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Chapter 97 - Grind!
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Shi Yan appeared again!
This time, Mu Hui’s expression became serious and his seductive eyes flickered with some coldness. He bitterly watched Shi Yan who was walking towards him step by step.
Three Human Realm warriors were individually killed by Shi Yan. Especially the last two, who died after he used his Soul Martial Spirit on Shi Yan!
“You’re not bad.” Mu Hui slowly took a deep breath, “The result is still going to be the same though. You will still die in my hands!”
Shi Yan’s expression was slightly ferocious. The negative energies in all of his meridians were churning like waves and wisps of pale white fog covered his whole body.
The different negative emotions were rampaging throughout his body. These violent and murderous thoughts formed a dominating will around his body. The will was like an evil spirit that could destroy everything in its path.
However, his mentality was clear and calm as ever.
Under the conditions of [Rampage], Shi Yan became very sensitive. He could feel the most minuscule details of the different essences in this bizarre world. He could even feel the circulation path of the Profound Qi in Mu Hui’s body!
The Soul Martial Spirit!
This was the most mysterious kind of martial spirit. Warriors with the Soul Martial Spirit had the most formidable senses, with the power to delude people’s minds with their speech. Their insight into the natural energies was also a lot broader than ordinary warriors.
What Mu Hui had, was precisely the Soul Martial Spirit!
Once he breaks into the Nirvana Realm and forms a Sea of Knowledge inside his mind, the Soul Martial Spirit would become even stronger! One sentence would have the power to drive people to madness and put them into a situation beyond redemption.
Previously, with one sentence from Mu Hui, Shi Yan was put into a suspended dream, in which his body became cold and stiff. If it weren’t for the negligence of those two Dark World warriors, he could’ve already ended up dead back there.
And because of that, this time when Shi Yan sprinted forward, the first thing he did was to securely guard his mind, as he didn’t dare give another chance for Mu Hui to use the Soul Martial Spirit to paralyze his mind again.
“The Shi family’s Petrification Martial Spirit sure is something. It looks like those two weren’t able to kill you in one shot and that’s what woke you up.” Mu Hui looked at the sword gash on the clothes on Shi Yan’s chest. His long, thin eyes slightly squinted, and a seductive light suddenly shone from his eyes.
That beam of seductive light became brighter and brighter. Then slowly, Mu Hui’s eyes became like bright and dazzling gems under the sun.
A flow of deluding mental power was released from those eyes. This mental power was like an invisible storm that suddenly covered the whole area!
Mu Hui shouted.
Shi Yan’s whole body stiffened and his eyes became dazed again. The Profound Qi in his body behaved as if it was frozen and became hard to circulate.
“[Dark Spirit Knife]!”
Mu Hui raised his right arm and green electric light shot from his five fingers which quickly condensed under his control. Soon, a long knife formed in his hand, shining with a strange green light.
The long knife looked like it was real and gave off a dazzling and chilling bright light.
Holding the [Dark Spirit Knife], there was a confident smile on Mu Hui’s lips. He slowly walked towards Shi Yan as if taking a casual stroll.
“Lub-dub! Lub-dub!”
At Shi Yan’s chest, the Yin Pearls continuously pulsed. Summoned by the strange light spots at the stone statue’s heart, the Yin Pearls in his meridians became more and more restless.
The traumatized Shi Yan suddenly felt a strange movement in the Yin Pearls.
His soul felt as if it was in an endless dark abyss. It was sinking quickly, like it was going to be swallowed by the abyss and could never have its own individual thought again.
The negative energies fiercely burst from the meridians in his head! Feelings of bloodl.u.s.t, madness and hate quickly flowed into the abyss, and entered the mind of Shi Yan as it was falling into the dark abyss.
His head suddenly shook, and Shi Yan’s degrading mind was forcibly cleared by the negative energies.
Mu Hui immediately noticed the change. He exclaimed, and the [Dark Spirit Knife] in his hand swung down without hesitation!
“Bzz bzz bzz!”
The air exploded wherever the [Dark Spirit Knife] went. And in its glowing green light, the [Dark Spirit Knife] became thinner and thinner, almost as thin as an onion skin.
After Shi Yan was wide awake, he saw the [Dark Spirit Knife] coming straight at him. His heart shook and without hesitation he dodged to the left.
A beam of electric light flashed, and a deep b.l.o.o.d.y gash appeared on Shi Yan’s right arm. What sort of power was affixed to the knife that it was able to break his Petrification Martial Spirit?!
Shi Yan’s expression suddenly changed!
Mu Hui’s eyes were also full of surprise, his expression became more serious, and said, “Not bad, this slash only left a gash and didn’t chop your whole arm off. The Petrification Martial Spirit from the Shi family indeed has astonishing defensive powers.”
Usually when Mu Hui pulled out the [Dark Spirit Knife], even Disaster Realm warriors would avoid it. Not many would go into close combat with Mu Hui when he’s holding the [Dark Spirit Knife].
From Mu Hui’s perspective, even though the Shi family’s Martial Spirit was extraordinary, it was still flesh and blood in nature, and shouldn’t be able to withstand the energy of the dead spirits in the [Dark Spirit Knife].
However, one slash didn’t sever Shi Yan’s arm and only left a mere b.l.o.o.d.y gash.
He was even more surprised than Shi Yan was!
Backing away quickly, Shi Yan took in a deep breath and secretly released three [Gravitational Fields] and tried to incite the [Black Formula] at the same time.
This was the first time he had used the [Black Formula] in combat!
The six Yin Pearls combined their forces, releasing a surge of Yin power that followed along Shi Yan’s arm and rushed straight towards the palm of his right hand.
