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In the center of the blue pool, Shi Yan's soul altar and McGee's soul were floating. Wisps of deep blue fluid seeped into their souls. They could see beams of gray contaminants like gossamer being pushed out of their souls.

Evil Dragon McGee had stopped being thrilled a long time ago. He stayed calm and pacified, taking in the nutrients of Soul Refining Fluid.

After the two of them sent their souls into the blue pool, the pool slowly shrank.

Washing the soul and cleaning dregs and impurities in the soul was magical effects of Soul Refining Fluid. While their souls were being quenched, they felt refreshed and comfortable as if they were soaking in divine water. Each of their nerves was strangely relaxed.

They didn't need to do anything; they just simply enjoyed. They didn't need to think much. Soul Refining Fluid did all the magical things for them.

The ash-gray beams of impurities oozed out from their souls, evaporating in the void.

Shi Yan's soul altar became transparent. It was crystal clear and sparkling like top quality gla.s.s. It had no beam of dirt and it looked as exquisite as a heavenly masterpiece.

Shi Yan's soul altar had many dregs and contaminants. He was taking in Soul Refining Fluid much faster than McGee. The Monster Clan didn't value soul cultivation and McGee didn't have a complete experience in this aspect. Thus, he didn't absorb Soul Refining Fluid as much as Shi Yan did.

A significant proportion of the blue pool of Soul Refining Fluid had fiercely flooded Shi Yan's soul altar, washing and quenching it. The divine fluid helped him discharge all impurities in his soul altar. It made his soul altar empty and fulgent. It looked like he had just formed the soul altar. It was much lighter and brighter.

The empty and transparent soul altar could make the warrior more sensitive in comprehending power Upanishad. It could also advance the power Upanishad.

Warriors with a soul altar would have their soul get dirty gradually as their power and realm increased. The dregs and contaminants would coat their soul and mind. Gradually, this kind of impurity could drive the warriors out of the right cultivating track. At that moment, their understanding of the power Upanishad would be slowed down.

Especially in Shi Yan's case.

He had swallowed so many soul altars. Although the energy he had harvested was much more than he expected and could help his soul altar be tougher and become almost unbreakable, it brought more contaminants to his soul altar.

Soul Refining Fluid was much more useful to him than anybody else. It was like a gift that was particularly bestowed to warriors like him.

The blue pool slowly shrank. After an unknown time, the pool full of Soul Refining Fluid was all absorbed. Shi Yan had taken in three-fourths, and McGee took the other quarter.

However, McGee's soul was cleaned. Now he had a deeper understanding of the Evil Dragon Tribe's power.

The pool disappeared, leaving two floating souls, which were slowly digesting the magical energy they had just taken. They could feel their empty and peaceful soul without much thought.

After a while, Shi Yan's soul altar moved and disappeared into his G.o.d Body.

He opened his eyes, stretching his body. He smiled as he was satisfied.

McGee's soul swayed, flying back to his two-thousand-meters body. Right after that, McGee moved his body. His bones sounded like metal clanging. McGee shook his head and his tail. The huge eyes of the monster sparkled with surprise. He couldn't help but shout. "Awesome!"

His eyes looked like they had turned into beautiful green jewels, which didn't have a dot of impurity. They were transparent and Shi Yan could even see the bottom.

It was the visible sign of a cleaned soul altar.

McGee quieted down and sensed. He felt happy, looking at Shi Yan. He talked seriously, "Bro, I don't know how to thank you enough. Without you, I could have died. You've rescued me twice. You brought me here to refine my soul. I..."

Shi Yan smiled, talking deliberately. "I may need your help later. If I come to you and ask for your help one day, I hope you won't deny me."

McGee nodded continually and cheerfully. "Bro, you can find me for help at any time. It's my honor. As long as McGee can do it, I will never deny it from you." After pausing for a while, McGee added, "You know, our Monster Clan values friendly sentiments. We won't just have things done carelessly. If you need me, please don't hesitate."

"Sure," Shi Yan nodded strongly.

Both Shi Yan and McGee had taken advantage of Soul Refining Fluid in ways that they couldn't describe. Their clear souls made them more sensitive to power Upanishad. Their souls seemed to have upgraded to another level.

While Shi Yan was checking his condition, he found that his Sea of Consciousness didn't change much. However, it was calm and peaceful. Each flow of his Soul Consciousness had connected to his soul. They became his extended limbs. He had never experienced this kind of connection before.

In the tier of power Upanishad, the Star, Death and Life, and s.p.a.ce powers seemed to have some subtle changes. Although they opened to different directions, they seemed to become a body and a part of his soul. Shi Yan could sense the feeble modifications of his powers Upanishad.

"Ah!" McGee screamed in surprised. He turned around, his face skeptical. "Look!"

Shi Yan turned around, his face baffled.

The outer layer of the blue bubble had become a murky, gray area. There was no crazy electric discharge anymore. Fine s.p.a.ce slits appeared in the outer layer of the bubble. They could see the real world out there through the slits.

