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Chapter 749: Ginger gets spicier as it gets older

Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

Chapter 749 + 750

Yes, Su Hao was blocking him.

This young man, who could barely support himself due to the suppression, actually stood in front of him, blocking his path.

The manager suddenly understood.

For Chen Yiran and the others to be confident enough to attempt breaking through now, it's not because they do not fear him but because they believe in Su Hao! They believed Su Hao would protect them!

“Ridiculous.” The manager smirked.

After living for so many years, he had seen all sorts of betrayal and gloominess. Plus, so what if he's trying to block him? He is merely cannon fodder.

“You're not my opponent.” The manager said in a dull tone because this is the truth. That plain tone of his showed his pride and confidence as a strong esper!

Su Hao's strength, how could he contest with the manager?

“Then try if you think you can.” Su Hao straightened his back. He had decided when he saw those three were about to breakthrough, that no matter what happens, he had to overturn all of his ideas and protect them!

“That's a pity.” The old manager said regretfully, “At first, I thought of just capturing you all, but since you all want to die so much, then I can only fulfill it.”


Yet another wave of dense aura!

Those at the scene were so scared that they had to retreat.

They knew well that this old manager finally decided to go all out. The first generation esper, although he isn't a world esper, his current strength is still something to be wary of.

Su Hao didn't retreat. He just coldly stood there, indicating his answer.

“Xiao Die, protect them!” Su Hao commanded.

“Okay.” Xiao Die stood near those three to guard them. At this time, Su Hao looked at Li Tiantian and gave him a strange order.

“Help them breakthrough!”

“Help?” Li Tiantian was startled for a second. How could he help them breakthrough? However, he quickly realized something, and his eyes lit up, “Alright!”

“Ridiculous!” The manager's eyes turned cold, “You really think I will give you all a chance?”


Rays of light crashed down towards Su Hao. This penetrating attack shocked the crowd. Su Hao seemed to only have two choices. It's either he evades, allowing the attack to land on those three, or he faces the attack head-on! Only death would await him!

What would he choose?

“Kingdom of Heaven! Appear!” Su Hao roared. The surrounding energy vibrated in excitement. As the s.p.a.ce compressed, a giant sphere suddenly emerged in front of him. It was very colorful and full of dense aura.

This is Kingdom of Heaven created from realization!

It's also the strongest move Su Hao currently had!


The rays of light finally arrived.

When they landed on Kingdom of Heaven, Su Hao's wrist trembled slightly. Fortunately, Kingdom of Heaven is a perfect sphere, allowing the attack to travel along the surface before dispersing. This caused the attack to avoid Su Hao and his friends.



Countless pits were formed on the ground, causing the area to shake.

Su Hao's figure was forced to retreat several steps back, leaving behind two long scratches under his feet…

The manager's strength is never to be underestimated.

The area was bathed in white light.

Su Hao kept being forced back. The manager was heartless. When he saw the sphere diverting his attack, he didn't feel mad at all. He is going to use brute force to make Su Hao step back!

Once Su Hao b.u.mps into Chen Yiran and the others, the breakthrough would be broken. Thinking of this, the manager again used the same attack.

After Kingdom of Heaven was able to offset about 90% of the attack, Su Hao already felt a bit overwhelmed by this.


One could see bloodstains on Su Hao's wrists.

d.a.m.n it!

He couldn't hold on any longer!

Su Hao shouted out loudly, “Li Tiantian, do it now!”


Time acceleration!

Li Tiantian suddenly made a move.

It wasn't on Su Hao or the manager, but on Chen Yiran and the others! Seeing this as a crucial moment, Li Tiantian ran wild, using his time control ability to the max!


The flow of time increased by several times.

Under the little radius covering those three people, time had sped up.

Crushing talent!

Accepting energy!

Building domain!

This c.u.mbersome process, under the influence of time acceleration, it now looked so coherent as if they were completed in a matter of seconds. Looking at this, Su Hao didn't hesitate to increase his resistance.


Circular World was activated!

Su Hao actually attracted the mysterious aura from the surrounding. Due to the existence of a curse in Circular World, he didn't dare fuse this force into Circular World. Instead, he directly used it on Kingdom of Heaven which had undergone realization.


Kingdom of Heaven, which already showed sign of crumblings, regained its shape.

He managed to hold on!

Like a black hole, he attracted the aura from those people attempting to breakthrough. Behind him, it was like a ray of a comet tail. Su Hao borrowed the aura from the breakthroughs and managed to stand toe-to-toe with the manager. This is something no one imagined!

