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Inside a grand, conical palace where they could see the deep blue starry sky through the roof…

This palace was built with a strange kind of jade which was inlaid with different-sized divine crystals. There were hundreds of thousands of them, filling up each wall of the palace. At this moment, those divine crystals were sparkling like the most beautiful stars, radiating a marvelous light. They formed a ma.s.sive energy gathering formation.

Heaven and earth energy congregated like dense cl.u.s.ters of cloud from different areas of the Devil Blood Star. They seeped through the conical roof, entering the palace.

Such a tremendous energy flowed like a silver galaxy as they shone, reflecting and magnifying each other with the divine crystals inside the palace. They made the energy inside the palace so condensed that people could even touch it.

Shi Yan closed his eyes, sitting neatly inside the hall, his face serious.

Outside the palace, a troop of one hundred Demon clansmen was guarding, talking to each other.

"Madame Wu Lan does favor this man. She let him use our Master's training room. I wonder who that man is," A guard said in a lower tone.

"Is he an illegitimate son of our Master? The Devil Cultivating Hall is famous in the entire Agate Star Area, refined by the best formation master. I heard that every time they ran it, it will need hundreds of thousands of divine crystals. At the same, it will take a lot of energy from the Devil Blood Star."

"I don't know what Madame Wu Lan was thinking. She a.s.signed us to guard this place. Well, we're in Devil Blood Star, right? Who dares to burst out crazy here?"

"Well, we have some strangers, remember? Those people from the Potion and Tool Pavilion always have a lot of intelligence. If they interfere, it will affect the operation of our Devil Hall."

"Wu Lan has brought them to the area our Master had divided. Would Master hand that foreigner the land he had taken up thirty-two years ago?"

"Who knows?"

Members of Demon Clan frowned as they couldn't guess Wu Lan's thought and intention.

Of course, Shi Yan didn't know what they were talking to each other. At this moment, he was concentrating on the Blue Ice Jar in his hand.

He wanted to use the Thousand Fold Lotus!


The Thousand Fold Lotus unfolded like a black jewel. Layers of petals bloomed, emerging in front of him. Shi Yan's thought flickered and a dominant suction force was generated, aiming at the Thousand Fold Lotus.

The Thousand Fold Lotus was so ma.s.sive that it looked like a black pool. One thousand petals of the flower extended in every direction, which looked like the magical ripples made by the Sea of Consciousness.

Thousand Fold Lotus was activated as he thought, turning into beams of misty gray light that seeped into his Sea of Consciousness through his glabella.

His Sea of Consciousness suddenly seethed and his soul altar spun unceasingly, releasing a terrifying light. His Sea of Consciousness surged, creating a ma.s.sive vortex to absorb the Thousand Fold Lotus.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The Thousand Fold Lotus shook, melting into that vortex. An immense soul energy diffused, filling each corner of Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness.

Shi Yan felt his head was shaken grumblingly. His Soul Consciousness flew like a gliding sword, extending towards the edge of the Sea of Consciousness while accelerating fast.

Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness felt as if it were expanded forcefully, and its coverage was enlarged.

The soul altar was still revolving as a wisp of pure soul energy emerged from it. Shi Yan's three different powers Upanishads in the tier of Upanishads were transforming like outer s.p.a.ce Divine Light. They moved, twisted, and changed like the electric beams weaving into each other. They were stimulated altogether with the Seals of Upanishad in his soul.

In Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness, beams of magical soul energy were released from the Thousand Fold Lotus. They mingled, blending with his Sea of Consciousness to expand it.

Shi Yan looked serious, but he was actually happy inwardly, giving the flower his compliment.

The Thousand Fold Lotus provided a marvelous support to the soul altar. It could strengthen and expand the Sea of Consciousness. At the same time, it would fill the soul altar with soul energy, which would accelerate the warrior's breakthrough in his realm and attainment.

The Thousand Fold Lotus was an Original Incipient Grade material, the rarest cultivating material that benefited the soul the most. Even the Incipient G.o.d Realm experts could use the Thousand Fold Lotus to boost up their soul and expand their Sea of Consciousness.

The larger Sea of Consciousness could make the Soul Consciousness more refined and strangely robust. It could increase the power of the soul altar in all aspects.

The Thousand Fold Lotus slowly disappeared into the Sea of Consciousness, releasing beams of pure soul energy, which then merged with his Soul Consciousness. As his Sea of Consciousness was changing, Shi Yan found that the range his Soul Consciousness could cover was also increased.

From his body as the core, Shi Yan seemed to turn into a heavenly eye in the sky which could see things in the nine-tiered sky. He was like an unconcerned G.o.d watching over the world.

It felt like heaven!

Heaven and earth energy poured into his head like a sea current. Together with the energy stimulated from divine crystals in the palace, beams of colorful light moved in his body. They made his aura distant and surging like an imposing mountain or a vast sea, or like the everlasting stars.

His Star Intent Domain was activated silently.

