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Center Devil Blood Star.

Shi Yan, Wu Lan, and the experts of the Demon Clan were waiting in silence. They lifted their faces to watch the sky. Besides Wu Lan, there were ten Demon clansmen who had reached Third Sky of Ethereal G.o.d Realm. One of them had even reached Incipient G.o.d Realm threshold. However, there was no exception since they all had respectful countenances.

They were supportive and utterly loyal to Blood Devil.

People had quickly forgotten Blood Devil's real name. Blood Devil was his current t.i.tle, which had spread out across the entire Agate Star Area. He was one of the overlords of the Demon Clan with a high position in the clan.

They had many adjectives to describe Blood Devil: brutal, bloodthirsty, l.u.s.tful, unrestrained, autocratic, and more. It seemed like they had no good words to describe him.

However, Blood Devil lived well and enjoyed his life. Many hated him and wanted to kill him. However, n.o.body had really made Blood Devil pay any b.l.o.o.d.y price as of yet.

Fu Wei and An Yun of Potion and Tool Pavilion also received the news. They knew Blood Devil was about to come back. They emerged from their palace and walked to Shi Yan's. After Fu Wei saw Shi Yan, she smiled weakly and nodded to greet him.

Shi Yan also smiled to greet her.

The Source of Power Upanishad Inheritance had been delivered to their territory. Although the process was a bit troublesome, the result had satisfied Shi Yan. Thus, his att.i.tude towards Fu Wei wasn't bad.

Everybody waited in silence.

After six hours, earth-shattering explosions echoed from a deep place in the sky. Dark clouds that looked like black water ink gathered in the sky of the Devil Blood Star. They were so thick they couldn't disperse easily.

Boom! Boom!

The terrible noise of energy impact had almost shaken the entire Devil Blood Star. Accompanying the horrible explosions were wild screams that made people restlessly anxious. They felt very tiny under this circ.u.mstance.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Energy exploded in the sky. Layers of demonic clouds turned into a ma.s.sive hand that covered the sky. It looked as if it was about to tear the whole sky.

Two gigantic silhouettes ran through the void. They turned into their dragon forms shortly after. Each of them was several thousand meters tall. They emerged like mountain ranges on the horizon, making people respect and admire them.

A ma.s.sive dragon fell through the thick layers of demonic clouds, barging on a corner of the Devil Blood Star. Right after that, the entire star shook and people felt like it was sinking into the vast universe. No one knew a force that even a planet couldn't endure.

"Muahaha! d.a.m.n you reptile! Now you know how strong I am?" A haughty voice arose from the clouds. Right after that, a spectacularly robust man descended. His body was covered in blood.

It was a hunky, half-naked Demon man. He had only a leather skirt around his waist. The black-rock-like muscles in his body emerged and connected with each other like they were ropes. His thumb-sized vessels bulged like snakes winding around his entire body. The abundant energy was moving and twirling inside the vessels unceasingly.

His knees, shoulders, and elbows had bushes of sharp and pointy spikes like daggers. He looked as if he was made of brown rock while the dark, energy-like bones covered the soft areas of his G.o.d Body.

He had a fierce and brutal face and his eyes were malignant. He looked like an innate fighter who would never stop fighting and was born to fight.

His G.o.d Body was perfect with the beauty of power. The curves of his bursting muscles scared people as he released the intimidating aura that was as oppressive as an imposing mountain.

Members of the Demon Clan kneeled down to greet him and called him Master.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The void rumbled. People heard the dragon roaring angrily. Shortly after, the two dragon Monster experts, which were as big as the mountain range, appeared together. They then transformed into their humanoid forms.

The two of them all had rough and archaic appearances as if they were made of steel and iron. They were around three meters tall, wearing beautiful and luxurious clothes. However, their faces were filled with anger as they glared at the muscular Demon man.

"Gu Te, your body quenching has been a little bit... bad recently. Muahaha. I struck you down right from there. Seems like your Brutal Dragon Clan was about to change the monarch then." The Demon man smiled evilly, "I heard you recruited a kid called Ghost Hunter. You like him very much. Is it true that you're preparing the apprentice for the Brutal Dragon Tribe since you know you're about to be doomed?"

"Well, who got struck to the ground in the Monster Dragon Star?" said the Monster man, his voice like thunderclaps. "This place is the Devil Blood Star, your territory. Of course, you can have some boosts. What will be counted if you take advantage of this place? If you have the guts, come out and fight!"

"Good!" the Demon man laughed crazily. "I'm going to smash you in this Devil Blood Star!"

"Come here!" The Monster man roared. An incomparable aura diffused violently. The tough ground around him cracked. Many Demon clansmen whose realms weren't high were pressed to the ground. They couldn't even lift their heads.




The Demon clansmen forced a smile, screaming hurriedly.

"Oh please. We have guests here." Wu Lan grimaced and shouted, "Precursors, could you please calm down? Please don't make people laugh at us."

"Who's Shi Yan?" One of the Monster men suddenly shouted, his eyes glistening.

Wu Lan, Fu Wei, and the others looked at Shi Yan.

The three imposing men had fought each other from outer s.p.a.ce to this place. They halted and couldn't help but follow the line of sight of the others.

"Ha ha ha ha!" Blood Devil immediately laughed cheerfully. "Our Immortal Demon Tribe's descendant, indeed! I feel so familiar with the aura of Immortal Demon Blood from him. Haha, daddy has finally found a fellow of my tribe!"

