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Chapter 984: Yin Ling's a.s.sa.s.sination Attempt

Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

In the beast domain, a playful smile flashed across the corner of Heavenly Emperor Mingguangs mouth.

 Su Hao…


 At first, he planned to kill all those guys, but Su Hao's unintentional decision had unexpectedly shelved all of his plans.

 “Seems that it has to be delayed for a while again.

 When Heavenly Emperor Mingguang raised his hand, the endless time in his hand slipped like quicksand…

 “So many years have pa.s.sed.” Heavenly Emperor Mingguang sighed emotionally.

 “Su Tiancheng, you think that your choice is the right one?”

 “No, you're wrong.”

 “This world is going to be destroyed after all.”

 “And you…”

 “You could only watch it become non-existent. Everything you gave up in the past will be completed under my hands, and everything that you protect, I will erase.”

 “Only by breaking the chain can one live forever!”

 Heavenly Emperor Mingguang stood leisurely.

 Nine bright lights, only two remained!

 He had waited for so long, wasn't it all for the moment when the human world opens up?

 He succeeded!

 Whether the humans and beasts were dead or alive, that had nothing to do with him. As long as the human world opens up, what he wanted to do can finally begin.


 Behind him, Yin Ling appeared.

 “Go to the human world and find someone.” Heavenly Emperor Mingguang smiled coldly, “She's Li Xiaoru. I want to see what kind of woman she is that could make Su Tiancheng give up everything.”

 “Human love…”

 “Is it really that great?”


 Yin Ling vanished.

 One month later.

 Virtual devices were popular all over the world.

 The peace between beasts and humans did not have much impact on ordinary people. After all, who would have the time to go have a look at the beasts?

 However, the emergence of virtual online games made everyone excited.

 This was the first cross-age product. More importantly, it would be the real stage for humans and beasts to communicate. When people were familiar with the virtual devices, Battle of Glory finally began…

 The first month, elimination round!

 Everyone was so obsessed that they signed up.

 A clash with the beasts?

 This was a rare opportunity!

 An excited elimination stage began. One month later, only 10,000 contestants remained, and humans accounted for 40%.

 The second month, preliminary round.

 One out of ten were eliminated.

 The remaining humans accounted for only 30%.

 At this time, humans finally seemed to realize something. The beasts picked such a timely manner to announce the talent list they came up with to the public, causing an uproar.

 There was such a big gap between the strength of two sides?

 Has the Federation been eating feces all these years?

 The Federation felt even more wronged. In fact, they did have geniuses, but weren't they all killed by Su Hao? Of course, they dared not say this! As for accusing the beasts for using the age limit as a scheme, that would only make the Federation appear more incompetent. Plus…

 Wasn't the number one Mo Ling aged 22?

 Could it be that human strength is that weak?

 At this time, Su Hao, Wan Cheng, those geniuses who are well-known all over the world, disappeared without a trace.

 Where are they?

 Aren't you all geniuses?

 As for Su Hao, the people could forgive him. After all, Su Hao had fought so many times in the past and even destroyed Geomagnetic Despair alone! Such glory could never be replaced!

 Even if his strength wasn't there to back him up, he was still a hero in their heart.

 However, what about the others?

 What about those geniuses?

 In an instant, the internet was filled with angry voices from countless people.

 Meanwhile, in Zhanzheng College, Su Hao stood in front of a podium in a huge lecture hall. In front of him, there were three hundred powerful espers!

 These people were the ones who pa.s.sed the preliminary round!

 “Cough, cough.”

 “Everyone, my name is Su Hao. I don't think there is a need to introduce myself.”

 Su Hao looked at everyone and laughed, “I believe everyone here has read the rumors circulating the Federation. Although I won't rule out that the beasts are trying to add fuel to the fire but… to be called a coward, can you bear it?”


 A loud shout echoed.

 “En, that's great.” Su Hao casually continued, “The reason you guys are called here is for some special training. Now, you all should know who your opponent is, correct?”


 “The latter part will be simple.”

 Su Hao showed a playful smile, “Virtual device, activate!”

 In the Federation's secret base, the three hundred strong espers dived into the virtual device and were surprised to find out that this time, the computer AI training object turned out to be their opponent…



 The beast attacked them the moment they were spotted. Many people were defeated on the spot.

 Some people really couldn't match the beasts.

 Some people were completely frightened.

 How could this be?

 Such a powerful strength could actually be perfectly simulated and deduced by the computer! One needs to note that quite a number of their opponents were all world espers!

 To be able to deduce and simulate a world esper?

 How strong was that?

 The current Su Hao actually has such capability?

 Countless people were terrified.

 Level two world realm?

 Seventy-two in ranking?

 Go to h.e.l.l!

 Except for those top ten, every other esper had been simulated by Su Hao!

 Before the battle began, all origin techniques, fighting styles, and their trump cards were a.n.a.lyzed completely. Unless one has a strength that could brutally suppress Su Hao, they could only be overwhelmed by Su Hao!

