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Shi Yan was also startled. He looked at Fu Wei and the people of Potion and Tool Pavilion, beaming a smile. "Oh, we meet again."

Fu Wei, Feng An, and the others exchanged looks. They were all bewildered.

They had never thought that Wu Lan's distinguished guest was Shi Yan. This surprised them very much. They didn't know why Shi Yan had only Second Sky of Original G.o.d Realm but was able to make Wu Lan leave them to welcome him.

On the way to this star, Fu Wei's team had kept an eye on Shi Yan. They had even used Potion and Tool Pavilion's huge records of hotshots of different clans to search for Shi Yan.

They received nothing.

Fu Wei reacted and smiled. "I didn't know that you were Wu Lan's distinguished guest. No wonder you aren't interested in joining our Potion and Tool Pavilion."

"Oh?" Wu Lan looked at them curiously. "You guys know each other?"

"Yeah, I came to Devil Blood Star with them. They let me take a ride on the battleship."

Shi Yan explained, looking at the colorful cultivating materials that were transported to the grand palaces. He had an idea and he asked the other, "Your Potion and Tool Pavilion also buys materials, I suppose?"

"Of course," Feng An laughed, "Little brother, don't you know that our Potion and Tool Pavilion is the biggest trader of Agate Star Area? We do sell and buy many things."

"Fu Wei mei-mei has a good relationship with us. We have bought many good and rare materials, battleships, and war chariots from them. We've done business with them for years." Wu Lan spoke to Shi Yan, her face serious. "Do you have something you wanna sell?"

"Yeah, I do. I also want to trade for cultivating materials for my friends." Shi Yan pondered for a while. His mind flickered, calling a Blue Ice Jar from his Fantasy Sky Ring.

The blue container emerged. Magical energy slowly fluctuated from it. Shi Yan extended his hand, touching the void. The Blue Ice Jar flew towards Fu Wei.

Shi Yan had harvested twenty-third Thousand Fold Lotuses and stored them in Blue Ice Jars. Giant Na Xin kept ten flowers. Shi Yan had thirteen flowers. Each Thousand Fold Lotus had many layers like an extended Sea of Consciousness. It had marvelous soul energy fluctuating unceasingly.

Fu Wei's jade-like, slender hand caught the Blue Ice Jar. Her smile froze on her face. She screamed in surprise. "Thousand Fold Lotus! Three flowers!"

Aunt An and Feng An's eyes brightened. They couldn't help but look at Shi Yan, their faces stern.

The Thousand Fold Lotus was incredibly precious. It had marvelous effects on the soul. Even Incipient G.o.d Realm warriors could use the Thousand Fold Lotus to increase their soul energy. Each flower was priceless. This kind of flower was famous in the entire Agate Star Area.

Fu Wei's team came from Potion and Tool Pavilion. They all had knowledge of precious and rare materials. Thus, they all knew the values of the Thousand Fold Lotus. All were shocked at this moment.

Wu Lan was bewildered. She pulled herself together, looking at Shi Yan deep in his eyes. "You have Thousand Fold Lotuses?"

Shi Yan smiled and nodded.

Wu Lan took a deep breath, talking all of a sudden. "Don't sell them. We can keep them. If you need divine crystals, we can give them to you."

"Don't!" Fu Wei intervened. She said with a smiling face, "We can offer you a high price! Five million top-quality divine crystals for each! What do you think?"

Wu Lan waved her hand, smiling like a flower. "We can't buy Thousand Fold Lotus that easily. Five million isn't a small number. But it's not enough to buy these flowers." She chuckled, speaking to Shi Yan. "The Thousand Fold Lotus is a great tonic to the soul. After refining, it can strengthen the Sea of Consciousness and increase soul energy. It's easy to sell, but it's tough to buy. Don't be impulsive."

"I'm grateful that you guys have accepted us living in Devil Blood Star. However, I don't want to bother you with everything. I can't use your divine crystals for free." Shi Yan contemplated and then shook his head. "We can't take advantage of you guys like that."

Wu Lan was astonished. But then, she smiled at him. "Okay, so here it is. I represent Devil Blood Star who will buy your Thousand Fold Lotuses. I will pay eight million divine crystals for each. You can use the divine crystals to buy materials you need from Potion and Tool Pavilion. What do you think?"

Shi Yan's eyes brightened. He didn't hesitate and nodded directly. "Okay!"

Fu Wei was holding the Blue Ice Jar. She was reluctant. However, seeing Wu Lan and Shi Yan seal their deal, she couldn't do anything. She handed the jar holding the Thousand Fold Lotuses and sighed... "Forget it, I won't try to get someone else's favorite objects."

Wu Lan smiled happily, clutching the Blue Ice Jar. "I'll give you divine crystals later. You can talk to them about the materials. I can arrange it for you immediately."

She called curtly.

A Demon old man wearing gray garments emerged from the palace. He replied with respect. "Madame, is there anything you want?

"Bring me twenty-four million top-quality divine crystals," asked Wu Lan.

The old man nodded, saying nothing before leaving.

"Please help me fetch some people here. Yeah, the ones I've brought." Shi Yan smiled, looking at Wu Lan. "Na Xin of the Giant Tribe, Jester, Yang Zhuo, and Long Zhu, my fellows. Please bring them here. I'm not familiar with cultivating materials. I'll let them handle it."

