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Inside the mysterious s.p.a.ce crack, Shi Yan couldn't figure out what the time was. He didn't know that time was flying fast.

However, he knew that it must have been a long time already.

His mood became heavier. He couldn't rest as he didn't want to stay cluelessly in this place without any idea on how to escape.

"How long has it been?" Shi Yan asked the eccentric man with only a soul sometime in the bubble.

That old freak had always been silent. Sometimes, Shi Yan thought that he would keep quiet for the rest of his life. If he didn't ask him, that eccentric old man would never notice him.

Perhaps he got used to loneliness for hundred or thousands of years. He had shut himself for a long time already.

". . . How long...." The eccentric soul sighed, "I've been here for several thousand years. And for you? Oh. Since I've dragged you here, it has been three years already. Short time. Three years is just a blink of an eye. As we all pursue the truth of powers Upanishad, three years is just a blink of an eye to us."

He answered in a relaxed manner.

However, his answer made Shi Yan discolor. His heart sank into the abyss. He looked at the old freak with resentment and rage.

You don't care about time, but I care!

Shi Yan screamed crazily in his mind. Suddenly, he realized that he could do nothing to Old Orchid Star in Far West region.

Regardless of what happened to Old Orchid Star, he couldn't help. He couldn't give them any aid.

Three years was enough for Da Feng of Blood Halberd and Niger of the Ghost Mark Clan to destroy Old Orchid Star. If they wanted to do anything, they should have it done by now.

Shi Yan was deeply sorrowful and begrudging. He started to worry about his friends in Old Orchid Star. He didn't know whether the Yangs and the Shis could avoid this calamity or not. He didn't know how many of them, the fellows he had endured many difficulties with to get them out of Grace Mainland, could survive this time.

His eyes became brutal!

He had a lot of deep resentments towards that old freak. If he hadn't interfered, Shi Yan could have reappeared in a corner of Agate Star Area. He could have used the Child formation to teleport people and materials of Old Orchid Star, avoiding the ma.s.sacre from Blood Halberd and Niger.

However, it was too late. The grudges he had caused would be repaid by people in Old Orchid Star.

Taking a deep breath, he sat down quietly, his eyes chilled.

If Old Orchid Star was destroyed when he got out of this place, he would definitely chase and kill anyone who had attacked Old Orchid Star to avenge his friends!

As things had escalated to this point, he knew that it was just a waste of effort to think about Old Orchid Star. He decided to put his mind on figuring out how to get out of this d.a.m.n place.

He continued to ask the eccentric man about the purpose of this trip. He wanted to know what he should do.

However, that freak had concealed everything. Every time he was asked, he just answered with "I'll tell you when we get there."

Shi Yan felt so aggrieved. After he got to know that he wouldn't get the real situation from that man, he didn't think about it any longer. Staying inside the blue bubble, he quieted down, circulating the soul altar to comprehend Death and Life power Upanishad.

From the center of Broken Star Field, he had crossed the Death and Life Bridge, which was the magical inheritance of the Death and Life embedded with great abilities of s.p.a.ce power. The transparent handprints had disappeared into his G.o.d Body, entering the tier of powers Upanishad in his soul altar.

At this moment, he sent his soul to the tier of powers Upanishad to explore and comprehend the mighty mysteries of Death and Life power Upanishad.

The powers Upanishad tier was divided into three distinct sections including s.p.a.ce power Upanishad, Death and Life power Upanishad, and Star power Upanishad. These three powers Upanishad didn't have real ent.i.ties but there were energy fluctuations. When he didn't use the powers, those energy fluctuations would be tiny and almost unrecognizable.

His soul flickered and his G.o.d Body released the Death and Life Intent Domain, creating a small G.o.d Domain.

Deep inside the tier of powers Upanishad, the section of Death and Life suddenly had strange vibrations.

It looked like an air-base movement, but it was actually just energy. Transparent handprints floated, moving in that section. They were the handprints that had entered his body. Those handprints weren't real as they were just illusions created in his consciousness, which could only perceive through the soul.

A transparent handprint could change frequently. It switched between Death and Life energy as if it was projecting the life cycle of Death and Life: Rebirth.

It seemed like he could see countless creatures, which appeared in that area in their soul form. Living in there for a while, they gradually lost their vitality, coming to the last phase of their lifespans. Eventually, they died.

From birth to death, it was just a cycle of earth and heaven. It was the fundamental principle of the world that no force could change.

However, it seemed that this cycle in his tier of power Upanishad was slowed down to last for eternity.

