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Chapter 1531: The Surprising Empress Dowager (3)

If they could, they too wanted to kneel and call her their great-grandmother!

Feng Wu was quite baffled herself.

Until Feng Xun tugged her sleeve.

His breakthrough was over, and he had returned to Feng Wu’s side when she wasn’t looking. He was now looking at her with a complicated emotion in his eyes.

“Xiao Wu, you’re still ours, aren’t you?”

Feng Wu rolled her eyes at him. “What do you mean?”

Pressing his lips together, Feng Xun said more directly, “Do you know how many people will try to follow you around from now on?

“Do you know how popular you’re going to become?

“Do you know how much Feng Yanfeng and his family will regret what they’ve done?

“So, you’re still my sister, aren’t you?”

Feng Xun studied Feng Wu’s face carefully and tentatively asked for her opinion.

Feng Wu was filled with emotion.

Back in Northern Border City, Feng Xun had been friendly toward her, but still couldn’t hide his sense of superiority.

But now, he was asking gingerly if she was still his sister.

She smacked Feng Xun’s head and said grumpily, “What are you talking about? Of course I’m still your sister. Don’t you want to be my brother anymore?”

“Hahaha —” Feng Xun laughed in excitement. “Little Feng Wu is my sister! My sister is little Feng Wu! Hahaha!”

Feng Wu rolled her eyes at him and found him such a fool.

However, those around them all gave Feng Xun envious looks.

“So that’s why Young Lord Feng has been making such rapid progress these days!”

“That’s right. Young Lord Feng isn’t the only one. There’s Young Lord Xuan as well!”

“I bet they can enjoy Feng Wu’s cooking all the time.”

“Gosh! I envy them so much!”

The other people didn’t hide their envious tones.

At the same time, Mrs Zuo had never regretted a decision so much!

She was stuck at a bottleneck herself!

If she had accepted a piece of the roast fish, she might have made a breakthrough as well.

Mrs Dugu felt the same way.

Meanwhile, Emperor Wu was also staring at Feng Wu with a strange look in his eyes.

He looked from Feng Wu to Jun Linyuan.

He finally understood why Jun Linyuan kept Feng Wu around him.

Despite his reluctance, he had no choice but to admit it.

He patted Jun Linyuan on the shoulder. “That was very thoughtful and prudent of you. I have to admit now that you’re better at reading people than I am.”

Jun Linyuan only gave him an indifferent glance with his brooding eyes without saying a word.

“If there’s nothing else, you can all leave now.” Putting his hands behind his back, Emperor Wu looked around the room.

The emperor had spoken, so of course no one dared to linger.

Jun Wuxia was the first to move.

She had to. Stay here and she probably wouldn’t be a princess anymore.

However, Emperor Wu snorted. “Jun Wuxia, stop right there. Feng Wu and Jun Linyuan can stay. The rest of you can go now.”

Emperor Wu had made it very clear that Empress Dugu had no excuse to stay behind.

She looked at Jun Wuxia with concern before she shot a wary glance at Feng Wu.

Jun Wuxia was cornered even when the empress was around. With her gone, the empress wondered what her poor daughter would have to face.

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