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Chapter 1050 What is this mysterious creature?“Huh?”After arriving, everyone's first reaction was actually towards the little loli beside Su Hao!

One couldn't help it.

It was too eye-catching.

Forget about her 2D beauty, where did this girl beside Su Hao come from?

“Hold on…”

Zheng Tai suddenly thought of something, “d.a.m.n, Su Hao. It can't be that you took the chance that Chen Yiran was away and went to deflower a loli you created?”


Two forces bombarded down.

One was coming from Chen Yiran.

As for the other one…

It was Mo Ling!


Cold light flashed by.

Zheng Tai gave a cry. He had long prepared for it and easily evaded Chen Yiran's attack, but that attack from Mo Ling made him unable to dodge!


Zheng Tai lost half of his hair.

They got cut by Mo Ling. What was even more terrifying was that they couldn't be recovered!

This isn't a joke.

That terrifying strength from Mo Ling could prevent her from recovering her vocal cords, let alone Zheng Tai?

“Seems that the recent little Zheng Tai loves boldness.”

Mo Ling's light voice came.

When everyone looked at her again, it was as if they had seen a ghost.

What strength did the current Zheng Tai have?

Level three world realm!

Forget about the others, in regards to a small distance fluctuation, no one could match him! Even Zhou w.a.n.g's flexibility in this short distance wasn't as good as him.

This was the absolute advantage of an a.s.sa.s.sin!


He was. .h.i.t that easily.


Zheng Tai pointed at Mo Ling with a look of disbelief.

“Let me introduce her.”

Su Hao leisurely continued, “She's Mo Ling.”

“Oh, Mo Ling?” Zheng Tai nodded for a second before his mouth opened wide.


Mo Ling?

Not only him, everyone else also became dazed.

The strongest young generation beast, the mysterious Mo Ling is this cute loli right now? Zheng Tai suddenly felt that he was courting death just now!

After all, Mo Ling is an existence that can kill w.a.n.g Jun in a flash.


It was before she became a pseudo-emperor!

“It's my fault.”

Zheng Tai immediately raised his hands, “Feel free to do whatever you want to me.”


Mo Ling snorted and turned her head away coldly.

Su Hao revealed a smile. He could see that Mo Ling was in a good mood, or else she would have long buried Zheng Tai into the sea. After all, she's a loli. To have a pride of her own, that's understandable.

It took a long time before everyone could process what happened.

When Chen Yiran's murderous eyes came, Su Hao raised his hand to show his innocence, “It's illegal to have a relationship with a loli under 14 years old!”

“I am innocent.”

Only then did Chen Yiran let him off.

Mo Ling raised his head blankly, “What 14 years old? I am 23 this year. If it's converted to your human age, um… it should be 7.5 years old…”

Everyone shut up.

This was definitely a true loli.

After w.a.n.g Ru and the others arrived later, everyone turned their attention to the vortex in front of them. The vortex over here was far beyond all other places before this. It was impossible to break through it.

“The beasts have all been driven away. Is there still a need to enter?”

w.a.n.g Jun was puzzled. To be frank, he didn't know whether the need to enter the Secret Realm of Deepest Sea was still there or not.

“The problem isn't the beast.”

w.a.n.g Ru slowly talked about the problem he felt. Everyone was shocked. Is there really something wrong with this world? If w.a.n.g Ru's guess was right, this matter…

“It's true.”

Su Hao directly used an affirmative sentence.

“Because of a special reason, I can't tell you why, but Senior w.a.n.g Ru guessed it right and the problem is 100 times worse than this!”

“You all just need to think that everything is of Mingguang's conspiracy.”

In order to not let these guys know of the law enforcers, Su Hao used the simplest and crudest method to replace the enemy with Mingguang.


With this, the law enforcers will definitely not be dispatched.


w.a.n.g Ru's eyes turned cold, “No wonder I always have this feeling that something is wrong with that guy.”

“He was a beast to begin with. How could he have the same thoughts as us.” Cheng Tianya sneered.

“Those beasts are just being deceived by him.” Mo Ling interjected, “To be honest, most of us don't even know the truth at all.”

“Why does he want to destroy the world?” Zheng Tai was puzzled.

“There must be a reason.”

“What's the reason then?”

Everyone was wondering.

Su Hao shook his head, “I don't know.”

What was the reason behind the attempt to destroy the world?

Whether it was in a novel or movie, anyone who tries to destroy the world must have a reason for the bitterness such as resurrecting his family, avenging his wife, and so on…

But in the case of Mingguang?

Revenge for his wife?

No, according to everyone's understanding of Mingguang, this guy has been a bachelor for tens of thousands of years. He never had any woman in life nor did he care about the love between man and woman at all.

As for the family, that was very unlikely.

Because in this world, there seemed to be no setting that destroying the world could resurrect a soul!

Want to resurrect?

Look for me!

Su Hao could open all kinds of doors for you.

“Soon we'll know.”

