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Giant McGee burst out of the cave. His body was hidden in the center of the black water dragon. He moved like a rainbow with the powers of a thousand men pressing down maliciously on Ghost Hunter.

Rattle! Rattle!

The black dragon was still moving in the air. The dense steam shrank, condensing earth and heaven energy around into one flow.

Earth and heaven energy of Black Stone Island seemed to all be drawn. The other warriors felt their souls trembling hard. They had a hallucination of their soul altars and consciousness sinking deep into an unknown tornado. Some couldn't even control their bodies, moving toward the black water dragon.

To the warriors who cultivated physical strength, when they had reached a specific level, they could easily gather earth and heaven energy and acc.u.mulate in their bodies.

McGee was a member of the Evil Dragon Tribe. He had always cultivated his body. At this moment, his understanding and controlling of surrounding energy had reached an exquisite and profound level.

Ghost Hunter stayed cold, looking at McGee taking in all the energy of Black Stone Island. He frowned. He finally became serious.

McGee was definitely a strong opponent with whom he could have a good fight.

He didn't know McGee or the reason why McGee suddenly wanted to battle him and he didn't have any interest to do that.

However, today Ghost Hunter had become a captain of a troop of Brutal Dragon Tribe. He had several hundred bloodthirsty Monster experts under his command. They only listened to his orders and submitted to him wholeheartedly.

Ghost Hunter got such support because he was always in the vanguard of each battle. He had never retreated and seemed to have no fear of any force. Even if he had to confront a warrior whose realm was higher than his, he would still have the guts to fight the other directly.

He would never lose his face in front of his troopers.

Thus, Ghost Hunter wasn't hesitant at all. His face darkened as if he was actually enraged.


A low but sharp roar tore the sky. Ghost Hunter soared up into the sky from his battleship. He was like a sharp weapon that could pierce through everything, shooting towards the giant black dragon.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The earth-shattering explosions reverberated in each corner of Black Stone Island. Low-realm warriors shivered, their souls trembling uneasily.

The energy of the shockwave was dazzling, shooting and exploding everywhere from the sky.

Each strike of the shockwaves left a bottomless hole on the ground of Black Stone Island. Those shockwaves even boiled the seawater, sending black water arrows up into the sky.

Black Stone Island was poorly damaged quickly. Thousands of holes were created. Many ancient trees were struck down. Rocks were smashed. There were even thousand-meter deep ditches drawn on the island.

The onlookers were frightened. They couldn't help but activate their power Upanishad. Then, many colored light protections appeared.

Gu Mo discolored. She cursed under her breath. Her eyes sparkled as she grabbed Shi Yan.

A dark green light cage made of pure energy covered Shi Yan like a big green bowl. It sheltered him from the shockwaves of the other two's attacks.

Shi Yan was surprised and he discreetly looked at her.

It seemed like Gu Mo and McGee were close. She gave McGee face by protecting Shi Yan. This meant that Gu Mo did respect McGee. She wasn't as rude as she had treated him.

The dark light cage was like a rainbow part.i.tion. Flows of green energy weaved with each other, creating a thick mesh net. The energy in this net was incredibly dense. When Shi Yan released his Soul Consciousness, he felt like he had sunk into a muddy puddle. He couldn't hear anything.

McGee and Ghost Hunter were still b.u.mping and attacking each other in the void. They presented Black Stone Island a fantastic firework party with tens of thousands of magnificent lights.

McGee wasn't an impulsive person. While he was fighting Ghost Hunter, he intendedly left Black Stone Island, moving further to the South Sea.

Shortly after, McGee and Ghost Hunter had left Black Stone Island, floating and sinking in the endless sea. They didn't turn back to their monster forms as they were still fighting using their humanoid forms. They were like two mighty war chariots barging into each other. They made the seawater boil, raising a tsunami, which was thousands of meters high.

"McGee has made progress," Gu Mo agreed quietly. She looked at Shi Yan next to her. "He didn't focus on his cultivation. He had a l.u.s.tful head. He often messed around. I didn't expect that after dozens of years, his application of power has reached this subtle level. Hmm, hasn't he had secluding cultivation lately?"

Shi Yan was amazed, but he just smiled and said nothing.

Only he knew that McGee's progress wasn't because of his ascetic cultivation but his soul being cleaned by Soul Refining Fluid, which had made his understanding of power much better.

"Well, it won't affect us anymore," Gu Mo looked around and then parted her lips, drawing.

The dark green light cage covering Shi Yan turned into a flow of green liquid, disappearing into her cherry lips. Gu Mo's eyes brightened when she suddenly flew towards the South beach of Black Stone Island. She landed firmly on a big rock.

Shi Yan hesitated for a while. Eventually, he flew up, standing by Gu Mo and watching.

Shortly after, the other warriors gathered from the previous battle site. They stood on the rocks scattered around the place to discuss. All were curious, watching the battle between McGee and Ghost Hunter.

They were all excited, debating with each other to see who would be the winner. Some thought Ghost Hunter was stronger while others a.s.sumed McGee's power was fiercer. They had so many different opinions for their furious debate.

Anyway... none of them were curious to know why McGee and Ghost Hunter had that fight.

This surprised Shi Yan a lot. "The battle between the members of the Monster Clan doesn't need any reason to occur? You don't have any rules?"

