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Evil Dragon McGee seemed to be the distinguished guest of Black Water Star. He knew this place well. He was charging around violently, didn't mind the others. He had b.u.mped into warriors of different races along the way but none of them dared to stop him.

Evil Dragon Tribe had a strong force with a high reputation around this place. McGee was the youngest son of the Evil Dragon Tribe's Patriarch. He was usually stubborn and domineering. He belonged to a small group of people on the top of the pyramid.

However, the target McGee was looking for seemed to be very far away. They had run for a long time but hadn't reached the place yet.

Shi Yan became impatient.

They had gone through a lot of struggles to get out of that s.p.a.ce crack. Shi Yan had an urge to use the Child formation of the Mother and Child Sky Linking Formation to connect to the Giant Tribe, Fei Lan, and Leona. He wanted to know what was happening to them lately.

Dozens of years were perpetual to the warriors who could live for several thousands of years. It was just a blink of an eye.

However, it was like an endless amount of time to Shi Yan. A couple dozens of years were enough for the Giant Tribe to undergo tremendous changes. He didn't know if his fellows could get over that challenge safely. He felt very worried and hurried.

Thus, he halted, frowning and talking to McGee. "I want to find a rest stop. I need to do something."

McGee also stopped, turning his head to look at Shi Yan and smiling. "Don't rush. We're almost there. Hmm, we'll get there in two hours max. It's a small island, but it's the center of Black Water Star which is the most bustling area."

Frowning, Shi Yan nodded.

After two hours.

They saw an island in the middle of the sh.o.r.eless black ocean. The ground of this island was as black and tough as iron. However, this place still had some bizarre floras and members of different races working on it.

Most of them belonged to the Monster Clan, Sea Clan, Human Clan, and Demon Clan. It looked like they came here to trade for materials.

This island was called Black Stone Island. It had many buildings, which looked more like grand palaces. Those buildings were really tall. Their heights could be dozens or hundreds of meters. Shi Yan could see many people from different races, including the Sea Clan, Monster Clan, Demon Clan, Human Clan, and some other Clans move around in Black Stone Island.

Strange battleships anch.o.r.ed in the sea area by Black Stone Island. They looked like ancient beasts lying underwater. All looked huge and ferocious.

People were transporting brilliant and colorful cultivating materials from the battleships to the buildings in this small island.

"Black Water Star is the territory of the Sea Clan. This life star doesn't have land but there is an immensely vast ocean. Anyway, there are many marvelous cultivating materials undersea, which can't be found in any other stars. The Sea Clan exploits those materials and trades with other warriors in the surrounding life stars." McGee smiled and explained. "Black Stone Island is the market. You can enjoy many things here. We can find a lot of beauties in different clans. You've saved me twice. I'll make you more comfortable here."

McGee laughed, heading to the most luxurious palaces in the center of Black Stone Island.

Shi Yan was surprised, smiling bitterly inwardly. He hesitated but still followed McGee.

When they walked to a palace, a Sea Clan guard shouted all of a sudden, his eyes brightening. "Young Master McGee! Is that you?"

McGee laughed as if he had cracked and was going crazy. "Give me the most luxurious and expensive place for me. I want to treat my distinguished guest. Let the girls in. I want the best for my bro."

"Young Master McGee, it... Your father has been looking for you... Haven't you... gone missing?" the guard looked at him, trying to find his words.

McGee was baffled for a while, scratching his head and mumbling. "Oh, I forgot this. Right, it's been dozens of years since he's seen me. He should be worried."

However, he forgot this shortly after, speaking deliberately. "I'm heading back to Monster Dragon Star soon. You shouldn't mind my business. Get me the room."

The guard smiled happily and nodded his head continually while leading the way.

This place was a palace made of glistening, five-colored stone. It was lit up by the suns, moons, and stars everywhere in the sky. The splendid lights made this place stunningly luxurious.

The palace was divided into many blocks and the best places were behind the palace with different villas. Each villa had a hot pond, which was directed from the hot spring. The water's temperature here was warm and comfortable year round. With many precious stones and mineral substances, it had a magical effect on the warriors when they cultivated here.

Each of the villas was built with different and rare materials. They looked luxurious and elegant. They had miniatures of mountains, streams, and bridges. The walls of these villas had formations that could gather earth and heaven energy.

McGee took Shi Yan directly to a villa behind the palace. After he found a seat, he called loudly for good food and liquors.

Shortly after, beautiful women in opulent clothes arrived beaming. Their exquisite, jade-like hands were holding trays of fruits and wine, their eyes twinkling.

Shi Yan could see Merpeople of the Sea Clan, Fox Race women of the Monster Clan, Charming Race women of the Demon Clan in this group. Those clans were famous for their significant number of beautiful and charming ladies. Those ladies wore flimsy, silky clothes, flashing their snow-white skin. They giggled, leaning on McGee and ma.s.saging his shoulders and his legs. Their delicate, charming faces looked servile as they were trying to win his favor.