Su Hao looked at the Secret Realm of Deepest Sea, “I always felt that Mingguang will make a move. He planned this for so long all just for this moment!”

“The Great Despairs have been destroyed one after another. This is the only one left!”

“If I am him, I would never give up this opportunity!”

“I would definitely take action!”

“No matter what's inside the Secret Realm of Deepest Sea…”

“No matter what's in it, I always had this feeling that it will affect the entire world.”

Su Hao said each word clearly.

“There was this rumor that a terrifying creature was sealed here, but I don't know what it is.”

Mo Ling guessed.

“Could it be some sort of monster?”

“Maybe there's a terrifying beast hidden here?”

“Not sure, if Mingguang intends to release this creature, it will definitely be a disaster. At that time, who could stop him?”

Everyone was engaging in a heated discussion.

“It's a human.”

Wan Cheng's voice suddenly came.


Everyone was taken aback.

“Inside there, the sealed one is a human.”

Wan Cheng affirmed.



Everyone had their eyes wide open. According the the legend, in the Secret Realm of Deepest Sea, a human was sealed? How could this be?!

“How did you know?” Su Hao asked suddenly.

“Here, the entire Secret Realm of Deepest Sea is shrouded by Wave Force. When I comprehended it, I once touched that most terrifying force.”

“That force was sealing a human.”

“I can't see his figure clearly, but I feel that he's a terrifying existence! One that I have never seen before!”

There was a deep fear in Wan Cheng's eyes.

Everyone was horrified.

A character that one make one feel it and an existence that has never been seen before?

The strongest esper!

In the Secret Realm of Deepest Sea, there was the strongest esper being sealed!

“In human history, how many people came close to the strongest esper?” Su Hao's tone suddenly changed.

“In human history?”

Cheng Tianya thought for a moment, “Let me think about it. Li Lei is one, but later fell. Those half step strongest espers are still there. As for the ones that disappeared, hold on…”

Cheng Tianya swallowed his saliva suddenly.

Glancing at w.a.n.g Ru, he thought of a terrifying person. That legendary world-destroyer madman, Su Hao's father, Su Tiancheng!

“Could it be…”

“Su Tiancheng?!”

Both of them recited the name that once distrubed the entire Federation at the same time.

“It can't be, right?” w.a.n.g Ru smiled bitterly.

That was Su Hao's father!

However, according to the rumors, Su Tiancheng and Mingguang were very close. Could it be that Mingguang's real purpose is to save Su Tiancheng? Then how should they respond to this?

Su Hao, what would he do then?

An emperor-ranked beast, one strongest esper!

If Mingguang and Su Tiancheng are to join forces, the whole world would be held in their hands.

That would be the worst case scenario.

“He came to save Su Tiancheng?”

w.a.n.g Ru looked at Su Hao.


Su Hao shook his head slightly, “In the past, my father completely broke contact with Mingguang because he returned to Jianghe City to marry my mother and have children. So many incidents happened later. Otherwise, with an emperor-ranked and the strongest esper, if my father really joined forces with Mingguang, the world would have long been gone by now.”

“That's true too.”

w.a.n.g Ru and the others breathed a sigh of relief.

“Then the purpose of Mingguang…” Cheng Tianya asked.

“To destroy this place.”

Su Hao sneered, “The entire Secret Realm of Deepest Sea and that person, whether he's my father or not, obviously he has the strength of the strongest esper.”

“If I'm Mingguang…”

“It will be great to wipe out everything at once. Otherwise, if this person is let out…”

“Wouldn't that be a new opponent?”

Everyone glanced at each other. That sounded convincing.

“Then, what do we do?”

“Before Mingguang arrives, we need to release that person!”

Su Hao's eyes flickered, “Whether or not he's my father, as long as he's the strongest esper, we can save the situation. Only he can stop Mingguang!”


Everyone agreed.

“Time is limited, and since Hydra and the others failed, Mingguang will definitely not sit still.”

w.a.n.g Ru sneered, “We old bones just stay here to help you stop them. You can rest a.s.sured. As long as I live, I will never allow the beasts to step inside.”


Su Hao also no longer continued speaking.

However, the main point was to persuade them without exposing the truth, or else, once there is internal doubt, that would be a true disaster.

w.a.n.g Ru and the others went outside to guard.

They covered the area where Su Hao and the others were at. At this time, Su Hao and the others set their sights on the Secret Realm of Deepest Sea.

First of all, that lightning.

That one.

How do they deal with it?


A dazzling lightning flashed.

Zhou w.a.n.g stretched out his hand, and the same terrifying lightning appeared, destroying Zhou w.a.n.g's lightning directly. These lightning could really distinguish foes.


Zhou w.a.n.g gave a cold snort.

Seeing the lightning in front become silent for a moment, he rushed toward the sky.


More terrifying lightning came towards Zhou w.a.n.g. The entire sea of thunder clouds seemed to be offended by Zhou w.a.n.g's actions. This shocked everyone.

“Be careful.”

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