Tens of thousands of stars in the sky above the palace twinkled marvelously. Beams of starlight connected, falling like a dense sprinkle. They gathered with heaven and earth energy, entering the palace from the top of the conical roof.

Shi Yan seemed to sink into the ocean of energy. His aura became ma.s.sive and distant, while his face showed his joy.

In this cultivating room of Blood Devil, Shi Yan's soul became clear and bright. He had cleared all the sorrows and worries of this mundane world to enjoy the heaven and earth energy, which would benefit his soul altar the most.

The pure soul energy from the Thousand Fold Lotus had doubled his Sea of Consciousness!

After the Thousand Fold Lotus had fully merged into his soul, Shi Yan sat there absent-mindedly. While he didn't notice, his soul altar had entered the place which hid the incredible primal power Upanishads. He could see so many light streamers moving at breakneck speed. Shi Yan released his Soul Consciousness, rummaging each power Upanishad light.

Suddenly, he was keen enough to sense a spot where the starlight gathered. It had the star energy surging and fluctuating.

His mind flickered and soul altar flew out, heading fast to that area. Shortly, he felt like he had fallen into a bright nebula. Countless stars twinkled, each of them moving according to the most incredible principles of the universe.

Shi Yan's soul altar moved in the trajectory of the stars. It joined the constellation and moved as if it were learning the changing rules of stars.

Inside the palace, his body suddenly projected the starlight, shooting tens of thousands of meters away. Beams of beautiful starlight seemed to be radiated from his pores. They turned him into a ma.s.sive object that emitted starlight. He looked like a lone star which would never extinguish in this world, living eternally.

Beams of starlight sprinkled from above his head, seeping into each cell of his body, congregating in his blood, flesh, and bone, and flooding his Sea of Consciousness.

Shi Yan's countenance was strange and ancient. He seemed to turn into an everlasting rock as his aura gradually calmed down.

The divine crystals inlaid on the walls of the palace shattered when their energy was drained. At this moment, those divine crystals exploded, sending cl.u.s.ters of dust and chips everywhere in the palace.

Shi Yan acted as if he didn't see it. His soul was still changing, trying to understand the changes in that particular, unknown area.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The immense energy impacted, creating the tornados above the palace, pouring into the hall while accelerating.

Wu Lan stood by the window of a stone pavilion in a distant. She laid on the windowsill, focusing on Shi Yan's palace as her beautiful eyes sparkled with a strange light. After a while, she chuckled, talking to herself. "Taking in the Thousand Fold Lotus to expand the Sea of Consciousness, which will help understand the powers Upanishad better... This man is lucky, and his fate is indeed endless."

"Madame, Fu Wei of the Potion and Tool Pavilion has been waiting for two months. Their battleship has arrived," said an old man standing next to Wu Lan. "This delivery is for Shi Yan's group. It's a large quant.i.ty, indeed. They have mobilized their materials from the Potion and Tool Pavilion's storages around."

Wu Lan nodded gently. She pondered for a while and then said, "You go help them. Ask them to anchor the battleship. We will send our war chariots to transport the materials."

The old man nodded, leaving immediately.

"Young Elder, our battle has arrived." An Yun stood in front of the stone hall, looking at the Devil Hall where energy was stimulated violently far away. She frowned and then said, "That kid has been in there for two months."

"Yeah, two months. I think he would harvest big this time." Fu Wei's eyes were complicated. "He has absorbed a Thousand Fold Lotus. His Sea of Consciousness would expand, and his realm would advance as well. We can't undervalue this man."

An Yun nodded discreetly. She hesitated for a while and then said, "He has haven flames..."

"Heaven flames?" Fu Wei was bewildered for a while. She turned around and looked at her. "You said his soul has been fused with heaven flames?"

An Yun nodded. "While he's cultivating, the G.o.d power energy fluctuating isn't something he can understand at his current realm. Only when he has fused with the Origin can he touch the threshold of G.o.d power at his Original G.o.d Realm. I think his Original Soul has the Origin as well."

Fu Wei was perplexed. She exhaled. "Seems this man won't be just an ordinary warrior in the future. However, I'm not sure about his relationship with Blood Devil. Blood Devil's haughty and tyrannical. I never heard of him accepting an apprentice. Moreover, that man isn't a Demon clansman, right?"

An Yun was also skeptical about this. She shook her head, "I don't know."

"Yeah, never mind," Fu Wei waved her hand and stopped looking there as she said, "Arrange things. I'm going to check those materials first. When he gets out, I want to trouble him a little bit."

"Young Elder, Wu Lan is a witness. Would she complain?" An Yun reminded her.

Fu Wei shook her head. "It's okay. Even if we do that, we won't violate the contract. What can she say then? Ah, Blood Devil is about to come back, isn't he?"

"Yeah, together with the two guests from the Monster Dragon Star," said An Yun.

"Alright, I got it." Fu Wei floated up, landing on a war chariot. She left with An Yun.

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