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Shi Yan returned to the grand palaces in the Devil Blood Star.

When Fei Lan and Leona saw Shi Yan, they cheered up and ran towards him.

"Where is Master?" Wu Lan also stepped forward, smiling.

"He's trying to comprehend power Upanishad. He won't be leaving the blood pool any time soon. If you want to see him, go to the pool." Shi Yan smiled. "How is the business between Potion and Tool Pavilion and the two precursors going?"

"Almost done," Wu Lan smiled and said, "Oh, Master is cultivating his powers Upanishads. It seems like he got something good this time then. He's appointed me to handle the business of Devil Blood Star when he's busy with his cultivation. I know how much Master favors you. If you don't know something in the Devil Blood Star, you can ask me. I'll do my best to help you."

"Thank you."

"Nah, no need to be so distant. This is our Master's advice. As his servants, we must follow his advice to work."

"I may have to leave the Devil Blood Star for a while. Yeah, I'm going to arrange something. I hope you will take care of the people I've brought here."

"Of course."

An area of Devil Blood Star.

High and grand mountain ranges jutted into the sky, hiding in the clouds. Standing on the mountain flanks and feet were many palaces and buildings with some specialized training courts.

This territory used to belong to the Dwarf Demon Tribe. Blood Devil had taken it to prepare a place for Shi Yan's family. This place had abundant earth and heaven energy, indeed.

The Dwarf Demon Clan had built those buildings and palaces. The Dwarf Demon Tribe was famous for its skillful craftsmen. Those buildings had cultivating rooms and gardens with herbals fields. There was also a mountain that held a lot of demon beasts.

Yang Zhuo, Long Zhu, and the warriors of Raging Flame Star Area were working on this mountain. They felt so satisfied with this place.

They got many cultivating materials and a high-grade Source of Power Upanishad Inheritance from Potion and Tool Pavilion. Yang Zhuo, Long Zhu, Jester, and Na Xin were so happy that they finally got a place to stay. Now they had no burden in their minds, so they were able to continue their cultivation freely.

The Devil Blood Star was Blood Devil's territory. Among the ten life stars around, it was the most favored one. Not only did it have abundant earth and heaven energy and various types of rich natural resources but there was also Blood Devil who guarded the place.

Staying in this area, they wouldn't need to worry about the enemies. They could continue their cultivation freely, which was something others had to struggle a lot to have.

It was evident that Blood Devil had favored Shi Yan, a folk from his tribe a lot. He had spent and given Shi Yan's people prosperous land and was letting them handle it in the ways they liked, which showed how much he loved Shi Yan.

Calling for Yang Zhuo, Jester, Feng Ke, and Feng Rao, inside a palace built by the Dwarf Demon Tribe, Shi Yan looked at his family members and his good friends with their happy faces. He felt more relaxed than ever.

Today, he had finally fulfilled his promise that year. He had found a new life star for people who used to live in the exhausted Grace Mainland.

When he departed from Grace Mainland that year, he had gone with the most important mission of finding a life star, a new home for his people.

Today, his promise was fulfilled. Looking at the happiness on their faces, Shi Yan felt pleased.

"Without you, we wouldn't be here today. You always surprise us." Yang Zhuo appraised with a lot of emotion. "I could have never imagined that you could reach your current level from your low realm that year. Every time I think about it, I feel like I'm dreaming."

Long Zhu also said, "In Perpetual Night Forest that year, I supported your side because I thought that you could bring a whole new world to Human Clan. However, I have never thought that my instant decision at that moment could create an incredible warrior later."

"I remember when you arrived in the Endless Sea, you only had the Disaster Realm cultivation base." Yang Zhuo said with a smile, "but today, you've reached Original G.o.d Realm. I would never have imagined in my dreams how much you've brought to us."

"Boy, you shouldn't be complacent." Shi Jian said with a serious countenance, looking at him. "Agate Star Area has many experts, including Incipient G.o.d Realm ones. Since you have extraordinary innate talents, don't lag behind."

Listening to his family and friends' encouragement, Shi Yan was touched and relaxed.

"I want to leave for a while." Contemplating for a while, he said with a smile, "I want to go to Shadow Ghostly Prison. I have something to do there. You guys just stay and cultivate in Devil Blood Star. Don't worry. I know your attainment in the future won't be ordinary."

Out of his expectations, people didn't ask him anything. They all looked at him encouragingly.

"You guys..." Shi Yan was surprised.

"You never rest even for a moment. We get used to it." Yang Zhuo laughed. "Maybe the more you travel, explore, and battle, the better you can do to break through and become stronger. We know how you are. We know you don't like the old-fashioned and conservative cultivation ways. Well, even if you say you're going to Shadow Ghostly Prison, we have no doubt that you will succeed."

"But we heard that Shadow Ghostly Prison is an extreme place. You should be careful," Long Zhu frowned but didn't stop him.

Inside the hall, Shi Yan and his fellows were talking happily. They recalled old stories and laughed with each other, having a relaxing moment.

Long, long afterward, Long Zhu and the others excused themselves and left. Only Yang Zhuo and Shi Jian stayed.

