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Chapter 1885: She Still Looks So Innocent

Feng Xun snorted. “I’ll wait until your Master Jue makes his choice.”

Ranmil’s stomach lurched, and she had a bad feeling. “Why?”

“Ha, that’s simple!” Crossing his arms, Feng Xun gave Master Jue a half-smile. “He’s trying to kill Xiao Wu, isn’t he? I’ll stay with him and see how he’s going to do that!”

Without knowing where Feng Wu was, that was the best way to stop Master Jue from killing her.

Ranmil had wanted to come up with a plan with Master Jue to kill Feng Wu after Feng Xun entered the hall, but that wouldn’t happen now.

However —

Ranmil smirked.

While Feng Xun and Xuan Yi guarded Master Jue, no one had any idea that Ranmil wanted to kill Feng Wu as well!

To them, she was still as innocent and kind as she always appeared to be.

She smiled and said, “Fine. My dear young lords, you can stay here with my senior master. I’m off.”

She gave Master Jue a meaningful look as she spoke.

Master Jue stared at the third plate.

Ranmil immediately took the hint.

Master Jue had been trying to deduce which section Feng Wu had entered, and he noticed that the third plate was a little dimmer than the other eight.

One couldn’t tell with the naked eye, but it was detectable with spiritual essence.

Ranmil smiled a little. “I’ll just pick one, then. Wish me good luck.”

The next second, she entered the third section.

“Sister, wait! I’m coming with you!” Sefiro had been observing her sister the entire time.

The two of them grew up together, and Sefiro had been tricked many times by Ranmil’s innocent facade. That was why she had been observing Ranmil.

As expected, she saw the interaction between Ranmil and Master Jue.

She realized that Ranmil wanted to kill Feng Wu, and she didn’t want to miss that.

Therefore, when Ranmil teleported into the third section, Sefiro followed her.

Feng Xun stared at Master Jue. “Which one are you going to pick? We’ll keep you company.”

Master Jue reasoned in his head.

Ranmil was a Spiritual Lord powerful enough to be the lord of a kingdom, whereas Feng Wu was only a Level 7 Spiritual Elder. No matter how smart she was, the best she could do was defeat someone a level higher.

She wouldn’t stand a chance against Ranmil.

“Well, there are so many people here.”

The crowd heard a voice.

Feng Xun turned around and frowned.

It was none other than the second prince.

And he wasn’t alone.

If Feng Wu were here, she would have jumped to her feet.

Because the person next to the second prince was none other than Zuo Qingxian!

Hadn’t Feng Wu killed him already? Why was he here?

Zuo Qingxian was a little pale, and he looked grimmer than before. Other than that, he was the same.

Master Jue smiled a little.

The second prince was Jun Linyuan’s rival, whereas Feng Xun was Jun Linyuan’s man.

The enemy of an enemy was a friend. It seemed that he could partner up with the second prince.

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