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"Flip the table?"

Ping Yang's heart was alarmed. What the h.e.l.l are you planning to do this time?

"Are you prepared?" Su Hao asked.

"Begin." Ping Yang's complexion was restored

Outside, ten strong s.p.a.ce force espers were on standby. They still had doubts about whether Su Hao is able to open a channel to the beast domain. After all, it was the deepest part of the beast territory!

The same thing had been done by the beasts before.

However, that degree...

It was too far!

Fortunately, this was Su Hao's request. They were only responsible for maintaining the s.p.a.ce channel. However, they still had doubts when looking at Su Hao.

Wasn't his talent Realization?

Could he really open a s.p.a.ce channel?

Could it be that...

When he broke through into the world realm, he changed his talent?

Everyone was a little curious.

It was then that Su Hao moved.


Su Hao tapped into the void.

Countless stars shone as the magical s.p.a.ce force descended from the sky. As if being shrouded by the stars, dozens of stars that surrounded Su Hao flickered as the rich s.p.a.ce force condensed.

"This force..."

A powerful shock was felt!

s.p.a.ce force!

It turned out to be s.p.a.ce force!

What shocked them was that Su Hao's s.p.a.ce force wasn't necessarily more than theirs, but the quality and understanding of the s.p.a.ce force was way ahead of them.

How could this be?



The s.p.a.ce instantly constructed s.p.a.ce.

No one knew that it wasn't Su Hao controlling this s.p.a.ce force but Ping Yang in Kingdom of Heaven! With the help of Su Hao, he soon deduced the location of Geomagnetic Despair.

This place that was located in the deepest region of the beast territory!

"Locked on." Ping Yang coldly said, but he was suddenly startled, "Strange..."

"What happened?" Su Hao looked at him.

"The s.p.a.ce deduction became much easier than before." Ping Yang frowned slightly, "In the past, both beasts and humans would find it extremely difficult to enter, let alone a place like Geomagnetic Despair, but now..."

"It's much easier than ever."

"It seems that after the collapse of two Great Despairs, the deduction became easier."

"Really?" Su Hao pondered this, but his actions didn't halt.


A trace of invisible s.p.a.ce was formed.

Earth and Heaven shook.


s.p.a.ce opened!

Within the Su family, an irregular crack was forcefully opened.

"Do it now!"

All the powerful espers made their move instantly.

Under Su Hao's command, those ten world espers were already prepared to take action and create a s.p.a.ce channel within the void. The light ray formed seemed to be never ending, and that huge s.p.a.ce channel stunned everyone. This was the s.p.a.ce channel created by 11 s.p.a.ce world espers!

As for the destination...

It was the deepest part of the beast territory!


Everyone couldn't believe it.

Everyone's Rule Force was literally exhausted, so they sat weakly on the ground. The glittering s.p.a.ce channel flashing in front of their eyes seemed to be displaying their success just now.

The s.p.a.ce channel was completed.

It was literally a miracle!

One needs to note that to establish a s.p.a.ce channel, you first need to locate the coordinates of the destination, but how easy could it be to do so when the location is within the beast territory? The deeper it is, the harder it would be to locate it! Previously, the beasts only managed to lock onto Jianghe City, which was situated near the border.

And they could only send several king-level beasts.

Their strength got suppressed so much that it was pitiful...

If humans opened a s.p.a.ce channel to the beasts' side, it would be pretty similar. The s.p.a.ce channel was extremely unstable. Once the energy transmission was too consuming, it was easy to collapse.

Thus, s.p.a.ce teleportation has always been on a small scale.

But now...

It went straight to the beasts' hinterland!

"Done." Su Hao took a deep breath and looked at the crowd, "After resting, you all can go to the Federation and help. What I can do is only this."

"As for success or failure..."

"I can only depend on luck."


Everyone admired him.

Whether it was Su Hao's age, strength, or justice, each of them deserved their respect. After all, going to the beast territory would be one narrow escape if lucky.

"I'm going now." Su Hao pointed at the void before immediately stepping into the s.p.a.ce channel.

"d.a.m.n, you just left like that?!" Ping Yang screamed.

"Why?" Su Hao glanced at him.

"Brother, don't you need to prepare? Ahhhh, that isn't anywhere but the beast territory. After you arrive, your strength will be suppressed to the professional realm!" Ping Yang sounded a bit crazy, "Without anything, won't you just be courting death by going there? Even if you're attacking the enemy base, wouldn't you need to first intimidate the beasts?"

"Attacking the enemy base?" Su Hao was stunned, "Who said so?"

Both Ping Yang and Li Tiantian suddenly had black lines.

d.a.m.n you!

"I thought you said so just now?" Ping Yang gritted his teeth.

