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Deep inside the black ocean, a ma.s.sive light cage made of star energy covered Shi Yan and Ghost Hunter, who had transformed into his humanoid form. Ghost Hunter slight bent his head, telling Shi Yan what he had experienced throughout those years in a low and cold voice.

After Ghost Hunter, King of Demonic Insects, Holy Spirit G.o.d, and Devouring Gold Silkworm separated from Shi Yan, they came to Heavenly Demon Mountain Range in the Vault of Heaven Sea Area, and received the mysterious inheritance of the Monster Clan. They escaped the s.p.a.ce barrier in that demonic formation, which led them to the Shadow Ghostly Prison in Agate Star Area.

Shadow Ghostly Prison was the most chaotic and peculiar area of the Agate Star Area. Rumors said that it was the s.p.a.ce hub that connected the Agate Star Area to other star areas. It had many s.p.a.ce channels.

They had crossed one of such s.p.a.ce channels and landed in the Shadow Ghostly Prison.

Shadow Ghostly Prison was established by many primitive races of Agate Star Area. Later on, many other races had joined the area from other star areas, which mostly got through the s.p.a.ce channels. Shadow Ghostly Prison was rich, having various resources. It had many rare cultivating materials that were hard to find in the Agate Star Area.

Warriors had battled for heaven and earth energy and magical natural resources. Since Shadow Ghostly Prison had many strange and precious products, wars never ended there.

The four peculiar existences of Ghost Hunter's group had to struggle hard to survive in the Shadow Ghostly Prison. After many difficult fights, King of Demonic Insects, Holy Spirit G.o.d, and Devouring Gold Silkworm were killed. Only Ghost Hunter was lucky enough to survive until now.

Eventually, he escaped the Shadow Ghostly Prison, coming to this place where Monster tribes were gathered, and thus made his debut in Monster Dragon Star.

Monster Dragon Star was the central star of the Monster Clan in Agate Star Area. Members of the Brutal Dragon Tribe and Evil Dragon Tribe lived in the ma.s.sive Monster Dragon Star. Many other powerful tribes of the Monster Clan also stayed and cultivated here. After Ghost Hunter arrived here, he raised a b.l.o.o.d.y rain in Monster Dragon Star.

Eventually, Gu Te, Chief of Brutal Dragon Tribe, recruited Ghost Hunter with his keen eyes, making him the warlord of the Brutal Dragon Tribe. He conquered many areas for the Brutal Dragon Tribe.

Gu Te and Ghost Hunter had an agreement that year. He agreed to help Ghost Hunter take revenge. He would support Ghost Hunter to invade the Shadow Ghostly Prison and uproot the force that had killed King of Demonic Insects, Holy Spirit G.o.d, and Devouring Gold Silkworm.

The condition was that Ghost Hunter had to join the Brutal Dragon Tribe.

As Ghost Hunter wanted to take revenge for his comrades, he agreed with Gu Te's condition. After around ten years of fighting from North to South. He had earned merits for the Brutal Dragon Tribe. Gradually, he got the approval of the entire Brutal Dragon Tribe. That was how he received a Brutal Dragon Token, which represented his high status in the tribe.

Ghost Hunter came to Black Water Star this time to destroy one of the Brutal Dragon Tribe's enemies. He was about to attack a branch of the Sea Clan, which had unilaterally broken the treaty while trading with Brutal Dragon Tribe.

King of Demonic Insects, Holy Spirit G.o.d, and Devouring Gold Silkworm were all dead, hearing which, Shi Yan felt totally absent-minded. A bitter grief rose from the bottom of his heart. He gritted his teeth until it generated squeaking noises, his face turning ferocious.

Different images crossed his mind. He met the King of Demonic Insects, and befriended the Holy Spirit G.o.d and the Devouring Gold Silkworm... All old stories suddenly emerged deep in his soul, and he couldn't get rid of them...

Hearing that his old friends were all dead, Shi Yan felt like a nerve of his was pinched. His eyes became as cold as ice.

