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Fei Lan and Leona wore a dark and stern face. Their lines of sight were on An Yun. They had great antic.i.p.ation on their faces.

Fu Wei and An Yun were relaxed. The more restless Fei Lan and Leona were, the more confident they became. Exchanging looks, Fu Wei and An Yun were discreetly happy. They felt calmer too.

Shi Yan sat on a soft couch, frowning. He pondered for a while and then asked, "What do you want to know?"

Fu Wei parted her lips into a gentle smile, her face calm when she spoke, "I want to know where you got the Thousand Fold Lotus."

"Didn't I tell you about that?" Shi Yan rolled his eyes at her, his face dark and unpleasant.

"It's impossible for the Thousand Fold Lotus to grow in a s.p.a.ce crack." An Yun snorted. "If you aren't sincere, don't blame us for fabricating things!"

Fei Lan and Leona were stiff. They turned to look at Shi Yan.

Shi Yan pondered for a while and sighed reluctantly. "Alright, we will talk about the conditions first."

"Please do tell us." Fu Wei leaned over, showing her attention. "As long as you tell me the truth, I'm sure I can give you the answer you want." Pausing for a while, Fu Wei smiled. "I will also figure out how to bring you a new Source of Power Upanishad Inheritance. I think I can deliver one in half a month."

Listening to her, Shi Yan's eyes brightened, gazing at her.

Fu Wei said it clearly, and Shi Yan wasn't a fool. He immediately confirmed that Fu Wei had lied to them. They hadn't sold the Source of Power Upanishad Inheritance yet. She just wanted to trouble them.

At this moment, he couldn't calculate much. Shi Yan pouted his lips and said, "You tell us first."

An Yun looked at Fu Wei. Fu Wei nodded gently, smiling. "To express our sincerity, we'll say our intel first." She signaled An Yun.

An Yun started immediately. "The other two were confined in Shadow Ghostly Prison by Dark Shadow Clan. The Dark Shadow Clan has always dwelled in Shadow Ghostly Prison. This clan doesn't operate in the other areas of Agate Star Area. No other clan is more familiar with Shadow Ghostly Prison than the Dark Shadow Clan."

"Dark Shadow Clan? It's the Dark Shadow Clan again!" Shi Yan suddenly looked ferocious.

When he spoke to Ghost Hunter in the Black Water Star, he knew that the Dark Shadow Clan had killed the King of Demonic Insects, Devouring Gold Silkworm, and Holy Spirit G.o.d. The Dark Shadow Clan was a unique force of its kind in the Shadow Ghostly Prison. It was also the most influential force that ran amuck without any fear. They moved like ghosts, getting in and out of different s.p.a.ce channels. They were very familiar with the place.

Dark Shadow Clan only dwelled in the Shadow Ghostly Prison. They often emerged in the middle of the chaotic area where battles never stopped to hunt down warriors.

This was a mysterious race with cold Yin G.o.d Bodies. People said that it wasn't a race from Agate Star Area. This clan came from another star area through a s.p.a.ce crack.

There were many strange legends of the Dark Shadow Clan. Rumors said that this clan was the vanguard from some strong star area. They came to spearhead in the Shadow Ghostly Prison and gather information. One day, they were going to cause a catastrophe to Agate Star Area.

Apparently, people had no way to prove the rumors or legends. However, it was true that this clan wasn't welcomed in Agate Star Area. If they got out of the Shadow Ghostly Prison, the other clans would hunt them down. The reason was also unknown.

However, Dark Shadow Clan was like fish in water staying in Shadow Ghostly Prison. They understood the mysteries of those s.p.a.ce slits deeply. They didn't stay on a fixed base. No one knew where its headquarters was.

"Yeah, they were confined by the Dark Shadow Clan. Our Potion and Tool Pavilion used to have a business with the Dark Shadow Clan. I used to be in charge of collecting special powers Upanishad and carving them on Source of Power Upanishad Inheritance. I was lucky that I met them once." An Yun frowned, explaining in detail. "Dark Shadow Clan wanted us to extract the powers Upanishad of the other two. They had paid a large sum to invite us. However, we couldn't extract their powers Upanishad from the soul altar. Our deal failed, indeed."

"However, I remembered them because of their special powers Upanishad. However, I'm not sure if they are still alive now. The last time I saw them, it was several hundred years ago."

An Yun continued to tell them about the situation and then advised Shi Yan. "I suggest aborting the thought of going to Shadow Ghostly Prison to rescue the two of them even if they have a close relationship with you. The Dark Shadow Clan in Shadow Ghostly Prison is truly mighty."

Pausing for a while, An Yun said earnestly, "You guys can't fight the Dark Shadow Clan."

Fei Lan and Leona listened to her, their faces becoming dark. Flames of rage burst in their eyes. The two men were the most important ones to them and the Dark Shadow Clan had been confining them for so many years. The women didn't know what had happened to them, either.

After hundreds of years, it was hard to tell if they were still alive. The Dark Shadow Clan might have tortured them for years.