"You really believed me?" Su Hao looked even more shocked. His expression that seemed to say he was looking at an idiot nearly made Ping Yang run away, "Do you think that Nine Snakes will stop when things escalate to this stage?"

"Stop joking."

"They're in the deepest region of mankind. Even if there is a change in the beast territory, do you think they can go back? It is not known how Nine Snakes' leader turned himself into a human! Even so, can he instantly return to the beast territory?"

"He can't!"

"So, Nine Snakes will never stop." Su Hao slowly explained.

"Then, what are you doing there?" Ping Yang's eyes widened.

"I already said, I am going there to flip the chessboard." Su Hao smiled lightly.


A light flashed within the s.p.a.ce channel.

It was like Su Hao was riding a roller coaster, beating the variegated magical world. This was the alternative point of countless different worlds inside the s.p.a.ce channel.

In front of Su Hao, all sorts of light flashed.

Until a dazzling white light appeared...


The s.p.a.ce channel scattered, and Su Hao landed.

In front of his eyes was a snowy land with a cold, bitter wind. Also, there was this terrifying extreme suppression. Su Hao's original peak of the domain realm had been suppressed to the peak of the professional realm!


It was the beast territory!

Sure enough, he arrived.

Su Hao sensed his current strength. Peak professional esper; when he goes all out, he should be able to barely fight a peak domain esper.

If he were to deal with venerable ranked beasts, there would be nothing he could do. They are equivalent to world espers.


Su Hao just landed, and a roar could be heard.

A tiger-shaped beast suddenly rushed out. The aura of the peak domain realm was exposed. The moment he stared at Su Hao, it already rushed over frantically.

"Su Hao, be careful!" Ping Yang warned.


Su Hao also roared.


Su Hao, who was at a normal height, suddenly grew larger as a terrifying aura radiated from him. Su Hao became over ten meters tall with thick fur all around his body as he turned into one giant beast. Looking at the incoming tiger beast, he actually scared it back.


Ping Yang and the others were also terrified.

Ao~ Meow.

The tiger beast immediately gave a cry when it saw this scene and retreated. Light flashed around Su Hao and he returned to normal.

Ping Yang: "..."

Li Tiantian: "..."

"What the h.e.l.l was that?!" Ping Yang couldn't help it but ask, "How can you transform into a beast?"

"Ah, Realization." Su Hao casually explained, "Although I can't create life, imitating a beast's appearance is fine. It's not hard."


Everyone wiped off their sweat.

The first difficulty of entering the beast territory was now gone. Next, Su Hao looked up and saw almost nothing, just like in the land of the extreme north.


Cold wind.

The only difference was occasionally there would be beasts pa.s.sing by. In front, there was this giant gate with a few gold characters on it, Geomagnetic Despair.

"Isn't this Great Despair too much?" Ping Yang whispered, "The only thing missing is a big blowing horn."

However, when Su Hao entered, he realized that this was more than too much. For human's, only those who want to cultivate in an extreme way would come here. For the beasts though, the temperature and weather had no effect on them. Thus...

At the moment, beasts were everywhere in Geomagnetic Despair!

This didn't look like a Great Despair at all but more like a theme park!

"A park?" Ping Yang looked at the scene coming from Su Hao's Synchronize s.p.a.ce and became uncertain.

"No." Su Hao shook his head. Looking at the beasts running around, he even saw some bringing their child to play. Finally he affirmed, "This is a zoo."

Li Tiantian: "..."


This was the scene they saw.

King-level, venerable-level...

Too many beasts!

In fact, there were even a few pseudo-emperor taking a bath.

This was Geomagnetic Despair

Of course, Su Hao's appearance wasn't surprising because many high-level beasts were humanoids. After all, humanoid forms are more convenient, but they weren't as complete as Su Hao. For example, Ping Yang's eyes were subconsciously placed on a catwoman...

"Su Hao, where do you think her tail is put?"


Su Hao hit this guy, d.a.m.n virgin.

The only fortunate thing was he came here by himself. If he was to bring those guys here, it was simply courting their own death with so many humans appearing!

This was a paradise for the beast elites!

No matter how many men come, all will die!

"What to do now?" Li Tiantian looked at Su Hao, "Since you decided to come alone, you must have been prepared, right?"

"Of course." Su Hao smiled. Turning into a corner, he killed a beast. After acquiring its memory, Su Hao found a very quiet place.




Endless light flashed.

Su Hao took a deep breath, and an object in his memory began to take shape.

"Form deduction!"

"Deduction completed!"

"Realization begins."


Countless energy particles combined.

A magical scene appeared out of nothing.

Although his strength was suppressed, the amount of energy was still the same, so even with the crazy decline of energy, Realization was gradually completed. When the outline of that thing appeared faintly, Ping Yang and Li Tiantian's faces turned green.

"d.a.m.n, this thing seems to be..."

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