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Chapter 1055: Lifting the seal!


Mingguang attacked without hesitation.

Light emerged in the s.p.a.ce, and it unexpectedly turned out to be totally empty. Just like a blank photo of Ping Yang, Mingguang smirked, “In my name, seal!”


It turned out to be a seal!

Previously, Ping Yang could seal people into photos, but what about Mingguang?

He directly sealed one in a different s.p.a.ce!

Whether it was that dragon, sun, or even moonlight, wasn't each one of them extremely powerful?


Endless stream of light flashed.


It was different from all the previous attacks!

This time, it turned out to be a seal!


As soon as Mo Ling was about to make a move, she felt her soul tremble.

This was the suppression from the soul of a beast!

Even though she's a qilin, even though she's a pseudo-emperor, facing this Heavenly Emperor, she would still be suppressed. This was the powerful strict hierarchy system within beasts.

The moment when her soul trembled, the seal locked down Mo Ling.

“I just happen to be one pet short.”

“At first, I thought of taking you after everything is done!”

Mingguang had cold eyes.

“So, you have long labored with such intention?”

“Su Hao indeed was right.”

A smile appeared at the corner of Mo Ling's mouth. The strength within her body was literally boiling, but it was useless. Facing the suppression of the soul and the seal at the same time, she couldn't move.


Mingguang had cold eyes like a supreme king.


The seal landed.

However, a shadow suddenly rushed out, which was accompanied by an angry roar, “Mo Ling, beat that d.a.m.n dog for me!”

Mo Ling suddenly looked up.

It turned out to be Little Bear the ornament!

The little bear that she asked Su Hao to play with unexpectedly entered the seal instead of her. At this moment, Mo Ling broke out of it.


The Supreme Rule of Earth skyrocketed.

Mo Ling's strength was far superior to Chen Yiran and the others. When her true might burst, when the power of an Emperor-ranked beast erupted, her strength was not under Mingguang.


A terrifying Supreme Rule invaded Mingguang's body.


Mingguang's liver ruptured.

“Get lost!”

Mingguang was furious. His killing intent emerged, and the sun shined again, wiping out Mo Ling! That powerful seal fell to the ground. Inside it, it was Little Bear who just entered level one world realm.


Mingguang staggered and almost fell to the ground.

Wiping the corner of his mouth, it was full of blood.

He's not anyone but Mingguang!

The supreme emperor!

He held the sun and moon of the universe in his hand and controlled the world, how could he fall here? With only half a minute remaining, it should still be enough, right?


Mingguang ignored the serious injuries on his body and headed toward the final destination.

Over there, one second is enough.


At this time, Wan Cheng's progress had reached the final moment.

“Courting death!”

Mingguang roared, and he actually forced his way in directly.

Wan Cheng didn't even pay attention to him at all. He had been ignoring everything from the start. As for Su Hao, he stared at Mingguang the moment he charged in.

On Mingguang's body, there were familiar auras.

Zhou w.a.n.g, Chen Yiran, Li Xin, Mo Ling…

Looking at the severely injured Mingguang, the result was self-evident.

Su Hao was instantly furious.

“Realization, Summon!”


Su Hao's body became so extremely weak that he almost fell to the ground.

All of his strength was used for Realization. When he finished, he created a copy of Mingguang!

A seriously injured Emperor-ranked beast!

If it was a normal Mingguang, one hundred Su Haos wouldn't be enough to create it, but Su Hao managed to copy and create the seriously injured Mingguang!

“This is!”

Mingguang was stunned for a moment before he saw his other self attack.


Both clashed.

In just a few seconds, these two Mingguangs were evenly matched!

There were 25 seconds left!

Mingguang looked ugly.

There were ten seconds left!

Mingguang's face turned pale.

There were five seconds left!

Mingguang was already very anxious, and Wan Cheng's unsealing had reached the final moment.

The final two seconds!

“d.a.m.n it!”

Mingguang erupted and was about to kill his opponent when he suddenly discovered that the other Mingguang had vanished. As for Su Hao, his face was already very pale.

He couldn't maintain it anymore.

Even if the one he summoned is an injured one, that's still an Emperor-ranked beast!

Without even using any powerful move, even under such basic conditions, that had consumed all of his power! The force consumption of Realization was evident.

However, these thirty seconds were enough.

When Mingguang just managed to get away, he discovered that the terrifying seal was actually lifted by Wan Cheng.

“Not good.”

Mingguang was shocked.


A terrifying aura erupted, and the sound of countless chains rang.

Mingguang suddenly was a little pleased.

“Haha, so what if the seal is released? Your chains are still there. You can't use your power at all. Su Hao and Wan Cheng have used up all their strength. Who can save you now?” Mingguang laughed wildly.

“Go to h.e.l.l!”

Mingguang's figure jumped up as he slammed towards that figure.

Wan Cheng and Su Hao were already so weak that they collapsed to the ground. Is it really over now?


Mingguang slammed down.

At this moment, a figure suddenly sprang out of his own shadow, and that person's hand had a weapon shining with strange light.

“Zheng Tai?”

Mingguang's pupils contracted. When did this brat get into his shadow?

What's with that item in his hand?


