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Inside the unknown fountain of powers Upanishad, two souls were floating and bobbing like spooky ghost flames searching for something.

Different marvelous powers Upanishads moved like outer s.p.a.ce light streamers. They swooshed quickly. Each light streamer contained one power Upanishad. There were also s.p.a.ce light streamers with the same power Upanishad but at different levels. It was like developed forms of the same mysteriously mighty power.

Obviously, it wasn't the first time that Shi Yan's host soul and co-soul entered this place. They were like regular customers now. In this area, he had comprehended s.p.a.ce power Upanishad and Star power Upanishad. However, this place didn't have only one kind of s.p.a.ce power Upanishad and Star power Upanishad. As he tried to sense, there were dozens of them in the area he had wandered around. They were the performances of the two powers Upanishads.

Of course, he wasn't aiming at s.p.a.ce power or Star power this time. He wanted to acc.u.mulate something for his Death and Life power Upanishad.

However, after one round around the place, Shi Yan was disappointed that he couldn't find any s.p.a.ce streamers related to Death or Life power Upanishad.

Metal, Fire, Wood, Lightning, Ice, Gravity, Wind, and the other popular powers Upanishad were easy to find here. However, they were so different to what he was cultivating. Thus, he didn't try to study them.

In the blood pool, Blood Devil had used Demon Blood to perform the special abilities of Life power Upanishad, which touched him deeply. He got new cognition of Life power Upanishad. Thus, he wanted to see if he could advance Life power Upanishad in this place.

However, this vast fountain of powers Upanishads was immense and torrential. Various powers Upanishads scattered around endlessly and every hour he wandered here, he had to consume a lot of energy.

However, he could only move within a limited area. If he got out of this safe place, his soul energy would all be consumed. So he shouldn't linger for a long time.

Due to his low realm and weak soul, he could only operate in a limited area. Shi Yan knew this well.

Begrudgingly, he couldn't do anything but let his soul immerse in a brilliant s.p.a.ce, where there was a pulsation of s.p.a.ce power that rippled like unceasing seawater. It had some kind of marvelous s.p.a.ce energy that piled up in layers. Shi Yan let his soul wander in there and slowly quiet down as he tried to comprehend.

The s.p.a.ce pulsation was the key to build s.p.a.ce Teleport Formation. If he understood this, Shi Yan could use his energy with the special materials to build the s.p.a.ce formation like Mother and Child Sky Linking Formation, which could connect two life stars.

His soul immersed in magical s.p.a.ce energy fluctuation. He relaxed and released flows of Soul Consciousness to resonate with the s.p.a.ce energy ripples. He tried carefully to sense each pulse of s.p.a.ce.

Time flew hurriedly.

After an unknown period, his soul felt tired. A thought popped up in his head. He felt like the whole place was turning upside down in panic.

When he could react, his soul had returned to the soul altar already. He woke up in his room.

The three shadows sitting next to him smiled when they saw him waking up.

"Have you finished absorbing the Thousand Fold Lotus?" Shi Yan smiled and asked.

Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo nodded, their eyes full of joy. Ka Tuo laughed, speaking loudly and wildly. "Senior, this Thousand Fold Lotus is really good. My Sea of Consciousness has expanded twice. My Soul Consciousness is refined and my soul altar seems to have been quenched once."

"How about you?" Shi Yan smiled, looking at Fei Lan and Leona.

"I'm about to break to Second Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm." Fei Lan smiled and then turned to Leona. "She has generated the Ethereal Extent. The effects of the Thousand Fold Lotus are really amazing. Each Thousand Fold Lotus is worth the price of eight million divine crystals!"

Leona nodded quietly. Her savage and stubborn face showed her genuine happiness.

In Agate Star Area, the Thousand Fold Lotus was an Original Incipient Grade material that could nurture the soul the best. Even Incipient G.o.d Realm experts could use it to refine their soul. At the same time, it was the precious material to refine many unique soul cla.s.s pellets and medicines. It was the rarest and precious item in the market, indeed.

Three of the Thousand Fold Lotuses were absorbed. The three experts who had a relationship with Shi Yan all had their souls strengthened greatly. Their realms had improved on a large scale. Of course, all of them were happy.

Shi Yan nodded and smiled. "All of you have enlarged your Sea of Consciousness and strengthened your soul. You didn't waste the Thousand Fold Lotus. I hope we will all advance during this trip to Shadow Ghostly Prison. I hope we can soon reach the realms we have always yearned for."

The three of them smiled.

Perhaps because their realms improved, Leona and Fei Lan had gradually calmed down even though were worried for her father and her man. They were filled with hope for this trip.

"Fu Wei was here. She wanted to see you, but you were still cultivating, so we stopped her." Ka Tuo said with an ambiguous smile. "Senior, this woman is good. She is into you. She was really polite when she came here. She treated us well. She even asked if we needed pellets for our cultivation. Do you... have something with her?"

Shi Yan recalled the beautiful experience that happened in Fu Wei's room previously. He was a little bit touched, but his face showed no particular emotion. "You think too much. That woman just wants to cooperate with us more in the future. She's a real businesswoman. She will only choose the partner she thinks is worth her cooperation."