Gu Mo nodded, talking deliberately. "Of course! Our Monster Clan refers to fight. Not only to foreigners but also to our own kinds. The method we apply to select the commander for each troop is only fighting. The stronger is the winner. If you think you're stronger than your captain, you can challenge him. If you succeed, you will take his place immediately."

Pausing for a while, Gu Mu smiled tenderly yet arrogantly. "When we select the Chief of the Tribe, we also use this method. In both the Evil Dragon and Brutal Dragon Tribes, the Chief is always the strongest. There's no exception! Monster Clan uses this challenging system without any rule to maintain intimidation and welfare of the tribes. That's how we earned our position in Agate Star Area."

Shi Yan nodded silently, "Special, indeed."

The Monster Clan had used a savage method, indeed. However, all the members of the clan respected this method and they lived up to it. Unlimited challenging combat could promote their physical strength. Although the Monster Clan had many disputes, this method could keep this clan thriving unceasingly as their warriors could earn position, status, and wealth through their real competences.

From some aspect, this kind of encouragement was wise and it was the method to protect the foundation of a prosperous tribe.

"Young Lady," a low, grumbling roar arose. They then saw a member of the Monster Clan come to them. He didn't look at Shi Yan. He asked Gu Mo directly. "You stimulated McGee, didn't you?"

Gu Mo smiled and admitted it. "Yeah, I asked McGee to battle against Ghost Hunter. I wanted to see how strong Ghost Hunter was!"

Shi Yan turned to see this Monster expert. He was three meters tall with a spiky tail growing from his waist. His white hair draped his shoulder. He wore a set of heavy armor, which gave people a feeling of looking at an imposing mountain. This man was one of the warriors on the flying bird battleship who had sat right behind Ghost Hunter.

He seemed to be a member of Ghost Hunter's squadron.

"Master Ghost Hunter came to Black Stone Island this time as ordered by our Patriarch. He has an important mission. Young Lady, you have a temper and you acted unreasonably. As Ghost Hunter and McGee are fighting, I'm afraid that it will cause a dispute." The man wore a cold face. He wasn't intimidated by Gu Mo, the daughter of the Patriarch of his tribe. He said in his low tone. "McGee is from the Evil Dragon Tribe and Master Hunter is our Brutal Dragon Tribe's warlord. No matter what happens to any of them, it will cause a conflict between our tribe and the Evil Dragon Tribe."

"McGee does have a sense of propriety. He won't escalate the battle to a critical point where one of them would die." Gu Mo smiled, waving her hand casually. "Werther, you worry too much. Nothing will happen unexpectedly."

The Monster expert called Werther darkened his face, snorted and then said, "McGee knows how to behave, but I'm not sure if Master Ghost Hunter does!"

Gu Mo was surprised, looking at him bewilderedly.

Werther took a deep breath. A gleam of fear flashed in his eyes, which were really big like two bells. His iron-armored tail wagged uneasily on the ground, which crushed the rocks there into powder. "Young Lady, you're not close to him, so you don't know his characteristics. If he's enraged, he won't show mercy even if McGee is the son of the Evil Dragon Tribe's Patriarch. He... he will kill him for sure!"

"Really?" Gu Mo's smile froze. She looked panic-stricken.

Werther looked at Shi Yan with cold eyes. He lowered his voice, hissing. "Our Master! He used to quarrel with a troop of the Evil Dragon Tribe because they provoked him... saying that he was cross-breed. And... and..."

"What was the result?" Gu Mo felt uneasy.

"The result was that Master had chased that Evil Dragon Troop for tens of thousands of miles and killed them. When we arrived at the scene, we saw no intact corpses. All of them were ripped apart. The scene was so haunting and nauseating." Werther stooped. His body shivered as if he didn't want to remember such a nightmare. "Our Master is very extreme. He doesn't have good feelings for the Evil Dragon Tribe. It's possible that he could kill McGee in front of many people! Young Lady, your unreasonable deed could initiate a war between the Evil Dragon Tribe and us!"

Gu Mo was scared. She suddenly realized how stupid she was to create this mess. She felt so worried, jabbering. "I'm going to talk to McGee and you talk to Ghost Hunter. We should stop them."

"I can't dissuade Master," Werther beamed a forced smile, shaking his head. "You can't, either. I came here to ask you to notify our Patriarch. He must come here personally to solve this. Or else, when Master Ghost Hunter gets mad and kills McGee, the alliance that has been established tens of thousands of years between the Evil Dragon Tribe and us will be smashed from that moment."

Gu Mo's small face paled. She bit her lower lip as she was worried and uneasy.

She looked at the vast sea of Black Water Star. She found that the battle of Ghost Hunter and McGee had come to the critical moment of life and death. Possibly, in the next moment, one of them would be hurt badly, and then one of them would be killed savagely.

Gu Mo was frightened. She knew that if the Brutal Dragon Tribe and the Evil Dragon Tribe tore their treaty and turned their backs to each other, what will happen to the entire Monster Clan. It means that the Monster Clan will be divided too, right?

Her small, soft hand shivered as she was about to take something from her clothes. She wanted to contact her father so he could solve this matter quickly.

"Don't need to be hurried." However, at this moment, Shi Yan spoke up after keeping quiet for a long time. "I guarantee Ghost Hunter won't act unreasonably."

Gu Mo and Werther were baffled, looking at him oddly.

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