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Old Orchid Star, Far West region, Agate Star Area.

After thirty-two years, Old Orchid Star was now dominated by wild weed. The grand mountain that the Giant Tribe used to live on was now leveled. However, this level 7 life star didn't have many races dwelling on it due to its terrible gravity.

Forces of Far West joined hands to sweep out this life star. This planet was now devastated. They had exploited all the strange and rare mineral ores and crystals.

However, one mysterious ancient city stood firm in a corner of Old Orchid Star. It was dusted and decorated with spider webs, and became a playground for many small animals.

This mysterious ancient city was made of some special stone material. It was so firm. That year, those warriors who came to rampage this place didn't find anything precious in the city. They returned with nothing.

Anyway, those people all were savaged by Blood Devil's subordinates. They would never have another chance to get back to Old Orchid Star.

Today, a gigantic battleship landed on Old Orchid Star and anch.o.r.ed by that ancient city. Warriors of Potion and Tool Pavilion got out of their battleship and headed to that mysterious city, their faces earnest.

The leader of this group was blacksmith Zha Duo of Potion and Tool Pavilion who was also Lord Duo, Fu Wei's Uncle Duo. He was an expert at Third Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm who cultivated the extraordinary s.p.a.ce power Upanishad.

Zha Duo was wearing bright silver clothes with exquisite embroideries. He was agile and lively although he looked thin at his fifties or sixties with silver hair draped over his shoulder. Other warriors of Potion and Tool Pavilion followed him with great respect.

Zha Duo walked to the mysterious ancient city. Looking at the rigid city that had stood against tens of thousands of years, he was amazed.

He directly headed to the toughest building in the city, which Shi Yan and Na Xin had tried to open but failed even though they had tried all kinds of strength.

Zha Duo stood in front of the door, slowly reached out and touched it. He squinted to sense for a moment.


A lightsaber shot out from his fingertip, moving like a soft ribbon. It ripped off layers of barrier on the stone doors.


The stone door was smashed.

Zha Duo was still calm and natural, sauntering into the stone building with bright eyes.

The circles inside the stone building glowed, releasing colorful light rings. They connected with each other and created a ma.s.sive light sphere. Each loop was filled with beautiful and expensive divine crystals, which were all top-quality ones. There were dozens of thousands of them.

The divine crystals were shining dazzlingly like stars in the universe, sparkling in each corner of the stone building.

Zha Duo was moving between the circles, trying to find something. He didn't want to miss any corner. However, after several times of searching, he got nothing and he knitted his brows.

After a while, Zha Duo's fingers shot out beams of light, aiming at the light ball as if he wanted to ignite the divine crystals.

Millions of divine crystals released their energy at once. The abundant energy erupted like a volcano. It filled the stone building immediately and then overflowed, reaching each corner of this mysterious city in the form of red light.

Rumble! Rumble!

The mysterious ancient city that stood on Old Orchid Star slowly floated up into the sky with such energy supplemented.

Zha Duo got out of the stone building, walking around the ancient city hovering in the sky. He carefully searched through every corner. Gradually, his face grimaced.

In the vast sea of stars, a ma.s.sive battleship was moving like a wild meteor. Fu Wei and An Yun were staying in the center chamber, staring at a mirror with hope.

Gradually, the bright mirror glowed in a dim halo. A shadow became clearer. It was Zha Duo, the one who was in Old Orchid Star at this moment.

"Uncle Duo!" Fu Wei couldn't help but call. With a gentle figure, she said tenderly, "Did you find the Canon?"

In that mirror, Zha Duo appeared with a pale face. "The Canon isn't here. This ancient city is a battleship fabricated by the very First Pavilion Master. That Elder had stolen it. I'm sure he used to live here. The Thousand Fold Lotuses they got grew here. The boy you said did that. I've searched every corner of the battleship. I got nothing, not even a rock."

Fu Wei and An Yun stiffened their faces.

They could see the mysterious city moving slowly and then accelerating through that mirror. It was getting out of the atmosphere of Old Orchid Star and entering the sea of stars.

That year, the First Pavilion Master had fabricated himself a strange battleship, which looked like a city moving in the void of the endless sea of stars. That city was the symbol of the First Pavilion Master.

The Elder who took the Canon and ran away was the key captain that drove the battleship. During that internal war, he activated the battleship and ran away, disappearing from Agate Star Area.

They found the battleship and the Thousand Fold Lotuses, which confirmed the fact that the Elder used to live in the ancient city. However, they couldn't find his body or the Canon. They didn't see anything that described the Canon or was related to the Canon, which gave Zha Duo a lot of resentment for traveling all the way here for nothing.

"I heard that the battleship was buried in the ground of the Old Orchid Star. Those people had found it by chance. Should the Canon be hidden in the core of the planet?" Fu Wei thought, frowning.

