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Blood Devil's torso was naked. His muscles were lean and connected with each other like rocks. Each of his muscles was beautifully filled with exploding energy.

He was agitated, frowning deeply as he looked at Shi Yan's soul flying away and entering his forehead little by little.

Making the G.o.d Body open to let another's soul enter was extremely dangerous to any warrior. Opening the G.o.d Body meant to put down all kind of defensive abilities. This would put the warrior's soul into a perilous situation.

If the other had some ambiguous intention, he could destroy that warrior's body with a little trick and even hurt the foundation of that warrior.

Blood Devil didn't hesitate to open his body to Shi Yan. He trusted Shi Yan.

Blood Devil had retrieved his aura. Now he was defenseless. Shi Yan was calm, but seeing him like this, he was a little anxious.

He really appreciated Blood Devil's trust to him. However, he was afraid that the Ring Spirit wouldn't be able to handle this and cause some trouble.

"Any problem?" Shi Yan instinctively sent a message to the Ring Spirit. "Unless you're 100% sure, I think we should stop. I'm afraid that we could make mistakes..."

"Don't worry, I know how to do it. With my current abilities, pa.s.sing on the power Upanishad Inheritance isn't a problem," replied the Ring Spirit. Then, it urged Shi Yan, "Get through his glabella!"

Shi Yan's soul floated. Receiving the Ring Spirit's confirmation, he didn't think much and concentrated wholeheartedly.


Shi Yan's soul with the blood mark entered the Blood Devil's glabella where it connected directly to the Sea of Consciousness. It was the most critical area of the warrior's G.o.d Body. Powers of the Sea of Consciousness, powers Upanishad, and soul energy had to get through this important locus to diffuse.

Blood Devil relaxed. He didn't look worried at all. He was as calm and relaxed as water. He opened his body and his glabella, not setting up any barrier.

Shi Yan's soul appeared between Blood Devil's two brows, turning into a faint blood halo. The blood mark expanded like an octopus, which magnified its blood-red lines. Those lines then connected to each of Blood Devil's vessels and bones. The pure soul energy in the mark flooded Blood Devil's Sea of Consciousness, moving to his tier of powers Upanishad.

Shi Yan and Blood Devil had formed a close connection temporarily.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

That blood mark suddenly glowed like blood fireworks. Energy fluctuations of the magical power Upanishad shot out, moving through the bloodlines to enter Blood Devil's Sea of Consciousness directly. In the next moment, his tier of powers Upanishad, blood, internal organs, soul, and G.o.d Body started to resonate with some unknown magical rhythm.


Shi Yan heard something echo in his head. He felt a flow of immensely marvelous Soul Consciousness shot out from his blood mark. One small wisp of that Soul Consciousness grumblingly fell to Blood Devil's soul altar right on the tier of powers Upanishad while the other disappeared into Blood Devil's G.o.d Body.

Shi Yan was panic-stricken. He seemed to become an onlooker. He stood aside, silently watching the blood mark automatically proceed the inheritance impartation. A waterfall of unknown energy gushed out from the Blood Vein Ring, pouring into the blood mark in his soul.

All steps of this operation used the energy of the Ring Spirit. The Ring Spirit was the transporter and the blood mark was the leader. Shi Yan didn't need to use his energy or partic.i.p.ate in releasing the inheritance.

He just needed to stay aside and observe.

After Shi Yan's soul altar had been washed with the Soul Refining Fluid in that s.p.a.ce crack, it seemed like the Ring Spirit had got something good too. It had recovered a significant amount of energy. That was why it could pa.s.s the power Upanishad inheritance to exist at Blood Devil's level.

Blood Devil was calm. From the beginning to the end, he didn't generate any beam of energy. He had opened his body to Shi Yan and received the power Upanishad Inheritance. He didn't protest or resist.

Of course, it wasn't that Blood Devil had just stayed put. He could feel it and he was filled with fear.

Imparting power Upanishad wasn't an easy task. Even when a profound-realm expert was giving inheritance to a lower-realm warrior, it required a lot of efforts and an enormous amount of soul energy. And it wasn't guaranteed that the other could endure the inheritance or not.

So, it truly went against the natural order when a lower-realm warrior gave inheritance to a higher-realm warrior.

If Shi Yan didn't insist, Blood Devil would never have let him do something like this. Although his realm was extremely high, he was still afraid of backlash.

However, he was worried about Shi Yan more. He was afraid that Shi Yan didn't have the competence and energy to complete the procedure of imparting inheritance. If Shi Yan's soul energy drained, he would die for sure. Blood Devil would regret it so much if this last member of his tribe were gone.

However, when the procedure started, Blood Devil was petrified.

An enormous soul energy gushed out from Shi Yan's blood mark, which was so dense that even Blood Devil felt terrified. That strange and intimidating soul energy was apparently not from Shi Yan, a Second Sky of Original G.o.d Realm warrior. Even if it was a formidably strong soul, it couldn't have such ma.s.sive soul energy.

Blood Devil could confirm immediately that Shi Yan must have some secret that he couldn't know. He must have a terrifying creature which helped him complete the inheritance impartation.

Anyway, he didn't know Shi Yan hadn't spent a bit of his energy to do all of these. The Ring Spirit was in charge of carrying the procedure. The Ring Spirit had prepared and imparted the inheritance. Shi Yan had just used his blood mark as the transmitter and himself as an observer.

After the energy fluctuations of the power Upanishad inside that blood mark had connected his Sea of Consciousness and crept toward his tier of power Upanishad, Blood Devil was shaken. He stopped thinking too much immediately.