“He managed to block it?”

“d.a.m.n, that's a first generation esper!”

“He actually withstood this long.”

“Exactly what is Su Hao's limit?”

The crowd was dumbstruck.

They knew Su Hao is strong. Before his breakthrough, he could already confront an absolute domain esper. Now, as a domain esper, he should only be able to go against a life domain esper. Who is this manager of the Tian family? A peak domain esper! A first generation esper! Either t.i.tle is already scary enough.

However, even with such strength, he couldn't get past Su Hao.

“A freak!”

This is the evaluation of the crowd of Su Hao. A genius among geniuses, one can be called otherworldly. However, an otherworldly among otherworldly, one can only label him as a freak. Using one hand to support Kingdom of Heaven, Su Hao resisted the manager's attack in such a smooth manner.

“What a tough guy.” The manager finally began to be serious.

This old man, who had been taking care of this family for years, had his expression change for the second time. The first time was when Su Hao and the others forced him to expose his strength. The second time is now! Even though he had estimated Su Hao's strength many times, he was still stunned.

He could already confront this old man when he just stepped into the domain realm recently. What if when he reaches the peak of the domain realm? Could he confront a world esper? Thinking of this, even as a manager, he was shocked by his own thoughts.

He must not be spared!

With such talent, Su Hao is not to be spared!

The manager was abnormally decisive. Humanity? Beasts? Future? In his eyes, those are all bullsh*t. If the Tian family is finished, who cares about humanity and beasts?

The manager immediately made his decision to kill. Too bad, he wasn't aware that Su Hao hadn't even stepped into the domain realm. Otherwise, even if he were to detonate himself, he would make sure Su Hao stayed here no matter what! Unfortunately, there is always only one chance. Once you miss it, you won't be able to catch it again.


The manager gathered the energy around him. That ray of light heading at Su Hao finally stopped. However, Su Hao didn't take it easy at all because as the light disappeared, the aura around the manager became even more terrifying. Wave after wave of a peak domain esper's aura kept resonating.

“Annihilate!” The manager coldly pointed at Su Hao.


Yet another beam of light was coming!

This time, it wasn't from the front but the sky! Above Su Hao, a pillar of light akin to divine punishment bombarded him, trapping Su Hao and his friends. Aren't you going to block it? You want to resist? Let's see how are you going to deal with this!


The clouds were penetrated.


A mushroom shaped cloud rose to the sky!

Endless sound waves spread to the surrounding. Even the crowd, who were far away from the impact, couldn't help vomit blood. In fact, some weaker espers died from the impact! Their sight turned into a blur of white light as it covered everything, causing them to lose all their senses.

They could only stand there cluelessly.

“They're finished.”

This was everyone's thought.

Even though everything was covered by white light, they could still recall the earlier scene. In front of that huge beam of light, Su Hao and his friends looked so small.

A first generation esper is indeed worthy of their fame!

“It's over…”

The ground quaked, in fact, there were varying degrees of fissures.

Could Su Hao and the others survive?

Everyone just dazzlingly stood there, waiting for the light to vanish. However, at this moment, they felt a chill.

“What happened?”

A few snowflakes fell, catching everyone in surprise. Snow? How could there be snow in this place? Could it be…

Although some people realized the answer, the icy snow was still approaching!

The powerful pillar of light suddenly had numerous icy snow heading towards it. In the sky, countless purplish lightning surrounded the icy snow, heading towards the light pillar.

At this time, a loud roar could be heard echoing within the light pillar, “Open for this young master!”


A bright golden light appeared, splitting the light pillar. This seemingly invincible light pillar was defeated under this joint attack!

The manager's almighty powerful attack had been destroyed.

The light pillar vanished.

A few figures appeared. Everyone present was stunned. Chen Yiran, Li Xin, and Zhou w.a.n.g stood forward, protecting Su Hao and the others. The most amazing part was those three young ones were surrounded by a dense aura. That is an aura belonging to a domain esper.

They actually successfully managed to breakthrough into the domain realm!

“Hehe.” Li Xin smirked, “Old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, this daddy has destroyed your attack!”

“This brat.” Su Hao's mouth formed a nice arc, yet his eyes were still filled with coldness. It's about the time to end this.


They broke through!

Everyone was deeply shocked. How long has it been? From the moment when Li Xin and the others began to attempt their breakthrough up until now, it hasn't been long. Is this the work of Li Tiantian's grade S talent? To compress the breakthrough duration over one hundred times, what kind of a freakish origin technique is this?

This is extraordinary!