"No problem." Wu Lan agreed and then shouted. She asked a troop to fetch the said people.

"Oh, so you are going to have a great shopping time." Fu Wei smiled. "I didn't expect another big business when coming to Devil Blood Star this time. Oh right, we need to stay here longer."

"Fu Wei mei-mei, Shi Yan is our Devil Blood Star's distinguished guest. You can't try to steal a deal from him."

"Nah, how could I? We never deceive people. You know it, right?" Fu Wei said seriously. "We can't finish this business quickly. We should rest for a while. We've got a long journey. I think everybody is tired now."


Wu Lan had arranged Fu Wei and Potion and Tool Pavilion's people to stay in an ancient black-stone building tens of thousands of square meters. After they had settled, Fu Wei and Aunt An found a quiet stone chamber. Fu Wei touched the Fantasy Sky Ring which made dilapidated books and ancient scrolls fly out.

Aunt An didn't know why Fu Wei did that she Aunt An just stood and watched her.

Fu Wei checked each of them, her face focused. Sometimes she frowned, "No, not this one. Oh, not this one, either."

"Young Elder, what are you looking for?" Actually, this old woman was called An Yun. She couldn't help but ask. "Those books of the Canon, you've studied them all, haven't you? Why do you want to skim through them again?"

An Yun didn't want Fu Wei to waste more time searching for the Canon. She thought that seeking for the top treasure that the Elders of their Pavilion had spent tens of thousands of years would amount to nothing. It wouldn't be easy for her to find it.

"No, no, no. It's not true." Fu Wei ignored her. She was still skimming through her books. After a while, her eyes brightened and she hissed, "This one!"

Flutter! Flutter!

Fu Wei flipped the pages fast, her face extremely stern. Her slender fingers suddenly stopped, pointing at a paragraph on a page. Her beautiful eyes became bewildered. She didn't talk for quite a long time.

Throwing the dilapidated book to An Yun, Fu Wei uttered, "Aunt An, read it yourself."

An Yun was bewildered, receiving the shattered book. At first glance, she froze. "That year when that Elder ran away… he brought the seeds of Thousand Fold Lotus and the Canon?"

She understood why Fu Wei was so hurried.

"The Thousand Fold Lotus is also rare in Agate Star Area. It doesn't have many sanctuaries, either. It will take ten thousand years to form. Right after that, the flower will be picked shortly." Fu Wei took a deep breath. "As he could take three flowers at the same time, it means that the area hasn't been discovered for at least tens of thousands of years. Aunt An, do you think... it's related to the Canon somehow?"

An Yun was startled. She contemplated for a while and then jabbered, "It could be..."

She became excited. "If we can find the Canon, our position will change greatly. Now those Elders are aggressive. They are discontent with us. If we bring the Canon back, you can get the throne of the Pavilion Master! It was unexpected to find news of the Canon! This trip to Devil Blood Star was a wise decision, indeed!"

Fu Wei's heart was shivering. Her beautiful face blushed. "We can't confirm this yet. It seems like we have to talk to that guy. Yeah, we better avoid Wu Lan of Devil Blood Star. She knows the value of the Canon. If she knows this information, we will have to pay a big price. Sometimes, information is priceless!"

An Yun nodded.

Fu Wei took a deep breath. Her b.r.e.a.s.t.s shivered. She gritted her teeth and said, "I'm going to find him and speak to him! As long as we have news of the Canon, we have to find it at any cost!"


Inside a s.p.a.cious palace, Wu Lan was very excited, watching the Blue Ice Jar. She smiled at Shi Yan. "You do have good fortune! You can get the Thousand Fold Lotus. Maybe you don't know the value of the Thousand Fold Lotus, but it's something that even Incipient G.o.d Realm warriors drool for. Yeah, if Master knows I got three flowers, he will be thrilled!"

Shi Yan sat on a soft couch, drinking red wine. He said deliberately, "I still have some."

Wu Lan was perplexed.

"Honestly, we have twenty-three Thousand Fold Lotuses. Giant Na Xin keeps ten. You bought three. I still have ten," said Shi Yan with a smile.

"Twenty-three pieces of Thousand Fold Lotus! There are twenty-three flowers!" Wu Lan looked at him as if she was looking at a monster. She jolted up from her seat. "Shi Yan, tell me honestly. Where did you get these flowers? Anything else you have in that place?"

"Old Orchid Star," Shi Yan pondered for a while. He didn't want to conceal so he explained to her how they had lifted the mysterious city underground to harvest the Thousand Fold Lotus.

Shi Yan could see that Wu Lan did not have any evil intentions. This woman knew more secrets of t Agate Star Area. Perhaps she knew that mysterious ancient city. Thus, he told her.

"The mysterious city buried underground? The gravity there is more than ten thousand times heavier than here?" Wu Lan was aghast. Strange light rippled in her eyes. "A lumber of Life Ancient Tree, an evil dragon skull, and a strange book? Don't you think your fortune is too good?"

"The lumber of Life Ancient Tree of the Wood Clan was sold. Na Xin used the evil dragon skull to refine his body. Now I have only the Thousand Fold Lotuses and a strange, unknown book."

"Can you show me the book?"


Shi Yan touched his Fantasy Sky Ring. He took out the yellowed book and threw it at Wu Lan. "Here, this book."

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