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Blood circulated in Shi Yan's entire body while he silently floated inside a blue bubble.

This was a marvelous world of colors. However, it didn't have a bit of earth and heaven energy besides the blue bubbles. Those bubbles emitted an immense blue light like some kind of barrier.

Streamers moved around the place like rivers crossing the void. Blue bubbles filled every corner as if they were part of a vast sea.

The bubbles had many sizes. The big ones were as ma.s.sive as mountain ranges while the small ones were as large as fists. Shi Yan was staying inside a bubble big enough to cover him entirely.

Blue bubbles floated, slowly moving in a direction.

Inside the bubble, Shi Yan gradually healed his badly wounded G.o.d Body. Under the magical effects of Immortal Demon Blood, his broken bones and vessels grew and connected to each other. They had recovered at a speed that naked eyes could observe.

This place didn't have a concept of time. Shi Yan didn't know how long he had spent here before he woke up. His face changed immediately.

He turned around, standing up inside the bubble. His face became incredibly severe.

This was not where he should have arrived!

There was no beam of earth and heaven energy. No sun, moon, or stars. Needless to say, a piece of land. This was... a s.p.a.ce crack!

Shi Yan was frightened!

As he cultivated s.p.a.ce power Upanishad, he understood well what the s.p.a.ce crack meant. It was an absolutely deadly silent area. It didn't have energy or traces of human operations, other creatures or floras. This place had only endless desolation.

When Shi Yan escaped Broken Star Field, he remembered clearly that he had built a s.p.a.ce door which would reasonably lead to Agate Star Area as he had this in mind at that time. It shouldn't be some s.p.a.ce crack!

After taking a deep breath, Shi Yan sat down cross-legged. He put aside the anomaly of this place for a moment to check the changes of his G.o.d Body.

His eyes brightened.

The wounded G.o.d Body had completely recovered. Not only that, the Essence Qi Ancient Tree in his body was filled to the brim. His power had reached a new height.

He immediately understood that his acupuncture points had absorbed and refined the energy, providing to his entire body and healing him. Besides, he received more benefits from that.

At this moment, he was at Second Sky of Original G.o.d Realm with abundant energy and magical powers Upanishad. He should have been happy! However, his face was dispirited and reluctant.

It was because he didn't know how to get out of this s.p.a.ce crack. He didn't know how to get back to Agate Star Area. His Soul Consciousness was restricted in this area. He had no other magical sensibility but his eyes to observe the surroundings.

Being baffled for a while, he silently circulated his energy, trying to break the blue bubble.


The blue bubble covering his body burst off. A flow of chaotic s.p.a.ce energy grumblingly flooded in like a tsunami striking his body directly.

A blood-red halo emerged, resisting the chaotic s.p.a.ce energy. Shi Yan had to consume his energy a lot to maintain the halo.

His countenance changed. Shi Yan looked at a blue bubble. His thoughts flickered and his body shot like a s.p.a.ce saber into that bubble.

The blue bubbles could resist turbulent s.p.a.ce flow. Shi Yan was safe taking shelter inside the bubble.

Tens of thousands of blue bubbles were floating, moving slowly in the same direction. There was no star around, but the streamers moved swiftly. If he didn't have a tenacious body, he would have been broken easily.

Shi Yan didn't know what was going on around him.

However, he was able to confirm one thing. The reason that he appeared there wasn't that he had aimed wrongly. Somebody had affected his s.p.a.ce door, deviating him. Otherwise, he should have been in some area of Agate Star Area at this moment.

Even though Shi Yan had been cultivating s.p.a.ce power Upanishad, he hadn't reached the level that he could move through the s.p.a.ce cracks as he pleased. He couldn't find the door that opened to Agate Star Area. For the time being, he had a headache.

He knew his operation in Broken Star Field would bring a disaster to the Giant Tribe and his friends in Old Orchid Star. He had planned to stop by a life star and activate the Child formation of the Mother and Child Sky Linking Formation. That way, we could evacuate his people in Old Orchid Star.

Shi Yan knew that he was rushing. If his friends in Old Orchid Star couldn't leave early, the natives of Old Orchid Star will receive a catastrophe.

Shi Yan was restless.

Countless bubbles were floating and moving towards an unknown area. Shi Yan didn't know when they would reach their destination and when he could find the way to return.

He must have a solution quickly!

With a dark face, he decided to use his energy to resist the chaotic s.p.a.ce current. He started to jump through the bubbles, heading to where the bubbles were heading.

As Shi Yan understood the solution, he applied it immediately. He urged the energy around his body, making his G.o.d Body twinkle with starlight. He broke his bubble and jumped to the nearest bubble.

