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Chapter 0190 -  Mechanical Bird Beast

Translator: Yorasu Editor: RED


Su Hao tabbed a few times on the virtual screen and then entered exchange system of the Piao Ling Organization.

Basic fighting technique…

Police fighting technique…

Military fighting technique…

What the task store in the school had was all present here, as well.

Interestingly, these killing points weren’t much different from the school’s task points in terms of value. It was just that, in addition the the law abiding items, there were also countless strange items. Su Hao even saw something which he was very familiar with.

Decomposing water - 100 killing points!

“100 points!”

Su Hao frowned. This was really cheap.

Su Hao deeply understood the function of this item. It was basically useless in battle, but cleaning up any trace afterwards would be very efficient. Whether it was a corpse or any other item, they would decompose without even leaving dust behind. Never would have he thought that the so-called legendary decomposing water was this cheap at only 100 points!

Scrolling down, Su Hao’s eyes widened.

All kinds of magical items were listed. Basically, as long as you could think of anything, you would be able to buy it here. Whether it was a regular drug or black market drug, everything were listed here!

As long as you paid enough killing points!

“Eh?” While Su Hao looked at the lists in a daze, he noticed an item. It was a bottle of an ordinary drug. From outer appearance, there wasn’t anything interesting or special.

But the description below was what made Su Hao’s eyes shine!

Body forging drug.

This was a drug specifically prepared for espers to train in the body forging technique and could greatly enhance the stimulation of origin ability energy. The damage produced while training would be reduced, which improved the overall effect of the body forging technique training.

Duration: 3 days

Value: 1500 points.

“It turns out to enhance the body forging technique!”

How could Su Hao not be surprised!

Out of every form of training, what he worried about the most was the body forging technique. This was because this thing could only progress slowly. No matter how good your talent, you still needed to spend a long time to sharpen it.

In a month of non-stop training, the effect of body forging technique only barely pa.s.sed half. With such a rate, how long would he need to complete the training?

He didn’t know!

And this time, there was this in front!

1500 killing points!

Su Hao didn’t know how precious this killing point were. He wouldn’t care even if he knew. Because all these killing points were just extra earnings while he was at it. After considering a moment, he chose to buy it without any more hesitation.

Ding! “Purchase complete!”

Just that… how would he obtain the item?


Express delivery?

No matter what it was, it would expose his ident.i.ty. This was too dangerous. If the Piao Ling Organization knew that he was pretending to be their killer, he would most probably be killed!

However, it turned out that he worried for nothing.

The Piao Long Organization, only when you officially became an outer disciple would a thorough investigation be carried out. Only when you were cleared by the investigation would the organization invite you to join them. In order to consider the safety of its members, besides the DNA activation communication device, there wouldn’t be any more contact.

Moreover, the Piao Ling Organization, as such a powerful killing organization, wouldn’t they take this into account?

“Detected your location in Jianghe City!”

“Random selection of point in Jianghe City… selection completed, coordinate x.x.x, x.x.x… please go to designed location to take the item at midnight sharp later...pa.s.sword: 9527. Three wrong attempts will cause an automatic explosion. Please be there on time.”


Only one huge map was displayed on the screen with a red dot showing the coordinates clearly.

“Interesting!” Su Hao smiled. “Such a method, as long as I take the item on time, then it will be alright. Just that I won’t know who is sending the item.”


That night...

Su Hao had long ago rushed to the designated location and hid in the shadows.

When the time was 11.59 pm, a small bird appeared in sky. Its claws were holding a small box. Dropping it on the location, it then flew away.


The little bird’s figure disappeared!

“Mechanical bird beast, even comes with stealth mode.”

He was pretty much accustomed to stealth objects, like the invisible car. But this was his first time ever personally witnessing the automatic delivery mechanical bird beast .

This world was indeed large and full of extraordinary things!

Making sure that n.o.body was around, Su Hao went to open the box. Entering the pa.s.sword, he then took out the bottle of medicine from within. 1 minute later, the box was automatically destroyed, disappearing without any trace.

Su Hao’s mind went cold.

This thing… it should have a mechanism similar to decomposing water!

The Piao Ling Organization was getting more and more mysterious.

Since the item was in his possession, it was time for him to leave the scene quickly.

At this time of night, there wasn’t a single person nearby. Su Hao directly headed home. At this time, his sister and mother had all gone to sleep. Looking at the bottle of medicine in his hand, Su Hao decided to recover back from his mental fatigue before using it.

A day seemed to be short.