"The planet core of Old Orchid Star?" Zha Duo's face changed, his eyes more solemn. "The Old Orchid Star has a gravity that is a hundred times heavier compared to the other planets. The gravity in the core should be more terrifying and unpredictable. Even I can't jump in there."

Zha Duo knitted his brow tightly as he was thinking. "I think I can use the Soul Consciousness to sense a little bit."

Then, Zha Duo sat down on the battleship and closed his eyes and released the Soul Consciousness, sending it towards the core of Old Orchid Star.

Fu Wei and An Yun anxiously watched him.

After a while, Zha Duo retrieved his Soul Consciousness. With a dark countenance, he shook his head. "Nothing. It's empty."

Fu Wei and An Yun were disappointed.

"The Canon isn't there. If not, I could have sensed some aura though." Zha Duo contemplated for a while and then said, "Keep an eye on that boy. Try to ask him for more details. Besides the Thousand Fold Lotus, ask if he saw anything else."

Fu Wei nodded begrudgingly.

"The Canon is crucial. You have to get that information no matter what. If needed, you can use some extreme tricks then." Zha Duo said with a malignant face and snorted. "If he wants to conceal his information force his soul altar out of his G.o.d Body. We can use Soul Searching Technique to take his memories and investigate!"

"It is not that easy," An Yun's face was bitter. "He's from the same tribe as Blood Devil. Blood Devil favors him a lot. He also has some relations with Bath and Gu Te of Monster Clan. If they want to plot against us, they can harm our Potion and Tool Pavilion's reputation. Plus, we would even receive the anger of Monster Clan."

Hearing her, Zha Duo arched his brows, "Who is that kid?"

"Not clear yet. Our Potion and Tool Pavilion has no record of him. He suddenly came out from nowhere," answered An Yun in a soft tone.

"If he has some relations with Demon Clan and Monster Clan, we can't use force, of course. Hmm, I'm too far away from you guys. Fu Wei, you work on it. Try to take true information from him. The information of the Canon seems to be disclosed. The Great Elder has asked me about this. You guys must be careful. Do not disclose anything." After Zha Duo said this, his imaged dimmed out and disappeared.

Fu Wei and An Yun exchanged looks, sighing reluctantly.

The relationships within Potion and Tool Pavilion were complicated and troublesome. Great Elder had arranged some insiders to his enemy parties. Fu Wei didn't know who they were. Sometimes, Great Elder knew their operation and information.

They couldn't do anything about this so they could only be more cautious.

"Oh, I have to talk to him again. What a headache!" Fu Wei smoothed her tangled hair, her face involuntary. "That man's full of lies. Eight out of ten things he says are lies. I'm afraid that it's not easy to take information from him."

"Young Elder, how about... using the Seven Emotion and Six Desire liquor?" An Yun hesitated, giving a suggestion.

Fu Wei blushed. "Even I can't control my feelings if I drink that liquor. It's easy to confess... I'm afraid unexpected things could happen... I shouldn't do that..."

"I believe in your strong willpower." An Yun sighed inwardly, but she was persistent. "The Seven Emotion and Six Desire liquor is effective. It's the only method to force him to tell the truth without using force. The Canon is crucial. Young Elder, you should think about the general picture. I know it's hard for you though."

Fu Wei's cheeks reddened as she had a lot of thoughts struggling in her mind.

"Young Elder, as soon as we get news about the Canon, we can stop right there. I think with your ability, you can take the real information from him." An Yun stooped, not daring to look at her, but she still insisted.

Fu Wei pondered for a while. She thought a lot before nodding reluctantly. "Okay, we can try. Invite him for me... Umm... to my room."

An Yun was bewildered. She nodded silently.

Training room inside the battleship.

Shi Yan sat like a rock. He had stayed put for a long time already. He held his aura, but his energy was moving around his body.

Inside the other three rooms, Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo were using the Thousand Fold Lotuses to refine their soul altars and strengthen their souls.

Knock! Knock!

The closed jade door transmitted sounds of gentle knocking.

Shi Yan woke up and walked to the door with a frown. Looking at An Yun with her awkward face, he said impatiently. "What's up?"

"Our Yong Elder wants to discuss something with you." An Yun sighed inwardly. She felt guilty. However, they had to put Young Elder in a great inconvenience for the Canon.

"If it's not important, I don't care." Shi Yan waved his hand. He was trying his best to understand the mysteries and powers of Demon Blood. This disturbance annoyed and irritated him.

An Yun's face stiffened. She cursed inwardly but still smiled. "I don't know the details. But I think it should be very important. Please, come to see her."

"Oh," Shi Yan paused for a while and said reluctantly, "then lead me."

"Follow me," An Yun immediately led him towards a stone corridor, walking deep inside the battleship.

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