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Chapter 1117 Goad Her into Action

“Well…” Zuo Qingyu looked embarra.s.sed. She began to speak, then hesitated.

Xuanyuan Ying took Zuo Qingyu’s hand. “Sister Zuo, this is no time to hold back. Just tell us. We’re all ears.”

Zuo Qingyu said, “Well… it’s not very… nice.”

Feng Liu said, “Why does it have to be nice? After what Feng Wu did to us, she deserves anything we do to her!”

Zuo Qingyu asked, “Do you all think that way?”

The others nodded. Even Dugu Yamo, who hadn’t had a chance to speak up to now, chimed in, “As the onlooker here, I can’t watch anymore. This Feng Wu is so arrogant that she has to be taught a lesson!”

“Since everyone agrees… Alright!” Zuo Qingyu beckoned everyone over, lowered her voice, then told them her plan.

In the end, she added, “It’s just a suggestion. An idea. As for if it will work…”

“If we do that, will my brother be affected?” Xuanyuan Ying sounded concerned.

Dugu Yamo snapped, “How will that happen? Your brother is only a decoy, while the real person that’ll end up there… hehe.”

Xuanyuan Ying snapped her fingers. “I know just the right person for the job.”

Hearing the plan, Feng Sang quietly tugged at Feng Liu’s hand. “Are you sure about this?”

“Sister, please don’t tell me that you’re still concerned about her welfare. You might think of her as family, but she’s never thought the same of us!” Feng Liu was furious.

Feng Sang frowned. “Family or not, if this gets out, our futures will be affected, too, since we’re cousins of the same clan.”

Feng Liu only waved her off. “Hasn’t Lady Northern Feng taken her in as a G.o.ddaughter? If Feng Wu is going to bring disgrace to someone, it’ll be to Northern Feng Mansion. Look, we were brought up by the Feng clan, but we’ve never done anything like that – she’ll be the only one. So, it’ll have nothing to do with the Feng clan, and only Northern Feng Mansion will be implicated. I’d like to see how much Lady Northern Feng will want her as a daughter then!”

Jealousy could drive people to madness.

Back at the dinner party.

Xuanyuan Ying went up to Lady Cai with a grin and held the latter’s arm.

Lady Cai had “unhappy” written all over her face. Xuanyuan Ying then leaned over and whispered in her ear, “Mother, don’t worry. I’ll make her pay for everything she did to you.”

Lady Cai’s stomach lurched. “What are you going to do?”

Xuanyuan Ying only smiled, but said nothing. She then went over to Feng Wu and held her arm. “Sister Feng Wu, there are so many grown-ups here and it’s boring. How about you join us?”

Lady Northern Feng stared at Xuanyuan Ying and thought that the latter looked very mean. She was about to turn the offer down for Feng Wu, when the latter rose to her feet with a smile. Smoothing down the nonexistent wrinkles on her dress, she said, “Sister Ying has kindly invited me over. I would be letting her down if I don’t go. Mother, I’m going with her.”

Feng Wu hadn’t forgotten why she was here at the Xuanyuan Mansion.

She had come here to find traces of the second broken star piece, but ever since setting foot in this place, she had been limited to this room without the chance to go anywhere, which made her worry a little.

Xuanyuan Ying had shown up at the right moment to give Feng Wu an opportunity.

It was like giving a sleepy person a pillow, and of course, Feng Wu wouldn’t turn her down.

Lady Northern Feng knew how smart Feng Wu was. Seeing that she had agreed to go, Lady Northern Feng cautioned her daughter. “Be careful. You don’t have to be over-cautious, though. If anyone is stupid enough to mess with you, just kick their a.s.ses. I’ll have your back no matter what.”

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