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Werther was astounded. He couldn't help but rub his eyes, wanting to confirm what he was watching was real or not.

'Is that our Master Ghost Hunter?' He instinctively asked himself. His face was bitter, as he shook his head.

Werther had followed Ghost Hunter for around ten years. In his eyes, Ghost Hunter was mighty and bloodthirsty, who would never bow to anybody, including the Chief of Brutal Dragon Tribe.

However, today, the Master he worshipped was humbly submitting under Shi Yan's feet. His Master had used the modest att.i.tude to respect the other. His Master had proactively given his back under Shi Yan's feet. This was a sign of submission that came from the heart.

A Ghost Hunter like that was strange to him.

Gu Mo's small face was stiff. She thought she was in a dream, so she bit her lower lip. When the pain came through her nerves, she finally confirmed she was in the real world.

'What's going on?'

Gu Mo hadn't known Ghost Hunter for a long time. However, she idolized his performance and all sort of savage deeds in the Brutal Dragon Tribe. She was keen on thinking that he was her best match. She had never thought that Ghost Hunter would submit to anyone wholeheartedly.

In her eyes, an imposing and domineering man like Ghost Hunter was predestined to step on the highest peak. He wouldn't let any force bind him.

Crawling under a man's feet was impossible to her. However, it happened right in front of her, which gave her a bitter feeling. She felt sorry because of Ghost Hunter.

'A formidable existence like you should never submit to anyone! Absolutely never!'

Gu Mo screamed crazily in her mind.

McGee slowly transformed into his human form, with blood streaming down his body. He wiped the blood trickle on the corner of his mouth, standing by Gu Mo and Werther. Lights weaved is his eyes, his face confused and complicated.

The fierce battle with Ghost Hunter made him believe in Gu Mo's vision. He knew Ghost Hunter did have fame and power. This newly-emerged foreign Monster warrior did have the power to reach the peak of glory.

Towards Ghost Hunter, he had a subtle feeling between strong warriors. Although Ghost Hunter's realm was one level lower than his, he wasn't weaker than McGee in that fight.

McGee had no prejudice towards Ghost Hunter. After this battle, he had considered the latter as his fiercest rival.

However, when the rival he respected submitted beneath Shi Yan's feet wholeheartedly and freely, this kind of humble head-down posture somehow shamed him.

Experts living in Black Stone Island and the other life stars around became baffled. They looked at the site with confused eyes. They had no clue of what was going on.

Staying on the flying bird battleship, the Monster troops under Ghost Hunter's commands were outraged. They looked at Ghost Hunter as if he had become a strange person to them, all having an odd countenance. They didn't know what had happened back there.

Shi Yan stood on the spiky neck of Ghost Hunter, his face as calm as water. He instinctively patted Ghost Hunter's ma.s.sive head and sighed distantly. "I thought you had forgotten me."

"A servant for one day, a servant for a lifetime."

Ghost Hunter's voice was husky and cold. It felt like someone rubbed a stone on a piece of metal. His voice was sharp and unpleasant to the ear. However, in Shi Yan's ears, it was so comfortable.

He didn't talk loudly, but McGee, Gu Mo, and Werther could hear him clearly. They were so shocked, light sparkling in their eyes as they were outraged.


Ghost Hunter opened his mouth and spat out something. A jade token with the Brutal Dragon carving of the Brutal Dragon Tribe flew out of his terrifying mouth, floating in front of Gu Mo and Werther.

"This is the War Token. Please return it to the Chief. From now on, I'm not a member of the Brutal Dragon Tribe anymore. I will no longer be the captain of this squadron. That year, the Chief and I had an agreement. I can leave the Brutal Dragon Tribe whenever I want. Please explain to him." Ghost Hunter's voice was as cold as ice. It was a little bit harsh and bone-chilling.

That jade token was the Captain's Identification Card in the Brutal Dragon Tribe's force. It was also the sign of a future elder. There were only seven of them in Brutal Dragon Tribe, which was significant indeed.

The Jade Tokens in the Brutal Dragon Tribe were the insignia of power and status. Every single one of them was so precious. People who held the Jade Token were all influential members of the Brutal Dragon Tribe, and they did have real powers. Their status was high also for the other clans living in the life stars around. They could access the great star areas freely and enjoy the privileges of Brutal Dragon Tribe.

Werther and Gu Mo were startled, their face grimaced.

As Ghost Hunter returned his Jade Token, he had decided to separate from the Brutal Dragon Tribe. He had helped Brutal Dragon Tribe destroy their enemies for years. He had killed so many brutal and powerful opponents, which granted him the Jade Token after rounds of discussion among the Elders of the Brutal Dragon Tribe last year.

This Jade Token represented his official admission in the Brutal Dragon Tribe. He had finally received the approval of this strongest tribe of the Monster Clan.

To bestow him this Jade Token, the Chief of Brutal Dragon Tribe had spent a lot of his efforts to eliminate the troubles that came from the majority of the tribe's Elders. He didn't hesitate to use b.l.o.o.d.y methods to suppress them. Later on, Ghost Hunter earned this special glory.

However, after seeing Shi Yan and talking not even two sentences to the man, he had returned the Jade Token, which he had earned through b.l.o.o.d.y difficulties. He declared his wish to separate from the Brutal Dragon Tribe, which was like a slap on Werther's and Gu Mo's face. They now had an everlasting bitter grievance in their minds.

