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Chapter 99 - But I Want to Kill You!
At the heart of the stone statue.
In a huge deep hole, star light was shining like fire worms.
The deep hole was not made of stone, but a contained a red crystal with a black spot moving on its surface like a star.
The heart-shaped red crystal was floating in the center of the hole and light from the edges of the hole was shooting into the crystal.
The red crystal was so clear and beautiful and had a mysterious power buried inside it. It was like staring at the starry sky when one looked at that crystal.
The heart-shape crystal was as large as a fist, as if it was a big light spot in the hole, although it was sending out dazzling lights and overwhelming energy.
On the wall of the hole, dense bunches of dazzling lights flashed into the red crystal and covered the glittering crystal like a natural shield.
Off to the side of the deep hole, Beiming Ce looked indifferent, and the three warriors were staring at the crystal in surprise.
Up in the sky, the ma.s.sive star river pattern projected its light onto the crystal and drifted by slowly.
Every warrior could feel the mysterious energy from that crystal, as if it had the ability to concentrate all the power from the stars, it was attracting every warrior.
No matter if it was Beiming Ce or the three Dark World warriors, they all stared at the crystal greedily.
“Why hasn’t the Young Master arrived? This mysterious crystal will be taken by Beiming Ce!” A Dark World warrior at the First Sky of the Disaster Realm said coldly, his face looked weird in the light of the crystal.
The other two warriors of the Third Sky of the Human Realm were standing separately by his side, keeping watch for Mu Hui who could show up any second.
Beiming Ce stretched out his left hand again and blue flames flew out. The blue flames flew up into the sky and turned into a huge blue hand projecting onto the crystal.
The light shield on the crystal produced a huge deafening sound and blocked Beiming Ce’s huge hand made from his Polar Ice Flame Martial Spirit.
The huge blue hand shattered as soon as it touched the light shield.
Bunches of blue flames turned into small flames and shot above the light shield. Gradually, it turned back into a huge blue hand again.
Beiming Ce didn’t give up, as he triggered his Polar Ice Flame Martial Spirit again.
The light shield defended again, shattering Beiming Ce’s Polar Ice Flame Martial Spirit and turning it back to blue flames.
Under Beiming Ce’s consistent attacks, the light shield was twisted and squeezed like a balloon, causing it to withdraw into the crystal a bit.
Beiming Ce’s Polar Ice Flame Martial Spirit had an icy air which could freeze everything. Every time the huge hand touched the light shield the icy air would permeate into it.
After several times, the defensive power of the light shield became weaker.
A secret delight flashed in Beiming Ce’s eyes.
“Bang! Bang! Bang!”
Under the three warriors’ eyes, Beiming Ce operated his Polar Ice Flame Martial Spirit again and again to seize that crystal, permeating the icy air into the light shield to decrease its defensive power.
“This is bad!”
The Disaster Realm warrior changed his expression, as he said in a low voice, “Beiming Ce will get the crystal soon if he is not disturbed. Our Young Master will be too late! The Lord and Mistress of the Dark World would be angry if Beiming Ce got this crystal.”
“What should we do now?”
“Stop Beiming Ce!”
That guy ordered and operated his [Dark World Claw] right away.
Just as Beiming Ce’s blue hand tried to catch the crystal, that [Dark World Claw] showed up and was thrust into the blue hand.
“Chee chee chee!”
As soon as it touched the blue hand, the Claw slowed down and sent out dim blue light; it was suppressed by the polar ice flame.
Seeing the situation deteriorate, the other two warriors took action as well. [Dark World Thorns] flew toward Beiming Ce.
Beiming Ce’s face turned icy as he said coldly, “You finally can’t wait.”
Immediately, Beiming Ce vanished into the air.
The next moment, Beiming Ce appeared right beside them, and the polar ice flame turned into small bunches of flames and tried to wrap up the three warriors.
The three were terrified and soon worked together to fight against Beiming Ce.
Beiming Ce yelled and vanished again.
A warrior of the Third Sky of the Human Realm fell to the ground on his back.
Then, Beiming Ce showed a cold smile, “You guys want to compete with me?”
Bunches of blue flames crossed by the frozen man who died quickly.