The crowd couldn't help but curse.

They had clearly seen that when the manager released his attack, Su Hao and the others didn't even have time to react. Death was naturally inevitable.

It was thanks to Li Tiantian that they were able to react in time.

By using this time extension, not only did they manage to breakthrough successfully but also perfectly countered the attack.

Grade S talents are indeed perverted.

The crowd couldn't hide their shock.

“Attack together!” Su Hao shouted loudly. This time, he didn't give any time for the manager to regain his composure. The more time is delayed would make it more unfavorable for them. They need to end this battle as soon as possible.


Everyone attacked together again.

Li Xin and the others, who had just successfully broken through, stunned the crowd when they attacked. The circle of lights surrounding them were absolute domains!

One gold, one white, and another in blue!

Three absolute domains!

These three talents aren't any weaker than Wan Cheng. In fact, they are ahead of Su Hao. After all, in the crowd's eyes, Su Hao didn't have an absolute domain when he broke through. Having such thoughts, they were dazed. Such characters, how were they not famous until now?

And it's not one absolute domain but three!

Three violent absolute domain, plus Su Hao and rest, a total of six attacks at once had finally made the manager feel danger. A gentle light emerged and wrapped around him. This light was the manager's domain, and it wasn't dazzling. In fact, it looked too simple.

Just like the light at night, it's dusky but isn't bright either.


Li Xin directed his punch forward.

A dense golden light blasted out but failed to cause any damage. That simple, gentle light was like cotton, negating all attacks.

“d.a.m.n…” Li Xin's eyes opened wide. After he broke through, his attack had received a large boost. This time, if he were to clash with Zuo Xiaoyou again, he would be able to deal with him alone, but such an attack wasn't even able to touch the manager?


A lightning bolt struck down from the sky.

The dim light just flashed for a second. There was still no impact.

Everyone couldn't help but feel shocked again. So this is the strength of a first generation esper? Not only was his offense terrifying, even his defense far exceeded Zuo Xiaoyou's absolute defense. After all, the so-called absolute defense does have its own limit. Once it is surpa.s.sed, it would still end up destroyed.

However, that manager's defense…


Xiao Die's telekinesis coupled with Su Hao's Dark Moon Dream Destroyer failed to cause him damage. As for the snow from the sky, it had long stopped.

“What powerful strength this is!”

“Humph, so what if you broke through? The gap is too huge! If they were to reach the peak of the domain realm, then they might be able to compete with this manager who is a first generation esper. Too bad… they just stepped into the domain realm a little while ago.”


The crowd sighed. At first, they thought that after Li Xin and the others broke through, these youngsters would be able to forge a comeback victory. After all, the might shown by Li Xin had surprised many. However, after the manager revealed his own domain, leading to such a strange scene, this really made the crowd speechless.

However, it was at this moment.


The ground became wet.

“It's raining?”

They were startled for a second. As they raised their heads, they unknowingly realized that the sky was now covered in thick clouds. This little drizzle instantly led to a downpour. When the crowd was getting ready to shield themselves from the rain, they were shocked to notice that there wasn't rain on their side!

This is a regional rain!

The only area covered by the rain was the sky above the manager!

“This isn't right.”

The crowd suddenly awoke, “Could this be…”


As the rain fell on the manager's domain, the dim light just flashed with no damage.

And then…

The rain poured heavily.


A downpour like a rainstorm!

These rain droplets became clearer like a crystal as time pa.s.sed. The defense which was enough to resist Li Xin's attack began to form thousands of holes under the downpour. These rain droplets were like poison, corroding this dim light.


The rainstorm was still ongoing.

That defensive light was like a little flame under the storm which could extinguish at any moment, what a miserable state it was in. The orange colored light became dimmer and dimmer, before eventually vanishing completely.


“This can also work?”

The crowd felt silly. No matter what, they would have never imagined that this defense which could resist against both Li Xin and Zhou w.a.n.g would be this fragile.

Brother, you're a light and not a flame!

What's with being so weak against water?

“d.a.m.n it!”

The manager also didn't feel great about this and quickly activated an origin technique. However, this origin technique which expanded his domain to form a defensive barrier pitifully dissolved under the rain as if it had met its nemesis.

No matter what technique he used, it would be unable to maintain its form!


It was the sound of rain droplets landing on the domain. The outer layer of dim orange light was already stripped off, causing the surrounding atmosphere to quiet down. Under the dark clouds, the surroundings darkened. When the light vanished, the entire Tian family's residence was blanketed in darkness.

And the manager suddenly had this bad feeling.

