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When Shi Yan returned to the center of the Devil Blood Star, Fu Wei of Potion and Tool Pavilion, Bath of Evil Dragon Tribe, and Gu Te of Brutal Dragon Tribe had just finished their negotiation. They had come up with a trading and shipping contract for the future. They looked satisfied.

Fu Wei had offered them many preferential prices compared to before. As Fu Wei had the approval of Bath and Gu Te, she got the support of the Monster Clan.

Bath and Gu Te had dozens of life stars. They were indeed the prominent regional force in Agate Star Area. Many other branches of the Monster Clan had depended on Bath and Gu Te. In some aspects, Fu Wei had the exclusive right to do business with the entire Monster Clan.

The next meeting to be held was going to be in the Monster Dragon Star. At that time, Fu Wei would arrange for her staff to deliver the materials required to the Monster Clan to quench their bodies. She would receive big profits from Monster Clan.

Both sides were happy.

Bath and Gu Te saw Shi Yan coming. They nodded to greet him.

Talking to Shi Yan, they knew Blood Devil was cultivating in seclusion. Thus, they didn't stay for a long time and they departed from Devil Blood Star.

"I heard that you wanna go to Shadow Ghostly Prison?" Fu Wei got this information from Wu Lan. She seemed to not be surprised and just smiled. "I'm also going there. Do you need a ride?"

"Are you going to Shadow Ghostly Prison too?" Shi Yan was surprised.

"Yes, I have some business there. Our battleship can move faster than you guys fly. You don't need to use your energy too. What do you think? Do you want to go with us?" invited Fu Wei.

She was still so curious about Shi Yan. The man who had the approval of the two Chiefs of Monster Dragon Star and was related to Blood Devil somehow was going to bloom with great achievement in Agate Star Area later.

Potion and Tool Pavilion had always valued potential experts, which was its persistent working policy.

"Ah, mei-mei, you do favor our Shi Yan a lot. You're going to the same destination again. I think your destiny is deep enough. Haha." Wu Lan teased her. "Haha, I heard you have many men chase after you in Potion and Tool Pavilion, but you never lay your eyes on anyone. You haven't had any rumors or scandals with anyone. Don't you think when this information is released, your flower-bodyguards would be jealous and chase after Shi Yan and confront him?"

Fu Wei blushed, glancing at her reluctantly. "Jie-jie, why don't you let me go?"

"Because you look so cute when you're blushing. I like to see you blush." Wu Lan smiled deliberately and then said to Shi Yan, "Going with Potion and Tool Pavilion will save you from trouble. No matter which area it is, the battleship of Potion and Tool Pavilion can cross wars and fights. It's like a pa.s.s. You won't encounter troubles."

Pausing for a while, Wu Lan said, "If something happens, it will only be the internal compet.i.tion between the parties of Potion and Tool Pavilion itself. Haha, other forces don't dare to mess with them."

Fu Wei was bewildered. She shook her head, sighing as if she had to accept what Wu Lan said.

Potion and Tool Pavilion was a unique force that stayed away from the mundane forces of Agate Star Area. It was truly the biggest business of Agate Star Area. No matter how strong they were, those forces had to have a close or even complicated relationship with Potion and Tool Pavilion. They needed to exchange for cultivating materials from Potion and Tool Pavilion, anyway.

Each life star and mineral star had some special cultivating materials. However, the warriors' demands were strange. Things they could exploit from their life star wasn't necessarily what they needed.

What Potion and Tool Pavilion did was to manage the cultivating materials of Agate Star Area. It would deliver what the warriors needed and exchange them for the items they didn't need. Potion and Tool Pavilion could earn from the difference between prices.

Also, Potion and Tool Pavilion had employed many alchemists and blacksmiths. They could refine materials into pellets, medicines, secret treasures, and battleships. At the same time, they had different Source of Power Upanishad Inheritances and books of special powers Upanishads. Together, they brought the enormous turnover to Potion and Tool Pavilion.

No one objected to the fact that Potion and Tool Pavilion was the wealthiest force in Agate Star Area. Rumors even said that if any mighty force could have Potion and Tool Pavilion, they received the ability to rule the entire star area alone.

From this aspect, people knew how strong Potion and Tool Pavilion was. Having Potion and Tool Pavilion meant having endless pellets and medicines, battleships and cultivating materials. At the same time, they could even cut off materials supply for the enemies. With the right time and right force, they would become invincible.

However, Potion and Tool Pavilion had never partic.i.p.ated in any battles of the forces. They would remain neutral forever, staying away from wars and compet.i.tions.

Its real compet.i.tion happened... internally between the Elders.

The internal war of Potion and Tool Pavilion was exclusive. It restricted the other forces from joining. People said that it was also brutal. However, outsiders couldn't know that.

"... If you also go there, I should say thanks in advance." Shi Yan pondered for a while and then nodded with a smile. He knew that it would be good for his team.

"We want to depart right now." Fu Wei adjusted a piece of jade on her dress, her face calm like water. "We've stayed in the Devil Blood Star for a long time. We're delayed. We should hurry to go to Shadow Ghostly Prison."

"I have no problem with that," Shi Yan smiled. He knew Fei Lan and Leona couldn't wait very long.