A head-sized green light ball quickly formed in his palm. Electric snakes intertwined inside the green light ball, and wisps of chilling evil powers flowed out from inside the ball. It was filled with a dark, cold ambience.
Yin power continued to vigorously flow into the light ball!
The green light ball became bigger and bigger. In just in a few seconds, the light ball was already the size of a basin, shooting out green light like a green sun.
Mu Hui’s expression shook for the first time.
“Friend, stop struggling.” Mu Hui said, the Soul Martial Spirit was like a shockwave, and it struck at Shi Yan’s soul again.
Before the Soul Martial Spirit could unleash its effect, Shi Yan suddenly roared. The green light ball in his hand abruptly flew out, and smashed at Mu Hui like lightning.
All of a sudden, the green light ball burst out and wisps of pure Yin power, along with traces of Shi Yan’s will, fell towards Mu Hui like raindrops.
At the sound of the explosion, Shi Yan’s restricted soul was finally pulled out from the dark abyss by the negative energies.
Clarity returned to his eyes.
On the other side, Mu Hui was doused by the rain-like shower of Yin power. His body suddenly became stiff, and the circulation speed of his Profound Qi slowed down.
The shining [Dark Spirit Knife] clenched in his hand was also flickering. It was also affected by the Yin power formed after the explosion of the green light ball.
The three [Gravitational Fields] suddenly drifted away from Shi Yan’s side, and silently moved towards Mu Hui.
Before Mu Hui could react, Shi Yan flew out like a missile, his thin body swiftly fell into one of the [Gravitational Fields], and stormed at Mu Hui with his fist.
“You’re dead meat!” A b.l.o.o.d.y cold glare flickered across Mu Hui’s eyes.
“[Handprint of the Dark G.o.d]!”
Mu Hui raised his left hand, and the veins in his hand popped up. His left hand instantly became twice as big and turned a frightening dark green color.
An ambience of dead souls came from his hand. Mu Hui raised his hand to strike, and as if it could block the s.p.a.ce, smashing towards Shi Yan’s iron fist head-on.
In the thundering rumble, Shi Yan’s body was as solid as stone and balanced on the ground. But Mu Hui was completely in shock, his body was forcibly thrown back.
The earthshaking terrifying power that projected from Shi Yan’s fist exploded onto Mu Hui’s [Handprint of the Dark G.o.d] and forcefully knocked Mu Hui away!
Shi Yan, who was at the First Sky of the Human Realm, with his one punch, managed to make Mu Hui, who was at the Third Sky of the Human Realm, to lose ground!
Under the effect of [Rampage], this punch, which was accompanied by the different negative energies, skyrocketed in power. It was definitely not something that a warrior of the same realm could handle!
This was just the beginning of Mu Hui’s suffering.
Just when he finally managed to steady himself, he suddenly felt like he had sunk into a swamp, and his body rotated uncontrollably.
He was directly sucked into a [Gravitational Field] set up by Shi Yan!
Mu Hui’s face suddenly changed!
“Hehe!” Shi Yan grinned, but his eyes were as cold as ice. He fiercely flew out.
Mu Hui roared inside the [Gravitational Field] and an enormous flow of spiritual energy suddenly poured into Shi Yan’s mind.
Shi Yan’s flying body stopped midway and fell to the ground.
Mu Hui’s expression was grim, the [Dark Spirit Knife] in his hand drew a strange arc and wisps of dark, cold energy flowed from the [Dark Spirit Knife] and churned inside the Gravitational Field.
The Soul Martial Spirit was triggered again! Mu Hui kept secretly reminding himself to be calm. He put in all his concentration to feel the power change in the Field, trying to figure out a way to escape from it.
But, the [Gravitational Field] was a Spirit Level Martial Skill after all. Plus it was also formed with both the negative energies and Profound Qi. Despite having the Soul Martial Spirit, Mu Hui still couldn’t figure out any pattern in a short period of time.
The high speed whirling of the [Gravitational Field] not only slowed down the flow of his Profound Qi, it seemed to also weaken the sensitivity of his Soul Martial Spirit!
There were already traces of sweat on Mu Hui’s forehead, his body kept rotating, but he couldn’t figure out the pattern of the [Gravitational Field].
On the other hand, Shi Yan only lay on the ground for a moment before the outburst of negative energies dragged him out of the dark abyss again.
Shi Yan’s eyes suddenly became clear again and he sneered. He stared coldly at the whirling Mu Hui in the [Gravitational Field]. With just a change of his thoughts, he stirred up the Yin power in his body, and poured it into the [Gravitational Field] once again.
In the [Gravitational Field], with more power added, the gravitational force became stronger!
Just by circulating the negative energies and Profound Qi, the [Gravitational Field] could already forcibly stop a warrior of the same realm. Now that he added Yin power to the Field, the power of the [Gravitational Field] surged once again!
A flow of chaotic power suddenly burst from the [Gravitational Field]. The circulation speed of the Field doubled!
Mu Hui spurted out a mouthful of blood and he felt as if his Soul Martial Spirit was in a meat grinder. A stabbing pain was a.s.saulting his head and all the Profound Qi in his body was ground into a mess. His defense became significantly lower too.
Shi Yan held in his breath to concentrate and his expression was cold and stern. He used all his will to manipulate the [Gravitational Field].
The chaos of the [Gravitational Field] was full-blown!
The frantic grinding power violently tore Mu Hui’s body. In the Field, Mu Hui’s whole body was splattered with blood, his flesh torn and exposed. The seductive light in his eyes also slowly dimmed.
Translated by: Amy
Edited by: Moto, Chancs and Vick

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