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Chapter 1883: Getting Interesting

Master Jue nodded.

Ranmil said, “Oh my, you really did. Who was it?”

Feng Xun patted his chest and said happily, “Since we’re on the same side, your enemy is my enemy. Now, Jue, tell me. Who’s your enemy? We’ll get revenge for you.”

Master Jue found his offer idiotic, and he looked away.

Feng Xun patted Master Jue on the shoulder. “Hey, Jue, I think of you as a friend, so your enemy is my enemy. I —”

Master Jue gave him a grim look. “My enemy is your enemy?”

Feng Xun blinked innocently. “That’s right. Your enemy is my enemy!”

Master Jue said coldly, “Go kill Feng Wu, then.”

Feng Xun looked shocked. “What?”

Ranmil cried out, “Senior Brother Jue, are you saying that Feng Wu is your archenemy?”

Sefiro clenched her fists in excitement!

She had always wanted to kill Feng Wu, but never got the chance. Now that Feng Wu had offended Master Jue, she was sure that Feng Wu was doomed.

Feng Xun had been patting Master Jue’s shoulder a moment ago, but when he heard this, he frowned and immediately moved away from the man.

“So, you were chasing Xiao Wu just then.” The look in Feng Xun’s eyes became very cold.

Master Jue stared at Feng Xun without uttering a word.

He acquiesced.

Feng Xun was so angry that he shook from head to toe. Without another word, he drew the Purple Sun Sword from behind his back and pointed it at Master Jue. “Pick up your weapon!”

Ranmil frowned a little.

She had worked so hard to draw Feng Xun to her side, but Feng Wu was going to destroy all her efforts just at the sound of her name!

She wouldn’t let that happen!

She was well aware of Feng Xun’s relationship with Jun Linyuan. She knew that they had grown up together and that Feng Xun was Jun Linyuan’s most loyal friend.

To get Jun Linyuan, she had to earn Feng Xun’s trust first!

That was why she had been trying to get close to Feng Xun this whole time.

“Young Lord Feng, please don’t —” Ranmil stopped Feng Xun. “Let’s talk it over. Senior Brother Jue might not mean what he said. Plus, if he said that, I’m sure that Feng Wu offended him somehow. Otherwise, my senior brother wouldn’t want to kill her for no reason.”

Ranmil spoke in her softest voice.

Her beauty was so innocent, and her voice was so tender that it sounded like flowing water. It could melt anyone’s heart.

However, Feng Xun was no longer as nice to her as before. He smirked and brushed Ranmil to the side.

Ranmil caught his sleeve. “Feng Xun, it had to be Feng Wu’s fault…”

Feng Xun shouted, “Xiao Wu is never wrong! If someone is at fault, it has to be the other person!”

Ranmil shook from head to toe in rage.

How could someone be so unreasonable?!

Feng Xun stared at Master Jue with cold eyes. “Feng Wu is under Boss Jun’s protection. Touch her and you, your clan, and your sect, will all die!”

Master Jue smirked. “Do you know who my master is? You’re bragging!”

Feng Xun said, “I don’t care who your master is. If you harm Feng Wu, all those people will die!”

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