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In another palace of the Devil Blood Star, Fu Wei, Shi Yan, and Wu Lan were sitting together, eating crystal-like fruits and drinking wines while chatting cheerily.

Sitting by a round table in the center of the hall under their place were An Yun and Feng An, who were talking with Jester, Na Xin, Feng Ka, Yang Zhuo, and Long Zhu. They were smiling, confirming the price of different cultivating materials of the Potion and Tool Pavilion.

After four hours, the Potion and Tool Pavilion got an order of two million divine crystals, which they had to treat with great care. It included many different cultivating materials that required a great deal of patience to study and list up the price.

Luckily, they had sealed the deal. Na Xin, Yang Zhuo, and the others were so happy.

Wu Lan glared at Fu Wei, grinning, "Mei-mei, you're so generous! Haha… You've always calculated a lot when doing business with our Devil Blood Star. Why do you treat Shi Yan especially?"

Pausing for a while, Wu Lan couldn't help but tease her, "I think you've been touched on seeing our handsome Little Yan. You like him, right?"

Fu Wei blushed, glancing at Wu Lan, "Jie-jie, don't tease me!"

Shi Yan was a little embarra.s.sed. He just chuckled, but didn't intervene.

Wu Lan insisted on being here since she was afraid the Potion and Tool Pavilion's staff could deceive Shi Yan.

In fact, Fu Wei was really generous this time. The prices they offered were much lower when they had done business with Devil Blood Star, which stirred Wu Lan up.

Shi Yan didn't know why this woman did so. As far as he had known about them, the Elders of Potion and Tool Pavilion would calculate a lot when doing business with the others. When they confirmed the price, they wouldn't let the other bargain.

However, Fu Wei gave way from time to time. Moreover, she had initially offered the best price to them. Many expensive materials had been sold with significant discount and promotion.

Listening to her quotation, Wu Lan gawked, her face disbelieving.

Being the Majordomo of the Devil Blood Star, she was in charge of doing business with the Potion and Tool Pavilion. Although they had been working together for years, she hadn't got any advantage from Fu Wei. Sometimes, she had to use all of her skills to get a little discount.

But dealing with Shi Yan this time, Fu Wei didn't wait for him and Wu Lan to bargain. She had offered the materials that they needed to negotiate the price easily at once, which also frightened An Yun and Feng An. It also seemed difficult for them to arrange it.

Fu Wei tried to oppress them, asking them to make deals using the price she told them. Feng An felt irritated, sighing all the time. However, he didn't dare to quarrel with her.

Feng An often looked at Shi Yan with different eyes. He thought that Fu Wei offered them the best price because she favored Shi Yan, who cultivated s.p.a.ce power. He even believed that Fu Wei was a little insane right now, as the other had rejected them. He wouldn't join the Potion and Tool Pavilion, so why should she treat him with more benefits like that?

Fu Wei had given way to this order, which caused the loss of several million divine crystals. Feng An thought it was such a big waste.

Fu Wei had never done that before.

An Yun could guess Fu Wei's intention. However, she didn't agree with her. They got no clue about the Canon, and Fu Wei had already given them low prices. If they got nothing from this, wouldn't it have their veins explode in anger?

After they had closed the deal, Na Xin and Jester looked refreshed and happy as they smiled and excused themselves.

The Potion and Tool Pavilion had sold them a high-grade Source of Power Upanishad Inheritance at one million top-quality divine crystals. However, Wu Lan told Shi Yan it would cost at least one million and three hundred thousand divine crystals. Fu Wei had given them a discount of three hundred thousand divine crystals. It was insane indeed.

Wu Lan had a lot of doubts, though. She sometimes glanced at Fu Wei and Shi Yan, becoming excited discreetly.

Was it true that Fu Wei did like Shi Yan?

She instinctively came up with that idea, so she teased the woman the second time, "Hey mei-mei, if you got the same quotation for our next business, I will treat you as if you are my blood sister. Sigh! You've known Shi Yan for not too long. Well, several months, I think. But, you have given him such a big discount, and you say you don't like him. I wonder what reason you have to do that."

Shi Yan became more embarra.s.sed. He turned around to not look at her, but he was skeptical still.

Fu Wei was teased, glaring at her maliciously as she screamed tenderly, "Jie-jie, can you be quiet? I can see he's your Devil Blood Star's distinguished guest, and today is the first time we've done business, that's why I gave him a discount. In our next deal, I will apply the same price like yours. Well, if not, should I bear the loss another time?"

Wu Lan smiled, but she didn't say anything. However, her eyes were indeed skeptical and meaningful, which indicated she had confirmed the fact that Fu Wei liked Shi Yan.

Fu Wei's lady heart was annoyed. She sighed reluctantly and just ignored the woman.

"Alright, we're looking forward to seeing your delivery." Shi Yan suddenly got up as he thought he would be teased continually by staying here. He wanted to leave now.

Wu Lan also stood up.

At this moment, Fu Wei leaned her softy body over. She put the gla.s.s of wine down while sighing and talking sweetly, "Shi Yan, can you stay for a while? I... I have something I want to talk to you in private. Can you spare me a moment?"

Wu Lan was baffled as she oddly looked at her. "Mei mei... Do you... Do you really like him? Argh, never mind. Forget it! I won't disturb you guys anymore. I'm leaving now."

Looking at Fu Wei's blushing face, which was so soft they could squeeze water out of it, Wu Lan knew she shouldn't push it further. As Wu Lan was afraid that she would enrage Fu Wei, she shut her mouth and left.

Fu Wei had her face red, biting her lower lip. She was embarra.s.sed indeed. She looked at Shi Yan and asked her staff. "You guys can go now."