He could see everything clearly. A creature was born. It thrived as its vitality surged before it gradually ceased. It seemed like any kind of living being would decay, bound to the chains of the mortal world.

Those creatures didn't have real forms. Shi Yan just felt them. He could feel some of them die rapidly and some of them knew how to gather and use energy to slow down their disappearance rate. Although they all vanished in the end, some lived longer than others.

In that corner of power Upanishad, he could feel the changes of billions of lives. When a creature disappeared, its soul energy was emitted, returning to earth and heaven.

Creatures' souls were also a kind of earth and heaven energy. They could be strong or weak and all of them had to die and be reborn.

He was just an onlooker. He didn't have the right to join all of these. He could only use his soul to sense quietly. He felt like he was watching a historical movie, looking at all kinds of creatures from the moment they were born to the last minute of their lives. However, he couldn't interfere.

This was the essence of power Upanishad that precursor had imparted to him. That expert seemed to have an unimaginable comprehension of Death and Life power Upanishad. He could use his power to project deaths of creatures in the world.

Although Shi Yan also cultivated Death and Life power Upanishad, he hadn't reached such a level yet.

He had a feeling that his precursor could join the life cycle of a creature from birth to death. He seemed to be able to control everything discreetly!

Shi Yan's eyes brightened as he thought of one possibility.

If that precursor could control creatures and their life or death, he could kill them or revive them as he pleased. What kind of existence was that?

Could he create creatures?

Shi Yan was frightened by these thoughts.

Creating lives was the restricted area of life that he didn't dare to imagine.

From the day he started to cultivate powers Upanishad, he had been in Grace Mainland, Raging Flame Star Area, and now Agate Star Area. Wasn't it true that creatures were born by Mother Nature? Was there any existence that could create lives?

If this existence did exist, has it used some kind of unknown, formidable power to create Shi Yan himself, the ten great races in Grace Mainland, and the other peculiar races in Agate Star Area?

Creating lives and different races. What kind of power was that?!?

It was beyond his imagination!

However, since he had observed the life cycle of different creatures in his tier of power Upanishad, he suddenly understood something... creating creatures... It seems to be possible to warriors cultivating Death and Life power Upanishad.

Shi Yan didn't know if that precursor had touched this restricted area of life or not. However, he had given him a direction!

Shi Yan felt that as his precursor had comprehended the Death and Life power Upanishad to a profound level, he understood some restricted information that the other creatures in the world shouldn't know. He had searched for it, but Shi Yan didn't know whether or not he had succeeded.

If he succeeded and got the power to create lives, would he be the Mighty Creator, the source of all creatures?

Shi Yan was perplexed.

The more Shi Yan understood the pure power Upanishad that precursor had left to him, the more he recognized how tremendous it would be when he reached the acme of his power Upanishad.

When a warrior cultivated his power Upanishad to the utmost, he could have the deepest understanding of earth and heaven mysteries.

Shi Yan reviewed the other two powers Upanishad he had: s.p.a.ce and Star.

If the Death and Life power Upanishad had reached to the utmost, it could create lives, races, and forcefully interfere with death and life. But what about s.p.a.ce power Upanishad?

Frowning, he mulled over this thought while his soul quietly seeped toward the section of s.p.a.ce power Upanishad.

He suddenly remembered that he was in a s.p.a.ce crack.

If the Death and Life power Upanishad could touch the deepest restricted areas, what would it be when s.p.a.ce power Upanishad had reached the final line?

A picture he had never dared to imagine was slowly revealed in his eyes. He seemed to see a whole new world where his vision and imagination were opened to the infinite.

Creating a new s.p.a.ce! Creating different s.p.a.ces! These were the best powers he could have imagined!

As soon as he had this thought, he became perplexed. Would he be able to create an entire star area and the endless universe inside the s.p.a.ce crack he was in?

Digging further, he linked the possibilities he had thought with Star power Upanishad. Would the warriors also create those stars?

As soon as he understood Star power Upanishad and learned how a star was created and thrived, he was able to use energy to fabricate and then give it to the Origin energy. Would he be able to create a planet that way? If he could add Origin energy to that planet, he may also be able to create an ancient continent!

His vision and perception of the world had entered a new level from this moment!

His soul moved around the three sections of power Upanishads to search and comprehend. This was the first time he had tried to touch the deepest levels of his powers.

There was no concept of time in the s.p.a.ce crack. This time, he had studied his powers for a long time. It was too long that he almost forgot about himself.

This lasted until the old freak called him, "Wake up! We're almost there!"

Shi Yan woke up. He looked as if his life form had been sublimated. At this moment, his aura and bearings were also different.

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