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"I'll say it again, mind your own business," Collymore spoke through gritted teeth and stared at Tony Twain in a very unfriendly way. "That mixed b*stard punched me. I'm going to make him pay!"

Tang En laughed. "Are you talking about yourself, Mr. Collymore?"

Collymore called Wood a mixed b*stard, because at one glance he could tell that Wood was biracial. But he forgot that he was not of a single ethnicity, either.

Tang En's sarcasm added fuel to the fire. Collymore recklessly shook his fist at Twain, who grabbed it with ease. Although he was once a strong and powerful professional athlete, after many years of immersing himself in the life of alcohol, s.e.x, and excess, Collymore was no longer the fearless sportsman. Now, he just had a showy appearance, and had long been without substance inside.

"Don't forget where you are, Mr. Collymore. This is the youth training ground. It's my territory. You're just the first team manager, you don't control me." Tang En gripped Collymore's fist in his hand, and no matter how hard he tried, he could not break free. "Wood is my player. You want to touch him, you have to ask for my permission first. Did you ask me, Mr. Collymore?" Tang En's tightened his grip a little, and Collymore's face turned ugly.

Seeing the conflict off to the side, the fans all gathered around. John asked enthusiastically, "Tony, are you in trouble?"

"No, I'm not in trouble." Tang En let go of his hand. Collymore groaned and held his fist.

That's when everyone recognized the first team manager who had previously had his back to them. "Ah! Look, who's here! Mr. Stan Collymore!" Bill yelled, causing a hissing sound all around.

"Oh, oh, oh! Collymore! Oh, oh, oh! When we were moaning and groaning in the stands, he was whining and weeping in the bed of the nth girlfriend's house!" The fans sang their self-composed song loudly. Tang En had heard this song sung by the fans in the stands in City Ground. The first time he heard it, he was shocked. But after a few lines, he could not help singing it; he had no choice, the tune was too catchy.

"Oh... my dear, the team had lost again! I am very sad! So very sad! Comfort me!" Bill dramatically threw himself on Big John, causing everyone to roar with laughter.

Seeing how Collymore was taunted and ridiculed by all, Tang En remembered the scene when he first arrived in this world. A year had quickly pa.s.sed, and he had already received these people's acceptance and welcome. Now, it was Collymore's turn to be unlucky.

"You b*stards!" he said. The infuriated Collymore tightly clenched his fists in front of the singing and dancing fans. He seemed intent on pouncing on the fans to grapple with them.

"This is really good news! The Nottingham Forest manager, Stan Collymore, acted inappropriately toward a youth player's mother, a.s.saulted the youth director, and abused the fans. Newspaper sales tomorrow will certainly break records. I am the Nottingham Evening Post reporter, Pierce Brosnan. I would like to ask Mr. Stan Collymore this: is the team's current poor performance related to whether you have put too much energy into bed?" At some point, Pierce Brosnan, who was interviewing the team, had entered the circle and was clearly taking photos with a phone.

Collymore reflexively raised his hand to cover his face. He knew he was in deep trouble today. Initially, he was just bored and had decided to come watch the youth team's game. He did not expect this to happen.

He looked at the unfriendly faces around him and knew that he would not find a friendly face today. He simply left behind some harsh words before he took off. "Pierce Brosnan? Don't expect my team to grant you interviews!"

"It doesn't matter. I only report on the youth team."

The people around them laughed and sang to send Collymore off.

After he had dealt with Collymore, Tang En turned to the frightened Sophia with the intention to comfort her. "Madam, I'm really sorry that something like this has happened."

The drops of water on Sophia's face had been wiped dry, and she looked paler after a little bit of rain. She shook her head gently. "No need for any apology, Mr. Twain. I would like to thank you for your umbrella. It's you who is soaked through now."

Tang En smiled sheepishly. "This is nothing. A little rain is good for me."

John and the others, who were watching the two of them, had begun to quietly retreat to give them a little privacy.


A car horn wrecked their plans. The a.r.s.enal youth team bus pulled through from the parking lot, leaving Nottingham.

"Oh, d.a.m.n it!"

"Darn it!"

"Those b*stards!" The crowd began to noisily grumble.

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