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Chapter 1981: Unt.i.tled

Dugu Yamo was the most curious of them all.

Since the ghost king could be reasonable at times, she asked tentatively, “Your Grace, what’s going on with Master Si Basi? Why is he bowing?”

That was the scariest part!

The most capable man on the gra.s.sland and a top cultivator on the continent was bowing to a Spiritual Elder girl. How humiliating was that?!

The others were as curious as Dugu Yamo was.

The ghost king looked around the room. In the end, his gaze landed on Ranmil. “Do you consider Feng Wu a rival?”

Ranmil clenched her fists.

What was that supposed to mean? And why was he looking at her like that?

Was he suggesting that she wasn’t as good as Feng Wu?!

The thought only enraged Ranmil even more.

Fighting back her anger, she gritted her teeth and said, “Yes. Feng Wu is talented and lucky. Even Master Si Basi is competing to become her master now. But —”

She stood ramrod straight and stuck out her chest. “I’m as good as her. My master is Red March, a renowned cultivator on the continent! She’s as good as any other great cultivator!”

“So, your master is Red March.” The ghost king glanced at Ranmil.

Ranmil said proudly, “Yes!”

The ghost king asked, “Is she the Red March who fled this place after taking a hit from me and losing 30% of her power?”

Ranmil didn’t know what to say.

The ghost king hadn’t felt so sympathetic toward Ranmil at first, but now, the look he gave her was almost pitying.

“I see that you really have no idea…”

Ranmil had no idea what kind of terrifying patron Feng Wu, someone she looked down on, had!

“Yes, I do! Master Si Basi wants to be her master!” Ranmil’s eyes were filled with jealousy.

The Black Robe Ghost King found her even more pitiful.

The look in his eyes gave Ranmil the creeps. Somehow, she felt that she was missing a very important piece of information.

The Black Robe Ghost King didn’t plan to tell Ranmil the truth. He only patted her shoulder and said mildly, “Little princess, I would give up trying to defeat her if I were you.”

Give up? Ranmil smirked.

Sefiro interjected, “Your Grace, there’s something you don’t know. My sister and Feng Wu are love rivals.”

“Really? Is that so?” The ghost king’s demeanor changed again. This time, he looked like a curious child.

Sefiro nodded and said seriously, “One could say that they’re archenemies!”

Ranmil didn’t deny it.

The Black Robe Ghost King turned to look at Ranmil and made an incredible remark. “You poor creature.”

Cough —

Dugu Yamo almost choked on her own spit. What was the ghost king talking about?

Ranmil glared at the ghost king. She was furious.

Why did he call her a poor creature? Feng Wu was the poor one!

“Oh my —” the ghost king sounded genuine when he sighed and said, “Look at you. You’re not as pretty or talented as she is. And your patron is nothing compared with hers.”

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