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After the screams arose, many pa.s.sengers on the battleship became anxious. They wanted to know what was going on.

Usually, it was easy to meet other battleships traveling in the galaxy. Unless they encountered enemies, they didn't fight. However, landing on someone else's battleship wasn't okay without permission.

Leonard stood on the control tower of the battleship, his face cold and stern. Hearing the noise, he couldn't help but look. After the first glance, he was shaken. He descended from the tower and shouted, "We're from the Drifting Cloud. Why are you getting on our ship? Don't you know the rules?"

More than ten King G.o.d Realm and Original G.o.d Realm warriors emerged from different areas of the battleship. They stood by Leonard with grimaced faces.

Shi Yan, Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo landed on the deck, walking towards Zuo Shi's general direction without batting an eye at anyone else. Seeing Leonard and his guards standing in their way, Shi Yan frowned, but he didn't bother giving them a look. He just kept sauntering forward.

One guard of Leonard made a step forward and tried to stop them with a pale face.

Ka Tuo's eyes rolled around as he laughed evilly. A flow of chaotic energy twisted, giving him an intimidating suction force, which then drew that guard towards him despite how hard the guard was struggling.

"Get lost!"

Ka Tuo laughed, releasing his power. His energy rippled like a rolling tide, which sent the guard horizontally several hundred meters away. He was blown from this end of the battleship to the other end. His body had a lot of deep cuts as if he was whipped with th.o.r.n.y bushes.

Leonard changed his countenance, looking at Ka Tuo with fear. He glared at Fei Lan and Leona, his face becoming more solemn.

Shi Yan didn't bat an eye. He continued walking towards his target. Warriors of Drifting Cloud and the pa.s.sengers made way seeing him coming. They were all frightened.

"What happened? Fighting?" Xuan Ming's stooped body straightened, his spirit raising. "If Drifting Cloud gets into some trouble, they won't have spare time to mind us. We don't need to jump off the battleship now. Let's see the situation then."

Innocent Zuo Shi nodded. She quietly looked at the general direction where the noise arose.

Shortly after, her clear eyes brightened. Her soft body got stiff. Her succulent lips parted as if she saw something unbelievable. She instinctively gasped for her breath.

Zuo Shi was dumbstruck for seconds. She used both hands to rub her eyes and then shouted. "Shi Yan ge-ge!"

Xuan Ming's body stiffened. He was shocked and couldn't help but look at the oncoming warriors. His line of sight fixed on that warrior as he was cheered up.

Shi Yan's keen eyes scanned the crowd and directly caught the beautifully tall figure. His dark face cracked a warm smile. "It's you, indeed."

Zuo Shi nodded excitedly. "Yeah, yeah! It's us! Shi Yan ge-ge, you... Why are you in Agate Star Area? Why are you here?" She was so happy that she couldn't find her words. "Where are my father and grandfather? Are they... Are they all right? How are they in Grace Mainland? Is everything okay?"

"They're all in Agate Star Area." Shi Yan sighed and chuckled. While talking, he reached for Zuo Shi.

Xuan Ming looked at Shi Yan deep in the eye. The shock he felt was indescribable. As he met this man in Agate Star Area, he didn't know what to say.

He knew things this young man had done in the Perpetual Night Forest. Shi Yan had gathered different clans to resist the Ghost Mark Clan, Corpse Clan, and Dark Spirit Clan. He wanted to use the force of Monster Clan too. Xuan Ming had observed that battle discreetly. He saw the Utmost Eight Purgatory City in the Perpetual Night Forest get to its height. They had expelled Ghost Mark Clan, Corpse Clan, and Dark Spirit Clan out of Perpetual Night Forest. Shi Yan had protected his people.

It has been so long since they last met. Xuan Ming released his Soul Consciousness to sense the young man. Chaotic moods reflected in his mind that he couldn't calm them down no matter what.

... I can't figure out his realm. His realm is higher than mine???

Xuan Ming was bewildered. His eyes sparkled as his mind was startled. He was startled and he stayed put at his spot.

"Who are you?" Leonard's voice arose. He brought the guards of Drifting Cloud gathering by Shi Yan. His voice was gingerly. "We're the Drifting Cloud from the Southwest. We don't have any grudge against you guys. Why are you on our battleship?"

Seeing him, Zuo Shi and Xuan Ming were so indignant that they couldn't hide it. Zuo Shi glared at Leonard maliciously.

She didn't know why but she felt so safe when she saw Shi Yan. However, she didn't know Shi Yan's realm so she was still worried. She lowered her voice, talking to Shi Yan. "Drifting Cloud is a strong force in the Southwest. The leader has Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm. Shi Yan ge-ge, can you... can you take us out of here?" Her voice was uncertain.

Zuo Shi and Xuan Ming had to struggle a lot in Agate Star Area. They had walked each step with difficulty and danger. After so many years, they had known many intimidating warriors. In their minds, Drifting Cloud was already a dominant force.

Zuo Shi didn't want Shi Yan to have any dispute with Drifting Cloud. She just wanted to get rid of this battleship. In her view, not being harmed by Drifting Cloud was already a perfect ending.

"Drifting Cloud?" Shi Yan shook his head, "Never heard of them before. Is it a small and weak force?"

Zuo Shi was surprised, jabbering. "Very strong!"

Shi Yan just chuckled. He asked, "You've quarreled with them. What happened?"

