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Chapter 97: The Idiot Collymore Part 1

The referee finally blew the end of the match whistle. The a.r.s.enal players were mostly slumped in the mud, and the Forest players hugged to celebrate their hard-won victory. They had defeated the favorite a.r.s.enal youth team and advanced into the fourth round of the FA Youth Cup!

Fàbregas, who had lost, leaned forward and stood in the rain. He put both his hands on his knees and was panting heavily. The final 25 minutes of the second half were much more tiring than the entire 65 minutes before. There were fatigue and failure, and these were served up to him by that Number 55.

He looked up at Number 55, who was surrounded by his teammates, and was at a complete loss. He was a rookie!

I was actually rendered useless by a rookie for more than 20 minutes! I will never forget this humiliation! Someday, I'll get you back! If we have a chance for another match…

He suddenly straightened himself up and walked off the field with his head held high. He did not give another glance again to the Forest players and that Number 55, who were wildly celebrating their victory on the field.

Despite losing the match, Brady was still gracious. He took the initiative to shake hands with Twain, and Wenger was at his side.

"As I had said before the game, this was indeed a good match." Having lost the match, Brady appeared to be convinced.

Tang En was in a good mood, and his words were not harsh. "You were excellent, too. You just had a little bit of bad luck."

Brady did not say anything else to him. He just smiled and walked away. Wenger, who was holding an umbrella, did not follow suit. Instead, he stood before Twain.

Tang En knew that this Frenchman had something to say, but he would not ask first. It would make him look too anxious. He was the winner, so he must maintain a certain reserve.

As a result, Wenger stood in front of Twain with an umbrella, and Tang En stood in the rain in front of Wenger. The two men did not open their mouths to speak. Finally, unable to bear being drenched any longer, Tang En changed his mind and gave in. "Mr. Wenger, may I ask what you want to see me about? If there's nothing, then I have to head back and change my clothes."

Then Wenger gave a triumphant smile. "Mr. Tony Twain, I have come to congratulate you. You did a great job, and your team deserved to win the match." Le Professeur's gentlemanly praise of Twain made him looked more like a victor.

Compared to this authentic gentleman, Tang En appeared somewhat uncouth. Yes, in front of this Frenchman, who did not even have a drop of mud stain on his trousers, the rain-drenched Twain looked like a country b.u.mpkin.

"Ah, thank you, Mr. Wenger. Is that all?" Tang En suddenly saw from the corner of his eye that there was another man at Sophia's side. And that person, wearing a purple suit with a pink shirt collar poking from underneath, was definitely not Wood. He was standing in front of Sophia and seemed to be saying something. Because it was sheltered by the umbrella, Tang En could not see Sophia's expression and reaction. But he was a little worried. He wanted to end this conversation with Wenger as soon as possible and hurry over to take a look.

"Oh, it's like this. I want to ask about that number 55..."

Tang En had already guessed what Wenger meant even though he had not finished his words. When this lethal-eyed Frenchman asked about a young player, it was because, nine times out of ten, that player had caught his eye. So, he shook his head. "I'm sorry, Mr. Wenger. Wood is not for sale. I will never sell him to anyone."

Looking at Twain's decisive and firm att.i.tude, Wenger nodded. "I understand. In that case, goodbye, Mr. Twain. I hope the next time we meet and chat, it will not be in such a place."

"Of course. I hope so, too." Tang En knew what Wenger meant, and he wanted to say, "I'm sorry, Mr. Wenger. I think there's something I need to deal with now." He had already seen Wood run to his mother out of the corner of his eye. Regardless of who was next to Sophia, or what he was doing, he was going to be out of luck! He had to stop him before Wood caused any trouble.

"Very well, good luck to you, Mr. Twain." Wenger had not finished speaking before Twain turned and ran off, moving as if he were a professional footballer.

"What an interesting man." Wenger shook his head and turned to leave the place.

Sophia, who was holding the umbrella on the sidelines, saw Wood surrounded by his excited teammates. She was pleased with her son's performance and acceptance by the team and felt warmed by Mr. Twain's meticulous care.

To come watch her son's game, Sophia specially put on makeup and dressed up before she went out. She looked 10 years younger with her raven black hair put up with a white hairpin on top of her head, her white turtleneck sweater with blue floral print over jeans, and a lovely little bag in her right hand. Standing in the rain with the umbrella, Sophia looked like a flower moistened by raindrops, gently swaying in the wind and rain.

