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More and more icicles, lightning sabers, fires, and lava rocks with tremendous power grumblingly rushed over at Shi Yan.

Shi Yan tried to build a s.p.a.ce door to run away from Broken Star Field. However, after he had been hit the first time, the second wave had come before he could steady his body.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Shi Yan felt like hundreds of giant hammers pounded him. His body was smashed and bleeding. His eyes became dispirited.

"Holy s*t! His soul altar hasn't been destroyed yet! This brat is like a c.o.c.kroach that we can't beat up."

"If the soul altar hasn't left the body, that means his G.o.d Body hasn't been smashed yet. How much did he quench his body?"



After Broken Star Field's hotshots begun their operation, they screamed as they saw that they couldn't destroy Shi Yan's G.o.d Body after the second wave of attack.

All of them were astounded. A warrior with only Second Sky of Original G.o.d Realm had a tenacious G.o.d Body that was beyond their imagination.

Wu Lan helped Shi Yan hold Tu Fei's team down. Seeing Shi Yan being attacked continuously, her face became cold. She shouted, "Shameless!"

Those who were attacking Shi Yan had not only King G.o.d Realm and Original G.o.d Realm. Some of them were at Ethereal G.o.d Realm. Due to the far distance, they couldn't release as much energy as they wanted to. However, their powers were still intimidating.

Many hotshots were attacking only one warrior. They didn't know shame!

Wu Lan was infuriated!

More shadows appeared in her world of shadows, which reflected the warriors who were striking Shi Yan.

Wu Lan gritted her teeth and snorted. Her delicate fingers continued to poke shadows of the hotshots in her world of shadows.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

The oncoming warriors of Broken Star Field had their bodies explode on the way. Blood splashed as bleeding holes appeared in their chests.

The high-realm warriors had their power Upanishad restrained for the moment. They couldn't urge their energy. All looked at Wu Lan with rage and resentment.

Wu Lan was hiding in the world of shadows. Her face turned as pale as a sheet of paper. She had consumed a lot of energy.

She looked at Shi Yan in the distance, speaking weakly. "Quick!"

Dispirited, Shi Yan was awakened by her call. Immortal Demon Blood seethed in his body.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

His bones sounded crisp. A new flow of newly generated energy turbulently shot out. Shi Yan's eyes became garnet. He used a lot of energy to condense and connect a s.p.a.ce door. Layers of light doors appeared in front of him. He gritted his teeth and turned his head to check for the last time before jumping directly into the life door.

Shi Yan flashed and then disappeared.

The light door closed. Marvelous and unpredictable s.p.a.ce energy faded away. The regular atmosphere resumed.

The s.p.a.ce slits blurred and vanished as his aura and G.o.d Body disappeared entirely.


Wu Lan spat out a mouthful of blood. The light dimmed in her eyes as her world of shadows collapsed.

Tu Fei and the warriors who were restrained by the world of shadows got rid of her restraint immediately. All rolled their eyes and stared at Wu Lan as if she had just killed their parents.

Wu Lan bit her lower lip. She smiled tiredly, but she didn't move. She just spoke deliberately, "You can try to kill me. But you have to remember this. If I get killed, Blood Devil will definitely give the Far West region a bloodbath!"

Afterward, people got frightened. People who wanted to attack her became hesitant.

At this moment, two strange lights flashed. The two muscular Black Scaled warriors appeared. With a cold and harsh countenance, they guarded Wu Lan's sides.

"Did he leave?" one of the Black Scaled men hissed.

Wu Lan nodded gently. "He's hurt. I'm not sure if he survived."

"It's alright," the man smiled reluctantly. "He's from Immortal Demon Clan like our Master. As long as his G.o.d Body isn't obliterated, he can always heal himself."

The other raked through the crowd. He snorted and said, "We should go now. I also want to see if those people of the Far West dare to kill us."

The two Black Scaled experts covered Wu Lan, flying away. Their countenances were icy cold.

Many warriors along their way shifted restlessly as they were all angry. However, when Wu Lan's team pa.s.sed them, they didn't dare to do anything rashly.

Even Niger and Da Feng kept silent at this moment. They just coldly looked at Wu Lan's team flying away.

They weren't afraid of the three in Wu Lan's team; they were afraid of Blood Devil. They didn't want to cause any grudges against Blood Devil, which would drown the Far West region in blood.

After Wu Lan and the others left, they immediately used their special powers, They turned into three beams of light and disappeared.

Although many experts of the Far West region were watching them, no one dared to attack them at this moment.

This operation of theirs targeted Shi Yan only. They didn't come here to offend Blood Devil. If they couldn't capture Shi Yan's soul altar, killing Wu Lan wouldn't do anything but enrage Blood Devil. So in this situation, keeping silent was a good move.

Niger and Da Feng quietly moved to the area where Shi Yan had disappeared, releasing their Soul Consciousness to investigate.

After a while, they sighed begrudgingly, shaking their heads.

