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Leonard was the leader of a small force called "Drifting Cloud" in Southwest of Agate Star Area. He was at Third Sky of Original G.o.d Realm, which was just one step away from Ethereal G.o.d Realm.

Chief of the Drifting Cloud was a Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm expert who always operated in Southwest of Agate Star Area. This force consisted of warriors from everywhere. They provided warriors to Shadow Ghostly Prison and transported people to earn divine crystals.

Shadow Ghostly Prison was a place of year-round chaos. However, it had many peculiar and precious mineral stars, many of them unowned. Warriors in Southwest of Agate Star Area would take risks and visit Shadow Ghostly Prison for a better cultivating condition.

The danger was also a kind of opportunity. Many had died in Shadow Ghostly Prison. However, some people were lucky enough to collect a lot of cultivating materials. When they got back, they made a little fortune.

Leonard usually gathered warriors from everywhere in Southwest region and transported them to Shadow Ghostly Prison using his battleship. That was how he earned divine crystals for Drifting Cloud. He was indeed a little powerful in the organization. His voice mattered somehow.

Leonard was standing in a corner of the battleship. His lewd eyes were scanning a long-limbed girl, beaming a cold grin.

He had laid his eyes on this girl since she had been onboard. He had waited for a chance to flirt with her ever since.

However, that innocent girl didn't bat an eye at him. She stood in a corner with that old man. They were talking from time to time, which made Leonard's plan fail.

Although he was a little boss of Drifting Cloud, he didn't dare do things wantonly. He decided to use another way to force the girl.

Looking at her s.e.xy legs, Leonard gulped. His mind was disordered while his eyes became hotter.

"Before we got onboard, we had submitted two thousand divine crystals. It should have been enough to transport us to Shadow Ghostly Prison. What do you mean you're asking for more?" Xuan Ming grimaced, thundering with red eyes. However, he was anxious as he wasn't strong enough.

He knew Leonard was a small boss of Drifting cloud with Third Sky of Original G.o.d Realm. This man was also famous in the Southwest.

Xuan Ming had heard the rumors about this pervert before, but he didn't think that Leonard would lay his eyes on Zuo Shi.

Xuan Ming and Zuo Shi soon came to Agate Star Area. They had landed on a mineral star in Southwest of Agate Star Area. When they were still in Grace Mainland, Xuan Ming was the peak level 9 monster. He was just one step away from being level 10. Xuan Ming's understanding of Grace Mainland was much deeper than the majority of people living there.

He had soon found a Teleport Formation that his ancestors left in Grace Mainland. The energy from that formation was weak. It was just enough to deliver him and Zuo Shi.

Zuo Shi had the bloodline of his Black Tortoise holy ancestor. After he had found her, he had tried his best to nourish her. As he knew the energy in Grace Mainland was about to be all drained, he lied to Zuo Shi and took her to Southwest of Agate Star Area.

After they had arrived in Agate Star Area, Xuan Ming finally knew how small he was in this area despite his peak status in Grace Mainland. He knew that the high-grade star area had more intimidating existences.

Their lives in Agate Star Area weren't pleasurable. They had to struggle a lot. Danger awaited them with each step. He had brought Zuo Shi to be the miner, the farmer cultivating herbs and more. They had lived gingerly and didn't dare to provoke any strong warriors.

Zuo Shi had made every effort to succeed. Her innate endowment was unparalleled. Soon, she had reached King G.o.d Realm. She understood the mysteries of her bloodline and the power Upanishad of the Holy Beast Black Tortoise. Xuan Ming felt hopeful.

Recently, Xuan Ming accidentally found a piece of his holy ancestor Black Tortoise in a small shop. He asked and they told him it was from Shadow Ghostly Prison. Xuan Ming was excited. He wanted to take Zuo Shi to Shadow Ghostly Prison to find the body of the Black Tortoise. They wanted to see if Zuo Shi could receive the most essence inheritance from Xuan Ming's holy ancestor. It would help Zuo Shi break through to another realm.

Shadow Ghostly Prison was really far from Southwest of Agate Star Area. They could encounter a lot of dangers too. Xuan Ming and Zuo Shi weren't rich. They couldn't afford a battleship or a war chariot. Since it was a long trip ahead, they weren't sure whether they could protect themselves or not.

Thus, Xuan Ming came to Drifting Cloud, using his savings to pay two thousand divine crystals to get on this battleship that was heading to Shadow Ghostly Prison in the hope of finding the Black Tortoise's body there. Xuan Ming hoped that it could complete the inheritance for Zuo Shi.

From the day they got onboard, Xuan Ming found Leonard looking at Zuo Shi with his perverted eyes. As Xuan Ming was a cunningly wise, old monster, he knew what Leonard wanted. He took care of Zuo Shi, staying quietly in a corner of the battleship. They didn't talk to people much or cause any dispute. Xuan Ming hoped that Leonard would forget him and elegant Zuo Shi so they could dodge this disaster.

It was too bad that Leonard often came to talk to them over and over again, suggesting Zuo Shi to accompany him.

Xuan Ming had tried his best to protect her. Since they were staying with many people, Leonard didn't dare to act rashly because he could shame the Drifting Cloud with his deeds. After several times, he had to step back.

