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The G.o.d Body of the Ice woman had twirling wisps of cold air that sparkled like ice, which then seeped into the Evil Dragon. The Evil Dragon was still wiggling, using its energy.

Shi Yan put one hand on the dragon's head, trying to use the Death and Life power Upanishad to strengthen the dragon. He continually pumped his surging vitality into the dragon to help it endure.

The three of them were trying to break the triangle seal. However, after a long time, the seal wasn't destroyed yet.

Gradually, the Ice woman couldn't endure using her powers for so long. She sighed tiredly, her eyes dispirited as if she was already hopeless.

Afterward, the Evil Dragon also stopped. Its eyes reflected its extremely depressed mood.

They wanted to give up.

Shi Yan furrowed his brows. His face became more serious. His mind flickered and crystal divines flew out of his Fantasy Sky Ring. He held them in his hand as he sat down cross-legged on the dragon's head, absorbing the energy from the crystals to refill his energy.

The Ice woman saw that. She also took out her divine crystals and sat down to recover her energy.

The Evil Dragon stopped moving. It looked numb as the energy in its body slowly calmed down.

As the dragon had given up, the triangle seal on its head slowly dimmed out.

They didn't talk. After a long time, Shi Yan finished refilling and he turned to the Ice woman, asking softly. "What happened? That man brought me here. I have no clue what's going on or what this place is. Can you tell me?"

The Ice woman used to disdain him. However, her att.i.tude was a little better at this moment since she thought that he was somehow useful. She answered indifferently. "We will all die."

Shi Yan nodded. He wasn't so surprised. "Those three souls mean to harm us. I know it. I just want to know what they can do."

"They need a body to enter the place they want to go to. But they all don't have bodies. We're their flesh containers. The moment we get in there, they will possess our bodies. Before our bodies have been smashed down, they will get into a certain place." The Ice woman sighed, speaking reluctantly. "In the best scenario, we will lose our bodies and our soul altars will break. However, we can still be 'alive' with a wisp of a soul, just like they are now. If we are unlucky, we won't even have a wisp of a soul remaining. We will perish entirely."

Shi Yan changed his visage.

The Evil Dragon wiggled, looking ahead of them as if it wanted to intervene something. However, its soul was restrained so it couldn't join Shi Yan and the Ice woman's discussion. The dragon writhed.

"Not even a small chance?" Shi Yan pondered for a while, asking the second time.

"If he can get rid of the restraint, perhaps we can find a way to survive when we join hands. But... I'm afraid it will be tough," said that Ice woman with a distressed countenance.

Shi Yan was grim, taking a deep breath. He looked at the Evil Dragon underneath, whispering. "Let me give it a try, okay?"

The Ice woman was surprised. She studied him for a while and then said, "You wanna try? You have only Second Sky of Original G.o.d Realm. What can you do?"

"We always try. If I can't, we will discuss then," Shi Yan smiled casually. While she was gazing at him, he extended his hand and put it on the dragon's head.

The Ice woman wore a stern face, watching him.

This time, Shi Yan didn't give more life energy to the Evil Dragon. He was releasing a soul fluctuation. A wisp of refined soul flew out of his hand, entering the dragon's head.

He immediately felt the formidable soul fluctuation of the Evil Dragon.

Different from many races, monsters didn't have soul altars and their souls didn't hover above the Sea of Consciousness. Beasts had different methods of cultivating. They seemed to focus on quenching their bodies.

The Evil Dragon didn't have a soul altar inside its head. It had only a huge chunk of soul energy. It looked like an opaque ball moving continually.

At this moment, that soul ball didn't spin as a triangle seal tied it down. That seal was the restraining energy, binding the Evil Dragon's soul, which prevented it from controlling its body. It couldn't even talk.

When Shi Yan's soul got inside the dragon's head, the dim triangle seal glowed.

A flow of strong backlash energy was generated from the seal. It followed and attacked Shi Yan's soul as if it had eyes.

His Sea of Consciousness was hurt. Shi Yan's eyes became colder.


He hissed and the power of the Soul Consciousness he had sent away changed. It was now a s.p.a.ce blade that wanted to smash the seal into pieces.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

The soul energy that flew out from the triangle seal suddenly divided and multiplied like countless spider webs. It didn't attack Shi Yan but it silently entered the Evil Dragon's soul.

It seemed that the spider-thread-like soul had its own consciousness even though it was tied to the master and manipulated continuously.

The meaning of that seal to exist was to only confine the Evil Dragon's soul. It didn't want to spend energy on anything else.

Shi Yan frowned. He understood this was a bit tricky to deal with.