"That woman isn't simple," frowned Fei Lan. "I can't even see her real realm. She has a high position in Potion and Tool Pavilion and is also the youngest Elder. I heard Potion and Tool Pavilion has only twelve Elders..."

Shi Yan nodded quietly.

He spoke to Fu Wei. He knew Fu Wei's sad stories and he knew Fu Wei wanted to destroy Potion and Tool Pavilion. If he disclosed her idea, Fu Wei would be crossed out of Potion and Tool Pavilion. She would suffer and it would be a disaster.

This woman had used the peculiar wine to take information from him, but she also told him her deepest secrets. In some aspect, Shi Yan now kept her biggest secret. If he wanted to harm her, he could make Potion and Tool Pavilion expel her in any minute.

"I'm going to see her then." Pondering for a while, Shi Yan stood up and left the cultivating room.

His cultivating room was inside the battleship. He could reach other places through the stone corridors. However, when he got out of his room this time, he saw a guard of Potion and Tool Pavilion standing at an intersection not far from them. Seeing him come, the guard asked with respect. "Do you need anything, Sir?"

"I want to meet your Young Elder."

"Please wait for a moment. I'm going to notify them."


That guard left immediately. He flashed like an electric beam between the intersections. Shortly after, he returned and bowed, "Young Elder invites you."

Shi Yan nodded, following him.

The guard didn't lead him to Fu Wei's private room but instead to the center of the battleship where they controlled the magical barriers and restrictions that protected the battleship. The green stone ceiling above his head had a vast star map with locations connected to each other by brilliant light beams. It looked like an utmost complicated spider web.

Shi Yan lifted his head to read the map. He recognized that it was the layout of Agate Star Area. It was something that every battleship should have for long-distance journeys in the sea of stars.

The control center of the battleship had layers of glowing imprints of barriers and restrictions. They looked like human fingerprints carved on the stone walls, which were control by the Soul Consciousness.

Of course, understanding the barriers and having an approval of them by the battleship were necessary to control it.

Shi Yan was just an outsider. Although he knew what those imprints represented, he couldn't control them.

Fu Wei sat neatly on a crystal lotus throne in the center of the room. Her long blue dress spread like flower petals, covering her s.e.xy body. She looked like a blooming blue flower. Glancing at Shi Yan, she thinned her lips, waving her hand gently. "Dismiss."

The guard who took Shi Yan to this place quietly left, closing the stone behind him.

Fu Wei stooped. Blue flames flew out of her palms. An exquisite, small jade cauldron was bouncing in her soft palm. It sent a pleasant fragrance to the air that seeped into people's souls.

She was concentrating on refining something.

Shi Yan chuckled. He stayed aside, not bothering her. He watched her performance with interest.

Fu Wei suddenly felt her heart become a mess under his gaze. Her calm mind suddenly had many unclear thoughts. She was fluttered. She made a mistake while carving the imprint.


A clear sound echoed. It seemed like something in her cauldron had exploded. Fu Wei was confused, her beautiful brows knitting together. She sighed weakly and reluctantly said, "Failed."

Shi Yan just smiled, giving no comment.

Fu Wei put her jade cauldron aside, looking at Shi Yan. She was still elegant and calm as usual. "These books are for you. They can help your s.p.a.ce power Upanishad."

New books flew and floated like leaves. They moved, swaying in front of Shi Yan. He picked up one of them and glanced at it. Shi Yan was astounded. "Books of s.p.a.ce power Upanishad? Didn't you say that Potion and Tool Pavilion wouldn't sell these books and only members of Potion and Tool Pavilion with some merits could read them?"

While talking, he grabbed the books, skimming through them. He became more astonished.

They were all instructions and lectures about s.p.a.ce power Upanishad with different branches of the power and their abilities. Although the books didn't say it clearly, Shi Yan knew it would be of help to his cultivation.

s.p.a.ce power Upanishad was rare and peculiar. No Source of Power Upanishad Inheritance could have it. And there was almost no book about it. Although Potion and Tool Pavilion was the strongest and wealthiest force in Agate Star Area, it had only some writings of warriors who cultivated s.p.a.ce power. To other warriors cultivating the same power, these writings were priceless.

"Those are the copies I asked my staff to replicate." Fu Wei explained simply. "You helped us greatly this time. This is how I will repay you. We should do that. Besides, I've talked to Uncle Duo myself. He will send a battleship to Demon Blood Star to deliver a group of cultivating materials of around fifty million divine crystals to your fellows."

"Fifty million divine crystals?" Shi Yan gawked, his jaws dropping. "You're not kidding, right?"

"No joke." Fu Wei smiled seeing him startled. "With the copies of books of s.p.a.ce power Upanishad I gave you, the total value is more than one hundred million... This is to pay tribute to you... for the Canon."

Shi Yan shivered as he was thrilled. After a while, he looked at her solemnly. He asked gingerly, "Hey... Miss Fu Wei... It's... You like me, do you?"

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