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Fu Wei rolled her eyes, burst out laughing. "You... Haha, turns out you do babble. I always thought that you were kinda serious all the time."

Looking at the arrangement of the control center of the battleship and those explicable marks, Shi Yan smiled and then said, "I didn't think that the c.r.a.p book was worth one hundred million divine crystals. I earned a fortune this time."

He smiled, speaking about the three things they found in that mysterious ancient city. "The Giant Tribe kept the lumber of the Life Ancient Tree of the Wood Clan and the evil dragon skull. They thought that those two items were priceless to them. They didn't consider that the unknown book would be valuable. Turns out it was the most precious one."

"Your vision was much better than the Giant Tribe." Listening to him, Fu Wei also smiled. "The Canon is crucial. If you thought one hundred million divine crystals wasn't enough, we would have bought it even if you asked for one billion divine crystals. Of course, if you dared to ask for one billion divine crystals, I think some people in the Pavilion would find another way around."

Last time, they had drunk the "Pa.s.sion liquor," they had opened their hearts to each other with a little romance scene that followed. While they didn't recognize it, the distance between them shortened.

Fu Wei didn't feel it difficult to tell Shi Yan the dark business of Potion and Tool Pavilion. She had considered him someone she could reveal her secrets to. She had told him secrets from the bottom of her heart. Shi Yan was curious about Potion and Tool Pavilion. He tried his best to guide their story, making Fu Wei tell him a lot of secrets of Potion and Tool Pavilion.

"The twelve Elders of the pavilion follow three different parties. The internal compet.i.tions have never ceased." Fu Wei sighed, hesitating. "I always feel like it would be a big change in the pavilion. Someone has started something. They all have close relationships with other star areas' forces."

Shi Yan's countenance changed. "The other star areas' forces?"

"Yeah, Shadow Ghostly Prison has many hollow channels that connect to other star areas. Well, most of them do, but they are all shattered and incomplete." Fu Wei thought for a while and then said, "However, only the Dark Shadow Clan knows those s.p.a.ce channel clearly. Great Elder of our organization has a close relationship with Dark Shadow Clan. They have some connection. I used to worry that they would do business with forces in another star area. Maybe... maybe they could harm the welfare of Agate Star Area."

Shi Yan frowned and stood up earnestly. "Why are you telling me all these things?"

Potion and Tool Pavilion in Agate Star Area was extremely mysterious. They had private contracts and businesses with strong forces and mighty clans all around. Discreetly, they could make a significant impact on Agate Star Area. If someone of this organization cooperated with forces from another galaxy to plot something in Agate Star Area, the impact would be immeasurable.

"Because except for you, I don't know who I can talk to and rant about what is in my mind. Sometimes, holding a secret for too long can be a big burden." Fu Wei gently adjusted her tangled hair draped on her forehead. She said miserably. "Last time we drank, you heard many things about me. It happened anyway. Now, it's okay if I tell you more."

Shi Yan nodded quietly.

The two of them stayed in the control center of the battleship and spoke about some stuff of Potion and Tool Pavilion. The more stories Fu Wei told him, the more Shi Yan grimaced.

Shadow Ghostly Prison was like a key intersection connecting Agate Star Area to other galaxies. The mysterious Dark Shadow Clan controlled the checkpoint. They moved and operated like ghosts. No one knew what it wanted to do. However, Potion and Tool Pavilion had pieces of evidence prove that Dark Shadow Clan has a connection to another star area.

The Great Elder's party of Potion and Tool Pavilion still maintained business with Dark Shadow Clan. They cooperated closely and they usually had a private business, which wasn't monitored by the Pavilion. Fu Wei guessed that Potion and Tool Pavilion also had some connection to another star area through the Dark Shadow Clan.

The very First Pavilion Master had stated clearly when he established the organization that Potion and Tool Pavilion would only operate in Agate Star Area. It wasn't allowed to contact any other star area. Also, the organization wouldn't join disputes or conflicts of other clans and forces in Agate Star Area.

Until this generation, Potion and Tool Pavilion seemed to follow the rules of the founder. However, they discreetly reached out to other forces around Agate Star Area. Today, they wanted to break the first rule that the Pavilion Master had set. Fu Wei and many other people were alerted since they felt that some mechanism has been triggered. They felt a terrible danger was silently covering all of them.

"Your Pavilion Master doesn't care at all? Does he know about this?" Shi Yan asked after feeling frightened for a while.

"I'm afraid our current Pavilion Master can't do anything." Fu Wei sighed, explaining. "In each generation, the Pavilion Master is the most brilliant blacksmith who can refine Divine Grade or Original Incipient Grade items. But it's unknown why when their attainment has reached a specific level, they can't break through anymore. When they forge the Original Incipient Grade secret treasures, they often make mistakes. They could break the rules of Nature. Our current Pavilion Master had fallen into bedevilment three hundred years ago when he was refining an Original Incipient Grade treasure. His soul altar has collapsed. Until today, he has consumed a considerable amount of materials to save his soul from vanishing. He doesn't have free time to manage the Pavilion.

