering virtual screen with virtual moving images.

As Su Hao walked down from the pharmacy store, he felt like he was entering into a whole new world of science fantasy. It was a completely different vibe from before. With countless advanced equipments and instruments for accurate quantum measurement, this was Zhang Zhongtian’s laboratory.

“There are still some materials for beginner origin ability recovery drug there.” Zhang Zhongtian generally explained the position of the materials placed, as well as the steps for using the apparatus.

“When the origin ability is fermenting, remember to activate the vacuum cover. Even if an explosion is to occur, it won’t cause any damage to you.” Zhang Zhongtian reminded.

“En, noted.” Su Hao nodded, carefully listened.

“I think that’s about it. If you’re ready, then you can start.” Zhang Zhongtian said with a smile before left the laboratory.

If someone was to stand beside him, Su Hao would naturally be more nervous. This was the reason most pharmacist hated anyone standing beside them during experiments. He had a deep experience with this, that was why he quickly left the laboratory.

But then……his own laboratory, wouldn’t there be a camera?

After leisurely carrying over his rocking chair, Zhang Zhongtian activated a virtual screen. The scene of his laboratory popped out.

Su Hao took a deep breath.

His first time doing experiments. It would be a lie to say he wasn’t nervous. However, since he had done a detailed a.n.a.lysis yesterday, and taking into account various possibilities, there shouldn’t be any accidents today.

Experiment, start!

Su Hao carefully started by following the experiment steps. Apparatus, herbs, everything was ready. Then, he began measuring the herbs.

“Star gra.s.s…weight: 101g……….nutrient detection: 75 to 80……..age: 1 year………requirement met”

“Almond gra.s.s….weight: 1280g……nutrient detection: 56 to 64…..age: 1 year to 3 years……requirement met”

“Mannose gra.s.s…….”

Su Hao tested each herb and recorded the weight and medical properties. Then, according to the formula, he quickly a.n.a.lysed the right amount of distilled water needed for the mixture.

After finished testing the herbs, it was finally the time to start the crucial step.

To mix three herbs and distilled water in a way that ensured medical properties weren’t affected, under Su Hao’s concentration, surprisingly there weren’t any problems.

“This, this kid isn’t bad. Forget about others, this att.i.tude is worthy of praise.” Zhang Zhongtian praised, “However, mixture is just a foreplay. To ferment origin ability is the hard part.”

“Good, mixture done!”

A flash of joy could be seen in Su Hao’s eyes. He was quite satisfied with his performance so far, continue!

Putting a bottle of the liquid mixture in the middle of the bottle rack, Su Hao then took out a vacuum cover, putting it on top.

Vacuum cover…..maintaining a vacuum state. Besides ensuring the perfect condition for the experiment, at the same time, it also prevented any large scale explosions.

Finally, it was the time for heating!

In the bottom of bottle rack, Su Hao chose the heating b.u.t.ton and then placed a bottle of origin ability fermentation drug on top of the cover.


Origin ability fermentation drug installed.


Su Hao stared at the bottle of liquid mixture in the vacuum cover. As the temperature rose, the color gradually changed. At this moment, it was the most crucial point.


Su Hao controlled the console and dropped droplet by droplet of origin ability fermentation drug into the mixture.

The liquid mixture at this moment was having a violent reaction. As liquid kept rising and spilling from bottle, the color changed non stop before it gradually turned blue.

It was clear like a crystal.

“Excellent boy!”

Zhang Zhongtian exclaimed, “to not even make any mistakes until now, he had avoided all the problems I had encountered previously. As long as the fermentation was successfully deployed, then this bottle of drug will be completed. This brat, he’s really a genius?”

Zhang Zhongtian had long forgotten his initial plan to let Su Hao give up on this. This time he was looking forward to Su Hao’s performance.

In the laboratory.

“Very soon, soon it will succeed.”

Su Hao took a deep breath. Watching the liquid continuously reacting, he once again dropped a droplet of fermentation drug.

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