"Good then. We're going to depart now." Fu Wei said and then called a war chariot for Shi Yan, Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo. They flew towards the battleship of Potion and Tool Pavilion, which was anch.o.r.ed out there.

When the rumbling noise of the battleship's engine starting, the battleship that looked like an antique beast slowly soared up from the Devil Blood Star, flying into the immense galaxy.

They treated Shi Yan differently this time.

The previous time he hopped in this battleship, he could only sit on a corner of the deck. Potion and Tool Pavilion's staff didn't care about him much.

However, Fu Wei had given him a s.p.a.cious cultivating room inside the battleship this time, which had a meditating platform that could gather energy. It also had a stone room where he could practice power Upanishad, a bathroom, and even good wines and fruits. He could reach for everything he needed. The cultivating chamber was several hundred meters large divided into ten rooms. Each of them was decorated with gorgeous jewels and exquisite drawings on the wall. All looked stunningly luxurious.

It seemed like Fu Wei wanted to form a good relationship with Shi Yan. After she took Shi Yan's team of four to the room, she said with a smile, "You can stay here and cultivate. When we get there, I'll notify you. The conditions here are good for your cultivation. We've set up the barrier outside. You can strike your blows. Warriors at Incipient G.o.d Realm can't break the barrier. Don't worry about it."

"Thanks for your excellent hospitality."

"Don't be so polite. If you have any materials to sell or buy, remember to call me."

"Of course! Of course!"

Fu Wei smiled and nodded. She didn't linger. At the moment the battleship moved through the atmosphere of Devil Blood Star, she left.

As soon as she left, Shi Yan released his Soul Consciousness to sense around. He then took out a Blue Ice Jar. "This jar has three Thousand Fold Lotuses. I've refined them. You three should take one for each. It will benefit your Sea of Consciousness and soul altar very well."

Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo had cultivated the Inheritances of the Bloodthirsty's Cortege of Eight. They all had the similar blood mark on their forehead. According to the Ring Spirit, the heirs and heiresses of the eight servants of Bloodthirsty would become his servants too. Strengthening them meant improving his hands.

Thus, he had saved three Thousand Fold Lotuses for the three of them. He wanted to increase their realms and powers faster.

"Thank you, senior," Ka Tuo laughed. He didn't try to be shy or lie to Shi Yan. He received the Blue Ice Jar directly. "We won't fail you, senior."

Although he still called Shi Yan senior, he had considered Shi Yan his Master and intended to serve him wholeheartedly.

After this period of time staying together, Ka Tuo gradually recognized that Ge Lu, who had imparted him the inheritance, was one of the eight members of the Bloodthirsty's Cortege of Eight. He had solemnly pledged to fulfill the wish of that deceased precursor. He was clear and determined. He knew that he had to become the member of Shi Yan's entourage.

However, for face-saving consideration, he couldn't address the other Master directly. Thus, he still called Shi Yan his senior.

Shi Yan smiled. Through some small details, he had seen the changes in Ka Tuo's personality. He was glad because it was easier for them to address each other that way.

If Ka Tuo called him Master every time, Shi Yan would felt pretty awkward. He couldn't adapt to it.

Fei Lan and Leona weren't talkative. They just nodded and didn't say even a 'thank you.' However, Shi Yan understood that if he was in any trouble, Fei Lan and Leona would risk their lives to help him. They were trustful colleagues who he could reveal his back to.

Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo took one Thousand Fold Lotus each. After that, they found their own rooms and started to absorb the lotus as Shi Yan had done.

Shi Yan also quieted down. He found a place where he could calm down his mind and meditate. He started to think and comprehend Blood Devil's instructions which were related to Life power Upanishad.

Blood Devil had great attainment on his cultivation of Life power Upanishad. It had almost reached the perfect level, the utmost natural level of Life power Upanishad. The powers of Life Upanishad combined with Immortal Demon Blood had made Shi Yan drop his jaw in awe. That was the first time he knew that Life power Upanishad could reach such a magical level.

As long as he had one drop of Immortal Demon Blood remaining, he could still revive even if his G.o.d Body was smashed. This was the most terrifyingly, marvelous feature of the Immortal Demon Blood.

Using Immortal Demon Blood to heal a poorly wounded warrior was another application of Immortal Demon Blood. As long as he had enough Demon Blood in his body, people who accompanied him could recover if they weren't smashed into a pulp. Shi Yan could use his Demon Blood to bestow his magical recovery ability to others.

This was a terrific yet intimidating ability!

Life power Upanishad in his blood was the exclusive feature of Immortal Demon Blood, which no other races could compare to. Also, it was the main power Upanishad of the Immortal Demon Tribe. Shi Yan was lucky that he had combined Death and Life powers Upanishads right at the beginning. He had created a new level of combined powers Upanishad, which could support each other.

The performance of Life power Upanishad and Demon Blood by Blood Devil had opened a new door to Shi Yan. It showed him the powers of a higher level. It had impressed him deeply.

There was still a long time to go before they reached Shadow Ghostly Prison. Shi Yan decided to use this time most sufficiently to break through his powers Upanishads. This way, he could grow his energy and power Upanishads at the same time. He lacked improvement of powers Upanishad and realm. About the required amount of energy...

Shi Yan smiled, his face relaxed.

When they arrived in Shadow Ghostly Prison, why would he worry about not having enough energy to break through?

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