However, Leonard decided to move again today. This time, he didn't come with good intentions. He said that the divine crystals Xuan Ming paid them weren't all good. He wanted them to pay again. Xuan Ming understood that Leonard was playing hard. However, Xuan Ming felt a little hopeless as he tried to resist.

"We've checked your two thousand divine crystals carefully. Some of them are of bad quality." Leonard lifted his head, talking coldly. "You guys have to submit one thousand high-quality divine crystals. Or else, you will have to leave the ship and take care of yourself."

Xuan Ming and Zuo Shi had spent all of their savings to pay two thousand divine crystals. They had nothing left. If they left the battleship now, they wouldn't be able to survive in this vast universe without divine crystals to refill their energy.

Xuan Ming paled in anger. "When we paid the divine crystals, you guys had them checked at the spot. Why was it a mistake?"

"There's a mistake." Leonard gave a faint grin as he relaxing. "You guys pay the divine crystals or get lost. Oh right. You can also just let this little girl escort me while I drink and chat for a while. Perhaps with proper payment, I will be satisfied and then I will let you stay."

"You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! I'm not going with you!" Zuo Shi's small face was filled with rage. She put her hands on her waist, telling that pervert off.

After so many years, Zuo Shi was still innocently beautiful. She was like a fresh flower that had just bloomed. Her tight warrior clothing lingered on her white-skinned body. Her legs were long and mesmerizing. Her tight clothes drew the curves of her body. Together with the naive, small face, she made others' hearts beat faster.

Leonard guffawed, his eyes like a snake's that wantonly raked through Zuo Shi's body. He swallowed his saliva. "Little mei-mei, why do you need to do that? Drink and enjoy with me. You can save yourself from dying in the galaxy. It's good for you either way. Don't worry. I won't mistreat you. Think about it."

"Even if I have to die, I won't go with you!" Zuo Shi said through her gritted teeth.

This ship didn't transport only Xuan Ming and Zuo Shi. There were many warriors of unknown origins. Most of them didn't have powerful backgrounds and they were just at True G.o.d Realm, King G.o.d Realm, or Original G.o.d Realm. However, all of them together weren't enough to deal with Leonard's force.

The Drifting Cloud had rules. Usually, when they transported pa.s.sengers to Agate Star Area, the power of the captain and the guards were more than sufficient to subdue the pa.s.sengers. It was to prevent the case of pa.s.sengers trying to take control of the ship.

Since they didn't have strong backgrounds, they had to use Drifting Cloud's service to get into Agate Star Area. At this moment, all of them combined weren't enough to threaten Leonard.

Thus, although they knew what Leonard wanted and that he just wanted to trouble the others, they couldn't stand up and deliver justice. They could only look at Zuo Shi and Xuan Ming with their sorry faces as they sighed.

"Seems like you do want to die!" Leonard thundered when Zuo Shi infuriated him. His face darkened gradually. "I'm giving you guys two hours to think about it. When the time's up and you can't give me an answer that satisfies me, I will throw you overboard."

Leonard snorted, jumping to the tower atop the battleship. From that height, he coldly looked at people like a G.o.d who held their lives in his hands.

"Little girl, if they throw you out of the battleship, you won't survive." Someone whispered, giving advice. "If you don't have enough divine crystals, just bear the inconvenience a little while. Being alive... is more important than anything else, you know."

"Yes, compared to life, dignity and purity mean nothing. Relax and survive. Just consider it... as something that has bitten you." Someone told her while looking at the tower. He had to lower his voice as he was afraid that Leonard could hear him.

"First, we have to survive. We will find the chance to take revenge later," said another person.

As they were all miserable, they had a good feeling for Zuo Shi. No one wanted to see the innocent girl get violated. And they didn't want to see Zuo Shi and Xuan Ming get kicked off the ship to death. They tried to console Zuo Shi with the hope that she would have a wider vision.

"I would rather die!" Zuo Shi's face was resolute. She took a deep breath, looking at Xuan Ming. Old man, I'm sorry. I may make you disappointed.

Xuan Ming paled indignantly. He looked at Leonard on the tower, clenching his jaws. "We will leave the battleship. As long as we can survive, this man will pay a big price for what he's done today!"

But he was so bitter and miserable.

This universe was endless. He had just the level 10 cultivation base and Zuo Shi had just Second Sky of King G.o.d Realm. They didn't have divine crystals to refill their consumed energy if they left the ship. Once they jumped into outer s.p.a.ce, they needed the divine crystals immediately. Although they wouldn't meet the s.p.a.ce energy storm, they couldn't resist for a long time. If they weren't lucky, they would die shortly after.

Xuan Ming suddenly regretted it. He thought that he shouldn't bring Zuo Shi to this place. If they had still been in Grace Mainland, they would still have had a chance to survive even if the earth and heaven energy there was running out. At most, they would only need to use their energy and become mortal.


Xuan Ming's face was reluctant and desperate.

"We won't wait for him to kick us out. We will leave now!" Zuo Shi gritted her teeth, glaring at Leonard maliciously. She prepared to jump off the battleship.

"Who are you?"

However, at this moment, surprising screams arose from the other corner of the battleships. Warriors of Drifting Cloud were crying in fear.

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