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"Young Lady, who's he?"

Monster Werther frowned and snorted disdainfully, his face cold, "Heavy words!"

Gu Mo was baffled as she looked at Shi Yan skeptically. Her bold brows furrowed as she didn't know what was going on.

"Even our Chief has to use affection to persuade Master Ghost Hunter and use a soft voice. Only then will Master consider if he likes it or not. What are you? How dare you a.s.sure Master Ghost Hunter won't do things rashly? Kid, you don't want to live anymore, do you? How dare you brag with such haughty words?"

Werther felt so angry that his face was reddening. It looked like he would take action at any minute.

He had followed Ghost Hunter for around ten years, and had wholeheartedly supported the latter. He had a strong belief that Ghost Hunter would become the future leader of Monster Clan, who would bring the clan into a whole new era.

His worship didn't have a logical reason. However, in Werther's mind, Ghost Hunter was unique. He admired and respected his leader's b.l.o.o.d.y and cruel deeds. Sometimes, he thought that Ghost Hunter's b.l.o.o.d.y way was tougher and manlier than the Patriarch of the Brutal Dragon Tribe!

Ghost Hunter was his G.o.d!

"You don't know about the situation, so don't babble." Gu Mo told Shi Yan off, talking seriously. "Even if your friendship with McGee isn't shallow, you can only advise him. Ghost Hunter isn't someone you can talk into doing something. You can't, and neither can I. I think my father can subdue the Ghost Hunter a little bit."

The great ally of the Brutal Dragon Tribe and the Evil Dragon Tribe was the pillar of the Monster Clan in Agate Star Area. If the two tribes had a war, it would be a badly unpredictable catastrophe.

Brutal Dragon Tribe and Evil Dragon Tribe had many other members of the Monster Clan depending on them. Many smaller branches of the Monster Clan had submitted to the Brutal Dragon Tribe and Evil Dragon Tribe. If the two clans became opponents, the Monster Clan would be divided into two forces. If they had a civil war, Monster Clan would move towards a decline eventually.

This wasn't something Gu Mo could take the responsibility of!

Werther was so angry he wanted to kill Shi Yan. In his eyes, Shi Yan was now the biggest enemy of the Monster Clan. He was the trouble-maker with the purpose of dividing the Monster Clan. He even thought that Shi Yan was the reason why McGee provoked Ghost Hunter.

"I don't care who you are. You must die anyway!" Werther took a deep breath as he prepared his lethal attack. He wanted to kill Shi Yan at any cost.

Gu Mo discolored, hurrying to stop him. "Don't! It's not because of him. He's McGee's friend, and he likes him a lot. Werther, you shouldn't interfere. I'm going to tell my father!"

"I said I can stop this. You can choose to believe me or not." Shi Yan frowned, but he was actually happy inwardly.

He had never thought that Ghost Hunter could have excellent achievements in Agate Star Area. He had earned the Brutal Dragon Tribe's trust, who considered him as their future leader.

After that, he flew towards Ghost Hunter and McGee, talking without turning his face around to look at Gu Mo and Werther, "Ghost Hunter and I are old acquaintances."

Werther and Gu Mo were bewildered. They were still perplexed, looking at his back skeptically. However, they didn't know what was going on.

"Go! We should go there and talk to them!" Gu Mo hesitated for a while before deciding quickly. She flew up quickly, pa.s.sing Shi Yan and heading towards the battle site.

Werther wore a cold face as a fire of anger rolled in his eyes. He soared up into the sky, and glared at him maliciously when he pa.s.sed Shi Yan. "Kid, if you dare deceive us, I will show you what I have got!"

Gu Mo and Werther shot rapidly towards Ghost Hunter and McGee, who were crazily attacking and wreaking havoc. They felt restless and anxious.

Many warriors from the other areas saw the three of them and were surprised, starting to discuss boisterously.

Over there, the battle between McGee and Ghost Hunter had come to its climax. The two of them now used their real abilities. While they were mobilizing energy, a tremendous amount of heaven and earth energy of Black Stone Island rose like a torrential tide, pouring into the two of them. The supplied energy made the two new talents of the Monster Clan seem like furious, erupting volcanoes. They seemed about to destroy the whole Black Water Star.

McGee seemed to be falling into a disadvantaged situation. Ghost Hunter punched him, blowing him to the seabed. However, every time McGee soared up back from the sea, he could gather a stronger power.

Their battle had come to a critical stage. It was time of life or death.

"McGee, it's enough!" Gu Mo suddenly screamed, her beautiful face icy cold. "I told you to try a bit. I didn't tell you to risk your life! Stop here! I don't need your support anymore!"

"You said enough, so you think it's enough?" McGee thundered angrily. He didn't give Gu Mo face, wiping the blood trickle on his mouth. "I have suffered a loss, and I want to take it back! F*ck! I'm this big, and I've never been hurt by anyone whose realm's lower than mine! If I can't make him pay a big price for that, I will feel annoyed for the rest of my life!"

McGee roared, storming towards Ghost Hunter again.

Gu Mo was so worried as if she had a flame burning her heart.

Werther hovered behind her, his face begging. He didn't have the bearings like when was talking to Shi Yan. He stooped his head while screaming, "Master, please stop. I'm begging you. McGee's the son of Evil Dragon Tribe's Patriarch. If you kill him, the Evil Dragon Tribe will turn their back on us. Master, for me who has been following you for years, please, do me a little favor. Please spare McGee."