McGee had a constant smile on his face. After those women came, his hands were too busy lingering on their ample bosoms and rear ends. His eyes were l.u.s.tful and he laughed constantly.

Some beautiful ladies of the Charming Race and the Fox Race around twenty years old approached Shi Yan. They looked vivid and fresh like newly grown flowers.

Shi Yan frowned discreetly, glancing at McGee and his lecherous behavior. He thought that the Evil Dragon Tribe lived up to their l.u.s.tful infamy. Besides their tremendous combat competence, they were also infamous for their licentious behaviors in the entire Agate Star Area.

McGee's bearings were the natural instincts of the Evil Dragon Tribe.

Staying in Agate Star Area for a long time, Shi Yan knew that this high-level, vast star area had many races which didn't originate from Grace Mainland. He knew there were Evil Dragon Tribe, Ice Clan, Wood Clan, Fire Clan, and other bizarre clans. Agate Star Area had Human Clan, Demon Clan, and Sea Clan.

He understood that the ten Ancient Clans of Grace Mainland didn't exist only in Grace Mainland.

Outer s.p.a.ce was infinite indeed. With countless star areas, there were as many life stars as grains of sand. Different races originated and derived into different shapes. Perhaps the ten Ancient Clans of Grace Mainland appeared for a long time in other star areas. Also, it was possible that the Ten Ancient Clans in Grace Mainland had come from other star areas through some s.p.a.ce channels or some magical inheritances.

In short, Grace Mainland wasn't the central star area. Although it was an ancient continent, it wasn't unique.

Agate Star Area had more than one hundred races including the known ten ancient races. Moreover, they weren't from Grace Mainland. Of course, there should be some clans that had departed from Grace Mainland and settled down in Agate Star Area like the Giant Tribe.

However, those clans from Grace Mainland weren't critical forces of Agate Star Area. They were even weaker.

McGee and the famous beauties of the pagan tribes were still drinking and teasing each other. They wanted Shi Yan to enjoy this time with them.

Shi Yan's smile was reluctant and faint. As he was worried, he couldn't be in a good mood.

McGee could see that he was down. He was bewildered for a while and he pushed the Fox girl in his lap away with a frown. "Bro, what makes you down? If McGee can help, I won't refuse. You can be honest with me."

Shi Yan smiled, finished half of his gla.s.s in just one gulp. "I'm from the Far West region. I have many friends. I don't know where they are now. I'm worried a lot."

McGee was baffled. He contemplated for a while and then waved his hand, dismissing the ladies. "Get out now!"

The beauties had gone, leaving only McGee and Shi Yan in the s.p.a.cious villa.

"How may I help you?" McGee said seriously when there were only the two of them in the room. "As long as I'm capable, I will definitely help you. You tell me. How can I help you?"

"Is it safe here? Will we be disturbed?" Shi Yan was hesitant. He released his Soul Consciousness skeptically. His eyes brightened. "It can prevent soul detecting?" He looked at the walls as he found that he couldn't get through the barriers unless he used his s.p.a.ce power Upanishad.

Shi Yan suddenly realized that this place wasn't just simply a luxury tavern. The one who had designed this palace should have some background or attainment.

"Don't worry. No one can disturb us here. I know the owner of this place. Members of the Sea Dragon Tribe of the Sea Clan built this place. You can tell me anything here," McGee nodded.

Shi Yan smiled. He got up, walking to the center of this grand villa.

The Fantasy Sky Ring flashed and the Child formation of the Mother and Child Sky Linking Formation emerged beautifully like a precious lotus throne. It descended to the ground. Divine crystals were immediately inlaid neatly on the formation. All of a sudden, the Child formation glowed. s.p.a.ce energy diffused shortly after.

McGee was astounded, hissing. "Bro, you're not ordinary at all. This kind of linking formation is priceless!"

Shi Yan nodded, his face became stern. He extended his left hand, shaking. He didn't dare to create the connection.

He didn't know whether the Mother formation in the Old Orchid Star was taken or not. It has been dozens of years. He didn't know if the Giant Tribe, Fei Lan, Leona, and the others were able to escape. He was scared. He was scared that he would get nothing after he connected the formation. He was afraid that he would see something he didn't want to see.

"Bro, why you are hesitant?" McGee was curious.

Shi Yan sighed inwardly. His face became resolute. Beams of s.p.a.ce light meandered, shooting out from his palm and congregating at the Child Formation.

Fierce s.p.a.ce energy fluctuated from the Child formation. The imposing villa was shaken as if it couldn't endure it.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

All of a sudden, the metal doors of the villa pounded. A voice that could soften people's bones arose. "McGee, come out here. Your sister is here to see you!"

McGee retracted his neck. He slightly discolored. He shouted hastily, "Don't! I'm taking a shower!"

"It's alright. I like watching you shower the most."


The ma.s.sive doors broke. In the radiant light, a slim body stormed in.

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