"Warriors who cultivate s.p.a.ce power Upanishad are the toughest ones to kill." Niger forced a smile, speaking to Gaite. "I have no solution now. It's not that I don't want to take revenge for Feng Rou. We don't know where that brat has gone. It would be difficult to hunt him down."

"Master, please help me investigate where he has gone," replied Gaite respectfully.

Niger nodded. "Don't worry. Feng Rou was also my subordinate. I will seek justice for her. I will try my best to find that brat."

"According to you, he's not alone here. He went with an old woman and a muscular man. Where are they?" Da Feng of Blood Halberd came to ask Tu Fei.

Tu Fei shook his head. "I don't know. I didn't see the other two."

Suddenly, an old man stepped out of the crowd, walking to Niger and Da Feng. He was the one of the two who helped Ai Fu watch over his treasury. He was sent to Broken Star Field to seek information about the Thousand Fold Lotus from Shi Yan. However, as he got another instruction from his Master, he changed his approach.

"They should be in Old Orchid Star," the old man frowned. "Our Heaven Eye saw them disappear using the Mother and Child Sky Linking Formation. They should reappear in Old Orchid Star where the Giants are staying."

"Old Orchid Star?" Da Feng's eyes became colder. "As the Giants have formed a relationship with them, they court death themselves."

"The Giant Tribe doesn't want to live anymore," said Niger.

"Go to Old Orchid Star!"

"Go to Old Orchid Star!"

Many warriors of the Far West region became excited as they shared the same grudge, shouting clamorously.

Old Orchid Star.

Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo were gazing at the Mother formation in the mysterious ancient city, their faces stern.

After a long time, nothing happened to the Mother formation. It had no sign of being activated.

"It has been a long time and we got nothing. Did something unexpected happen?" Ka Tuo growled. "We shouldn't have left. If we stayed, we could have at least fought with him."

"The others are very strong. They are the union of different forces. Unless we have someone at Incipient G.o.d Realm, we can't do anything." Leona now had reached Ethereal G.o.d Realm. She looked at Ka Tuo, speaking calmly, "Your senior won't be killed that easily. He has cultivated s.p.a.ce power and he's good at using s.p.a.ce to escape. I think he just doesn't have a spare moment to message us."

Na Xin and Zhen Gu of the Giant Tribe were also there. They looked anxious.

"I'm sorry. They know that we killed Tu Feng." Fei Lan sighed, speaking to Na Xin. "Blood Halberd won't let it go easily. If they can't find Shi Yan, they will go to Old Orchid Star to take revenge for sure. Old Orchid Star will have a lot of trouble."

Na Xin and Zhen Gu exchanged looks. They became distressed, sighing.

"What should we do?" Fei Lan rubbed his forehead. "We can't wait in Old Orchid Star for a long time. Do we have anywhere else to stay?"

Bi Tian and people from Raging Flame Star Area became restless, looking at Fei Lan and expecting a direction.

Fei Lan didn't have a good solution. "We aren't familiar with Agate Star Area. We have to see if Na Xin has any solution."

"If they want to attack Old Orchid Star, we'll have only one choice, which is to leave this place. We don't have the competence to resist them. Blood Halberd will easily destroy all creatures of Old Orchid Star. We Giants have no countermeasure." Na Xin wore a bitter visage. "We can't stay on Old Orchid Star any longer. We must leave soon. Sigh. I never thought that we would have to leave our home. I thought I could strengthen my tribe after I got the inheritance from our old ancestral land. But now, this happened."

Fei Lan and Leona felt embarra.s.sed. As they didn't know what to say, they could only keep silent.

If Shi Yan hadn't killed Tu Feng, they wouldn't have brought such a disaster to Giant Tribe. And the Giants wouldn't have needed to leave Old Orchid Star. Because of their existences, the Giants had to bear this catastrophe.

"You guys don't need to feel guilty," Na Xin seemed to understand. "Without Shi Yan, we couldn't have gotten out of the Mi brothers' trap when we were in Broken Star City. Perhaps, we wouldn't have been able to leave Broken Star City alive."

Zhen Gu nodded. "It's the kalpa of our Giant Tribe. Our tribe must thrive, so I think it's inevitable. If we gain something, we will always lose something. We got a lot of good things recently. Of course, we would have to endure the torture of destiny. We can leave Old Orchid Star. As long as we Giants have enough time to recover, we will absolutely grow stronger!"

"Now we should consider which area to move to," Na Xin pondered, speaking to Fei Lan, "You guys should hurry to prepare. And right, we must keep the Mother formation to connect to Shi Yan. Once he has time, he will open the Mother formation. Maybe we can retreat through the Mother formation."

Fei Lan and the others nodded.

Na Xin and Zhen Gu didn't linger. They returned to the grand mountain of the Giant Tribe to prepare for their great migration.

Fei Lan, Long Zhu, and Yun Hao from Grace Mainland had ordered their fellows to prepare everything and wait for Shi Yan. If Shi Yan didn't activate the Mother formation, they could only leave Old Orchid Star.

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