"It is collapsing," taking a deep breath, Shi Yan closed his eyes to sense. He knew that this s.p.a.ce crack was changing silently. The s.p.a.ce slits appeared, leading to the real world.

"There!" McGee's eyes brightened as he stormed over a s.p.a.ce slit. Lights sparkled in his eyes as he said, "It looks familiar. It must be Black Water Star. It's not far from our Evil Dragon Tribe's territory!"

Shi Yan followed McGee's line of sight.

A narrow s.p.a.ce slit slowly expanded. They could see a seething black sea through the slit. This seawater was rare, indeed. Scattered here and there were some small islands, which looked like tiny boats floating in the sea.

This black sea was sh.o.r.eless. It seemed to occupy half this life star. Shi Yan didn't see any continent. He saw just a few islands and all of them were somehow small and ugly.

"The ocean covers Black Water Star entirely. Anyway, it's the hustle and bustle of the undersea." Seeing Shi Yan watching, McGee explained immediately, "Bro, can you... take me to Black Water Star? I heard you cultivate s.p.a.ce power Upanishad, right?"

McGee was uncertain, looking at Shi Yan with hope.

He didn't know Shi Yan's real attainment on s.p.a.ce power Upanishad. If Shi Yan looked hesitant, it meant that Shi Yan didn't have a profound understanding of s.p.a.ce power. McGee would feel very worried then.

Moving through the s.p.a.ce slit was a dangerous operation. If they were careless for just a moment, their souls would perish. If Shi Yan wasn't sure, McGee wouldn't take this risk.

". . . Black Water Star..." Shi Yan mumbled. He frowned and then said, "It isn't far from Devil Blood Star, is it?"

Devil Blood Star was the Blood Devil's headquarter. Before Wu Lan left, she told him that if he could escape, he must go to Devil Blood Star. As long as he could get there, no expert of the Far West region would dare to trouble him anymore.

"It's true. Black Water Star and Devil Blood Star aren't far from each other. Also, it's pretty close to our Monster Dragon Star." McGee nodded continually.

"Alright. Then we'll go there," Shi Yan chuckled. He looked at the enlarging s.p.a.ce slit, urging his powers.

Beams of s.p.a.ce energy were like gossamers in his body that shot toward the s.p.a.ce slits like sharp, pointy knives. A brilliant light pa.s.sage created by his s.p.a.ce energy appeared. It looked like a door leading directly to Black Water Star where there was an immense black ocean.

Evil Dragon McGee was shaken, speaking happily. "Bro? Can we get there?"

Shi Yan smiled, "I'm going first. You just need to follow me." Then, he stormed towards the magnificently radiant pa.s.sage. His G.o.d Body was entangled with many beams of vivid light. However, the chaotic s.p.a.ce currents didn't attack him anymore.

McGee's eyes brightened. He didn't wait until Shi Yan disappeared completely and hurried to follow after him.

One human and one dragon moved through the light pa.s.sage. They gradually disappeared from this magical, chaotic s.p.a.ce basin, leaving no trace.

Not long after they left, the magical deep blue world shattered. It became a ruin in the s.p.a.ce basin. Streamers shot out like fires or a crazy meteor shower.

Above the immensely vast black ocean of Black Water Star appeared a s.p.a.ce slit. Two figures were flung out of the slits, violently falling into the water.

The s.p.a.ce slit disappeared little by little as if streamers were mending it. Eventually, the void was resumed.

Shi Yan and McGee floated in the icy cold seawater, facing the sky.

It was a starry sky with several suns and moons arranged above the star, beaming strange but splendid lights that illuminated this world. The black seawater was also shining. It looked like shattered light that lit up this whole world.

"Ha ha ha! I've survived!" Evil Dragon McGee looked at the familiar environment. His ma.s.sive dragon body was continually wiggling in the sea and rising waves. He looked like a water monster which was trying to swagger, messing up everything.

Suddenly, some figures started to emerge from the black sea. They were warriors of the Sea Clan, holding sharp weapons. They were angry as they wanted to send punitive forces against the ones who were wreaking havoc here.

However, after they found that it was Evil Dragon McGee, they discolored and said nothing. They then sank down, getting back to the seabed. It seemed like they knew how intimidating the Evil Dragon Tribe was so they didn't dare to cause any grudge against McGee.

McGee didn't mind them. He moved and stretched his body in the water to vent out his excitement. He had stirred the sea area around him so much that it was like there was a disaster.

Black Water Star also had dwellers. However, as they knew McGee was strong, none of them dare to bother him.

After rolling around for a while, McGee calmed down. He felt bored all of a sudden. His ma.s.sive body transformed into his human form, becoming a brawny man. He laughed cheerily, "Bro, have you ever been to Black Water Star?"

Shi Yan shook his head.

"Go, I'm taking you to a nice place. We're going to throw a welcome party for you." McGee laughed crazily, moving through the water impetuously.

He seemed to be very familiar with Black Water Star. He knew where to go. After he had turned into a humanoid form, he was still domineeringly wild, charging around violently.

Shi Yan felt funny, shaking his head begrudgingly and following him.

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