This made him more placid in recognizing himself. This place was the Agate Star Area, with countless clans and experts, and he wasn't the strongest.

In this place, he didn't have the powers to protect his fellows yet.

He was crying inwardly. The Immortal Demon Blood in his body was boiling as if it were burning. His eyes turned garnet like an enraged beast, and he looked lunatic indeed.

"I will take revenge for them!" Shi Yan stressed each word.

Ghost Hunter nodded heavily.

"Master, I met your lady in the Shadow Ghostly Prison. She helped me escape the Shadow Ghostly Prison that year." Ghost Hunter hesitated for a while, his eyes cold and dark. He slightly bent his head, talking, "Master's Lady has become a n.o.ble of a force. She has power and force, and has also earned a t.i.tle."

Shi Yan's pupils shrank. "My lady?"

"Lady Xia," Ghost Hunter lowered his voice, explaining.

Shi Yan was shaken.

Ghost Hunter stooped and said nothing as he looked at Shi Yan, silently waiting for him to digest the news.

'It's Xia Xin Yan!'

Countless vehement memories flooded his mind. Shi Yan felt a strange and unknown pain. It was like someone had knocked down some bottles of different ingredients in his heart, as he felt so many feelings mixed together.

It had been so many years. When he got the news of that person the second time, he didn't expect she would be in the Shadow Ghostly Prison... She had a force, and she had become a n.o.ble. Sweet and bitter memories appeared in his heart as he felt so low.

Sitting indifferently for a while, Shi Yan took a deep breath, his face becoming maliciously resolute. "For the time being, you shouldn't separate from the Brutal Dragon Tribe. You have your world, and Brutal Dragon Tribe can make you thrive. When you've reached a higher level, you will become the leader of the Monster Clan!"

Ghost Hunter looked at him bewilderedly.

"We will fight shoulder to shoulder in the Agate Star Area. But, we don't need to be together every moment. I'm not sure if you can grow better by following me than right now." Shi Yan pondered for a while and then explained, "We will make efforts to take revenge for the three of them. You use your way, and I will use mine. Don't worry! We won't be far from each other. I'm going to the Devil Blood Star. If nothing unexpected happens, I'll stay in Devil Blood Star. I have some relation with... Blood Devil."

Ghost Hunter's green eyes brightened slowly.

As he had been in the area for years, he knew Blood Devil. He was surprised and happy on hearing that his Master and Blood Devil had some relation.

"At this moment, you should stay with the Brutal Dragon Tribe and acc.u.mulate your force. You should make efforts to gain the powers of the Monster Clan." Shi Yan face was calm and cold like water. "I will go my way to acc.u.mulate force. In the future, we will be the main forces of the Agate Star Area. I strongly believe that we can swagger here and there in this high-level star area in a not so distant future!"

"I'm on it, Master," Ghost Hunter nodded quietly.

"You continue to stay and work for the Brutal Dragon Tribe. I'm heading to Devil Blood Star to arrange stuff. It's the best if you can conceal our relationship. Since the Chief of Brutal Dragon Tribe trusts you, he won't change his mind," Shi Yan contemplated and continued, "McGee and I have a good friendship. Evil Dragon Tribe is also one of the strongest forces of the Monster Clan. If you can become the leader of Monster Clan in the future, Evil Dragon Tribe will be one of your powerful hands. You should try to get them on your side."

Ghost Hunter nodded again.

The two of them discussed undersea. After a long time, they came up with an agreement.

Before Shi Yan left, he had a premonition. He thought, then flickered his mind. Drops of scarlet Immortal Demon Blood flew out like jewels, filled with pure soul energy.

A magical connection that could cross all s.p.a.ce distances strongly elongated towards Shadow Ghostly Prison.

A familiar aura transmitted from Shadow Ghostly Prison fell into his Sea of Consciousness, heading towards the deep area of his soul...