"The same thing happened with the second and the third Pavilion Master. They got some excellent achievements and then when they refined Original Incipient Grade treasures, they would fall into bedevilment, which led to the collapse of their soul altars. Their souls fragmented little by little. The Elders came to the same idea that without the Canon, we would never see the marvelous, utmost secret of blacksmithing. That was why all the Pavilion Masters made mistakes.

"Only the soul of the current Pavilion Master remains. And it's slowly perishing day after day. Thus, the compet.i.tion to the Master position has become fierce. At the same time, we have a rule saying that the one with the Canon can step on the precious throne of the Pavilion Master. The one who has the Canon can understand the most marvelous essence of blacksmithing. That way, he could avoid falling into the same mistake of the previous Pavilion Masters. Now you know how crucial the Canon is to us, right?"

Shi Yan nodded slowly. "Yeah, it's indeed crucial. That's why you have to let yourself suffer drinking that kind of wine with me to take information from me..."

Fu Wei blushed, rolling her eyes at him. She was a bit embarra.s.sed, so she shouted at Shi Yan to hide it. "You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Can you not brag about what you've done? I prohibit you from talking about it from now on!"

Shi Yan was surprised. He burst out laughing. He nodded, indicating he understood.

Pausing for a while, he decided to leave. As he got a lot of information, he needed time to digest and plan something all of a sudden.

Fu Wei got up. She wanted to see him off. However, as soon as she stood up, her deep and bright blue eyes gazed at a mark on the wall.

That mark stayed in a corner, glowing in the fulgent purple light. That light was rippling a lot as if it had something to report.

Fu Wei frowned, pondering. She didn't ask Shi Yan to leave as she extended her beautiful arms, touching the mark.

The purple light slowly twisted and projected the hologram of a battleship moving in the dim-lit universe. There were many people running to and fro on the battleship. However, it wasn't clear enough to see.

"It reacts to battleships around." Fu Wei explained. "That battleship isn't far from us. It also goes to Shadow Ghostly Prison. Anyway, that ship doesn't have a symbol of any force. I don't know which force it belongs."

Shi Yan nodded as he understood.

The battleship he was standing on and the other battleships that Potion and Tool Pavilion sold weren't similar. This battleship could defend and attack with the best barriers and restrictions. It could even block Soul Consciousness. It was absolutely the best of the best battleships.

They could stay inside the battleship and observe the shape and trajectory of the battleships moving near them while they couldn't see them. If Fu Wei wanted, she could use the tremendous attack system of this battleship to wreck that battleship and kill the warriors there in just a blink of an eye.

This was also one of the formidable abilities of Potion and Tool Pavilion.

Shi Yan didn't bother with that battleship very much. He nodded and left. However, after taking a step, he felt something as the Demon Blood in his body had a subtle vibe.

He halted, frowning as he watched the battleship projected by the purple light. His eyes became strange.

Perhaps it was because his clear soul altar had been refined by the Soul Refining Fluid, which had cleaned up all the contaminants, together with Life power Upanishad and Demon Blood. Recently, Shi Yan found that he could sense the location of people who had some relation to him within a specific distance.

For example, when he was in the Devil Blood Star, he could know the location of Yang Zhuo and Shi Jian, the ones who had a relation to him.

The vibe sent out from his Demon Blood told him that battleship was carrying someone he knew. If it weren't his friend or a member of his family, the Demon Blood wouldn't have any vibe. It might be a new ability when the Life power Upanishad and Demon Blood combined together to another level.

"What's going on?" Fu Wei turned and looked at him. "Is that battleship important?"

Shi Yan gave a slight nod.

Fu Wei thought for a while and then suggested, "Then shall we go there and check it out?" Initially, she wanted to avoid that battleship. However, seeing Shi Yan move, she offered.

"Alright, it's good if we can see it. That battleship has someone I know," Shi Yan thanked her, nodding.

Fu Wei released magical light beams from her fingers, which flew towards an unknown mark. She was driving the battleship and changing its route.

Shi Yan was sensitive enough to feel the energy in the battleship moving fiercer and faster as the ship turned. From his angle, he could see the battleship projected by the purple light get clearer. Figures on the deck slowly became clearer.


A drop of Demon Blood exploded. The magical sensing moved together with Soul Consciousness, reaching afar like an invisible rope towards that battleship.

His eyes shrank as he focused on that battleship, which was slowly zoomed in. He followed the subtle sense of the Demon Blood to search something.

After a while, he was shaken. His face was dumbstruck as he couldn't believe what he was seeing.

In that place, he saw two silhouettes among the crowd. A slightly boorish old man was hunched, his mouth moving gingerly as if he was explaining something.

Standing next to the old man was a glamorous figure. She had a beautifully slender pair of legs. Her small face was delicate and cute. However, she looked so angry as she was shouting at the old man.

"Zuo Shi!" Shi Yan hissed.

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