If he wanted to destroy that seal, he had to enter the dragon's soul. That seal was moving constantly, which made it hard to break. Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness with s.p.a.ce power could damage the Evil Dragon's soul if he was careless. It was possible that he may grind the dragon's soul into pieces before he broke the seal.

That was not what he wanted to see.

Shi Yan contemplated.

"It's complicated and annoyed, indeed," said the Ice woman. "It's hard to use our soul energy to help it out. Only the dragon can free itself. That was why I've used icy energy to try to freeze that seal."

Shi Yan nodded. "Yeah, it's tough though. That man's ream is profound enough and so is his understanding of power Upanishad. The barrier he has cast is interlinked with his mind, so it isn't still."

"Sigh," the Ice woman sighed, looking at him with complex eyes. She thought he had wasted his efforts. She then sank into silence.

Shi Yan hadn't stopped here. He was thinking of a possible solution.

After a while, his eyes brightened as an idea rose in his mind.

In the next moment, his other soul quietly changed in his Sea of Consciousness.

The soul created by the Origin and heaven flames of Grace Mainland had turned into a scorching flame, burning fiercely.

The result of the heaven flames and Origin's fusion was that they became part of his soul. The characteristics of the heaven flames were also his soul's. He could control them and switch them as he pleased. When he thought something in his mind, his soul would change accordingly.

That soul was now the combination of the Vermilion True Bird Flame, Purgatory True Flame, and Earth Flame with the feature of high temperatures and extreme Yang. That soul of his was like a burning sun.

The change of his other soul created the change in his body. At that moment, his body became terrifyingly burning red.

The Ice woman was standing not far from him. She hated that heat. She furrowed her bold brows, instinctively staying away from Shi Yan.

Shi Yan didn't mind her. He just continued to boost more energy. His flaming soul sent a wisp of blazing energy which was shrouded by a thin layer. It then carefully flew towards the dragon's soul.

As the Evil Dragon could sense something terrible, it struggled violently. A deep fear sparkled in its huge eyes.

However, that flow of flame didn't threaten the dragon's soul after it had gotten in. The thin layer covering it seemed to be able to seal the heat of the flame within, preventing the terrifying heat from getting released.

However, that aura was still very imposing. It made the dragon shake continually. Its nerves were tense as if it was afraid that the flame would burn it into ashes in any minute.

The seal stayed hidden deep inside the Evil Dragon's soul. It could sense the danger right when Shi Yan's flaming Soul Consciousness got in. It moved swiftly like an electric spear between the corners of the dragon's soul.

Shi Yan grinned faintly.

As that seal was afraid of his Soul Consciousness, it meant that he could actually damage that seal with this powers. That seal must be formed by the power Upanishad and the soul energy of that arrogant soul. As soon as he burned it down, the other would be damaged too.

The soul seal was continually moving and dodging. Shi Yan wasn't impatient and he simply increased his heating energy.

Gradually, a fire sea had covered the dragon's soul completely. However, this fire sea had a thin membrane created by the Origin energy, which prevented it from burning the Evil Dragon's soul.

The seal hiding inside the dragon's soul could feel something wrong at this moment. Without any hesitation, it seized the chance to fly out of the dragon's soul, trying to escape.


A bunch of light flew away from the dragon's eye, fleeing as fast as possible.

Shi Yan's contemplated for a while, his face malicious, touching his glabella.


Blazing flames flew out hastily, aimed at that bunch of light. Right after that, the fiery energy was released immediately.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

The fleeing bunch of life dissolved quickly, burned into sparks and scattered away. The soul energy in it vanished.

The restrained Evil Dragon suddenly roared. Its ma.s.sive body shook, drawing a graceful curve in the void. The light of metal sparkled in its horns as energy circulated in its body once again.

The Ice woman looked at Shi Yan with fear. She quietly lengthened the distance between herself and Shi Yan. She hated the heat from Shi Yan's body.

The Ice Clan stayed in extremely cold areas so none of them enjoyed the heat. To them, the chilliest areas were the places that could progress their power Upanishad fast the most. They instinctively hated light and heat.

"Not good!" The Ice woman seemed to remember something. "The soul restrained was cast by that arrogant soul. You burned his restraint! They must know what we are doing!"

Actually, Shi Yan was hesitant at that moment, but he still burned it down eventually.

He was calm when he spoke, "Those three aren't good people. We don't need to retrain ourselves. If we can hurt them as much as possible, we can have a greater chance to survive."

"That d.a.m.n old man! He dared to cast the soul restriction on me. I, McGee will make him pay big for this!" After the Evil Dragon moved again, he roared and thundered inside the blue bubble. His aura was terrifying. "I won't spare him!"

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