Shi Yan suddenly wanted to smile.

He looked at Blood Devil and felt so close. This clingy feeling came from his blood. It felt like he had finally reunited with his family members who've been missing for years. He felt calm and pacific.

"My son McGee told me that you had saved him twice in the s.p.a.ce crack. Seems like you're predestined with our tribe, though." Chief Bath of the Evil Dragon Tribe laughed, nodded powerfully. Then, he turned to Gu Te, "I heard that Ghost Hunter is Shi Yan's best friend. I didn't expect that this man had relation to our tribes like this. Yeah, such a good fate."

Fu Wei and people of Potion and Tool Pavilion were baffled. They looked at Shi Yan with many thoughts in their heads.

McGee was Bath's son. This little evil dragon was always arrogant. He was a true troublemaker in Agate Star Area. Ghost Hunter was the new star of the Brutal Dragon Tribe. He was in the list of subjects of intensive study by Potion and Tool Pavilion. They thought that he could possibly become the new leader of the Monster Clan so they had to pay close attention to him.

Shi Yan had a close relationship with both McGee and Ghost Hunter, which surprised Fu Wei a lot. She looked at Shi Yan with astonishment.

A fellow of Blood Devil's tribe. Having a good relationship with the potential leaders of the Brutal Dragon Tribe and Evil Dragon Tribe. Who was this man? Why have we never heard of him before?

The staff of Potion and Tool Pavilion was discreetly astonished. They decided that they had to investigate Shi Yan's ident.i.ty. They also decided that they must put him into their list of special characters that they needed to keep track of.

Blood Devil, Bath, and Gu Te stood there while the earth and heaven energy of Devil Blood Star was uncontrollably congregating around them. If they used the Soul Consciousness to sense, they could see the energy streaming into their bodies like a river that never stopped flowing.

None of the other people presenting, including Shi Yan, could take in earth and heaven energy like the three of them. It looked like with their presence, no one could take the light of glory.

This tyrannical feature had scared Shi Yan. It was the first time Shi Yan had seen existences at Incipient G.o.d Realm. This imposing impression was like a mountain running directly into his soul, which could disperse his fighting will right before the battle. He had a helpless feeling of being a loser when he stood in front of them.

"You guys talk to people from Potion and Tool Pavilion. I'm going to talk to him." Blood Devil thought and then retrieved his imposing aura. He rose his hand and grabbed the air.

The energy in the void turned into a dark light curtain, dragging Shi Yan away. Shortly after, Blood Devil brought Shi Yan to a place that no one knew.

Bath and Gu Te didn't bother with it since they knew that was how Blood Devil was. They just smiled, walking towards Fu Wei. Bath said, "Lately, our Monster Dragon Star has been doing business with the Great Elder of your Potion and Tool Pavilion. But I heard Blood Devil said that you and Great Elder have some disputes. He told us to do business with you directly. Of course, we will give him face to do this."

Fu Wei's blue eyes reflected her happiness. She smiled weakly, speaking to them tenderly, "Thank you for your favor, precursors. I won't fail you."

Gu Te waved his hand. "I'm not interested in your internal conflict. As long as you offer me good prices and a promotion, you'll have me on your side. Haha, even if you guys have an internal war, as long as you pay us well, our Monster Dragon Star can give you a force."

Fu Wei was shy, explaining earnestly. "Our Potion and Tool Pavilion won't have an exposed conflict. Precursor, don't say it like that. Anyway, I appreciate your offer."

Bath and Gu Te sauntered towards Fu Wei. They started to discuss their business.

Wu Lan's team immediately excused themselves, leaving s.p.a.ce for them to negotiate.

Westside, Devil Blood Star.

Inside a dense forest where Demon Qi was as thick as the surging sea sat a pool with seething, bubbling blood. Energy visibly fluctuated from this thickly viscous red fluid.

Blood Devil brought Shi Yan by a pool. Pointing at the pool, he said, "This place benefits our cultivation a lot. It can stimulate Immortal Demon Blood. Yeah, this place is exclusively for me. But you can come here to cultivate, too. It's good for your Immortal Demon Blood condensation."

Shi Yan thanked him. He was startled. "This blood pool uses a lot of cultivating materials, right?"

"It uses several million divine crystals each year," nodded Blood Devil.

"Besides me, can other people come here and cultivate?" asked Shi Yan gingerly.

"Unless he has the same Immortal Demon Blood like you, he can't endure staying in this blood pool. One must have the powerful recovery power."

"How about people who are part of the Immortal Demon bloodline but haven't condensed Immortal Demon Blood yet?"

"Of course, but they can't cultivate for a long time. They need to adjust and adapt to the pool slowly."

Blood Devil was surprised. He became thrilled instantly. "Except for you, there is someone with the Immortal Demon Blood?"

"Yes, many."

"Where are they?"

"They are in this Devil Blood Star. People from the direct descendants of the Yang family with the Immortal Martial Spirit all are part of Immortal Demon Tribe's lineage. However, they haven't stimulated the power to condense Immortal Demon Blood yet."

Blood Devil's eyes glittered. He burst out laughing. "Good! I will no longer be lonely! I want to bring the Immortal Demon Tribe to the greatest height of development. I will make the Immortal Demon Tribe one of the strongest tribe in Agate Star Area!"

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