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Chapter 1828: What’s Going On?!!!

“We didn’t find anything good probably because luck just wasn’t on our side.”

“More good stuff will come. Don’t worry.”

“Can this Advancement Elixir be fake?” Feng Liu and Sefiro asked in unison.

Feng Sang ignored that question. She was worried about potential accidents if she held the elixir for too long, so she sat down by the wall and started cultivating.

Rumble —

She made a breakthrough in less than a minute.

“OMG!” Nearly everyone cried out in surprise.

Making breakthroughs was usually a very difficult task. If anything went wrong, the pract.i.tioner could lose their mind.

But with the help of the Advancement Elixir, Feng Sang made such fast progress!

“What a pity. That amazing Advancement Elixir was wasted on a Spiritual Grandmaster.”

“I’m sure there are more to come, as long as I’m lucky enough!”

“I have faith in my luck!”

Everyone was filled with confidence.

However —

When it was Feng Yiran’s turn, he found a ghost in his lattice.

Everyone was disappointed.

Zuo Qingxian said, “Is the system of the treasure hall doing this on purpose? It’ll only give us something good after several bad ones. It’s Feng Xun and Xuan Yi’s turns next. They won’t find anything.”

The others all nodded.

But Feng Wu smiled.

Of course she wouldn’t let that happen.

Ding —

Feng Xun rolled the dice.

“7 and 4.”

The others shook their heads when they saw the numbers.

Dugu Yamo said, “74 doesn’t sound very lucky at all.”

Sefiro said, “It’s an ominous number.”

“Hahaha —”

The others burst out laughing.

Feng Xun looked around the crowd, his face livid.

Everywhere he turned, he saw sneers.

Feng Xun snorted. “You can laugh all you want. I may find the Purple Sun Sword on the first go!”

“Hahaha —”

The others laughed even louder.

“The Purple Sun Sword used to belong to Master Purple Sun, and he used it to fight his way out when he was surrounded by tens of thousands of enemies!

“The Purple Sun Sword is one of the best treasures here, and only the Blowing Snow Sword is its match!

“I’d like to see you find it on your first attempt! Now, open the door!”

Feng Xun was a little frustrated by all the mockery.

He had only said it in pa.s.sing, and had no idea what he would find. The Purple Sun Sword? He probably had to use up the remaining luck of his life to get it in this lucky draw.

Standing in front of the lattice, Feng Xun pressed his hands together and prayed wholeheartedly.

“Xiao Wu, you’re always the lucky one. How about you lend me some of your luck?”

“Sure.” Feng Wu smiled on the other side.

Unfortunately, Feng Xun couldn’t see or hear her.

After saying the prayer, he opened the door to the lattice.

Feng Xun closed his eyes, too nervous to see what was inside.

However, at that moment —

Those behind him all drew in their breaths.

“Oh my G.o.d!”


“Feng Xun, you —”

“That’s impossible!”

Feng Xun’s stomach lurched when he heard the noise.

What the heck?!

Why did they all look like they had seen a ghost? Feng Xun then opened his eyes.

He was astonished when he saw what was inside.

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