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A corner of Devil Blood Star.

Inside the viscous blood pool, Shi Yan and Blood Devil were soaked. Blood in the pool bubbled with hovering mist.

Beams of blood mist seeped into Shi Yan's pores and entered his vessels. He could feel his Immortal Demon Blood get nurtured. Shortly after, a drop of Immortal Demon Blood was generated.

"This blood pool consumes a lot of cultivating materials and the main material is the Immortal Gra.s.s. The juice of this gra.s.s is a great support to condense Immortal Demon Blood. We buy almost all of the Immortal Gra.s.s of Agate Star Area through Potion and Tool Pavilion." Blood Devil smiled, explaining the ingredients and functions of this blood pool to Shi Yan. "Cultivating in the blood pool can accelerate our blood condensation. Usually, I have to consume Immortal Demon Blood when fighting other people so I come to this pool to generate more."

Shi Yan felt so comfortable as the Immortal Demon Blood was condensed in his body. His face was calm and happy with a smile. "Yeah, it's extremely suitable for our cultivation."

"Show me your soul altar. I want to observe it," said Blood Devil with a smile.

While talking, he released his soul altar. It was a four-tiered soul altar, which was like the most beautiful and clear ruby. Tiers of Sea of Consciousness, power Upanishad, Incipient Extent, and his soul piled on top of each other. Each tier was connected to another tier with thick blood Qi, which was somehow similar to the blood pool.

Blood Devil's Sea of Consciousness was red and vast. When he showed it, it was more like a vast, torrential blood sea with real blood scent.

Above the Sea of Consciousness was the powers Upanishad where there were two moving powers. One was the Metal power and the other sent around the vigorous life energy. Shi Yan was startled. His face became strange as he couldn't help but shout. "Life power Upanishad!"

While screaming, he also showed his soul altar. Compared to Blood Devil's, his soul altar was simpler. It had only three tiers.

Above Blood Devil's tier of power Upanishad was a blood chunk. It was his Incipient Extent. It was a cl.u.s.ter of blood mist. Shi Yan couldn't see anything inside that Incipient Extent.

Blood Devil heard his amazed scream and he just laughed. "Yeah, it's the Life power Upanishad. It's a special and yet unique power Upanishad. Potion and Tool Pavilion's Source of Power Upanishad Inheritance doesn't have it. I've developed and cultivated it myself from the characteristics of Immortal Demon Blood."

"The Immortal Demon Blood has a powerful self-healing ability. It has vigorous life energy, which is a sign of Life power Upanishad. Life power Upanishad is our main power. People with Immortal Demon Blood all cultivate this power. It's the most suitable power Upanishad for us."

Pausing for a while, his eyes brightened up as he looked at Shi Yan. "Don't you cultivate Life power Upanishad too?"

Blood Devil had reached Incipient G.o.d Realm. Of course, his keen eye wasn't something other people could have. After just a first glance, sweeping over the surface of Shi Yan's soul altar, he confirmed that Shi Yan also has Life power Upanishad in his tier of powers Upanishad.

However, Blood Devil was startled, looking at him bewilderedly. "Your tier of powers Upanishad doesn't seem... normal. You have two souls?"

"I fused with the Origin. My soul and the heaven flames were combined and created that co-soul." Shi Yan smiled. "Indeed, my soul altar and others' aren't similar."

"Your Life power Upanishad isn't very similar to mine, either." Blood Devil studied Shi Yan's soul altar, frowning. "Your Life power Upanishad seems to blend with another power Upanishad. Is it a mixed power Upanishad?"

"My power Upanishad is called Death and Life. It's a mixed power between Death Upanishad and Life Upanishad. I don't know what happened." Shi Yan nodded, "It's different from yours. The two powers of my power Upanishad can't be separated."

"You had fused them after you got them or it began that way?" Blood Devil suddenly became tense. He was a little afraid.

"Since the day I've comprehended it, it has happened that way. Death and Life power Upanishad is one. They have never separated," explained Shi Yan.

Blood Devil contemplated.

After a long time, he woke up from some of his deep thoughts. "Did you get some special power Upanishad Inheritance? As I know, it's very hard to fuse Life power Upanishad with the other power Upanishad. And to fuse with the Death power Upanishad, the totally opposite power Upanishad, is impossible. This is over my understanding of powers Upanishads."

"Yes, I got the other Inheritance," Shi Yan didn't conceal. He didn't know why he felt so close to Blood Devil. Perhaps it was because of the bloodline. This feeling was the same as what he got for Yang Tian Emperor. Shi Yan had instinctively considered Blood Devil his family.

"As you have a combined power Upanishad between Death power and Life power, your future achievements will surpa.s.s me. Life power Upanishad is carried within our Immortal Demon Tribe's blood. It's a more complex martial spirit to be inherited. It's based on the blood of the family." Blood Devil's eyes glistened.

"To Our Immortal Demon Tribe members, when we've reached a specific level, we would have a deep understanding of Immortal Demon Blood, which would naturally develop the Life power Upanishad. This is the unique blood trace of our tribe. If the other races want to learn Life power Upanishad, they have to have a really good fate. Of course, even if they got Life power Upanishad, they wouldn't be able to cultivate it as easily as we do. It's because our Immortal Demon Blood is gifted with the true meanings of Life power Upanishad!