A crisp sound rang.



That terrifying chain actually formed countless cracks, and it broke at a terrifying speed. Mingguang's expression changed with just one glance.


Without any hesitation.

Mingguang turned around to flee!

However, just as he arrived at the entrance of the cave, not even 0.01 second pa.s.sed, when he saw a terrifying giant hand coming from deep inside, grabbing him.

“Since you're here, don't even think of going back.”


Mingguang's figure actually got crushed forcefully!

That terrifying peak emperor-ranked beast, he died just like that? Everyone was terrified. What kind of terrifying guy did they release?

When that person turned around, Su Hao revealed a look of ecstasy.

Su Tiancheng!

The strongest esper sealed here was really Su Tiancheng!


Su Tiancheng's chain broke free suddenly and his eyes on Su Hao were full of pride, “Sure enough, you're indeed Su Tiancheng's son!

Su Hao clenched his fists until they turned pale.

Because he recalled Chen Yiran and the others…

His father was rescued, but Chen Yiran and the others were dead, and Mingguang was killed in seconds.

Is this the final ending?


Is it going to end like this?


Su Hao punched the bleeding marks with his fingers.

“The battle has just begun.”

Su Tiancheng suddenly uttered a sentence meaningfully.


Su Hao was taken aback.

“Follow me.”

Su Tiancheng waved his hand. The s.p.a.ce flowed, and they reached the place where Mo Ling died. Then, he said to Su Hao, “Do you still remember the Backtrack I left behind for you?”


Su Hao froze for a moment.

“Be prepared.”

Su Tiancheng smiled lightly.


Su Tiancheng displayed his Backtrack.

The scene changed.

A horrifying force kept flowing.

The scene of Mingguang fighting against Mingguang just now appeared in everyone's eyes again until when Mo Ling died, everyone became even sadder.

“Son, make your move!” Su Tiancheng shouted.

Su Hao was awakened. Remembering what his father said earlier, he instantly used Universe Creator.

And then…

Unexpectedly, the figure of Mo Ling actually appeared in Kingdom of Heaven!


Mo Ling was obviously at a loss, “I… am not dead?”

Mo Ling looked at herself and everything around her, feeling at a loss.


Ping Yang was shocked, “Su Hao, you lolicon! You actually got another one!”

In reality, Zheng Tai and the others didn't know what was going on, but Su Hao was stunned that he went into a daze. Is it useful to be able to control the universe? To be able to reverse the world, what a terrifying power that is!

What happened just now, wasn't that already in the past?

How could…


Su Tiancheng led the way, and Su Hao took Chen Yiran, Li Xin, and Zhou w.a.n.g all into the Kingdom of Heaven one after another! Over there, Zhou w.a.n.g and the others were reborn again!

As for Li Tiantian, he was even more pleasantly surprised.

“Chen Yiran? How did you die?”

“Zhou w.a.n.g, you're also dead?”

“Haha, even Li Xin, you fool also died?”

“You died well, you died well, haha.”

When Chen Yiran and the others turned sober, they found that there was a crazy Li Tiantian beside them. This guy… wasn't he dead already?

Li Tiantian was extremely excited.

However, he had obviously forgotten the impact of his rebirth after death.


“A ghost!”

With a scream, Li Tiantian was beaten into a pig head.

After explaining it, they realized this Kingdom of Heaven is Su Hao's true trump card, an actual world!

In reality, Su Hao opened Synchronize s.p.a.ce and let them all watch. Although everyone was dead, for Su Hao, they were still alive!

Su Hao was still shocked.

This is the strength of my father?

Killing Mingguang with one hand, reversing life in a flash?

However, Su Hao remembered Su Tiancheng's words, “The battle has just begun. What does that mean?”

“Do you think that if Mingguang made his move, Chen Yiran and the others could survive?” Su Tiancheng smiled lightly.

“Nope.” Su Hao affirmed.

This was also the strange part he noticed earlier. Reversing the universe, his father was able to rescue those who were obliterated by a Peak Emperor-ranked? This was never possible!

That was after all not just any beast but a Peak Emperor-ranked one!

When he attacked, everything would be obliterated! Once the body dies, the past, future, and present will all vanish. This was the terrifying aspect of a Peak Emperor-ranked.

Could it be…

Su Hao suddenly thought of something.

“You're right.”

Su Tiancheng sneered, “This time, it's only a clone of Mingguang. Otherwise, why do you think I can destroy him with one hand? If it's his real body, no matter how strong, all talents would be truly obliterated!”

“A clone?”

Su Hao took a deep breath. If that was his actual body, Chen Yiran and the others…

“A clone is already this powerful?”


Too strong!

One needs to know, they had used a Supreme Rule, yet they still lost to a clone?

“The power of a Peak Emperor-ranked is definitely not something that you can imagine.” Su Tiancheng shook his head slightly.

Su Hao and the others nodded.

At this time, Wan Cheng suddenly said, “Then, why didn't he come here personally?”


Why didn't he come with his real body?

If the real Mingguang came, forget that everyone will die, at least, Su Tiancheng couldn't be saved! That being the case, why didn't he come?

Why only a clone?

What is his goal?

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