"Sir!" Werther shivered as he hastily kneeled down in the air and lifted his face to look directly into Ghost Hunter's eyes. He said stubbornly, "The Jade Token represents the supreme glory of the Brutal Dragon Tribe. You Sir, you have experienced countless b.l.o.o.d.y battles, stepping on piles of bodies to get it. How could you give it up that easily?"

Gu Mo's face changed. She was outraged looking at Ghost Hunter. Her usual soft voice was gone as she talked sharply, "Ghost Hunter! What are you doing? You know what the Brutal Dragon Token represents? It's the supreme glory of our Brutal Dragon Tribe!"

Ghost Hunter's deep green eyes were as calm as water. He looked at Werther and Gu Mo, talking deliberately, "I'm not a member of the Brutal Dragon Tribe. Before I joined the tribe, I've made it clear to the Patriarch that I may leave at any time. Today, the one I had been waiting for has come. Naturally, I won't stay in the Brutal Dragon Tribe anymore. Please tell the Chief that Ghost Hunter has failed his expectations."

McGee frowned tightly, looking at the Jade Token hovering in the air. His eyes seemed so strange.

Taking a deep breath, McGee talked to Shi Yan seriously. "Bro, there're seven Brutal Dragon Tokens. It's like the identification card of the strongest warlords of the Tribe. It represents power and glory of Brutal Dragon Tribe. Do you understand?"

The monster eyes of Ghost Hunter sparkled ferociously as he gazed at McGee coldly while hissing, "Shut up!"

McGee discolored, snorting. However, he was looking at Shi Yan.

Werther and Gu Mo couldn't help but also look at Shi Yan.

At this moment, they understood that an arrogant fellow like Ghost Hunter would never mind their opinions. Only Shi Yan's words seemed to be able to bind him.

This man who came out of nowhere had made Ghost Hunter submit to him. He could control Ghost Hunter's will and decision. It was unimaginable!

Even the Chief of the Brutal Dragon Tribe couldn't restrain Ghost Hunter that way.

Under the gaze of McGee, Werther, and Gu Mo, Shi Yan contemplated for a while. He chuckled and extended his hand to pull the air. He grabbed the Brutal Dragon Token, which represented the high-rank captain of the tribe, and studied it. He then tenderly put it on Ghost Hunter's spiky neck, speaking softly, "Ghost Hunter and I want to talk a bit."

McGee, Gu Mo, and Werther were surprised. They looked at him, but said nothing else, proactively flying away.

Shi Yan frowned, patting Ghost Hunter's head.

Ghost Hunter faced the sky and roared. His roar was like a lightning strike that could clean up and level the place. His voice shook the sky as he rocketed immediately, disappeared from people's sight.

McGee, Werther, and Gu Mo went down to the sh.o.r.e of the Black Stone Island. Gu Mo was so irritated. Looking at the crowd around them, her eyes became savage, shouting angrily. "Get the f*ck out of here!"

Werther and McGee couldn't stay calm. Murderous auras twinkled in their eyes, looking at the onlookers with obviously evil intents.

Members of the other tribes from the surrounding life stars discolored. They stooped, fleeing away like the low tide. In a short while, no one stayed.

Only Ghost Hunter's troopers started to gather from the flying bird battleship, looking at Werther and Gu Mo anxiously. They wanted to say something but didn't know how.

Gu Mo took a deep breath. Her generous breast bounced slightly as she gritted her teeth while looking at McGee. "After all, who is he?"

Werther also looked at McGee.

"I don't actually know." Under the others' gazes, McGee smiled reluctantly, "I met him by chance in the s.p.a.ce crack. He's saved me twice. This man… is really dangerous. He's mysterious indeed. Seems like he's somehow related to Blood Devil."

"Blood Devil?" Gu Mo, Werther, and the others discolored in fright. They felt even worse as the situation had developed out of their reach.

This star area had many prominent clans. The Monster Clan, Demon Clan, and Ice Clan lived here. Brutal Dragon Tribe and Evil Dragon Tribe were the two strongest Tribes of Monster Clan. Blood Devil was the overlord devil of Demon Clan, so his status and power weren't less than the Chiefs of the two dragon tribes. And, his personal relationship with the two tribes was always good.

Blood Devil was the great character of Demon Clan. In Agate Star Area, he was famous indeed. And, he liked to cover for his fellows. He would take revenge for even the smallest grudge.

Hearing that Shi Yan and Blood Devil were related, Gu Mo was so worried that she pulled her hair instinctively, her face dark. "It's really troublesome!"

"Even if it's Blood Devil, he has no right to make Master separate from Brutal Dragon Tribe!" Werther clenched his jaw, talking indignantly. "My Master will surely be the new shining star of the Monster Clan. He's one of the future leaders of Monster Clan. Since he got the Brutal Dragon Token, he's the hotshot of our Brutal Dragon Tribe. What does that kid have to make my Master submit to him?"

Gu Mo agreed as she nodded to him, talking firmly, "Yeah! It's true! Blood Devil doesn't have this right!"

McGee was bewildered for a while. He looked at the other two with an odd countenance. "It's not my bro who subdued him. He's done that on his own, hasn't he? He requested to leave the Brutal Dragon Tribe. He said that you guys have an agreement. I think you should talk to Uncle clearly."

"... It's..." Werther was petrified and baffled, unable to answer.

Gu Mo hesitated for a while, and eventually took out a Sound Stone. She took a deep breath to force herself calm down before connecting with her father.

McGee and Werther looked at her, their faces respectful. They proactively stepped back, giving her s.p.a.ce. That was how they showed respect to the Chief.

However, their eyes hadn't left Gu Mo. They observed her facial expression to see what the Chief of the Brutal Dragon Tribe would direct.

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