Collymore stood behind Sophia and was completely captivated by this quiet woman. He even forgot his purpose in his coming there. The shouts of the men around him were clear and audible, making him feel even more that in this noisy and cold world, what a wonderful thing it was to have a delicate flower suddenly appear.

The only pity was that the large black umbrella in the woman's hands did not match her appearance. Such a lovely woman should be carrying a delicate red floral umbrella, looking slender and elegant in the drizzle. Well, of course, today's rain was a little too much.

Just when the match had ended, Collymore took the initiative to approach. He had plenty of experience hitting on women in the parking lot. Usually after 15 minutes, he would be having pa.s.sionate s.e.x with his pick-up target in the car.

"I did not expect such a beautiful lady like yourself would come to watch such a boring game." Collymore stood behind Sophia, and the two people were very close together. "May I have the honor of knowing your name, Miss... Ahhhh!"

Sophia, startled by the voice of a man who suddenly spoke behind her, abruptly turned around, and the raindrops on the umbrella splattered Collymore's face.

"Oh! I'm sorry, sir. I'm not..." She saw that Collymore had closed his eyes and tilted his head to the side, but looked pathetic because he could not dodge in time and his face was wet with the water. Sophia repeatedly apologized and took

and took out a tissue from her handbag for him to wipe the rain water off his face.

"Ah, there's no need for an apology, my dear lady," Collymore said gently. At the same time, he quickly gripped Sophia's small hand and held it in his palm, feeling the coolness of her fingertips. He was completely unconcerned with wiping the water off his brow.

"Sir, stop!" Sophia did not expect him to grab her hand in such a blatant manner. She tried to struggle free, but the other party held on tightly.

"Ah, your hand is so cold and small, makes one feel so tender-hearted," Collymore said while basking in the moment.

"B*stard! Take your hands off her!" His musing was awakened by a shout.

A boy, wearing the number 55 Forest jersey and all covered in mud, was standing inside the field. His hands were clutching the mesh wire fence, and he growled at him with a grim face, like an enraged beast.

Collymore glanced at him and frowned, but he did not listen to him and kept his hand as it was.

"Mr. Stan Collymore, I suggest you let go of her hand." Another voice came beside the kid.

Tony Twain glared at Collymore. He had not finished speaking, and the angry Wood had begun to climb the wire fence.

"Ah! d.a.m.n it!" Tang En knew what Wood was going to do, so he rushed up the wire fence, too, hoping to get in front of Wood to stop him. But it was somewhat difficult seeing how fast he climbed.

As a player, Wood was more agile than Twain. He jumped off the wire fence first, rushed forward after landing, and punched Collymore!

"Wood!" Tang En had just straddled the top of the fence and could do nothing to stop it from happening.

"George!" Sophia exclaimed.

Collymore was knocked down and made a splash on the ground. The umbrella was overturned in the rain and swayed gently. As for his hand, he naturally released his grip.

He fell in a puddle and was soaked all over. His brand new suit and shirt were so drenched by the dirty water that their original colors were no longer apparent. His right cheek was bruised and swollen. He was a pa.s.sionate playboy a moment ago, but now he had become a pathetic, wet dog.

"You little b*stard!" said Collymore, who, humiliated in front of the beauty, got up and was going to fight back. But this time Tang En stood between them.

"What are you doing, Mr. Collymore?" Tang En blocked him and stared at him coldly.

"Move aside! This is none of your business!" The furious Collymore growled and shook his fist.

Tang En had no intention of listening to him. At the same time, behind him, Wood was also misbehaving. He wanted to get at and beat up the man who dared to be handsy with his mother. Sophia was trying so hard to pull him back that the umbrella in her hands fell to the ground.

"George, help your mother with the umbrella, don't let her get wet in the rain," Tang En said without turning his head.

Wood stared blankly for a moment, looked at his mother with her hair wet with rain, and quickly rushed to pick up the umbrella. He then shielded it over his mother's head. He wanted to dry his mother's face without knowing if her face was wet from the rain or with tears, but his hands were full of mud and so was his jersey. He helplessly dawdled in front of his mother and could not wipe her face.

Still, Sophia smiled and took out the tissue from her bag and wiped the mud from Wood's hands and the sweat and rain from his face.

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