Beiming Ce yelled again and appeared behind another warrior and patted his head.
That guy’s head exploded and he died instantly.
The last Disaster Realm warrior sat down in terror and tried to trigger more [Dark World Thorns].
Green needle-like thorns came out from his body and shot in all directions.
“You are a Disaster Realm warrior, but you are not favored by G.o.d for you don’t have a Martial Spirit.” Beiming Ce smirked.
An ice wall coagulated from polar ice flames appeared in front of him and the thorns were blocked.
The Disaster Realm warrior shifted his face. Without hesitation, he continued to trigger his thorns which shot in all directions.
He knew that Beiming Ce has the Teleport Martial Spirit, so he couldn’t shoot his thorns in only one direction, although it consumed much of his Profound Qi.
He wanted to buy more time for Mu Hui to arrive.
Unfortunately, he didn’t know that Mu Hui had already been killed by Shi Yan.
Standing behind the ice wall, Beiming Ce was not in a hurry. He watched that warrior like a cat watching a mouse, “I would like to see how long you can last.”
He couldn’t endure for long.
Three minutes later, his thorns became less and less.
To trigger the [Dark World Thorns] cost a lot of Profound Qi.
Although the thorns were powerful, it consumed much Profound Qi.
Therefore, he realized that his Profound Qi was about to run out.
Why hadn’t the Young Master arrived!
That man looked around quickly and became more and more panicked.
“You won’t meet him.” Knowing he was waiting for Mu Hui, Beiming Ce said indifferently, “Because you are going to die!”
Then Beiming Ce teleported again.
This time, his body turned into hard ice and approached the warrior through the thorns.
Under that guy’s horrified eyes, the ice surrounding Beiming Ce’s body expanded and he was covered by the polar ice flame.
“Kak kak!”
His body froze quickly and became an ice corpse. His terrified expression was also frozen on his face.
Beiming Ce raised his leg and kicked the man with a disappointed face.
The frozen warrior was smashed into several pieces blocks of ice.
His body was shattered.
Beiming Ce walked at a leisure pace towards the deep hole, and frowned as he looked at the floating crystal, “It’s finally quiet.”
“Taa taa!”
Just then, light steps came from afar.
Beiming Ce frowned with an annoyed face, “Too annoying! These people from the Dark World! It’s like they won’t even disappear.”
Turning his head back, Beiming Ce looked to the direction where the footsteps came from.
Beiming Ce wondered, and a smirk climbed up his mouth, “Well, how surprising that this boy is still alive. The Dark World warriors are all c.r.a.p.”
Shi Yan stopped his steps and stared at Beiming Ce who looked gloomy.
“Shi Yan, it’s really lucky for you to live till now.” Beiming Ce beamed, “We are both from the Merchant Union, the five big families, so we could be friends in the future. Therefore, I don’t want to kill you. Leave now, and I can pretend that I’ve never seen you here.”
“You don’t want to kill me?” Shi Yan beamed.
“No. Leave! Before I change my mind.” Beiming Ce nodded.
“But, I want to kill you!” With a smile in his corner of his mouth, Shi Yan’s eyes still showed coldness as he replied, “I have waited for too long.”
Beiming was surprised at first. Then he pulled himself together and said, “So audacious. Never mind, it won’t take much time to kill you. And the Shi family will lose hope if I kill you. My grandpa will like it.”
As he was talking, Beiming walked slowly toward him without using his teleport.
“Tata! Tata!”
Just then, steps came from afar again.
Before long, Mu Yu Die and Di Yalan ran in this direction in worry.
As they arrived, they didn’t even look at Shi Yan, instead focusing on Beiming Ce. Mu Yu Die asked happily, “Young Master Beiming, you’ve arrived?”
Beiming Ce bowed a little and nodded to them with a smile, “Yeah, I’ve been here for quite a while. Also I have cleaned some trash from the Dark World to avoid troubles later.”
“Well, you haven’t cleaned up this trouble.” Shi Yan stated indifferently, appearing somewhat bored.
“You? Hehe, you are far from able to cause me trouble.” Beiming Ce scorned, “It’s no harder to kill you than it is to kill an ant.”
“I’m waiting!”
Translated by: Qian
Edited by: Moto, Chancs and Vick
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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