The procedure has begun!

Inside the blood pool, Blood Devil was soaked in the blood-red liquid, his face grave. He slowly closed his eyes. Shi Yan faced him, his aura long and ancient. Although Shi Yan's soul altar floated above his head, the host soul was gone, connected to Blood Devil's glabella by a blood thread.

Blood Devil slowly diffused a flow of desolate energy, extending forward.

Ancient trees around them writhed as if their vitality was forcefully drawn away. Gradually, when the Death energy fluctuated and expanded, towering, ma.s.sive trees within one hundred miles withered, their leaves falling like a rain shower. Branches dried and cracked. Those trees became like dried trees which were dead for years.

Within one hundred miles, life was cut off. Death Qi meandered and hovered as if it was the icy cold Nine Serenity h.e.l.l. It even made people's vitality stop moving.

After an unknown time, Shi Yan heard the Ring Spirit calling him feebly. "It's done. You can retrieve your soul."

Shi Yan acted immediately. He retrieved his soul through Blood Devil's glabella, returning to his soul altar and making the soul altar go back to his body.

"Done?" Shi Yan discreetly sent a message.

The Ring Spirit didn't answer him.

Frowning, he couldn't help but look at the Blood Vein Ring on his finger. The ring dimmed and it didn't have any beam of light. It seemed like the ring had used a lot of energy. The weak Ring Spirit had quieted down as it didn't have enough energy to reply. Shi Yan knew that it was also difficult for the ring to give the inheritance to Blood Devil this time.

Blood Devil bared his chest, soaking in the blood pool. He looked calm and pacific. His eyes closed as if he was sleeping.

However, he now had a faint aura of Death. Shi Yan could recognize it in one glance. He knew that the Ring Spirit had succeeded. Blood Devil didn't move. He remained his posture in the blood pool for a very long time.

Above the Devil Blood Star, countless stars were twinkling and sending beams of starlight on the ground, illuminating it with a silver tint.

Shi Yan immersed in the starlight and checked his body. He found that he hadn't used much energy. The blood mark was still in his soul. It seemed like everything had been done smoothly.

He understood that it was the result of the Ring Spirit using an enormous amount of energy. Shi Yan himself was just a transmitter.

Inside the blood pool, Shi Yan quietly watched Blood Devil, his face serious. He didn't know how Blood Devil's condition was so he was still a bit worried.

Suddenly, his eyes brightened as he looked at Blood Devil's glabella.

He saw a blood flower bloom in Blood Devil's glabella as if it was about to explode shortly.

Shi Yan discolored. He was frightened, his face grimaced.

Blood Devil's glabella exploded. A blood flower appeared, slowly changing. A magical mark was gradually formed, which looked like the blood mark Shi Yan had. Slowly, it had developed to the final form, which was identical to the mark Leona, Ka Tuo, and Fei Lan had.

That mark seemed to be imprinted after Shi Yan had sent his soul into Blood Devil's head. It automatically emerged right in Blood Devil's glabella.

After the mark had sufficiently appeared, Shi Yan was astonished at first. Then, he relaxed as he understood something.

He suddenly knew that when the warriors received the Inheritances from the Bloodthirsty's Cortege of Eight, they would have the same mark in the glabella, which was somehow the symbol of their echelon or status. It also meant that they belonged to one line and that they were the heirs and heiresses of the powers Upanishads.

Blood Devil hadn't recognized the blood mark in his glabella yet. He was still sinking in the mysteries and powers of Death power Upanishad. In the sea of power Upanishad, he silently comprehended the powers Upanishad in the respective tier of his soul altar. At this moment, Death power Upanishad and Life power Upanishad in his four-tiered soul altar had combined into one just like Shi Yan's.

When Death and Life combines, they could be promoted to the utmost. At this moment, Blood Devil had an in-depth understanding of it.

He suddenly recognized that this Inheritance from Shi Yan was an incredible, heavenly opportunity. It was the most crucial step for him to get to the peak. When Death and Life merged with each other, Death and Life could support each other and make his achievement impressive and head towards perfect conditions.

"I want to comprehend the powers Upanishad. I won't leave this blood pool quickly. All things regarding management of the Devil Blood Star, I've asked Wu Lan to take care of it. She knows what to do." Closing his eyes, Blood Devil said, "You should consider the Devil Blood Star your home. Don't worry. You and your fellows are safe. No one will have the guts to come here and trouble you guys. And you don't need to go to the Far West region to take revenge. The people who attacked you that year in Broken Star Field are all dead. You can ease your mind and cultivate here."

Shi Yan was amazed. He then showed his grat.i.tude.

"I need time to understand the new power Upanishad," Blood Devil lowered his voice.

Shi Yan nodded and then left the blood pool, heading to the grand palaces of the Devil Blood Star.

He knew that he wouldn't stay for a long time in Devil Blood Star. Fei Lan and Leona were impatient to go to Shadow Ghostly Prison. He also wanted to know if Xia Xin Yan was doing alright there.

However, the most important factor was that Shadow Ghostly Prison was an incredibly chaotic area with unceasing fights and wars. In that place, his Devouring power Upanishad could be promoted to the utmost, which could help his realm advance and reach the new level of energy acc.u.mulation.

The Yang family and the Shi family, his beloved family members, were safe in Devil Blood Star. They were secure and they had sufficient materials to cultivate. Shi Yan didn't need to worry about them anymore.

This burden of his had been solved. Later on, he could go anywhere freely like a bird soaring into the sky or fish swimming in the vast ocean.

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