 What was there to fight then?

 “Train well!” Su Hao coldly shouted, and everyone suddenly became excited. When the opponent has been found for them to train for one month, if they fail… they would have no face to meet others, right?

 “This is also possible?”

 w.a.n.g Ru watched his scene in shock.

 When Su Hao mentioned it the other day, he really couldn't believe it. Unexpectedly, in one month, Su Hao successfully simulated the beasts from the data obtained from the holographic online game! Then, he just borrowed the quantum computer for an hour.

 What a genius!

 w.a.n.g Ru exclaimed.

 Of course, he was clueless that the so-called borrowing by Su Hao… wasn't as simple as it seemed.


 The other computers, the thousands of computers in the past, had long since vanished. Only one was left in Su Hao's body, a brand new quantum computer!

 With the threat from the beasts, Su Hao easily completed this step!

 Perhaps he should thank them?

 A smile appeared at the corner of Su Hao's mouth.

 “Ah, by the way, here are the new talents that emerged in recent years that you wanted.”

 From a distance, a staff member brought a few children over. Su Hao glanced at them and scanned, “These few ones should be from a year ago, right?”

 “Huh, how did you know?” w.a.n.g Ru was a little shocked.

 “I have seen these talents before.” Su Hao shook his head slightly, “If it's a new talent within this year, that would be great.”

 “Alright.” w.a.n.g Ru nodded, “I heard that there are a few kids who managed to integrate a new talent. A few days later, I should be able to send them over here.”

 “Then, that's good.” Su Hao smiled lightly.

 Those were his two conditions.

 One was access of the quantum computer, and the other was to search for new talents. Although he had always been unafraid of the Federation, no one could compare to the efficiency of the Federation in such matters.

 The power of the state is always the most terrifying.

 One week later.

 The partic.i.p.ants were all training hard.

 Then, Su Hao also met a few junior high school students sent by w.a.n.g Ru.

 “This talent, Tianhai City has one.”

 “This talent, Fengya City has two.”

 Su Hao corrected the so-called new talents sent by the Federation. Among seven children, six of them were easily identified as someone with the same talents. What was even scarier was when they checked it, it turned out to be true. The staff and w.a.n.g Ru looked ugly…

 Now who's the state power here?

 At this time, Su Hao's eyes also turned on to the last child. His eyes suddenly brightened.

 New talent!

 Although it was only grade B, it was indeed a talent that has never been seen before.

 “It's you then.” Su Hao easily copied his talent and then patted his head, “Little guy, I will provide you with all the resources before you reach the world realm.”

 “Really?” That junior high school student looked at his idol in surprise.

 “Of course.” Su Hao smiled lightly.

 “You… you want to train him?” w.a.n.g Ru looked at him a little surprised. It turned out that this was Su Hao's purpose in finding new talents?

 “It's better than you all hunting around, right?” Su Hao casually said, which made everyone in the Federation embarra.s.sed. Su Hao didn't pay much attention to them either but inspected his body. Just now, Kingdom of Heaven was infinitely closer to perfection.


 Two more to go!

 “It's going to complete soon.”

 Su Hao was very satisfied with the current progress.

 First place, he had to obtain it.

 However, Su Hao wasn't interested in the Heavenly Emperor's inheritance, especially when the Heavenly Emperor was likely to have a bad relationship with his father.

 And then shoot… oh, no, show his face!

 Regardless of Heavenly Emperor Mingguang's goal, Heavenly Emperor Mingguang would only remain in the beast realm if he didn't go! However, why didn't Heavenly Emperor Mingguang let Chen Yifeng help or…

 Call the strong beasts to go directly?

 Su Hao couldn't figure it out.

 Regarding Heavenly Emperor Mingguang… He had too many doubts and his brother-in-law that he didn't have much contact with made things more complicated.

 “Forget about it, I won't think about it anymore.” Su Hao shook his head. It's better to prepare himself to get first place before considering the other matters.

 At this time, Su Hao suddenly felt his heart palpitated.

 “This feeling…”

 Su Hao's eyes were full of coldness. Then, he borrowed Ping Yang's power to return to the Su family. He couldn't see any suspicious person. With Model a.n.a.lysis activated fully, he then saw a huge red dot in front of his door.

 His mother was still in the house!

 What was that guy hiding in the doorway for?

 Simply courting death!


 Xinghe Arrow was shot out.


 Sky and earth shook.

 Su Hao blasted a hole ten meters around the door. In that hole, a twisted shadow finally struggled out.

 “Su Hao?” Yin Ling was quite surprised, “You actually guessed that I came here?”


 Su Hao had never guessed!

 With his current powerful strength, his sixth sense could give him an early warning. Naturally he would know what happened. Now that the suppression point was completely abolished, things wouldn't be that simple!


 Su Hao was too lazy to talk nonsense with him.

 Kill him!

 Seize his memory!

 Su Hao's killing intent surged. He had never been polite to those who tried to harm his family!

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