Ghost Hunter acted as if he didn't see or hear Werther. He didn't even give him a glance. He still gazed at McGee, striking crazily. Each blow of his was enough to smash the whole world. He made the seawater boil, shaking the entire Black Water Star.

Werther seemed to know what would happen. He sighed and screamed continually.

"You motherf*cker! You're too haughty. I have just left for a few decades. When did I fall into that low a situation? Asking him to spare my life? The one whose realm's lower than mine? I can't stand such humiliation!" McGee shouted, becoming even more enraged.

Both Ghost Hunter and McGee didn't listen to Werther and Gu Mo. They started to attack each other again, their battle becoming fiercer.

Gu Mo and Werther's advice didn't work. It couldn't bring the desired result; instead, it was more like pouring oil into a fire as the battle reached the most dangerous point.

Ghost Hunter and McGee had their body covered in blood while fighting against each other. Suddenly, they all roared, returning to their monster form. The two terrifying and intimidating monsters appeared in the sea.

Evil Dragon McGee was several thousand meters long, his body covered in scales. The horns on his head were sharp and shiny like metals, with beautiful lights moving around. Each scale on his body started to absorb heaven and earth energy, giving him an imposing aura that could threaten people.

Ghost Hunter's real form was just several meters long. However, he had spikes and thorns all over his body. His body was covered in some kind of thick and rigid bone sh.e.l.ls that looked like quenched metals. At first glance, people knew he had annealed his body for many times.

It was obvious that his true form was also a dragon. Beams of energy murmured like small flowing streams on his body. Energy fluctuated from him immensely and earth-shakingly. It felt like his body hid many volcanoes that could erupt at any minute, giving him the intimidating and brutal energy.

When the Monster warriors turned back to their true form, it was a sign of a life or death battle. As McGee and Ghost Hunter had transformed, they were prepared to release their strongest attack.

Boom! Rumble! Rumble!

The two giant bodies barged into each other, entangling and wrestling. Their powerful and fierce energy impacted, sending sparks and lights everywhere. This sea area was stirred up formidably. Vortexes started to appear in the sea, and tsunamis rose high in the sky.

These two warriors of the Monster Clan seemed ready to destroy the Black Water Star. Their formidable auras had scared people out of their wits. The onlookers all admired and respected their power no matter what.

Watching the two of them change to their monster form and attack each other wildly, Gu Mo and Werther were frightened out of their wits, their hearts beating anxiously.

Gu Mo's small face was as pale as white paper. She was so panic-stricken at this moment, hurrying to report this to her father. She hoped her father could come and advise Ghost Hunter. She also cursed McGee for not giving her face.

Werther was so flurried that he didn't know what to do. Suddenly, he looked back and saw Shi Yan sauntering as if he were taking a walk in the park. With a ferocious face, he seemed to find a place to vent out at, shouting, "You caused all of these! I'll kill you first!"

Gu Mo hated Shi Yan because he had stopped her from reporting to her father in the first place. Seeing Werther about to kill him, she didn't bother to interfere, as she thought that Shi Yan deserved it.

"McGee, do me a favor. Stop here." Suddenly, Shi Yan pitched his voice and screamed before Werther attacked him.

McGee and Ghost Hunter were still wrestling. Hearing Shi Yan's voice, McGee struggled in his mind for a while before shouting, "Bro, I want to give you face, but... But, if he doesn't want to stop here, I have no choice."

Gu Mo and Werther were bewildered. They were so confused.

Since when had McGee become that easy to talk into things? That hot-tempered fellow was famous for his annoyance. Besides his father, he had never submitted to anyone?

What scared them the most was still to follow...

"Ghost Hunter, stop here," Shi Yan said the second time.

While entangling with McGee, Ghost Hunter turned around to look, perplexed. Dazzling lights shot out from his monster eyes as he gazed at Shi Yan without blinking. He halted as if he had turned into a rock.

McGee and Ghost Hunter both stopped. The atmosphere was oddly quiet, and people could only hear the two Monster experts panting.

Gu Mo and Werther gawked, dropping their jaws. They looked at Shi Yan, then at Ghost Hunter, who was held as if he had turned into a fossil.

The bone-chilling, clear green eyes of Ghost Hunter reflected Shi Yan's image. His eyes flashed, turning watery. The mouth with many teeth opened as he stopped panting, still looking baffled.

Energy stopped impacted above the sea, as a result of which, the water slowly calmed down and the vortexes disappeared. The whole place was so quiet they could even hear the sound of a needle falling.

Ghost Hunter looked at Shi Yan like that, as an unknown, fierce affection appeared in his eyes. After a long moment, he got rid of McGee, flying anxiously to Shi Yan. He proactively lowered his body and floated beneath Shi Yan's feet. He slowly adjusted his body until his back touched Shi Yan's feet.

He had let Shi Yan put his feet on his back, so he could be Shi Yan's mount.

This was the gesture of the humblest submission of the Monster Clan's members.

The entire sea area was quiet. Onlookers from different clans in the Black Stone Island were petrified. The gla.s.s of wine fell on the ground from someone's hand, but he didn't realize it. Time seemed to have paused at this moment.

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