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Ikaba, Christen, and Carlos had almost stopped Shi Yan's team at the same time from three different directions. They didn't look friendly at all.

Shi Yan had his face darkened.

According to the Ice woman, the three of them had reached the Peak of Ethereal G.o.d Realm. They were just one step away from the Incipient G.o.d Realm. That was why they came here.

The three of them were quite familiar with the situation in this area. At the same time, as they were in the soul form, the chaotic currents in the s.p.a.ce basin didn't affect them. They wanted to use the perilous features of this area to attack Shi Yan and his partners. Even if Shi Yan's team risked their lives, they wouldn't have a chance to win.

Shi Yan gradually got his mind to turn calm. He looked at the three of them as electric lights sparkled in his mind. If he could cause a dispute between the three of them, making them attack each other, perhaps he would have a way out.


To the other three, they were just the keys to enter someplace, and their bodies were the essential element for them to get to that place. Before they could get into that mysterious place, the three souls wouldn't attack each other.

It wasn't a good idea to raise a conflict between them.

Shi Yan thought seriously, forcing himself to be lucid. He couldn't help but look at Ibaka. Pondering for seconds, he smiled, talking to Carlos, the soul that brought him here. "I've fused with the Origin. It's a part of my soul now. Without the Origin, my soul altar will break. And without a soul altar, I have only a skeleton left." Pausing for a while, he continued, "Is it useful for you if I only have a corpse?"

Hearing him, Carlos slightly changed his face. He contemplated, talking to Ibaka, "I want to use him to enter that place. You can't hurt him!"

Ibaka snorted, his eyes wicked. "This brat used heaven flames to hurt my soul. Carlos, do you want to protect him?"

"You have the Evil Dragon, and Christen has his sacrifice. What do I have?" Carlos nodded, "I want to use him to get in there. You won't destroy him, will you? If you want to do that, I won't just let you attack him."

Ibaka wore a harsh face, looking at Shi Yan and then at Carlos. He gritted his teeth, grinning. "Alright, Carlos! I'll give you face this time."

Carlos nodded, saying nothing else.

Ibaka sneered, aiming at McGee. A triangular soul seal emerged from his eyes on the face he had condensed with clear facial features.

A blue crystal shot out of his soul, sparkling with a strange light. It looked magically powerful amidst the chaotic s.p.a.ce current. The soul seal suddenly enlarged, pressing down on the Evil Dragon.

Evil Dragon McGee in his human form had flames in his eyes. His indignant roar shook the sky. "You dare provoke me many times. You're challenging our Evil Dragon Tribe to life or death. My father will never spare you!"

While McGee was shouting, his body enlarged, turning back to his monster form. His energy shot out like light dots, trying to resist.

Too bad for him, Ikaba was quite familiar with this place. He knew how to subdue the dragon. The soul seal he created could combine with the erosive power of the chaotic s.p.a.ce current. It pressed down, restraining the dragon's soul for the second time.

Shi Yan and the Ice woman had spent a lot of efforts to free Evil Dragon McGee's soul. And now, what they had done was just in vain.

McGee quieted down immediately. Just like the first time they saw him, he looked helpless, unable to even talk.

Afterward, Ibaka laughed evilly. "I know the Evil Dragon Tribe's powerful, but so what? Can they get here and chase after me? Wait until I've reached the Incipient G.o.d Realm. What can the Evil Dragon Tribe do to me then? The Agate Star Area's vast enough anyways." He seemed unafraid of the Evil Dragon Tribe.

Carlos also sneered, talking to Shi Yan. "Kid, you shouldn't do that again. Or else, I'll confine you myself."

Christen, the Ice Clan's precursor, moved to the Ice woman. He looked at her with his dark, cold eyes, talking deliberately. "The clan has chosen you and sent you here to help me. It's alright that you're not willing to cooperate. However, our clan has its plans. If we can have one more Incipient G.o.d Realm expert, our future will be brighter and smoother. For the welfare of our clan, I won't feel guilty about sacrificing you!"

The cold and clear eyes of the Ice woman had a gleam of sorrow. She didn't say anything, just standing idly like a puppet. She looked pitiful and bitter.

She struggled, but couldn't escape her fate.

The Ice woman felt low, tears trickling down her cheeks. A wisp of sorrowful intent swirled around her.

Christen frowned as he felt a little bit reluctant. They were from the same clan. He knew this girl's natural endowment wasn't bad. She had gotten special training from the clan to be his sacrifice. She was designed to help him enter the Incipient G.o.d Realm.