An Yun and Feng An looked odd. However, they didn't say anything. They slightly bent their body to greet her and then left.

Before Feng An had reached the main gate, he turned around to have a glimpse of Shi Yan. He felt a strange fear, but he didn't know why.

"Does our Young Elder really like him?" After they left the room, Feng An suddenly lowered his voice while frowning. "Young Elder's the most prominent candidate for the Pavilion Master position. It's been so many years, and our Young Elder has seen many types of men, as many as fishes in the river. They are the heirs of clans, leaders of mighty forces, and so on. But, she keeps her heart clear. She has never given them a good face. What about this time?"

"Don't think too much. Young Elder knows what to do. She will behave," An Yun told him off.

Feng An shook his head, his face begrudging. "When the women fall in love, they couldn't do anything else. Take our recent deal for example. We can't earn anything, but we have to spend hundreds of thousands of divine crystals to make up the loss. I can't believe our smart Young Elder would make mistakes because of her pa.s.sion. Sigh, this deal is such a loss."

"I told you Young Elder has her decision. You don't need to care about that, okay?" An Yun didn't give him a good face.

"We're in a disadvantaged situation. The Great Elder is watching us. They will catch our tail for the loss we made this time. Our party will encounter trouble then," Feng An knitted his brows tightly.

When he mentioned the Great Elder of Potion and Tool Pavilion, An Yun darkened her face. She frowned as she sighed inwardly, hoping they could find some clues of the Canon which would help them ease the tense situation.

There were only Fu Wei and Shi Yan in the hall now. They looked at each other and felt a little bit embarra.s.sed, staying quiet for a while.

Fu Wei had pinned her long hair, making a gorgeous bun with beautiful jade hairpins. Her blue eyes were deep and bright. She slightly bit her lower pink lip while blushing as if she were drunk. She didn't look at Shi Yan as she was arranging her words. She didn't know how to start this.

They didn't have anything ambiguous. However, after Wu Lan had teased them and the odd looks the other two gave them, at this moment, they could feel something equivocal while staying in this hall.

"Cough! Cough!" Seeing Fu Wei keep silent, Shi Yan couldn't be patient anymore. He talked indifferently, "I wonder what you wanted to show me as you've asked me to stay here?"

Fu Wei's soft body slightly shivered as she got out of her thoughts. Her beautiful eyes twinkled. Eventually, she looked at Shi Yan while murmuring. "I want to ask you about the Thousand Fold Lotus."

Shi Yan shook his head, talking resolutely. "I gave them to Wu Lan. I won't sell the remaining."

"The... remaining? You still have some?" Fu Wei's eyes brightened. They projected a light that seemed to gather on Shi Yan's face like the light from diamonds. "How many Thousand Fold Lotuses do you have?"

Her voice trembled as she felt she was one more step closer to the Canon.

The Elder who took the Canon and left had also brought the Thousand Fold Lotus seeds. He had so many seeds. So logically, it should be more than three pieces.

Hearing Shi Yan say that he still had some Thousand Fold Lotuses, Fu Wei's hope, which was only thirty percent, now increased to seventy percent. Her heart beat faster, and her eyes sparkled dazzlingly. At this moment, her astonishment had ameliorated her beauty.

Fu Wei's plump body inside the loose dress was shivering. Her ample b.r.e.a.s.t.s bounced like a mountain range having a tremor, releasing a wave of attraction. She was restlessly uneasy.

Shi Yan was baffled, causing him to frown as he looked at her. He complimented her beauty inwardly. However, he didn't lose his consciousness. "Not many left. Alright, so what you want to tell me is related to the Thousand Fold Lotus?"

"Could you tell me where did you harvest the Thousand Fold Lotus?" Fu Wei breathed tenderly.

Shi Yan could hear her voice trembling. He kept silent for a while, arranging his thoughts. Then, he said calmly, "You know I'm cultivating s.p.a.ce power, right? Yeah, there was a time when I accidentally fell into a s.p.a.ce crack and reached a strange area. I found the Thousand Fold Lotuses in there."

He said seriously as if what he was telling her was the truth.

On the other side, Fu Wei felt like she had a bucket of cold water poured on her head. Her excitement vanished rapidly. She was perplexed, sitting idly. "Just like that?"

Shi Yan nodded seriously.

Fu Wei suddenly waved her hand helplessly as she looked at him deep in the eye and said, "Oh, okay… Thanks for your information."

Shi Yan was doubtful, but he didn't ask for more. Seeing her want him to leave, he stood up and left.

After he had gone, An Yun tenderly approached, asking with hope. "Young Elder, did you get any news?"

Fu Wei gritted her teeth, cursing, "That b*stard! He lied to me! I can't trust any word of his!"

An Yun was astounded. She looked at Fu Wei, who was always calm, getting angry, and felt something strange. "What did he say?"

"He said he found them in a s.p.a.ce crack." Fu Wei snorted vehemently. "The Thousand Fold Lotuses can't grow in s.p.a.ce crack! Without heaven and earth energy, it will wither and die. That b*stard told me so seriously, that if I didn't know the characteristics of the Thousand Fold Lotus, he could have even fooled me."

Fu Wei clenched her jaw with a lot of resentment as she recalled his serious face when he explained it to her, and hated the fact that she couldn't punch him in the face.

"Ah, he lied indeed." An Yun smiled bitterly.

"However, he slipped his tongue. He told me he still has more Thousand Fold Lotuses! In other words, the place he harvested the flower is 80% or 90% the place our Elder used to live at." Fu Wei was touched, but she smiled. "Daring to fool me? I will show him how serious his headache could be when he messes with a narrow-minded woman."

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