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"Then, I have to kill you here!"

Deep in Ibaka's eyes was a chilling cold intent. He shouted, then attempted to attack one more time.

Carlos and Christen were on his left and right. Hearing him, they screamed hurriedly. "Be watchful of that kid! He's not easy to deal with! Don't get into his soul!"

Ibaka studied Shi Yan.

"His soul altar's strange. It's tough. We've had bad experiences!" Christen said. "We must kill him first, and we have to unite to do so. Ibaka, don't be impetuous."

Ibaka was baffled. He turned to Carlos, who nodded with a cold and dark expression.

"Alright! We'll kill this brat first!" Ibaka was cold. He hated Shi Yan, and wanted to kill him out there. If Carlos hadn't stopped him, Shi Yan would have been executed already!

From Christen and Carlos' att.i.tude, Ibaka knew Shi Yan wasn't ordinary. He didn't dare to act rashly, exchanging looks with the other two. They planned to join hands to knock down Shi Yan's soul altar first.

"You should leave," Shi Yan suddenly turned to McGee, who was still bleeding. He hesitated for a while and then muttered, "If you can endure it furthermore, will you move forward to see what's in the center of this place?"

Evil Dragon McGee was surprised. He didn't know why Shi Yan had rescued him many times.

He could explain that Shi Yan had helped him when they were out there because he wanted to use his power to deal with Ibaka's team.

However, when they had got inside the membrane of the bubble, Shi Yan seemed unafraid of the dangers. Apparently, he wasn't afraid of Ibaka's team. McGee didn't know why Shi Yan wanted more troubles to rescue him.

"Just remember, you owe me this favor," Shi Yan chuckled. "Move, I'll handle it. I'll stop them. I'm sure they won't trouble you more."

Shi Yan had his calculation.

From the woman of the Ice Clan, Shi Yan knew McGee was the youngest son of the Evil Dragon Tribe's Patriarch. In Agate Star Area, the Evil Dragon Tribe was famous for its intimidation. It was the strongest branch of the Monster Clan, whose position was crucial.

He wanted to take advantages of its authority!

As time flew hurriedly, it could be dozens of years pa.s.sing by. Shi Yan didn't know if his friends and family in the Old Orchid Star had been suffering from the disaster or not. However, he was sure that they couldn't live well in the Far West region even if they had survived that catastrophe.

No matter what happened, he would never forget the resentment. Anyway, the Agate Star Area was different from the other star areas. With only himself alone, he couldn't raise any storm in the Far West region.

If he could have a powerful support, he wouldn't need to worry too much. He could find shelter for those who had survived.

Since the Evil Dragon Tribe was a mighty force, it could be a force he could count on. If he had a good relationship with McGee by helping him escape this area, it would be easier for him in the future.

Shi Yan was trying to create a good relationship with McGee.

"Are you sure you can handle it?" McGee didn't believe in him. "With only your power, are you sure you can deal with the three of them? Are you sure?"

"Don't worry, just go. I'll help you resolve them. Don't worry! I'm sure I can handle it."

Shi Yan smiled, comforting the dragon. "You monsters don't know how to engage in soul fighting. You can't help me with anything even if you stay. You'd better leave early. Even if I die here, as long as you can escape, you will take revenge for me later. What do you think?"

McGee wasn't an idiot. Listening to Shi Yan's explanation, he quieted down. Suddenly, he nodded and said nothing more before leaving.

Ibaka's team didn't attribute much value to McGee. In their eyes, even if the Monster Clan was strong, they were of no use in this unique s.p.a.ce.

As long as they could clean Shi Yan up, they would have plenty of time to kill McGee. Thus, none of them prevented him from leaving. They all focused on Shi Yan.

However, the direction Evil Dragon McGee had taken made them chilled.

McGee didn't run away. He followed Shi Yan's words, and he was confident of his tenacious body. The Dragon rocketed towards the center of the bubble. He wanted to see what the three souls had been yearning for in that area.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Cl.u.s.ters of flames flew out of Shi Yan's eyes. Those flames were scarlet, orange-red, and gold. They looked like cl.u.s.ters of clouds, bobbing by Shi Yan. They made the place look like the morning haze that was vividly alive.

Those flames were the power of the heaven flames originated from the other soul. It was using the power of the flames to create a sea of fire.

Shi Yan stayed in the center of the fire sea. He was busy but still deliberate, looking at the three souls while grinning. "Come try me."

Not many kinds of energies could damage the soul. Shi Yan didn't know if his s.p.a.ce power and Star power could do it or not, but he was sure that the scorching flame could exhaust the soul. It could even burn the soul, making it turn into nothingness!

Indeed, when he used his other soul as the source of energy to diffuse cl.u.s.ters of flame continually, the three souls became hesitant.