"That's all I know," An Yun took a deep breath, her face changing to a more serious expression. "Can you tell us what you know now?"

Fu Wei's blue eyes glowed. Her face was focused, waiting with hope.

"I took them in Old Orchid Star." Shi Yan didn't conceal it this time. He said faintly, "We discovered and dug up a mysterious city underground. The Thousand Fold Lotus were inside that city. They grew in a dark water pool inside a palace. That palace was buried deep underground of Old Orchid Star where gravity was thousands of times heavier. Someone had used the mountains as the formation eyes to sink the city deep underground. We accidentally found how to dig it up." Shi Yan explained simply.

Fu Wei and An Yun listened to him. Their eyes brightened as they couldn't hold their excitement.

"That run-away Elder cultivated... Gravity power Upanishad!" Fu Wei's soft body shivered. She couldn't control her joy as she became more certain. "Did you find anything strange in that mysterious city?"

Shi Yan was alert. Looking at Fu Wei's and An Yun's happy faces, he had a plan.

"No. Besides the Thousand Fold Lotus, we didn't see anything strange. Oh, right. There was a tough building inside the city. We couldn't open it. Perhaps it had something strange or marvelous. I don't know."

Fu Wei's eyes glistened. She smiled and nodded slightly.

An Yun was also stirred up. She clenched her fists as she was satisfied and cheered up.

The Canon was related to the future Pavilion Master position. If their party could get the Canon, they would step on that peak of glory. They could overturn the bad situation in one step. How could they not crack like crazy when they finally got clues of the lost Canon?

"The Source of Power Upanishad Inheritance will be delivered soon. I'm sure it won't be delayed this time." Fu Wei was happy, giving Shi Yan a firm answer. Right after that, she waved her hand, smiling tenderly. "Alright, we're done with this business."

Shi Yan didn't say more. He got up and left immediately. Fei Lan and Leona followed him.

"Contact the Pavilion immediately. Send some battleships to Old Orchid Star!" After Shi Yan had left, Fu Wei jolted up from her seat. Her soft body shivered as she gave her order.

An Yun was so happy she couldn't hide it. She nodded continually. "We got a big harvest this time! I didn't expect to get the information of the Canon. Young Elder, should we just ignore Blood Devil and the two leaders of the Monster Dragon Star to travel to Old Orchid Star in Far West region directly?"

Fu Wei was also moved. However, she got herself together quickly, shaking her head. "It's too far. If we go there personally, we will delay them. Let Lord Duo go first."

An Yun smiled. "Okay, it's the same if they go there. However, they must do it quickly and must not disclose this information."

"I'll arrange it myself," Fu Wei looked very happy.

"Shi Yan, it..." Fei Lan wanted to say something, but she didn't finish. It was rare to see her embarra.s.sed countenance.

Leona didn't say anything. She just looked at him and from her eyes, he knew what she wanted to say.

"I know what you want to say," Shi Yan smiled, "You want to go to Shadow Ghostly Prison, right?"

The two of them nodded.

"Wait several days more. I also want to go there. We'll go together," said Shi Yan.

Fei Lan and Leona were surprised. They pondered for a while and then Fei Lan said, "It has nothing to do with you. The Dark Shadow Clan is mighty. You don't need to take risks for us."

"It matters to me," Shi Yan pointed at his glabella, indicating the relations between the blood marks. Then, he waved his hand. "I still have things to do. I have a friend in Shadow Ghostly Prison. Also, Dark Shadow Clan has killed some of my friends. I'm waiting for Blood Devil to return. I have to meet him once. After I've properly arranged the Giant Tribe and people from Grace Mainland, I'm going with you guys to Shadow Ghostly Prison."

"Do you really want to go?" Fei Lan was surprised.

"Yeah, we will bring Ka Tuo together. You three can obtain more benefits from me," Shi Yan pondered and then told them.

Fei Lan and Leona didn't advise him anymore. They felt touched. From this moment, they started to have different feelings for him, which wasn't simply because of the chain relationship they had from the blood mark.

Fifteen days later.

A new war chariot arrived to deliver a high-grade Source of Power Upanishad Inheritance. Shi Yan paid them two million divine crystals to finish his business with Potion and Tool Pavilion.

Warriors of Grace Mainland and Raging Flame Star Area were so thrilled when they knew that the high-grade Source of Power Upanishad Inheritance had arrived. They were eager to try the marvelous powers Upanishads stored in it. Shi Yan a.s.signed Feng Ke and Long Zhu to arrange these ch.o.r.es. He gathered with Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo in the main hall, waiting for Blood Devil.

That day, Wu Lan called Shi Yan, smiled and said firmly, "Our Master is about to come home. The Chiefs of the Evil Dragon Tribe and Brutal Dragon Tribe also go with him. Master asked me to tell you that he wants to meet you immediately."

"Oh yes, I'm waiting for him," Shi Yan smiled, prying, "How is he?"

"Argh, it's hard to tell. You will have to check him yourself." Wu Lan smiled, her eyes strange. She didn't want to explain further.

Shi Yan became skeptical.

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