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Chapter 1533: Unt.i.tled

Thus, Emperor Wu took a deep breath when he looked at Feng Wu, but didn’t comment on what she had just said. In the end, he waved at her and said, “You should go and examine Her Majesty now.”

Feng Wu nodded.

By then, Granny Lan had already taken the empress dowager back to bed.

Compared with her pale complexion before, the empress dowager now looked amazing.

Resting her hands on her abdomen, the empress dowager smiled a little and looked happy even in sleep. With her rosy cheeks, she looked a lot better than most people.

Even if Emperor Wu wasn’t a medicine refiner, he could still tell from the empress dowager’s complexion that she was doing very well.

Feng Wu checked the empress dowager’s pulse and nodded at Emperor Wu. “Her Majesty is fine now. After the two breakthroughs, Her Majesty is as strong as a bull and better than most people.”

“Ahem —” Emperor Wu coughed into his fist in embarra.s.sment and asked, “Is Her Majesty really doing so well?”

Feng Wu nodded and said, “It’s true. Her Majesty has overcome her bottleneck. She’s now filled with spiritual essence, and couldn’t be any more nourished. So, please don’t worry.”

She then turned to leave.

But Emperor Wu stopped her.

“Xiao Wu —” He cleared his throat.

Feng Wu frowned a little and had a bad feeling.

She was right to feel that way. Before Emperor Wu could say anything, Jun Linyuan took her hand and led her toward the door.

Emperor Wu’s face darkened. Frowning, he said, “Xiao Wu, do you want to work for the empire?”

His tone was very calm, but the meaning behind the question was more than a lot of people would be able to handle.

Jun Linyuan was still leading Feng Wu away without looking back.

But Emperor Wu gave a silent order.

Immediately, four secret guards dressed in black came out of nowhere and blocked Jun Linyuan’s way.

The crown prince’s face turned livid.

Seeing that Jun Linyuan was ready to fight, Feng Wu involuntarily grabbed his hand.

She then shook her head at him.

Jun Linyuan would never let anyone stop him, but Feng Wu was probably the only exception.

His right fist unclenched when Feng Wu held his hand, and the tension in it immediately disappeared.

Emperor Wu’s authoritative voice came from behind them. “Feng Wu, are you going to work for the empire or not?”

If his att.i.tude could be considered mild the first time, when he asked again, a slight anger could already be detected in his tone. There was also something threatening contained in that question.

Feng Wu still held Emperor Wu in awe and veneration.

It wasn’t just because he was a cautious emperor. More importantly, his capability was unfathomable.

Jun Linyuan could afford to act willful with his father, but she wasn’t strong enough to do that yet.

Turning around, Feng Wu looked calmly at Emperor Wu. “Your Majesty, what do you mean?”

Emperor Wu smiled. “I see that you’re a great cook. How would you like to sell that recipe to the royal family?”

So, they indeed wanted her recipe now. Feng Wu smiled a little and said, “Your Majesty, are you trying to purchase the recipe for the roast fish from me?”

Emperor Wu narrowed his eyes. “From what I can see, even if we have your recipe, no one else will be able to make the fish like you do. Am I right?”

Feng Wu only smiled.

Emperor Wu grimaced inwardly. Jun Linyuan had picked a girl as difficult as himself.

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