"Go," Christen sighed, releasing a cold thought.

An unknown force pulled the Ice woman, flying away.

Ibaka kept smiling faintly. His soul floated above the Evil Dragon's head, dragging it towards the area they had prepared previously.

Carlos looked at Shi Yan.

Shi Yan sighed, then nodded reluctantly. "I know what to do. You don't need to urge me." Then, he flew after the Ice woman and the Evil Dragon, moving to their destination.

Christen laughed evilly and eccentrically. "Well, so you know your place."

Three souls and three bodies slowly moved through the streamers, heading to the biggest blue bubble. On the way, the three souls often discussed, but they didn't mind Shi Yan and the other two.

Shi Yan didn't talk or ask about the features of this area. Sometimes, he exchanged looks with McGee. He could tell that the latter wasn't willing. He had signaled Shi Yan to find a chance to help him.

The Ice woman seemed to have given up. Shi Yan had signaled to her several times, but she didn't reply. Perhaps, she thought that they couldn't do anything. For the sake of her clan, she decided to follow Christen and help him reach the Incipient G.o.d Realm.

Shi Yan was indifferent. Although it looked like he had done things in vain to release McGee, he did harvest something. He knew what he would encounter. McGee and the Ice woman had recognized his performance. They thought he could be of help now.

On the way to their target, Shi Yan had always been contemplating. He pondered what he should do next.

He could confirm one thing: Carlos would take his body to enter some place. He would let his soul enter Shi Yan's head. Then, using Shi Yan's body, he could dodge some kinds of attacks.

In other words, before that event, Shi Yan and Carlos would combat in the former's Sea of Consciousness...

Shi Yan looked natural, but he was chilled, discreetly waiting for the right chance. After an unknown time, the six strange existences arrived by a ma.s.sive bubble, which was as big as an entire life star. It had a powerful suction force.

The rainbow streamers of the chaotic s.p.a.ce current and different sized bubbles were congregating at that biggest blue bubble, becoming a part of it. Christen and the other two halted outside the bubble, waiting for something in silence.

Shi Yan, the Ice woman, and the Evil Dragon were watched by three different souls. They floated in different corners of the place, looking at the big blue bubble, as Shi Yan silently released his Soul Consciousness.


His wisp of Soul Consciousness scattered as if it got electrocuted right when it touched the blue bubble.

His Soul Consciousness vanished, causing Shi Yan's expression to change thinking. He couldn't help but observe the three souls.

This planet-sized bubble had electric beams moving around, which were powerful and intimidating enough to crush all energies and souls without a tangible ent.i.ty. In other words, those three souls couldn't get inside the bubble with their powers.

Shi Yan now knew why the three souls had to capture the strong creatures with a tenacious body. They needed the key to enter the bubble. He couldn't help but look at Christen, Ibaka, and Carlos. He knew what he had to deal with.

The three souls didn't act impetuously. They were waiting for something in silence. It seemed their chance hadn't come yet.

The bubble became bigger from time to time, just like it had thousands of streams congregating into the vast sea. Silently, many brilliant streamers descended from the sky like long rivers, disappearing into the bubble. Together, they created a strikingly magnificent s.p.a.ce.

After a long time, s.p.a.ce currents and bubbles getting into the big bubble became less. Not so many bubbles appeared at the end.

Eventually, no more bubbles arrived. The streamers gathering seemed to have been cut off. They exploded like fireworks, shooting everywhere.

The biggest, most beautiful bubble changed slowly. An infinite number of ice-blue electric beams sparkled, moving like snakes. They created an unknown natural barrier that could destroy everything coming near to the bubble.

"Almost..." At this moment, Carlos hissed. His eyes became excited as if he had been waiting for this moment for so many years.

Christen and Ibaka were also thrilled. It looked like a door of hope slowly opened in front of their eyes. They just needed to cross that door to enter a whole new world - the Incipient G.o.d Realm.

The three faces created by three different souls were now gazing at their preys.

Shi Yan and the others became cold and stern under their gazes. They felt extremely insecure, as if their lives were coming to an end.

The other three looked so excited, as though Shi Yan's group were ready sacrifices whose blood and flesh were needed by them to get the recognition of the Mighty Heaven.


The three souls laughed evilly while dashing out, heading towards Shi Yan, McGee, and the Ice woman. They wanted to enter their prey's Sea of Consciousness and take control of the body.

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