"Sir, if you have a good relationship with them, I won't calculate their debts anymore. I will let them go to Shadow Ghostly Prison with us." Leonard felt tense and he hurriedly expressed his opinion.

"Who made you talk? Shut up!" Ka Tuo glowered at him, snorting with a ferocious aura. A murderous aura rose from his body.

Leonard paled. His lips trembled, but he didn't talk.

Zuo Shi and Xuan Ming were surprised. Looking at Shi Yan, they thought that they were dreaming.

During this trip, Leonard was the wanton little boss here. No one dared to quarrel with him on this ship or even talk loudly.

Leonard was the master of this battleship. He could even control people's lives. He could make up anything to trouble the pa.s.sengers.

However, he shut his mouth in front of that brutal man. What was going on?

Zuo Shi had so many questions in her mind. She looked at Ka Tuo anxiously.

"They troubled us on purpose... They want Zuo Shi to escort him..." Xuan Ming contemplated and then explained their situation. The more he talked, the darker and colder his face became. "He has just told us that he would throw us off the battleship if we didn't let Zuo Shi serve him."

While Xuan Ming was talking, Shi Yan's dark face raked through Leonard. Under his gaze, Leonard was anxiously restless. He felt that something terrible would happen shortly.

Leonard took a deep breath, giving him more guts. He said coldly. "I'm a member of Drifting Cloud!"

"Told you I don't know names of small forces." Shi Yan waved his hand, talking. "All right, that's it. Send them off!"

Leonard and the other warriors of Drifting Cloud were baffled.

The other pa.s.sengers were shocked. They couldn't react to what Shi Yan said. They didn't know what he meant.

However, in the next moment, they knew what he meant.

The painful, mournful screeching echoed in this quiet battleship.

Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo seemed to turn into demons. With dark and harsh countenances, they moved between the warriors of Drifting Cloud like lightning. Drifting Cloud's warriors screamed in fear, trying to run for their lives as if they were encountering spooky ghosts.

Blood splashed. People were ripped apart. Their soul altars were burned down. They perished, leaving nothing behind.

Leonard, the small boss of Drifting Cloud who had swaggered wantonly during this trip, was in the hand of an old woman. She placed one of her hands on his head. Leonard's G.o.d Body rotted at a speed that naked eyes could observe like someone had dipped him into the dense acid substance. Shortly after, he turned into a blood puddle on the ground.

They could even see the terrible footage of Leonard's skull melting down bit by bit. It was so nauseating that they almost vomited.

The woman who looked like a wailing ghost was like a Messenger of Death. She pulled the Drifting Cloud's warrior into absolute darkness. People could only hear the warriors begging in the dark. Gradually, the noise faded.

The brutal man laughed fiendishly. He grabbed Drifting Cloud's warriors as if he was picking up small chickens. He just ripped them apart deliberately and brutally. The others couldn't help but shiver. Their legs became soft and couldn't support their bodies anymore.

Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo were like hungry wolves moving through a sheep pasture. They had risen the blood shower in this battleship.

Warriors of Drifting Cloud had the symbol of their force on their clothes. They could recognize them at first glance. They ground Drifting Cloud warriors, killing every one of them in their sight. It seemed like they didn't want to leave any live witness.

Xuan Ming and Zuo Shi were petrified, standing by Shi Yan. They looked at the b.l.o.o.d.y ma.s.sacre on the battleship, watching the muscular Drifting Cloud warriors being killed like they were tiny ants being smashed. The two of them were panic-stricken.

Are they... the powerful King G.o.d Realm and Original G.o.d Realm guards of Drifting Cloud?

The two of them were terrified.

Shortly after, around one hundred warriors of Drifting Cloud in this battleship were slaughtered. They were now bones or blood puddles on the ground here and there.

Shi Yan squinted. He felt a little joy as he absorbed the Essence Qi from the dead. He smiled relaxedly.

Xuan Ming and Zuo Shi were still sinking in their terrible fright. They couldn't react.

Ka Tuo laughed, walking towards them. He had killed a lot and he was stirred up now. His fierce eyes raked through the group of pa.s.sengers who shivered as if they had fallen into an ice chamber. They didn't dare to move an inch of their bodies.

"Senior, do you want to clear them all? Those people can benefit us a bit, anyway." Ka Tuo lowered his voice and suggested.

Ka Tuo liked killing. As he knew Shi Yan's marvelous absorption ability, he had another thought. He wanted to kill all the low-realm warriors on this battleship to advance his power.

Fei Lan and Leona also looked at Shi Yan with asking eyes.

Ka Tuo had muttered so others people besides SK, Zuo Shi, and Xuan Ming couldn't hear him. However, as the others saw his malicious eyes, none of them felt well.

Shi Yan frowned, looking at the shivering warriors of different races. He said faintly, "Kill them all."

Shi Yan nodded continually. Another ferocious aura was shot out.

Zuo Shi paled. She couldn't help but shout, "Shi Yan ge-ge, don't! Don't kill them. They... they didn't bully me. I'm begging you. Don't let them kill more."

Zuo Shi's screeching made the other pa.s.sengers so frightened. People screamed and cried pathetically.

Shi Yan frowned, pondering for a while. He waved his hand. "All right, let's go."

Ka Tuo was disappointed. He sighed, speaking to Fei Lan and Leona. "Oh... that's too bad..."

Fei Lan and Leona were indifferent.

"Zuo Shi, Xuan Ming, come with me." Shi Yan nodded to the other two and brought them flying out of the battleship moving to a dark area of the galaxy.

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