His defense had been broken, doesn't that mean…


A lightning bolt struck down!

The sudden lightning bolt illuminated the darkness for a split second. This time, without that dim light to resist it, he had to bear the attack by himself!

“Hahaha, this young master is coming!”

Upon seeing this, Li Xin's eyes lit up. His attack just now really made him felt frustrated as if he had hit on a cotton layer but now…



Golden light flashed.

Li Xin charged straight toward the manager without holding back.

With eyes flashing red and blue light signifying Illusion Reality activation, Su Hao and his friends mounted their offense again.

“Attack together!”


The defensive origin technique was broken. Under Chen Yiran's full a.s.sault, the manager could no longer use his techniques. The moment he attempted to do so, the skill would be corroded by the rain! Although he wasn't sure what is with Chen Yiran's d.a.m.n ability talent, he knew he had been stripped of his defensive capabilities.

If he wishes to win, he has to face them head on!

“Even without any defense, I can still kill you guys!” The manager attacked without any mercy. This time, his attack was an extremely powerful offensive origin technique.

In fact, the manager is proficient in both offense and defense. The moment when he revealed these two powerful techniques, one could already clearly see that his offense definitely doesn't pale in comparison!

However, when he did so, he felt something was amiss. This extremely powerful ability, under the influence of Chen Yiran and the other two, it had a huge impact. The manager also quickly experienced the same feeling of Zuo Xiaoyou during the final moments before he was killed.


Various suppression!

Time moving slowly, telekinesis, snowstorm, the suppression of these three grade S talents had thoroughly weakened the manager by unknown times! This solo king, Li Xin went out on a rampage after being aided by Su Hao's Illusion Reality and the others.


Yet another punch.

The domain of the manager finally got destroyed.

Li Xin's terrifying strength shocked him.


Yet another punch came from Li Xin, pa.s.sing through the destroyed domain, he managed to directly hit the manager, causing a mouthful of blood to spurt out. The crowd couldn't help but feel fear witnessing this.

This battle was really full of twists and turns.

The manager is about to lose?!

However, seeing that Su Hao and the others were about to defeat the manager, this manager already came up with a decision which stunned everyone…


Light flickered.

The manager turned into a light ray, vanished into the distance.

Su Hao: “…”

Everyone: “…”

“He fled?”

Everyone widened their eyes in disbelief. They had thought of countless endings. Maybe the manager uses his final strength before dying together with Su Hao and the others. But they never thought he would flee!


This is the Tian family's residence!

This is not some n.o.body, but the faithful old manager of the Tian family!

Even Tian Zi couldn't help but be dumbfounded. WTF is this?!

He really fled?

Su Hao didn't believe this!

He fully activated Illusion Reality to a.n.a.lyze this situation further. Su Hao's heart was in great alarm. Obviously, he already had some idea of what this old manager of the Tian family is planning to do. In an instant, he shouted, “Zhou w.a.n.g, stop him!”


Lightning which was accompanied by thunder appeared.

It was the best chance to escape, but the moment Su Hao gave his order, Zhou w.a.n.g quickly executed it. Turning into lightning, he rushed toward the manager without even wasting a second. However, when he managed to get in front of the manager, he opened his mouth wide and bitterly smiled.

No wonder…

No wonder Su Hao commanded him to chase. Too bad, it was a step late.

“Retreat!” The manager coldly shouted.

Zhou w.a.n.g raised his hand as a sign to surrender and stepped back one step at a time. Unexpectedly, he was forced to back off.


The crowd was a little surprised at this sudden turn of events.

Obviously, they were clueless about what happened. Just now, when the manager fled, Su Hao instructed Zhou w.a.n.g to chase him without any hesitation. Not even one second had pa.s.sed when Zhou w.a.n.g gave a chase before he was forced to stop. Exactly what had happened that Zhou w.a.n.g surrendered and dared not take any action?

On the other side, Su Hao could only bitterly smile and shake his head. d.a.m.n it, this old fart actually resorted to this.

Far away, the manager forced Zhou w.a.n.g back.

The crowd couldn't help but widen their eyes. Just that when they saw what happened clearly later, their expression had a huge change and couldn't help but curse.


When Li Tiantian and the others looked over, their expression also changed; especially Xiao Die's, her face was even paler. Her whole body trembled because the manager returned, holding a man with a knife on his neck.

As for that man…

It is Xiao Die's father, Lan Tingxu!

“You're free to go.” The manager said before cruelly pointing at Lan Tingxu, “But he will definitely die!”

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