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Chapter 1495: Unt.i.tled

“What?” Hearing that, Feng Xun grabbed Feng Wu and dashed off. “Let’s go! This is a formidable treasure ship, and we don’t know how much of an impact the explosion will have. Just move as fast as you can!”

Feng Wu, Feng Xun, and Xuan Yi quickly left the bottom of the lake.

The three of them had just climbed out of the lake when —

Whoosh —

A formidable shockwave struck them from behind, and it was terrifying!

Waves shot up and exploded in the air!


The impact threw the three of them onto the bank.

Luckily, Jun Linyuan had activated a protective skill before they hit the ground.

Feng Wu opened her eyes to find herself already in Jun Linyuan’s arms.

That terrifying shockwave had been extinguished by Jun Linyuan’s strike.

Feng Wu was speechless.

Even so, the water level was still rising quickly.

“Water is going to get up here soon. Let’s go.” Still carrying Feng Wu in his arms, Jun Linyuan ran back to the campsite.

Feng Xun and Xuan Yi followed him.

It was a long distance for normal people, but to Jun Linyuan, it was only a matter of a few leaps.

Jun Linyuan told Feng when they got back, “A flood is coming. Let’s move up the hill.”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Why was there suddenly a flood?

No one would believe it if it had come from someone else, but since it was Jun Linyuan who said it, no one questioned it.

The carriages started moving again and were soon halfway up the hill.

Just then, the water from the lake arrived.

Everyone looked at Jun Linyuan in amazement.

That was so impressive! How incredible!

Jun Linyuan ignored them all. Instead, he carried Feng Wu back to their carriage.

Feng Wu was still holding the box she found at the bottom of the lake, and she only opened it happily when they got back to the carriage.

Feng Xun and Xuan Yi gathered around and watched curiously.

“What’s inside? I’m so curious,” Feng Xun said expectantly.

Feng Wu said, “It was so well-hidden. I think it’s some sort of top secret.”

The box was made from hard iron from the bottom of the ocean with a pa.s.sword consisting of formation codes. If one tried to pry it open by force, the box would destroy itself.

That was to say, no one would know what was inside.

Luckily —

Feng Wu knew formations, and less than a handful of people in the entire Junwu Empire were better at her in them.

With some deduction, she was able to solve the pa.s.sword in less than five minutes.

With a click —

The wondrous box opened.

The first item —

It was a messenger bottle.

Feng Xun didn’t open it right away, and only looked at Feng Wu.

Feng Wu was amused, and she chuckled. “It’s okay. There’s no trap. Just open it.”

Feng Xun only opened the bottle after hearing Feng Wu’s confirmation.

“Hey, what’s this?” Feng Xun took a light yellow parchment out of the bottle.

On it was an ill.u.s.tration of mountains and rivers with notes written in a foreign language.

“Hey, isn’t that the language of Senal? And isn’t that Sheep Gra.s.s Mountain?” Feng Xun cried out.

Feng Wu looked at him in confusion.

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