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Tang En stood on the sidelines of the first field of the youth training ground and watched Andrew lead his men in watering the field. Then he looked up at the sky. Even though it was cloudy, it had not rained.

"d.a.m.n it! Weather forecasts can't be trusted anywhere!" Tang En muttered a curse under his breath. "Is this little to moderate rain?"

Tang En looked at his watch, and it was still nearly an hour before the game began. He signaled to Andrew that they did not have to do the watering anymore.

"You want us to stop watering? Are you sure, Mr. Twain?" Andrew asked loudly as he stood in the middle of the field, holding a running hose in his hands and wearing a raincoat and wellington boots.

"I'm sure! Very sure! If you keep watering, we're going to change to playing water polo with a.r.s.enal!"

Andrew heard Twain's answer and waved his hand. The staff gathered up their equipment and left the field. Tang En took a few steps on the field, and it was slippery as if it had just rained. He was satisfied with Andrew's work.

Before the mid-nineties, the a.r.s.enal playing style, especially in Graham's era, was rough and tough and strictly adhered to the cut and dry "1:0 code". The football ball was just flying back and forth in the air most of the time, which was not very interesting to watch. But since the arrival of the Frenchman, Arsène Wenger, their style of play has had a ma.s.sive transformation. The Frenchman brought the art of football and stressed on making football entertaining to watch. He paid particular attention to short pa.s.ses and ground coordination and encouraged his players to show off their personal skills. Today's a.r.s.enal played the most beautiful football in England and was praised around the world.

However, the team that liked to play this way had higher requirements of the venue. The slippery and muddy football field, which was uneven and filled with holes, was not a suitable arena for a.r.s.enal's performance.

Big John and Skinny Bill had arrived. There were a lot of people there. If they had been in City Ground, they would have almost filled a whole section of the stands. They stood in two rows outside the wire mesh fence, occupying half the length of the field. Although not everyone was wearing the Forest team's red jerseys like John, they all had the red scarves, and someone even made a banner overnight and hung it on the wire mesh. Tony Twain's caricature was drawn on it. Although it did not look quite like him, it highlighted his distinctive feature—his messy hair, which he had never taken care of. A caption was written next to his caricature:

Hey, Tony! Give us another victory!

As the wind blew, the caricature fluttered, and it looked like Tony Twain shouting on the field.

Looking at these enthusiastic fans, Tang En smilingly shook his head and then walked over to chat with them through the wire fence. These people were regulars at the Forest Bar, and Tang En clearly knew they were his most loyal supporters. Just as every player has a group of fans and fan club, Tang En, though not a player, had his own fans.

Ah, it felt good to be liked and recognized.

They chatted together for more than 20 minutes. The youth team players came to the field in succession, and then Kerslake led them to the locker room to change and come out to warm up. John and the others began to cheer for this group of kids. Although the youth team often had loyal fans coming to watch, today's number was so many that the players were surprised and excited.

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