For him, it was full of danger! While protecting Chen Yiran, he still had to conceal his ident.i.ty at the same time. This wasn’t an easy task! The confrontation with Chou Yan at the very end which was out of his plan had been just a thin line separating life and death. Not to mention, jumping from a rooftop which was hundreds of meters high, that critical moment which depended on Blue Dream b.u.t.terfly…

Lying on his bed, Su Hao gradually felt asleep.


The next morning, when he woke up, the sun had already risen.

“Bro, you awake now?” Walking into the living room, sister Su Ling laughed at him.

“En.” Su Hao looked at her with a weird expression, “Brat, today you’re not going to school?”

“Bro, two days later there will be mid term exam!” Su Ling rolled her eyes. She then took out the food from the microwave and put it in front of Su Hao. Sounding unsatisfied, she said, “Heng, you didn’t come back for so many days. You really don’t care about our family.”

Su Hao smiled and eat the food while not forgetting to praise her, “Today the food is great. Brat, you cooked it right? It is much better than the one mum always cooks.”

“Bro, how can you say like this about our mum?” Su Ling rolled her eyes even though she was secretly happy to receive a compliment from her brother. Then, she suddenly thought of something, “Bro, you know how to play the piano, right?”


Su Hao nearly sprayed out his rice.“How did you know?”

“Qie!” Su Ling said in anger, “You even dare to hide it from me. This rumor hasd already spread like wildfire. Something along the line of ‘prince of piano’. There were even some who were asking me for your communication number. No wonder when I asked you anything that day, you didn’t say anything! Hmmpphh!”

Sweat formed on his forehead.

Su Hao was embarra.s.sed. He didn’t expect that this matter would have such big after-effect.

“You didn’t come back home for such a long time and yet, you brought trouble to me.” Su Ling then continued, “I don’t care. You have to give me compensation.”

Su Hao was dumbfounded and rubbed his sister’s head.

“Bro, my hair is going to get messy!” Su Ling was dissatisfied with him again.

“Well, two days before the exam, why don’t I spar with you?” Su Hao smiled.

“Really?” Su Ling’s eyes lit up.

Her brother usually would only come back once or twice a month. Then, after a short time, he would be gone again. This time, he actually going to be here for such a long time?

“En, of course.” Su Hao smiled, “Who is the one who said I never care about my family!”

“Hate you!” Su Ling was fl.u.s.tered and cleaned up the dishes. “I will go wash the dishes.”

After the meal, Su Hao accompanied his sister into the training room. He had to admit this girl’s progress once again surprised him!

It was worth to note that when Chen Yiran was in her third year, her origin ability was only 9 points!

And this time, Su Ling who was just in her second year, had already exceeded Chen Yiran. Based on his sister’s words, her aim was the best in school, save for those private students who hadn’t appeared yet. During the mock exam for the natural selection cla.s.s, she wanted to be like Su Hao and grab the first spot.

Of course, the consequences of saying so in front of Su Hao was that her hair, which she just tidied up, was promptly messed up by Su Hao yet again.

After sparring with Su Ling a few times, when it was time for her to cultivate, Su Hao then went back to his room.

Body forging drug…now was the time to use it!

Opening the bottle, a trace of a strange light appeared within the mouth of the bottle. It had a mysterious feeling to it. There wasn’t any odor coming out of the bottle. Su Hao grit his teeth and drank it all up.


Under the influence of the drug, a strong current was moving within his body. Su Hao groaned and fought back the pain, leading the current to every part of his body. Then, following the training of the body forging technique, he began to cultivate!


With just one action, an instant influx of energy spread throughout his body. That horrifying current nearly made him faint to the floor.

The stimulation from origin ability energy was enhanced more than tenfold!

Just a moment and he was about to collapse. Not only was Su Hao not depressed, he was extremely excited! More than tenfold… this meant that the body forging technique which required a few months to complete originally, might potentially be completed in a few days now!



Su Hao without any hesitation started to attempt breaking through.

The weak current in his body began pulsing. Even from outside, you could see the vague power of the terrifying current!

One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight!

Su Hao did every action step by step. It was truly difficult, and he even occasionally lost his balance and nearly fell to the ground. Under these difficult circ.u.mstances, his body forging technique began to slowly advance. Under the strong influence of origin ability energy, Su Hao’s physical fitness began to rapidly increase!



Su Hao was like those gymnasts, he moved in such an unbelievable way. His whole body was flashing from the current.



Fully immersed in training, Su Hao began to get carried away.

Unnoticeably, his level physical fitness began to slowly improve...

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