In the Shadow Ghostly Prison, several hundred ma.s.sive battleships were anch.o.r.ed above a giant asteroid. Sitting on a pink crystal throne atop one of those gigantic battleships was a woman in a brilliant gown. She was holding a gla.s.s, her deep and beautiful eyes looking at the endless star sea while being absorbed in her thoughts.

Her gorgeous long dress was beautified with jewels. Exquisite and precious flowers were embroidered at the hem of her dress. She let here flawless legs bare, wearing only two blue crystal anklets. The energy from her anklets had a tremendous fluctuation, adding to her elegant beauty.

Three pagans kneeled by her, reporting with the logbooks they were holding. They all looked humble.

The beautiful woman took a sip from her blood-like wine gla.s.s. The red color of the wine gave her pink lips moisture, making her look like the most beautiful blooming flower. However, her crystal clear, diamond-like eyes were hiding some sadness. Yet, her indifferent and cold bearings had subdued the three alien clansmen in front of her. They didn't even dare to look up at her. They were modest, trying to explain her furthermore.

Suddenly, the beautiful woman seemed to feel something. Her gorgeous eyes sparkled dazzlingly while her flawless body shivered. She couldn't help but jolt up from her seat. Her jade-like feet stepped on the precious pink throne, alluring people's souls.

She looked in the general direction of the Black Water Star far away as the cold intent on her face vanished slowly. The red wine in her gla.s.s swirled for a while. After a long moment, she was thrilled, bowing her head and whining, "You... you have finally come... I've been waiting for you for so long..."

The joy she couldn't hide in her face had baffled the other three. They were indeed surprised.

Drops of Immortal Demon Blood evaporated in the light cage as Shi Yan opened his eyes. He was stirred up, mumbling to himself. "You're here..."

Ghost Hunter sat quietly and indifferently like a rock next to Shi Yan. He just looked at his Master, saying nothing.

"Let's go." After a while, Shi Yan got up, wiping out the light cage. Both of them shot out of the seabed, heading North of Black Stone Island.

On Black Stone Island, Gu Mo, Werther, and McGee were longing for them, their faces all odd.

"Sir," As soon as Werther saw Ghost Hunter, his straight back bent while he lowered his head to show his respect.

"Ghost Hunter, my father sent a message saying that he doesn't want you to separate from Brutal Dragon Tribe. He said that no matter what old stories you have, he won't ask a thing. As long as you stay with the Brutal Dragon Tribe and keep the Brutal Dragon Token, you're a warlord of our tribe." Gu Mo's small face was serious as she continued, "My father said that this time when you go back to Monster Dragon Star, he would give you a life star. You will have the complete authority over it."

Ghost Hunter wore an impa.s.sive face. Facing these people, he was as cold as the rigid ice. He seemed to not have any emotion. After Gu Mo finished, he just nodded.

Gu Mo and Werther were cheered up.

"Thank you, Sir. You didn't abandon us."

"Thank you for your favor!"

The Monster soldiers under Ghost Hunter's command kneeled down, shouting crazily. Their voices shook the Black Stone Island.

Ghost Hunter was still indifferent.

"McGee, I want to go to the Devil Blood Star. See you later." Shi Yan nodded to McGee while chuckling. "Do me a favor. Do not compete with Ghost Hunter. He's the closest friend of mine."

"How dare I quarrel with him?" McGee smiled miserably. However, he became cheered up all of a sudden. "Our Monster Dragon Star and the Devil Blood Star aren't far from each other. I'm going to find you later. If you need me, you can always come to Monster Dragon Star to find me."

"Sure," Shi Yan agreed seriously. He smiled at Gu Mo, Werther, and then gazed at Ghost Hunter for a while. Then, he soared up into the sky, tearing the atmosphere like a lightning strike while heading to Devil Blood Star.

Ghost Hunter lifted his head looking at Shi Yan disappearing. Afterward, he shouted at his troopers with a brutal face. "Work!"

Werther and many soldiers of Monster Clan replied to him grumblingly. Their murderous aura rose violently as they were about to jump into the sea to eradicate a branch of the Sea Clan that had deceived the Brutal Dragon Tribe.

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