"Each member of the Immortal Demon Tribe considers Life power to be their main power to cultivate because this power and the Immortal Demon Blood support each other. Immortal Demon Blood can make our understanding of Life power Upanishad deeper. Life power Upanishad can strengthen Immortal Demon Blood. This is the most suitable power Upanishad for our tribe.

"Anyway, you've mixed Life power and Death power together. It's strange but great. It's much more profound than what I've thought. Death power Upanishad is even rarer than Life power Upanishad. I've heard about it, but I've never seen it before. Kid, your fortune's much better than mine, indeed."

Blood Devil continued to compliment him.

Shi Yan listened to Blood Devil's instruction attentively. To this precursor of the Immortal Demon Tribe at Second Sky of Incipient G.o.d Realm, Shi Yan admired and respected him wholeheartedly.

"Your realm is too low, so your cognition of Life power Upanishad is shallow. I will show you how to use the Life power Upanishad to urge Immortal Demon Blood. I will show you to what level of a miracle it can do." Blood Devil pondered for a while before waving his hand, shooting out two drops of ruby Immortal Demon Blood.

One drop of Immortal Demon Blood flew towards a three-meter-tall tree next to them.

When the drop of blood seeped into the root, a vigorous life energy surged instantly. The small tree thrived fast. The tree trunk expanded, leaves unfolded, and branches jutted outwards. The little tree grew at a speed that the naked eye could observe. Shortly after, it turned into a ma.s.sive, towering tree.

"The powerful healing ability of Immortal Demon Blood could be applied to any creature that can receive vitality including trees, foliage, and people from any races." Blood Devil grinned, "If my subordinates can achieve merits, I can use my Immortal Demon Blood to boost their bodies to the utmost when they get hurt. It's a way I help them quench their G.o.d Bodies!"

Shi Yan's eyes brightened.

"Now let's see what the other drop of blood can do!" Blood Devil extended his arm, shouted curtly.

The other drop of Immortal Demon Blood floated in the air. It then started to develop, changing miraculously.

A small skeleton slowly emerged in the drop of blood. Next, it started to grow vessels, tendons, and flesh. Shortly after, that drop of Immortal Demon Blood had developed into another Blood Devil!

"Demon Blood has the ability of rebirth." Blood Devil stiffened his face, talking seriously. "When we can utilize one drop of blood to the acme, it can develop to eventually become our G.o.d Body. Then, we just need time to acc.u.mulate energy and we can recover the st.u.r.dy body we used to have!

"If I fight someone to the death, unless he destroys my body entire and burns all of my Immortal Demon Blood, I can grow a new body even if I have only one drop remaining!

"In other words, as long as we still have Immortal Demon Blood, our body is undying!"

Shi Yan was frightened.

"You may know how to use the Immortal Demon Blood to urge Life power Upanishad to heal yourself and you've used it well. I now will open another door for you to adopt and utilize the power Upanishad and Immortal Demon Blood to a higher level. You can study yourself." Blood Devil smiled, "You have to figure out yourself how to perform this ability. Everybody has different experience and physique, so their understanding and cognition of Immortal Demon Blood and Life power Upanishad are different. My path perhaps won't be suitable for you. If we force it, it will disorient your progress. That's why I didn't explain it in detail. I just told you the other ability of Immortal Demon Blood."

Shi Yan nodded, his face filled with respect.

Suddenly, he heard a soft call from his soul. It was the Blood Vein Ring.

His mind flickered. Shi Yan put his soul altar back to the G.o.d Body, using his soul to contact the Blood Vein Ring.

"Impart your Death power Upanishad to him. That's the way we make his Inheritance continue." The Blood Vein Ring sent him messages. "That man was one of the members of the Cortege of Eight, the one who cultivated Death and Life power Upanishad. He was also a precursor of the Immortal Demon Tribe. Originally, he had only the Life power Upanishad. After he had followed our Master, our Master bestowed upon him the Death power Upanishad. That's how both Death and Life powers Upanishad co-exist! You impart his Death power Upanishad to this man. When Death and Life combine in one, he will reach the peak. Then, he may become your right hand!"

Shi Yan was surprised. "You've restored?"

"Not yet, but almost. I remember many things now. However, my memory isn't complete. It still needs a small part to be fully fused. After that, I will remember everything," said the Blood Vein Ring.

"How can I impart the Death power Upanishad to Blood Devil?" asked Shi Yan.

"You send your soul to Blood Devil's forehead and gather your soul energy at the Blood Mark. Leave the rest to me," answered the Blood Vein Ring.

Shi Yan was astounded. He looked at Blood Devil and then said, "I can pa.s.s on the Death power Upanishad to you. You can combine Death and Life powers Upanishad then. Death power Upanishad can take vitality and strengthen Life power Upanishad. And it can also help condense more Immortal Demon Blood."

Blood Devil was bewildered. He looked at Shi Yan while thinking it was impossible. "You want to pa.s.s on the Death power Upanishad to me? You have only Original G.o.d Realm and I'm at Incipient G.o.d Realm. You think you can impart the power Upanishad to me?"

"How about giving it a try?" Shi Yan said seriously.

"Are you sure? Imparting power Upanishad is very complicated. I think you haven't mastered it yet. And a low-realm warrior giving power Upanishad to higher-realm warrior is even more dangerous. You are kidding, right?" Blood Devil scratched his head, his face awkward.

"You'll know shortly. I'm sure you'll be alright."

"What could happen to me? I'm worried about you."

"Just try."

"You really want to do it... Alright, but you have to be very careful. When you find that it's difficult, you must terminate the action!"


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