The three faces of the three souls became heavy. They slowly moved forward, carefully touching the flame. None of them dared to rush.

Shi Yan released a flow of Soul Consciousness.

Boom! Boom!

The blue electric discharge immediately rushed towards Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness. Shortly, it was smashed down, sending numbness to Shi Yan's brain.

With cold eyes, Shi Yan quieted down. He didn't release Soul Consciousness from his main soul anymore. Eventually, he knew whichever Soul Consciousness it was, it would be destroyed in this area.

However, the flaming sea created by the heaven flames of the other soul wasn't affected. Cl.u.s.ters of flames connected each other, creating a vast sea of fire with Shi Yan in the center.

The haughty Ibaka was the first one touching the heaven flame as he came to a red-orange flame. His clear facial features blurred, as if it were twisted by the wind, making him look terrible.

Ibaka was frightened. He immediately moved away from the flaming sea, his face grim while looking at Carlos and Christen.

"This brat's tough, indeed!" Ibaka gritted his teeth while glaring at Carlos maliciously. "We should have killed him when we were out there! Now we don't have the s.p.a.ce streamers to use. Tell me, what should we do?"

The three souls hovered by the edge of the fire sea, trying to find a slit to jump in. However, after moving around for several times, they hadn't found any entrance.

The heaven flames generated by the Origin were fatal to their souls. Thus, they didn't dare to act rashly.

The blue crystals around the three souls had bigger cracks under the power of the blue electric arcs.

Ibaka's team became more restless. They knew they couldn't linger anymore. They knew what kind of tremendous pressure they would have to bear after their crystals were gone.

"Get lost," Shi Yan smiled mockingly, his voice unfriendly. "If you don't dare to risk your lives and kill me, what can you ghostly souls do? Haha, your defense will be gone soon. I can see that your doomsday is near."

The Immortal Demon Blood was being combusted in his body. He was using up his blood rapidly.

Shi Yan was still maintaining the Immortal Demon Form. It was perfect, but it was consuming a lot of energy as the electric beams were attacking each corner of his body.

In this area, the G.o.d Body would be eroded with every pa.s.sing minute. The hazy electric beams were like sharp swords madly destroying his G.o.d Body. If his body weren't strong enough, his condition would be much terrible. He would have been dissolved, turning into nothingness.

The ma.s.sive energy stored in the Immortal Demon Blood was acc.u.mulated with Shi Yan's great efforts. Each drop of Immortal Demon Blood was pretty precious. In this place, Shi Yan was consuming Immortal Demon Blood every second.

If it weren't necessary, Shi Yan didn't want to waste his energy to maintain the Immortal Demon Form. It was a torture to his body anyways.

"Seems like he can't endure any longer." Carlos' eyes brightened, grinning. "Even if his G.o.d Body could be more tenacious, he couldn't use it forever. Just like us, he's consuming energy rapidly. Once he can't endure it anymore, his consciousness would be affected. We will have our chance, right?"

Ibaka and Christen were shaken, nodding quietly.

"Oh, you don't treasure your lives." Shi Yan felt funny. Initially, he didn't want to waste much energy. Anyway, the other three, the ones that were like the arrow at the end of its flight, thought that he would soon finish the energy of his G.o.d Body.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Surging flames gushed out of Shi Yan's eyes. The fiery power of the flame was scorching hot, covering the entire place as if it wanted to burn down everything else.

The cl.u.s.ters of flame hovering around his body were revived by his other soul. They formed three different rivers, extending towards Carlos, Ibaka, and Christen respectively.

He attacked proactively!

Carlos's team discolored in fright. They were helplessly frightened. As they were scared of the fire sea, they hurried to move away.

Shi Yan laughed coldly while his G.o.d Body gradually disappeared into the fire sea. However, the three flaming rivers were still moving as though they had eyes, following the three souls closely.

Ibaka and the other two could only run for their lives.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Their blue crystals all exploded. While the fire rivers were chasing after them, their souls were exposed. The blue electric beams seized the chance and entangled them all.

Their thought of killing Shi Yan vanished. They were way too frightened, returning using the old track. They didn't dare to enter further. The three of them were filled with sorrow and despair. Their chance, which could appear only after several thousand years, was available to the others. They were so bitter that they wanted to vomit blood.

The electric beams moved like sharp knives in their souls, as a drilling-heart pain flooded their soul.

Christen faced the worst damage. Shortly after, he halted as his soul was weakened. Under the blue electric beams, his life seal scattered and he perished quickly.

Ibaka and Carlos were still flying hastily. They wanted to get rid of this dangerous place while their soul energy was draining rapidly.

Shi Yan had retrieved the heaven flame energy, flying at his max speed towards the deeper place inside the bubble. He wanted to see what was in there, what was worth the other three to spend so much efforts for thousands of years.

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