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Chapter 1327: She Says It’s Her Fallen Star Sword!

The scarlet blade calmed down once it was resting in Feng Wu’s palm.

The roaring sound faded until it completely disappeared.

Everyone was speechless.

“Feng Wu! Give me back my Fallen Star Sword! Give it back to me!” Zuo Qingyu pounced at Feng Wu and tried to hit her. She looked like she had lost her mind.

Feng Wu only sneered at her in silence.

A murderous look flickered in Zuo Ming’s eyes, and he glared at Feng Wu. “Feng Wu, are you going to declare war against the Zuo family now?!”

Feng Wu only smirked.

“I see! You’re the first person who has dared to ignore me like this! No one will blame me for killing you, then!” Zuo Ming raised a hand, and a streak of cold light shot at Feng Wu’s face.

Jun Linyuan had kept his silence the entire time, but he was also watching Feng Wu closely.

He wondered how stubborn the girl could be.

The Zuo family had cornered her, but she still wouldn’t ask for his help.

One word from her and he would stand up for her.

As frustrated as the crown prince was, he couldn’t bring himself to see Feng Wu hurt.

Hence, as soon as Zuo Ming took action, the crown prince stepped out.

However, someone else got there first.

Master Rong Yang had finally climbed out of the well on trembling legs.

The first thing he saw was the sharp object flying toward Feng Wu, so he struck down at it with his walking stick.

It was no ordinary walking stick.


It hit the flying weapon and made a loud clang, sending sparks everywhere.

The noise shocked everyone.

“Master —”

Seeing his master, the old steward ran to his side immediately.

Instantly, everyone turned to look at Master Rong Yang.

All his hair had turned snowy white, his skin was sagging, and he looked at least 10 years older.

Even Emperor Wu looked surprised; he couldn’t believe that this man was the Master Rong Yang he knew.

Zuo Qingyu blanched as soon as she saw Master Rong Yang. Her heart pounded, but she still wouldn’t give up hope.

Master Rong Yang owed the Zuo family a favor, which was why he had agreed to help Zuo Qingyu when she showed up at his door.

Zuo Qingyu prayed in her heart that Master Rong Yang would show her family some consideration.

He didn’t have to take her side. All he had to do was keep his silence.

But Zuo Qingyu was soon disappointed, because right now, Master Rong Yang was glaring at Zuo Ming.

Zuo Ming had always considered himself a friend of the master, so he frowned and asked, “Master Rong Yang, what did you do that for?”

Master Rong Yang bellowed, “That’s my question! What did this girl do? Why are you trying to kill her?!”

Realizing why the master was angry, Zuo Ming smirked. “Master, you weren’t here earlier. This girl is unbelievable. She’s saying that this Fallen Star Sword belongs to her! How ridiculous is that?!”

Ridiculous? Zuo Ming was ridiculous! Master Rong Yang glared at Zuo Ming and asked, “What’s ridiculous about that?”

Zuo Ming snorted. “This formidable weapon belongs to the Zuo family, and Zuo Qingyu, my daughter, has formed a bond with it. This girl just tried to take it away, and even claims it’s hers. Master Rong Yang, don’t you find that preposterous?”

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