As soon as his G.o.d Body left the bubble, the streamers immediately crossed over him. Attacks as potent as billions of tons of water pouring on the sky gave him a ma.s.sive pressure. Each of his muscles was tense. He could feel pain in his brain too.

He could enter the bubble, but he had to consume his energy.

There were tens of thousands of bubble in front of him. With his energy, if he kept moving forward, he could only get through around one hundred bubbles before draining all of his energy.

He could only use divine crystals to restore.

Shi Yan's knitted his brows tightly, hesitating.

This place looked strange and unpredictable. He hadn't seen this the first time. He didn't know anything about this place. If he drained all of his energy, in case he encountered a danger, what would he do?

But if he couldn't find a way out and kept floating in a bubble like this, how could his friends in Old Orchid Star dodge this calamity?

Taking a deep breath, Shi Yan continued to use energy covering his body. He gritted his teeth, dashing forward.

More than ten blue bubbles pa.s.sed him while he was moving like a shuttle. When he stopped inside a bubble to recharge his energy, he looked around to check his surroundings.

There were so many blue bubbles ahead, behind, above, and beneath him. All of them were heading in the same direction, which he didn't know where it led. He didn't know what would be waiting in the other end neither.

"Ah? "

His face darkened, but his eyes were still bright, staring at something ahead of him.

In front of him was a bubble as big as a rubber ball where a cl.u.s.ter of mist dwelled, which had soul energy fluctuations.

Shi Yan was perplexed. Hesitating for a while, he moved fast forwards. His G.o.d Body forcefully resisted the s.p.a.ce streamers, entering a bubble around one hundred meters away from the bubble with soul energy.

Inside that pocket-sized bubble, the gray mist slowly condensed into an ash-gray ancient face. It looked a bit blurry.

Facing Shi Yan, he seemed to furrow his brows, releasing his shaking soul energy. He didn't look pleased at all. "Don't struggle. This place doesn't have earth and heaven energy. You can't regain what you've consumed. Better to save energy for the critical moments."

Shi Yan was baffled, asking. "Who are you?"

He suddenly realized that the reason why he appeared here somehow related to this person.

Indeed, the blurry soul snorted, speaking coldly. "I had to spend a lot of energy to bring you here. Behave. Don't use energy. Save as much as you can."

"Who's the motherf*cker that asked you to bring me here?" Shi Yan's visage became cold. "I'd navigated and built the s.p.a.ce door without a mistake. You interfered and brought me to this unknown s.p.a.ce crack that I don't know how to get out of. What do you want?"

"Kid, don't be ungrateful," snarled the soul. "Ordinary people can never get into this place. If I haven't consumed a lot of energy to drag you here, how could you have been here? Don't babble. Just wait there. I've got a plan for you."

"I need to get back. Why did you bring me here? Please send me back!" roared Shi Yan.

"Don't even think about it!" The soul sneered coldly. "I've used a lot of energy to bring you here. How could I let you go easily? I'm telling you, if you don't help me, you should never dream about getting out of this place. I know you cultivate s.p.a.ce power Upanishad, but without my direction, you can't use your power to get out of this place!"

Shi Yan darkened his face. He kept silent. His eyes became garnet.


A bunch of starlights shot out from his finger, tearing the bubble and aiming at his soul.

Sizzle! Sizzle!

The bunch of starlights that Shi Yan shot out vanished quickly. It couldn't gather more energy. When it was about to enter the bubble, the energy in the light wasn't even more than one-tenth the required energy.

The vague, ancient face snorted disdainfully. A beam of soul energy emerged. s.p.a.ce streamers gathered, attacking Shi Yan's starlight.


Shi Yan's attack was shattered instantly, unable to be a threat to others.

"Kid, don't waste your energy. I understand that this place is much better than you. As you have only Second Sky of Original G.o.d Realm, I wouldn't take you here if you could attack me." The old man grinned fiendishly. "Better to behave. If you help me with this, I will bring you back. I'll even give you a big gift too. If you keep that stupid thought in mind, you'll stay here for the rest of your life with me. I've been so lonely for several thousands of years. It's good that I have someone to talk to."

"Who are you? What do you need me to help you with?" Shi Yan frowned, calming his mind. "You want me to work for you right? At least you have to tell me my scope of work."

"Muahahaha. When we get there, I'll tell you. For now, you just need to be content with your lot." The bodiless soul laughed eccentrically. "Don't worry. If you do your best to help me, I won't mistreat you. It's your good fortune that you can be here. You don't know how many warriors have tried to explore this place, but they never found the door. Kid, you're lucky."

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