"This is Thousand Fold Lotus. You can merge it with your Sea of Consciousness. It will benefit the soul altar marvelously. Grandfathers, you two keep it carefully and find the chance to use it." Pondering for a while, Shi Yan took out the Blue Ice Jars and gave six refined Thousand Fold Lotuses to Yang Zhuo and Shi Jian.

Shi Yan got thirteen flowers. He sold three to Wu Lan, used one, and saved three for Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo. He handed his grandfathers the six flowers that remained.

"Thousand Fold Lotus is a great tool to aid the soul and Sea of Consciousness. But one person should use it all at once. The second use wouldn't be as effective as the first one. Thus, each of you should have one lotus. You guys can arrange for these six flowers," said Shi Yan.

Yang Zhuo and Shi Jian were astonished. Strange light shot out from their eyes.

They knew the value of Thousand Fold Lotuses...

Shi Yan had sold the Thousand Fold Lotuses to Wu Lan at the price of eight million divine crystals each. However, they heard that the real price of the flower could be more than ten million, which was enough to buy ten gigantic battleships. Ten million divine crystals was an enormous amount in Agate Star Area, indeed.

Six Thousand Fold Lotuses were equal to sixty million divine crystals! What was going on?

"Grandpa Yang, Grandpa Shi, you are my family. Of course, I will reserve good things for my family." Shi Yan smiled, "Grandpas, I want you two to use the flowers. Next time I see you, I want to see what realm you can reach."

Shi Jian and Yang Zhuo were at Peak of Spirit Realm. They just needed a little more to enter True G.o.d Realm. If they were in Grace Mainland, they would be on top of the pyramid. But in this Agate Star Area...

Warriors at True G.o.d Realm in Shi Yan's eyes at this moment were just ants. However, family was always family. Although their realms were low, he would never change his att.i.tude towards them. He had six Thousand Fold Lotuses. He never thought to give Feng Rao some. He gave Yang Zhuo and Shi Jian all six.

The two old men were happy. They nodded discreetly. No words were needed to express their grat.i.tude.

After discussing with Long Zhu, Jester, Na Xin, Tang Yuan Nan, and Yun Hao for a while, he arranged everything before leaving.

Hovering in the air, he turned his head to look at the layers of mountains, the palaces, his family and his friends. Shi Yan felt relaxed. He felt the heavy responsibility he had shouldered finally lift.

His family members and friends were appropriately arranged. This was a level 7 life star with abundant cultivating materials and Blood Devil's care. He'd done what he had to do. He had given them the best conditions to cultivate. He couldn't interfere with their progress though, so they could only depend on their efforts.

Smiling, he turned into a blood mist, dashing towards the center of Devil Blood Star.

Some women on the mountain range behind him lifted their heads to watch him, their countenances complicated.

Cao Zhi Lan, He Qing Man, and Qu Yan Qing were standing on a rock cliff of a mountain, looking at Shi Yan with lonely visages.

They couldn't have anything with Shi Yan. They regretted a little bit. The man that they hadn't lay their eyes on that year now had an earth-shaking achievement. He himself alone had overturned the situation of Grace Mainland. He had brought them from the far Grace Mainland to Agate Star Area. He found a perfect place for them to cultivate indeed.

At this moment, Shi Yan was distant and strange to them. Even if they could have thicker facial skin, they knew that they would never be people in his cla.s.s. Even if they wanted to pay instead of getting paid, they didn't have that right.

The difference between their realms was like a wide ca.n.a.l that they could never cross. In front of Shi Yan, their pressure was ma.s.sive. No matter how hard they tried, they couldn't be themselves and couldn't feel comfortable.

They suddenly understood.

If you can hold on to the man when he's poor and weak, when he's finally wealthy, you can only look at him with desire for the rest of your life. You will never be able to touch him...

Inside a stone building in another mountain range.

Feng Ke and Feng Rao were standing by the window, looking at Shi Yan zooming out. Feng Ke glanced at his daughter and chuckled. "Your eyes are always keener than mine. I used to have no clue why you wanted to be with that man. I thought you were just impulsive. But today, you proved your good eyes. Sigh, I can't imagine that he reached such a level. In the future, he will be more dazzling. Do you think you will be pressured even more?"

"Of course," Feng Rao thought, answering softly. "Thus, I want to make double efforts. I want to shorten the distance between us. At least... I don't want to lag too far behind."

"He doesn't have only one woman, right?" frowned Feng Ke.

"Is it a problem?" Feng Rao smiled. "A strong, attractive man like him, of course, will attract beauties. Well, people aren't foolish. They can see his incredible features, right? I'm lucky because I have a large place in his heart. Although it's still small, I feel like it's good enough."

Feng Rao's line of sight moved further away from where Cao Zhi Lan, He Qing Man, and Qu Yan Qing stood. She lowered her voice, chuckling. "Some women would regret it for the rest of their life. They regret that they couldn't have anything with him. Because they were narrow-minded, they couldn't hold on to him when he wasn't good enough. So now, they have to mourn their loss for the rest of their lives. I'm lucky I made the right decision that year. Otherwise, we wouldn't have come to this place; my father and my people wouldn't have been taken care of so nicely."

Feng Ke nodded, sighing inwardly.

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